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Humans Are A Product Of Creative Imagination/Thought Forms/Images


A lot of the time when im in ritual doing meditation and raising energy. Certain spirits come into me, a form of Spirit possession. Its an experience that is hard to explain unless you are there with me. But often when it happens, I feel like im in a bubble, separated from everything going on around me. Sometimes it is like the room I am in, which is my temple, is all that exists in that momment of time. Everything outside of this, does not exists at all. When the Spirits energy comes over me, I will describe it as like a cloud or blanket that surrounds me, that I absorb within myself. Then I become in a medium trance like state and a different voice comes through me. Its like the messages are coming into my head, but spoken through another voice out my mouth at the very sametime. If I try to speak, which I have tried to do before, I can't do so, my voice won't come out at all. Sometimes after one voice has spoken for a little bit, another voice will take over. Sometimes it seems that different voices are speaking at the sametime, the same thing. All I can say is that it is a strange experience to go through. I have never had anyone sit in with me, however this is something I wish was possible. Because the person sitting in on the session would be able to share with me later, exactly what took place. It is not possible for me to remember all of the session. I am only able to remember some of the message the voice is saying and even then, I have had to write it down straight after the session or it could be lost. Much like when I receive messages in dreams, the longer I leave it to write down the dream, the less I will remember. Im sure that there is much more to the messages im given and if someone was with me in the sitting, more would be known. Sometimes I get messages about exactly the same subject they have given me before, with a little more info in it. This I believe, is for the very reason I can't remember it all on my own. Often when I come out of a session, I find myself doing something I would not normally do, like laying on the floor and other things. There are times I just get little bits of information and other times a lot, where I can write a blog about it. In fact, a lot of my blogs are written due to these Spirit communication/possession sessions. They will inspire me to do a blog on that subject. Which I will add any research I can find, my thoughts and information given by the Spirits into a lot of my blogs. Not all that I receive, do I except as true and not all of the Spirits that come through, do I know or get their name. 

So on saying this, I wish to share with you some information that came through to me in one of these sessions just the other day. The information is very similar to blogs I did awhile ago called "Made In Gods Image - Images Of The Mind" and “The Master Mind Driving Creation” please also see those blogs thanks. 

Here is the information from the Spirit in which I did not get their name :

I will start by talking about the Tarot cards. Think of a Tarot reading, Tarot cards tell more than just reading the future or telling your fortune. They show you more about yourself, in the here and now. They help you see the situation more clearly. Making you step outside of your world, to see it for what it really is. It shows you where you are going, due to where you are now or where you will end up. So you could say that the Tarot cards are a reflection of yourself in more detail. Stepping outside of yourself and then looking back at yourself.

 The Tarot cards itself are symbols and images. The same can be said of a mirror, example, a Black Mirror or Magick Mirror. After sometime of starring you will start to see things in the form of images and symbols. This is from your own subconscious mind, that you are seeing projected from the Black Mirror, back through your eyes and hopfully interpreted in your brain. We communicate with you in this way through your subconscious mind, by our blending with your own energies of your body. As there has to be a bridge between the two for communication. We use symbolism and imagery to hopefully help you to understand the message better, the same way as dreams. What are images?'s imagination.  

Creative imagination is called creative, because it creates something. In fact all your thoughts and imagination creates something. I'm not talking about around you in the physical, though that maybe the final outcome. I'm talking about, in your brain. You are creating a thought, how ever small or big that may be. You may even forget about it right away, but you did create something. 

A lot of people in your world say that imagination is not real, comparing it to delusion and hallucination. Imagination is not even the same as those other two things. You must use your creative imagination, just like you did when you were younger. It's not something you should grow out of when reaching adulthood. If you loose your creative imagination, you loose your sense of self and start to die within yourself. Not only this, but it makes it a lot harder for us to get through to you. Those who say that the Spirit world is not real. They do not use their imagination or do not believe it is real, because they have not learn't to truly understand what imagination is. 

Thats were we can be found, in the place where your creative imagination comes from, the subconscious mind, the darkness. 

Just like this, the whole of your universe, yourself and your world, is a creative imagination and it came out of the darkness. For the darkness came before the light and therefore the creation of your universe. This darkness is the subconscious mind on a much more larger scale. You and your universe, as big as it may seem to you, is one creative thought, in the mind of another intellect being. This being is going about what ever they are doing, experiencing the environment around them. This maybe influencing their creative imagination, you, your world, your universe. We are the creative process of that being, if you are wondering. I'm within the subconscious mind and at the same time, the mind that your whole universe came out from. 

You, your world, your universe, is just a very brief creative imagination. It lasted half a second in this beings mind and then they have gone on and created other thoughts, imaginations or your could say, thought forms, after your universe and continue to do so. All very different to your world and universe. 

I'm connected to all that as well, because it all comes from out of the darkness of the master mind, I am within and apart of that darkness, this is where you will find us. 

Just like this, inside your brain, when you have imagination. Every part of that one imagination has life in it, through it. You just can't see it and so you don't know it exists, but it sees you as God, because you created it. It waits for you to acknowledge it's existence. 

The world around you and your universe, is not as important as your own imagination. Because that is someone elses creative imagination. Your own creative imagination, is what really should matter to all of you the most. People need to say to their imagination "I'm going to from now on acknowledge you are real and pay attention to you more often". 

When your creator, through their master mind and out of the darkness (subconscious mind) had a creative thought, your universe was formed and everything in it. In your world it seems like its been around for millions and millions of years and is still expanding and evolving. Thats only because you are part of that creative imagination. But in the mind of the creator being, it was formed in a matter of a few seconds, in the blink of an eye, so to speak. Everything of your universe, from start to finish, has already happened in their mind, a long time ago. It seems to you, that your universe is massive, when in fact it was a very small creative thought.

So having said this, what you may think is solid matter, you, your world, your universe, is not really so. Thats why your scientists have descovered that nothing is really solid, but particles in motion. It's all imagery, imagination. It seems massive in scale, slow in time and solid, because you are part of that imagination. There is not one part of it that is not connected to the other. 

This was the end of the session with the Spirit that came in me and through me. There must have been more information, but this is all I can remember when I came out of the session. 

Thanks for reading this post. If you find this information important, please share with others, comment and like thanks. I will be writing more blogs on bits of information I have received from different Spirits in the future. I have lots of massages that I have written down. Some I have held on to for a year or so, the reason being, some of the information, a very open mind is needed. Some information I have questioned myself. Some Spirits seem more intelligent than others and some information is not very spiritually helpful and very basic. Some information is already known and some are not nice and unfriendly. However, I will most likely do a blog of them as well. 

