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The Sigil Of Zuan Kong


Firstly, those who are in the Magickal community may have seen the Sigil Of Saturn. Then been told by misinformed "Occultist" that the same Sigil is the Sigil Of Azazel. This alone is enough to leave those new on the Magickal path confused. Also to make matters worse they will find many "Occult" websites claiming that the Entity Azazel and the spirit of Saturn Zazel are