©️Orion Silverstar 191 - 2020. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

🌕 The God Of This World 🌑

This is a communication session channeled to me from the Spirit World and in fact, most of what I have written has been inspired by this same process. However, in this writing, I was unsure of how to word it in a blog format like other writings and so I decided to leave it much like how it came through to me. It is my opinion that all inspiration and true knowledge comes from the world of the Spirits, even if those writing it are not aware of this. As the Spirit World can indeed work through those that are Spiritual and those that are not, in just the same way if they wish. What I have written down here in this writing, may come as a surprise or shock to some, some people may refuse to except this writing. It may go against other people’s belief systems and be in their face and quite confronting. For those that have read my other more recent writings and found them interesting, it may not be such a surprise at all. For those that have read my more recent blogs and let me know that they have found them fascinating, in a positive way, thank you. The Spirit that gave me this information, their name was not revealed to me in this session.


Me - Who is Jesus?

Spirit - Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same.

Me - what do you mean by this?

Spirit - That’s why both the name Jesus and Lucifer are called the Morning Star in the Bible, along with the names Day Star and Eastern Star. The Light Bearer, brings the Light forth once more after being in the Underworld.

Me - Can you explain this some more to me?

Spirit - Both are different names for the God Of This World.

Me - But the Christian religions, in all their forms, say that these two names are Spiritual beings opposed to each other?

Spirits - There are to sides to every coin, so to speak.

Me - Please tell me more.

Spirit - The God Of This World Hath Blinded The Eyes Of  The Non - Believer.

Me - Your quoting a Bible verse to me? It is my understanding, that this verse is talking about non - Christians being deceived and not able to see the truth, due to being mislead by Satan?

Spirit - Who told you this? The verse is talking to all mainstream religions of today, including Abrahamic.

Spirit - The same powers are behind all mainstream world religions, just different names, different images for different cultures.

Me - Can you give an example how this is true?

Spirit - Yes.

Me - I would like to hear it, and who is the God Of This World?

Spirit - Jesus is one name of many and is the God Of This World. The name Jesus is connected to your Solar Sun. Many don’t understand that they are honouring your Solar Sun, as Sun God. Your Solar Sun has had many names over the generations of your Earth and for each age. An example of some of these names are : El Saturn, Ra, Amen, Horus, Jesus, Yahweh, Sol, Lucifer, Apollo, Helios and many, many more. Every God and Goddess of Birth, Death, Resurrection, Rebirth, Fire, Water, Air, Plants, Crops, Life, Growth, Infernal, Nocturnal, Darkness, Light, Solar and much more. All Gods and Goddess’s through the many generations of the Earth, that have opposites to each other. This is all describing different aspects of your Solar Sun. Light and Darkness and it’s effects, therefore the personalities behind it and the ancient battle between the two. Light and Darkness can not be one without the other, because they are both a part of each other and from one and the same source, your Solar Sun.

Spirit - Nor are the two opposites twins, for example Jesus and Lucifer or Horus and Set, Evil twin and Good twin, as some believe. Make no mistake, they are one and the same. Your Solar Sun/God is the God Of This World.

Me - Tell me more about this personality or energy behind our Solar Sun, under many names?

Spirit - In the past your Solar Sun was known as Horus in Egypt and Jesus in other parts of the Middle East. As it was the Age Of Pisces the Fish at that time and people started to personalise your Solar Sun, with different names. Over time, your Solar Sun became a Solar God or Sun God. The names related to the different aspects and effects of your Solar Sun. Because your Solar Sun had God like effects in your world, it was over time seen as God, under these names.

Spirit - In relation to Jesus, many say Jesus Christ, as if they are one word. It is Jesus the Christ, in other words, Christ inside Jesus, the mighty energy behind your Solar Sun is called Christ. This can also be said like Christ in Ra, Christ in Horus, Saturn the Christ, Christ in Sol and so on. All through the ages, the power behind your Solar Sun has been the Christ. Only the personalised name changes, Jesus, Horus, Ra, Saturn, Sabbaoth, El and so on.

Me - Go on.

Spirit - You most likely have heard humans say that there is power in the name of Christ, this is true. Another ancient word for the Christ is Chi and can be found in the Greek alphabet and also in Chinese culture. As in Chi Energy and so you could say Chi in Jesus or Chi in your Solar Sun. Example: the names Jesus and Saturn are personalised names, but the intelligence behind your Solar Sun is the Christ/Chi Energy, that is running through all things. Chi/Christ Energy is also written as X, as in the worlds Xmas or Xtian, for Christ-Mass and Christian. In fact what is now called Christ, was originally called Chi in ancient times. The Chi/Christ Energy is your Solar Systems “Life Force” and therefore also yours. In other words, the Life Force that gives Life to all things on Earth, connected to your Solar Sun. So if humans say “In The Name Of Jesus”, there is no power, it’s just a given name. If they say “In The Name Of Christ” or “In The Name Of Chi” there is great power. Just like there is the same power if your say “In The Name Of Saturn the Christ” or “Amen - Ra the Christ” or “In The Name Of Chi in Horus” or “In The Name Of Chi/Christ, Amen” and so forth. All Spirits in your Solar System and around Earth will respond to the name of Chi or Christ. The power and energy in these names are what is invoked and evoked.

Spirit - There is not many Christ’s, just one Power/Energy called Christ/Chi.

Spirit - We also use the name Ba’al, because Ba’al means Lord. So you would be right to say Ba’al Christ or Ba-El the Christ or Ba-El the Chi (Bael).

(In ancient times both the words Ba’al and Bael were seen as Daimon names, which means a Divine Energy/Entity. However, the Christian religions turn the word Daimon into the word Demon and Ba’al into Beelzebub. So in reality, due to their ignorance, the Christian religions are demonising the Chi Energy, also called the Christ. The energy that gives Life to all living things within your Solar System.

Me - So what was the Tower Of Babel?

Spirit - Ba-Bel, Bāb’ilim or Babylon, means “Gate Of God” and “Many Voices”. The Chi Energy speaks under many names and therefore many voices. Your Solar Sun/God at this time is called Jesus of the Age Of Pisces. The word “Ba” is Egyptian for Spirit and the word “Bel” or “El” means “Lord” or “Master”. In other words, Ba-Bel = Many Voices/Faces/Names of Spirit Master and Ba-El = Spirit Lord the Christ or Spirit Lord the Chi Energy.

Spirit - So you can see, Jesus and Christ are not the same thing, as they would have you believe. One is a name for the Age Of Pisces, of your Solar Sun, in its risen aspect and the other is the Life Force behind it, Chi Energy the Christ.

Me - So what do you mean, Jesus is the name of the risen aspect of our Solar Sun?

Spirit - Your Solar Sun is called different names depending on what aspect your Solar Sun is in. However, some different names are used for the same aspect of your Solar Sun, depending on culture and country. Example, Set, Saturn, Seth and such, are all names for your Solar Sun/God, when your Solar Sun is in the Underworld. Jesus, Osiris, Lucifer, Horus and such are all names for your Solar Sun/God, when your Solar Sun is risen and shining it’s Light on your world. The reason for the many names, is due to culture and country, plus the different ages your world go’s through.

Me - Tell me about the Crucifixion of Jesus?

Spirit - It is a symbolic teaching, past down from an earlier time, as many names have come before.

Spirit - Golgotha “Place Of The Skull” is said to be the place where Jesus in human form was crucified, it is in fact another name for the Underworld. The Underworld could also be called the “Sacred Womb Of The Great Mother”.

Me - But why be associated with Death, if it is a place of New Birth and Life....the Sacred Womb?

Spirit - Because Life and Death are not much different to each other. In the Underworld, all living things are born there, it is also a place where all dying things on Earth return. When your body is born, it starts to die, yet when your body dies, you as a Spirit go on living. Golgotha, the Underworld is much like a recycling factory, so to speak. It’s not Hell, Torment, Suffering, Prison or Slavery, nothing like this, the Universal Master Mind/Divine Source, does not punish it’s its own ideas/creation in this way. These teachings of a place of endless torture and suffering, are setup by the founders of mainstream religions in your world. Fear, ignorance, superstition and tradition from their followers is what keeps them in business.

Me - Please go on about the Crucifixion.

Spirit - Well, as you now know, Jesus is just a personalised name for your Solar Sun/God, like many. Worshipped by followers of mainstream world religion, without even their knowledge of this. But the driving force behind this, the Christ Energy, even less understood.

Spirit - For example, the Crucifixion of Jesus in the West, is your setting, dying Solar Sun, as it’s Light starts to go out at 3pm onwards. From 3pm, till Sunset is a good time for your meditations and other Spiritual works, because it is a time between the worlds of Light and Darkness. Then once the Darkness arrives, your Solar Sun, as Jesus, go’s into the Underworld, Golgotha. Jesus, you could say, becomes Krishna, Saturn, Set and many more names.

Me - Why did you use the (God) word Krishna?

Spirit - Krishna, as a word, means “Darkness” or “Night Sky“.

Me - What does the name Jesus mean?

Spirit - Salvation.

Me - So every time the word “Jesus” is used, the word “Salvation” could be used in its place?

Spirit - Yes, and the same applies to Horus, Amen-Ra, Helios and so forth.

Spirit - Your Solar Sun/God is your Salvation.

Me - If the name Salvation, is another name for Jesus, Horus, Sol and more. Where does the word Salvation come from?

Spirit - The word “Salvation” comes from the ancient word “Soteria”, which go’s back long before the coming of the Christian religions. It is the name given to a Greek Goddess of Recovery, Rescue and to Effect One’s Welfare. Your Solar Sun and it’s energy, it has effects on all forms of life on and ways of life on Earth. Without your Solar Sun, no forms of life would exist on your Planet.

Me - So can this Greek Goddess named “Soteria”, also be connected to our Solar Sun, as a Solar Goddess?

Spirit - Yes. There are both Male and Female names over many generations around the world given to your Solar Sun/God-dess. In fact, going back through your worlds history, some cultures saw your Solar Sun as Female and your Moon as Male. This was due to your Solar Sun being the creator of your Solar System or the birth of such. The Male equivalent to the Greek Goddess “Soteria” is “Soter” and the Romans called the Goddess “Salus”. The Roman Goddess “Salus” was the Goddess of Welfare, Prosperity and Health, all things attributed to your Solar Sun and the Energy behind it. These Gods and Goddess’s were known as “Daimons”, “Daemons” or “Demigods”, which all basically mean the same thing. However, the Christian religions founders turned this word into the word “Demon”. So this is where the word Jesus and Salvation, which I have said mean the same thing, come from. So with this knowledge, you can say that Jesus and Salvation are “Daimon” names.  That the word “Daimon” and “Daemon” are Solar in origin and therefore is the word Infernal also.

Me - And the word “Christ”.

Spirit - “Anointed One“, set apart from all things, not on a physical level....Life Force.

Spirit - To add to this, in ancient times. Those that wished to become Priests Of The Sun, were “Anointed” by the High Priestesses Of The Sun first, for initiation, as the High Priestess Of The Sun were higher than their Priests Of The Sun. This was also one of the symbolic meanings behind the story of Mary Magdalene “Anointing” Jesus. Mary Magdalene being much higher than the 12 disciples, who were the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac. Mary Magdalene being the planet Venus and Jesus the Solar Sun/God in the Age Of Pisces.

Spirit - Let’s continue. From Golgotha, Krishna leaves to be Resurrected, Born Again, under the name of Lucifer, the Light Bearer, born out of the Great Mother Dawn, chasing away the Darkness once more, for the coming day.

Spirit - Remember the whole story, symbolic of your Solar Sun, is to tell a far greater teaching, secret knowledge only for those that can see. This is what I am showing you, that secret knowledge.

Me - So the way the Christian religion teaches it’s followers is wrong?

Spirit - Very much so...and on purpose. They will not believe, what you tell them I have said, for their eyes are blinded.

Me - This made me think of the bright Light of the Solar Sun and how it blinds someone’s eyes if they look right into it.

Spirit - Yes...but the Solar Sun/God will bring Illumination and Enlightenment to those that are supposed to see and blindness to everyone else.

Spirit - Those that are blinded do not understand that the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus, is talking about your Solar Sun symbolically, in order to tell a more important message. Going back many, many generations, long before the coming of the these religions you have today. The teachings are only there for those that are supposed to find them out.

Me - If all these names you have told me are different names for our one Solar Sun/God (God Of This World) , then who is the overall God of our universe?

Spirit - “The Great Architect“, you can say the Universal Mind or Divine Source. However, most humans are not able to understand this or comprehend it ether.

Spirit - Your Solar Sun is at the heart of all your worlds mainstream religions, all...including the Abrahamic religions.

Me - Is Jesus and the Universal God one and the same?

Spirit - No.

Me - The followers of the Christian religions always say that Jesus and the Father are one, quoting a Bible verse from the New Testament, from the teachings of Jesus?

Spirit - As I have already explained, Jesus is another name for your Solar Sun/God and the energy behind it, the Chi/Christ Energy. However, behind everything is the Great Universal Master Mind. Christ/Chi Energy controls your world and the Spirits in relation to this, where as the Great Universal Master Mind is in All and All in the Great Universal Master Mind. How can the Universal Master Mind and the Physical Solar Sun, be one and the same, in the way the human mind understands? Only in that everything in your universe, is part of the Universal Master Mind.

Spirit - Even within the symbolism of the stories found in the Bible. Jesus said, “don’t honour me, but my Father in Heaven”. Yes, work with that name, through Chi/Christ Energy, but honour the Universal Master Mind, who is nether Father or Mother, but I AM.

Spirit - Your Solar Sun is the local creator of your Solar System, but not the overall creator of your whole universe. Your universe, you could say, is the brain of the Master Mind, which is the overall intelligence behind it, in which everything in your world is a part.

Me - But that means, the worlds main religions followers are being deceived by their own ignorance?

Spirit - Those that start to believe what I tell you, will start to see, those that don’t, will not !!

Me - It is said, that there are two paths humans can go by....the broad way and the narrow way. That the broad way is the way of the world and the narrow way, is the way of the chosen few, the elect. Many who follow the Christian path and religions, claim that they are in fact the elect of God.

Spirit - They don’t understand the deep meanings behind the mythologies, treating it as Earth history. Therefore they will not believe, nor see the truth...due to this, they are not the chosen few on your planet.

Me - After what you have been telling me, in which I’m thankful, I will also mention briefly Satanism. Because the ideals of Satanism and indeed, the idea itself, in Satan, is also based on the concepts of the Abrahamic religions and their Demonisation of other religions and Deities. Also in my own observations, I dare say, some of those that subscribe to the path of Satanism are taking Christian teachings and inverting, perverting, deliberately doing the opposite of what they teach or practicing what they say not to do. And in these instances, it would seem to me that without these religions of Christianity, there would be no Satanism ether. That Satanism is a product of the Christian religion in itself and created from or out of such? I guess, what I am saying is....if the Christian religions are misleading their followers with its teachings, then what I have touched on here above, does not hold water ether. Like for example, some people turn the Crucifix upside down, in a believe that they are mocking or making fun of the Christian religion and Jesus.

Spirit - What you have said is a very valid point. As I have already said, Jesus is one of many names for your Solar Sun/God of the passing Age Of Pisces. Not a physical human form on Earth and never was, any religion that claims anything else is in error or running deception. Therefore, anything that stems from this deception is nothing but more deception and so on....the blind lead the blind.

Spirit - Those that wish to invert the Crucifix, it does not mock the Solar Sun/God or your Life Force, for that matter, what so ever. In fact, little do they know, the inverted Crucifix represents the Sunset, as it go’s down into Golgotha. The Crucifix upright, represents Sunrise, as it brings the Light of the new day. What those that invert the Crucifix are really doing, is honouring the Nightside and the Solar Sun/God in Golgotha and aspects of such. Likewise, those that use the upright Crucifix, are honouring your Risen Solar Sun/God, the “Light Of The World”.....but both are Father Time.

Me - El Saturn?

Spirit - Just one of many names for your Solar Sun/God....yes.

Me - Just let me get this right, from what you have told me, Jesus and the Christ are two separate things?

Spirit - Jesus is the Personalised name given by humans to your Solar Sun/God for the age that is now passing on your planet. The Christ, Chi, Life Force, is the power governing your whole Solar System, plus the Spirits connected to it. Often these many names that represent your Solar Sun are interchangeable with the different currents/vibrations of the Life Force Energy “Chi/Christ“, that is why your have “Christ in Jesus” or “Christ in Horus“ as I have already mentioned a few times now.

Me - Thank you for being patient with me and sometimes repeating what you have already told me.

Me - Baphomet, what is Baphomet?

Spirit - Baphomet symbolically represents the Universal Master Mind, working through all aspects of nature in your world and the whole of your universe. In fact the image you have of Baphomet, is the best representation you have of coming close to the symbolic understanding of the Divine Source, the overall Master Mind. The Chi/Christ Energy is an extension of this, but only in relation to your Solar System.

Spirit - The insult here is....often humans see the image of Baphomet as a “Demon” or “Devil”, the teachings of the Abrahamic religions are again responsible for this. Again, this was in ignorance, not understanding that it represents the overall Divine Master Mind of the Universe, operating through all forms of nature.

Spirit - I will finish now by saying, your world religions have murdered millions of people in the cruelest ways over many, many generations. Because they have believed that their religions teachings are actual real events in history. When most of it is symbolic stories past down to help future generations understand a bigger message for your world. They think that their eyes are opened to the truth, yet they could not be further from it. Their workings are the workings of ignorance, lack of understanding, foolishness and blindness. I give you these answers to your questions, in a hope that you share them with those that are truly interested and are seekers of the truth, as that is what will set your world free.

End of session 👁.

©️Orion Silverstar 191 - 2020 (except picture).

Friday, 29 May 2020

The Seed Of A Woman

☀️Firstly : Below are some photos of the Suns journey through the constellations in a year, so you can use this to help understand and follow along with what I’m talking about through this writing.

Greetings :

I know that lately I have been writing a lot of blogs in relation to the books collectively called the Bible, and this blog is another. But it is my wish to bring true enlightenment, the same as which I myself have received. To share it here with those that are interested in reading what I have to write, to those that are reading this and are regular readers of my blogs, thank you.

As I have pointed out in a few of my most recent blogs on the subject of the Bible. Things are not as they appear to be and there are often deeper meanings to some of the stories found within. The deeper meanings are often highly esoteric in nature, as I will again show in this blog. As I have mentioned before, people misunderstand what these books that make up the Bible are really all about or they simply refuse to read it, thinking there is no knowledge to be found in its pages.

This is because of religion that claim these very books belong to them and their teachings that have been very heavily ingrained into our modern culture.

A long time ago, the founders of the religions I talk about, tried very hard to cover up the true origins of these books. This was done by burning many, many books, books written about our true history, books to help us in our path of life. Books to help us all grow in knowledge/wisdom and understanding, books about Spiritual and esoteric knowledge past down from ancient cultures and their people’s to us in order for us to evolve.

The founders of these religions aggressively murdered anyone that continued in their esoteric studies or practices. Destroying their most sacred temples and shrines by putting theirs in its place and wiping their cultures off the face of the Earth. Those of these ancient cultures that weren’t murdered in the most brutal way, were forced to be converted to a new religion against their wishes. A Male dominated religion, under a Male dominated God.

I have had some people who are followers of these religions say to me “that was a long time ago, it’s time to move on and forget“. The thing is with that, these same religions today, in this modern age continue to hide the truth from the public and its followers, also keeping many secret books under lock and key. I ask, if they were honest Holy people, why do this? What have they got to hide? It’s their credibility they are protecting. These days they are making a lot of money out of those that give them support and those that are followers. If the truth was to fully come out in the open, their followers would leave in the masses.

Also just to add insult to the ancient civilisations and their teachings. The founders of these religions took some of their esoteric knowledge and added it to their own religion. However, they twisted it in their teachings for their own benefit and agendas.

Then over time, through many generations of people being brought up in these religions, the real truth was never told in regards to the books collectively called the Bible. Now we come to these modern times and these religions continue to keep their followers in the dark, in regards to a lot of the meanings within the Bible.

However, if someone is guided by Spirits who seek to show you the truth, for true enlightenment. That they also read up on ancient history, as far as what little truth can be found. Also look at different verses in the Bible through different eyes, seeing the stories within, in a symbolic way. Then some of the unchanged, unaltered truth that can be found there, may start to show through for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth, Ishtar, the Queen Of Heaven and Earth.

So in this blog I wish to show you what I already know, much like my most recent blogs. I know there are some people who will flat out refuse to except this blog. That’s totally upto you, as I’m not here to preach or convert anyone, I will leave that job to the religions in which I mention. However, when it comes to those religions, they do not have the answers, it’s the blind leading the blind. When the verse in the Bible claiming to be the words of Jesus said “The God Of This World has blinded the eyes of the non believer” it was talking directly to the followers of these very religions I talk about, that we’re very much around in those days. Let’s face it, to have your whole believe system come crushing down around you, is very traumatic in deed. That’s why many people go on being religious and follow traditions, staying in there comfort zones. True enlightenment comes at a big cost, something a lot of people are not ready to face. These religions are the enemy of the whole of humanity and many can not see this, like a virus. It’s high time to take back from them, that which they have stolen and yet claimed was their own.

Let’s start with a look at Genesis 3:15

And I will put Enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

In this verse, the impression given is that God is talking to the Serpent in the Garden Of Eden. The identification of the seed of the woman is none other than that of Jesus, the Son of the Virgin Mother. The other seed in this story/verse is the off spring/bloodline of Eve. The second woman mentioned within this verse is the Virgin Mother of Jesus herself, Mary. So therefore the promised seed is of Jesus (the Messiah-Anointed One). So there is in fact two seeds explained here in this verse. One being the off spring of Eve and the other being of Jesus the Son, through the Virgin Mary. The bruised head is that of the Serpent and the bruised heel is that of Jesus (the Son of Mary).

How many people have believed that this verse about the Serpent is talking about a being called “Satan”? This is not the case, let me continue and hopefully you will see?

Stay with me, as we now look at Isaiah 7:14

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a SIGN. The Virgin will conceive and bare a Son and shall call his name Emmanuel (God with us).

Let’s now read Genesis 1:14

And God said let there now be LIGHTS in the firmament of the heaven, to divide the day from the night. Let them be for SIGNS, for seasons, for days and years.

Isaiah 7:14 is talking about signs in the heavens that will reveal the Virgin Mother conceiving a Son (Jesus). This sign in the heavens talked about here, is coming from the stars or you could say, constellations. As Genesis 1:14 said that the lights (stars-constellations) are for signs.

Now let’s take a look at those lights in the heavens, the constellations, the signs.

The birth of the Sun at the Spring Equinox, as the Sun moves out of the Underworld in Winter and “Springs” to life. Bringing new growth and new life to all plants once more, as it heads towards the Summer Solstice (Christ-Mass). As the Child grows (the Sun) it gets stronger and gives more heat from its light rays.

At this very same time around September, the path of the Sun travels just under the constellation of Serpens (the Serpent) and enters into the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin). Then the Sun moves out of the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin birth) as the months start to get much warmer. The Sun after being born from the constellation of Virgo the Virgin, grows from a child into an adult and with this, great strength and power. The strength and power are in the rays of the Sun, which burns up the constellation of Serpens (the Serpent), so to speak (crushing the head of the Serpent). While the constellation of Serpens (the Serpent) is hot on the heels of both the Sun (Jesus/Horus) and the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin Mother).

I truly hope that you are starting to get the picture by now, these verses/stories within the Bible are explaining events that happen each year. As our Solar Sun moves through the constellations in the night sky (heavens). Going from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice. This is just one of the many examples of what the “Signs“ from the “Lights Of Heaven” mentioned in the Bible are all about. That is why I also believe the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac were named “Sun SIGNS”.

The ancient civilisations knew all this and were very advanced in the occult mysteries/sciences. The signs in the heavens through the Sun, Moon, Planets, constellations, Zodiac, Astrology, Astronomy in general played a very big part in their lives.

Not only this but the phrase “The Seed Of The Woman” mentioned in Genesis 3:15, relates to all forms of fertility, human, animals and plant life. It can be explained as the new growth of plants shooting forth from a seed out of the Earth Mother (Gaia/Sophia/Woman) from Spring through to Summer.

These very sciences have a deep connection to our minds and brain also, psychology and psychiatry, I will talk about this further in coming blogs. But I have already touched on this in some of my more recent blogs. When we try to understand more about how the mind and brain work, we will also start to learn how the universe and universal mind (Divine Source) works. The same as if we study and learn about our universe as much as we can, we will start to know more of how the our brain works. Remember...As Above/So Below. Please see my blogs “The Master Mind Driving Creation” and “Made In Gods Image - Images Of The Mind” for more info thanks.

So hopefully you, the reader, can see that the verses in the book of Genesis, from what is called, the Bible, about creation, has nothing what so ever to do with a being called Satan or Devil as these religions try to sell you 👁‍🗨.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. If you found it interesting, please share with others thanks.

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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Made In Gods Image - Images Of The Mind


Then the Elohim said, “Let US make man in OUR image, after our likeness” - Genesis 1 : 26.

What does it mean in the Bible, when the Elohim (meaning Male/Female Divine Source) say, we as humans are made in their image?

I will be using the words “Divine Source” through this writing, because if I use the word God only, then I am basically saying God is all Male and if I use the world Goddess only, then I am basically saying all Female. I could say God and Goddess, however I prefer to say “Divine Source” to represent the Source of the all, even though “Elohim” implies Female/Male and the Bible verse clearly states, Us and Our.

What most people think, including the teachings of the Church, is that physically we look like the Divine Source. Meaning, our physical bodies are similar in looks to that of the Divine Source.

This is not truth, but error.

Using the principal, As Above/So Below - As Without/As Within - Macrocosm/Microcosm, we see what it really means.

Meaning what is within us is related to what is outside of us.

If you understand your mind and learn all about it, then you will understand what the Divine Source is also. If you try and understand your brain and the way it works, then you will begin to understand what the universe we are in is and how it works.

Some people say that we are Gods or can become living Gods.

To the thought forms we have created in our minds, in our brain, to them we are God. Due to the universe being the brain of the Divine Source, just like our very own brain being a universe in itself. The thoughts and it’s forms are what we create in our universe, our brain. So that which the Master Mind/Divine Source creates in the universe, which we are a part of, we call this Master Mind, God or in this case Divine Source.

In our world we feel real right? Because we have experiences, feelings, emotions, sensations and so on. In the same way, what we create in our brains as a thought must be real. Our thoughts also bring with them feelings of emotion, sensations and so on.

All of this is what it means to be made in the image of the Divine Source/Master Mind.

So in other words, what we are, in what we call physical form and that which is around us. Are in fact the thoughts of the Divine Source, in formation, within the universe, the Divine Sources brain.

When we have a thought with our mind and see it’s picture in our brain, it seems a very short time before we go on to another thought. However, to the thought form within our brain, it remains there for a very long time. When the Divine Source formed humans, meaning physical living bodies, it seems like we have been on this Earth for millions of years. Yet to the Divine Source, humans have been formed/created for only a very short time.

An interesting side note, is that those that go through Alien abduction claim to be gone for hours and yet on returning, only 5 mins has gone by. The same can be said with those that have had near death experiences. To them it feels like hours have gone by, but on being revived, only 2 mins at the most has gone past.

The Divine Source creates a thought form, us, this thought form “us” is left to run it’s course. This is the same with all the problems on what we call planet Earth. They are not created through “Fallen Angels”, “Demons” or whatever, as the Church teachings will tell you. But through our own thought forms we create and allow to continue to roam wherever. Instead of creating positive thought forms, we create negative thought forms. Which manifest physically in ways that bring about lots of problems for us here in what we call the physical world. Then we watch things like the media that use techniques to influence our brains so that we have a reaction in a negative way, creating more negative thought forms from what we are watching/listening too.

If you can’t go without entertainment, movies, being on the internet, sport, retail/shopping, news/media, obsessive thoughts to do with your physical world and the world around you and other addictions/worries related to such. Also find it very hard to still your mind and focus, meditate, concentrate in silence, go within yourself and connect with your mind for not even half hour at the lest. Then you do not know yourself or the Divine Source and are very separated from such. The very reason so much advertising, media, entertainment is pushed in our faces these days. Is because it is used as a tool and a stumbling block to stop you using the powers of your mind, personal power and truely connecting with the Great Divine Source of all or even those in the afterlife. The world Governments and Church organisations do not want you to look within yourself and seriously think for yourself. They want you to listen to them or to turn to them when in need, rather than the true Divine Powers. The greatest threat to them is your mind, thinking for yourself and discovering the true Divine Source. They wish to influence and control your mind and if they can’t, at lest distract it from its main purpose. They don’t want you to be awakened or enlightened, for then you may see through their great deception. If you don’t think what I talk about is important or read it but do nothing about it. Then you are separated from the true Spiritual and more than likely have not experienced what I am talking about or fully understand it.

When you come to understand your mind and how it works. Then you come to understand and know yourself. Because your mind is from the Spirit and the Spirit is your true self.

The mind and brain are two different things. The brain is on the physical and the mind is on the Spiritual. However the physical is a reflection of the Spiritual. The Spiritual will always influence the physical. Just like the mind will always influence the brain. If you come to truely know yourself, then you can make changes to the thought form patterns created within your brain.

Photo : Hubble Telescope - Helix Nebula (Eye Of God).

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Friday, 1 May 2020

191 - The Meaning Behind The Number Of The Name

Greetings :

Some people recently have asked me what the 191 meaning is within my Magickal name Orion Silverstar. Well firstly, I did not just decide to use this number for the sake of it. As an Occultist, I can assure you that all the symbolism, names, numbers I use have an esoteric meaning to me personally. With that, personal power and a connection to the Spiritual beings and Spirits I work with and communicate with on a daily basis.

The two outer 1s in the number represent the Left and Right Pillars of the Kabbalah or the Left and Right Crucifixes in the Crucifixion of Jesus, and the 9 represents the Middle Pillar of the Kabbalah. Jesus, represented by the Sun on the Crucifix stands for the Middle Pillar, the path of Initiation, Life, Death and Rebirth.

The number 9 also represents Saturn, represented by the Sun as there is 9 squares within the Magick square of Saturn and where the Seal Of Saturn comes from, among other things. The Crucifix itself, is symbolic for Saturn and when folded up forms the perfect Cube Of Saturn. The Middle Pillar is the path of Saturn, as the Sun as it travels from the sphere of Kether, the Crown/Divine Master Mind. From there Saturn travels through the sphere of Daath, the Midnight/Black Sun, then to the sphere of Tiphareth, the Midday Sun, then to the sphere Yesod, the Moon to the sphere Malkuth, the Earth. The Crown sphere, Kether and the sphere of the Midday Sun, Tiphareth are related to the Dayside, Above World, Male. While the sphere of the Black/Midnight Sun, Daath and the sphere of the Moon, Yesod are related to the Nightside, Underworld, Female, Womb.

The travels of Saturn are on the Middle Pillar because Saturn is in relation to the Sun. Which is both the Black Sun, Nightside and the White Sun, Dayside. The Lord Saturn has nothing to do with the planet of the same name, in fact all the planets in the Solar System are names after Solar Deities. The planet Saturn is only Saturn by name, in honour of the Solar Deity Saturn, which I detail more in another blog of mine.

On the Middle Pillar are 5 spheres and they are :

1. Malkuth - Earth
2. Yesod - Moon
3. Tiphareth - Light/Midday Sun
4. Daath - Darkness/Black Sun
5. Kether - Divine Source

On the Kabbalah itself, there are 10 spheres or 9 steps from Kether to Yesod before the finial manifestation of Malkuth/Earth, the 10th.

If you add the numbers 1+9+1 together you get the number 11. This is how many spheres there are on the Qilphoth, Underworld, Womb, which is reached through the Black Sun, Daath. The place where all is born and where all that is created gives birth once more (Resurrection/Born Again/Initiation). The Kabbalah is the outward expression or you could say, manifestation or face of the Qilphoth.

The number 11 also relates to the month I was born into a physical body as a Spirit, that being November, with the Sun Sign of Scorpio. The number 9 also relates to the day I was born. The exact time I was born was 3pm in the afternoon, the time of Jesus/Horus Crucifixion and journey into the Qilphoth, Underworld. At the time of Jesus/Horus death, was the time of my birth.

To see more of my understandings and research into the Qilphoth, please see my other blog called “The Qilphoth - New Correspondences” thanks. I would also suggest that you do your own research on the Kabbalah and Qilphoth.

As there are 11 spheres or worlds on the Qilphoth, each of these spheres are ruled by Spiritual beings. The Spiritual beings I connect to these 11 spheres are as follows. These Spiritual beings are in the Palo Mayombe pantheon and copied from my other blog.

1. Zarabana - Divine messages of the underworld

2. El Christo Negro - Lord & King of the underworld

3. Los Uspiritus Intranquilos (The Seven Tranquil Spirits) - Maybe each of these spirits relate to the seven days of the week and the seven main planets? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Moon.

4. Santa Muerte - Goddess of the cemeteries & death

5. San Simon - The keeper of Law & Divine justice

6. El Christo Rey - The lord of this world

7. Madre De La Luna - Great Mother of the Moon

8. Madre De Agua - Goddess of secrets, Love, Money

9. La Santa Piedra Iman - Money & Wealth

10. Fransisco De Los Siete Rayos (Of The Seven Rays) - God of Weather

11. Mama Chola - Goddess of Love & Fertility.

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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Mary Magdalene, Planet Venus And The Sun


Here I will be giving you an interpretation of Easter, as taken from the story in the Bible. The word Easter is related to the Goddess Ishtar, Queen Of Heaven And Earth and is a celebration unto her. When the Church took a strong hold on the world, the name Ishtar was turned into Ashtaroth and Demonized.

This writing is not going to be explained in the way it is explained by the Christian religions. But through the way that my Spirits have lead me to understand it. This will also show that the Bible story is not made up to replace the real meaning. But rather, there is a hidden (Occult) deep meaning in the Bible stories, that not many fully understand.

A lot of people in the Occult/Esoteric community have given the Bible a bad review and often make fun of it. The reasons for this are very understandable. Due to the Church’s dogmatic approach and their own true lack of understanding of what the Bible is all about and those outside of the Church as well. The more my Spirits show me in regards to the stories in the Bible, the more I see clearly. Also the more I am convinced that the Church is not the leading authority on the subject of the books that make up the Bible. In fact the Bible is a very mystical, Magickal and esoteric book that is made to be understood by a certain group of people. In the same way that any ancient Grimoire is to be read. It has traps, blinds and snares within its pages. To trip up those that are not meant to see the hidden truths to be found in its pages.

Some people say that a lot of the Bible stories are taken from an even earlier time in ancient civilisations and traditions. This is very true. However it is my believe that the stories were adopted to become Christian religion stories. In fact they were put there to preserve their importance. With the intention to only be found by those of the knowledge to do so.

Here is that interpretation, as my Spirits have directed me :

Jesus who is in relation to the Sun, as is Horus, gets crucified in the West, as the setting Sun go’s down into the Underworld. Which then becomes the Black Sun/Midnight Sun (Saturn) bringing about the Darkness/Nightside.

As well as this, right after the 25th of December. The Sun supposedly moves 1 degree North, foreshadowing longer days. The three days after the 21st of December remain the darkness days of the year. Where Jesus (Sun) dies and remains unseen for these three days. In the Bible it states that after Jesus died, he remained in the Underworld for three days before rising once more.

The same can be said of Winter, were the Sun moves away from the Earth. At the Fall/Autumn/Crucifixion, the leaves fall of the European trees ready for the coming Winter. This makes the tree to appear dead or in hibernation (Underworld/Death) leading to the Winter Solstice (the Sun in the Underworld and it’s celebration). Sol also being a Deity relating to the Sun, can be found in the word Solstice. Then in Spring the Sun starts to draw closer to the Earth once more, bringing warmer temperatures. Just as the trees spring forth with new growth, so to does the Sun spring forth in resurrection, leading to the Summer Solstice and so on.

Due to the up rising of the Church, the Underworld that brings about the Nightside. It then became associated with Darkness, Evil and the Spiritual creatures of the night in which the Church called “Demons”. Before this the word was Daemon or Daimon, which basically meant a Divine Spiritual being, the true meaning of the word and still is. The Underworld was associated with where the dead reside, meaning all that have crossed over. This idea comes from ancient Egyptian civilisations and practices. This is why when the dead are called on, they are in fact “called up” from below and the Angels are in fact “called down” from above. Once again the Church took the Underworld and changed it into a place of torment and fire called “Hell”. The word “Hell” actually comes from the word Hel and Helios, both Deities relating to the Sun (Fire/Infernal).

Mary Magdalene is related to the planet Venus, who shines the light of Jesus (Sun). Because the planet Venus reflects the light of the Sun/Jesus and is closest to the Sun other than Mercury. This is why Mary Magdalene was Jesus closest companion and Spiritual advisor. Mary Magdalene (Venus) go’s to find Jesus (Sun) in the Underworld (read about Ishtar’s decent into the Underworld). In this case Mary Magdalene and Ishtar, Queen Of Heaven And Earth are one and the same. I will explain this further on in this writing.

Another reason, why Mary Magdalene? Because Mary Magdalene in the same Bible story go’s to the tomb of Jesus (Underworld) after Jesus has been crucified (setting Sun). Mary Magdalene as the planet Venus then finds Jesus standing in the tomb. I was told that Mary Magdalene (planet Venus) comes out of the tomb first, followed by the risen Jesus/Horus as the rising Sun. Because Mary Magdalene (the planet Venus) rises in the early morning just before the rising of our Sun (Jesus/Horus) in the Eastern sky. The Eastern Star, the Bright And Morning Star, Sun (Son) Of The Morning. Jesus/Horus is in fact the Light Bearer, Lucifer (our Sun).

This is also why through my own research using ancient Sumerian language and Sacred Gematria, the words Jesus, Lucifer and Messiah (Anointed One) all have the number 444 in common.  If you have studied Gematria as I have, you will know that it is an ancient way of finding words that relate to each other through a number they have in common. Not only this but the Sumerian language is one of the oldest known languages on the Earth and so I believe it is accurate.

Therefore the word Lucifer is not related to Venus or the Moon, as some think, but the Sun.

Also remember in one of my other blogs called “The Key” I talk about how the word Sun and Son where interchangeable when written by ancient scribes.

Jesus/Horus then rises up to the Heavens as the midday Sun, the Light Of The World that chases away the Darkness/Nightside due to daylight.

It was the rise of the Church authorities that turned the Divine Entities of the Nightside into bad and the Divine Entities of the dayside in good.

Not only this but the same Bible story about Judas betraying Jesus, this happened when the Sun was in Scorpio. This was the exact same time when Judas plotted with the Priests of the mainstream religion at the time and Roman soldiers, to arrest Jesus by kissing him on the cheek. As the Sun exited Libra, it entered into the waiting arms of Scorpio, to be kissed by the Scorpions bite.

Here is another story within the Bible meaning the very same thing :

When Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist and went down under the water, one of the things it represents is the Sun setting over the water (Crucifixion/Underworld/Death Of The Old), with the Sin of the world. In fact once again the word Sin is another name for a Deity relating to the Sun. Again the Church authorities changed the word Sin into something Evil that we are born with.

In fact it is my believe that the reason the word Evil became associated with the Nightside/Underworld. Is because the world Evil is the word Live in reverse, the opposite of Live would be Death and the Underworld is associated with Death/The Dead. So they made Death and Evil to relate to the Underworld.

We are NOT born with Sin, as in the Church’s description of it. We are all first and foremost Spiritual beings (Spirits) in which we are part of the Divine as a whole. However, we are born under Sin...meaning we are born under the Sun. Therefore we each have a Sun sign, mine is the constellation of Scorpio, the main Elemental Sun sign of Water.

Can you see where all this is going? The great deception of the Church and Christian religion. How these Bible stories in fact relate to astrology, astronomy and our Solar Sun.

The Holy Spirit, as Ishtar in the form of a Dove descends down into Jesus as the Sun, under the water (Sunset on the water) into the Underworld. Water is also symbolic for the veil between life and death/the physical world and the Spiritual world/ Light and Darkness/Yin and Yang and so forth. It is well known that the Dove is an ancient symbol for Ishtar, the Queen Of Heaven And Earth, which is also the symbol of peace. So it is Ishtar as the planet Venus that came down into Jesus as the Sun. Then they rose together out of the water, Jesus as the Sun with Ishtar as the planet Venus. With a new start and a fresh new beginning, a new Golden Dawn, set free from the Darkness. Rising up out of the water from the Underworld, Reborn or Born Again....the risen Sun of God. The whole ritual of baptism go’s back to ancient Egyptian/Sumerian ceremony and is Solar/afterlife related.

In another recent blog of mine called “The Sigil Of Zuan Kong” you will find the ancient Egyptian symbol of baptism. On looking at it, you might be interested to find that it is the exact same symbol as the Star Of Ishtar.

The virgin (Virgo) Isis sits with her Son Horus (the Sun) on her knee.

The virgin (Virgo) Mary sits with her Son Jesus (the Sun) on her knee.

Isis (Mother Of Horus), Mary (Mother Of Jesus) and Ishtar, the Queen a Of Heaven And Earth are all one and the same. In fact when I had the chance to go to the Philippines just over a year ago now. I  went on a tour of one of the largest Catholic museums I have ever seen. Right there amongst all the effigies of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus on her knee, was an effigy of the Egyptian Isis with the baby Horus on her knee. 

So if Ishtar came down as the Holy Spirit into Jesus, that means that Isis, Ishtar and the Virgin Mary are the Holy Spirit. 

That then makes the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son, also the Father, the Mother and the Son (Sun). Father Sky, Mother Moon/Earth and the Sun/baby New Year/Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, where I live. 

Mary Magdalene is Venus.

I know what you maybe thinking and this is something I myself could not work out for a while. In fact it stopped me in my tracks and I could not go any further in my studies/research. I thought to could Mary Magdalene, the Light Bearer of Jesus, the one who carried the torch for Jesus, his companion, be Ishtar as well? If Ishtar was in fact Jesus/Horus Mother in the form of Isis/Mary the Virgin? 

I had to go into deep meditation to communicate with my Spirits on this one, as I felt that something was just not quite right. I was starting to get confused and it all seemed so complex and in a muddle. I felt that I had got so far in putting this altogether through the guidance of my Spirits and now I had hit a wall. I thought, why did my Spirits allow me to get so far then not be able to finish this work, I was frustrated. It was just over a week of waiting before I got my answer to my question. 

Virgin Mary, Virgin Isis and Ishtar, Queen Of Heaven And Earth are represented as the planet Venus and the Moon. 

Mary Magdalene and the Goddess Venus are also represented by the planet Venus and the Moon. 

Yes there are many, many other female Deities from many different cultures under different names with the same stories that can belong here also. To many to write down here and even then I still would not have them all. So even though Mary Magdalene and Mary/Isis the Mother of Jesus/Horus are two different personalities/Spirits. They both are represented by both the Moon and the planet Venus at the same time. Both the planet Venus and the Moon are very bright lights in the night sky, however the light is not their own. They reflect or you could say, carry the light of the Sun, showing the brilliance of the Sun for all on Earth to see, truely dedicated to that cause, the Light Of Lucifer, they are the representation of the Divine Feminine. What proud Mother would not want to shine the light of their own Son? What Spiritual companion would not want to shine the light of their closest friend? 

The Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine aspect, as represented through the planet Venus and the Moon. 

☀️Above image : Maddalena Penitente (17th Century) Museo Regionale Di Messina ☀️
                                          ☀️  Mary Magdalene Holding A Skull ☀️
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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Master Mind Driving Creation


You may hear people say “Who or what is the true God of the universe?”.

In order to understand what the Divine is and where the Divine is, we have to look within ourselves and know ourselves to get the answers. Why? Because whatever works within us is a reflection of what works on a much larger scale.

In other words, As Above/So Below = Without/Within = Macrocosm/Microcosm

Our body is the outward physical expression of the Spirit. The Spirit (real you) we can not see, but we can feel the Spirits influences and effects on us. The real you is an invisible Spirit or you could say Mind, Mind and Spirit are the same thing. The idea of Mind, Body and Spirit as being separate is wrong, because as I say, the Mind and Spirit are one and the same. The body is the machine or the vehicle in which the Mind operates through the main engine or command centre. The Mind or Spirit can also be described as the Life Force that flows through all and in everything physical, keeping it functional, active and alive. The engine or command centre I was talking about above is the brain, it is in fact a computer. This is what the Mind/Spirit operates in order to drive the Machine/Body.

So knowing this, we will put this in perspective on a much larger scale, in fact to such an extent that it is hard for a lot of people to comprehend including religion.

Just like we as Mind/Spirit operate the engine/brain to drive the body. The Divine works in the same way on a much larger scale. The Divine is the driving force behind the whole of our universe, which includes us. You can also say that the Divine is the Life Force that runs through everything and in everything, keeping it functional and alive. The Divine is the Master Mind operating our whole universe which is the engine/brain.

Why is the Divine source, the Master Mind, our creator? Because we are part of the whole universe, however we only see a very small part and live in a very small part. You see...our whole universe is the physical brain of a living entity in which we are inside. That’s right, we are inside the brain of a living entity, which is the Master Mind. Yet our part of the universe does not look like a physical brain to us. That is because the scale of us compared to the scale of the Master Minds brain (our whole universe) is very extreme, one to the other. At night when we look up into the sky at the wonderful bright stars and constellations. We are in fact only looking at a very small part of the brain of the Master Mind, enlarged way beyond our comprehension.

If we had the technology to enlarge our own brains to see it in the scale of our whole universe. We would see the same as what we see when we look out into space with the most advanced technology we have. However, this is beyond our ability and technology to do so. That’s right, within our own physical brains are planets, galaxies, gas, constellations, black holes, light, dark matter, living physical beings and so forth. These worlds within our own brains may in fact see us as the Divine Creator Master Mind also and so on and so on in both directions, maybe for infinity.

This is why a lot of people do not understand that in order to understand more of how our universe works. It is very important to understand how our own Mind and brain works, because the two relate to each other. When we truly understand how our brain works, we understand how the universe works. When we learn more about how our Mind works, we learn more about how the Divine source/Master Mind works. This is the meaning behind “To know thy self, is to know God” or in the words of Jesus “The kingdom of God is within”. The temple of God is the universe, the temple of the Spirit is our brain.

What I have explained above, is also why scientists say that we could in fact be inside a large computer. This is close to the truth in that, our own brains work much like a computer and our universe on a larger scale.

To help you understand what I have mentioned above is not just speculation, I have included three photos at the bottom of this blog. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way is one of many that are part of a cluster of galaxies called “Laniakea Supercluster” which is made up of  54 galaxies. One of these photo’s is a NASA photo of a cluster of galaxies and the other photo is a photo of neurotransmitters within the human brain, the other the internet. As you can see they are much the same in their structure.

In fact they both look like giant spider webs from a distance, this brings me to another connection. It is not a accident that within computers is what is known as the “World Wide Web” or “Inter - Net“ or words like “Networking”. The A.I Computer that is a big part of all of our lives also works like a brain, however not as complex as our brains and even more so our universe.

I will end this blog here, however I will be writing more on this hopefully in the near future, as I have lots more to write about in relation to this subject. Thanks for showing an interesting in this blog and it is my hope that you got something out of it? At the very least it gave you something to think about and inspired you to want to know more or do your own research.

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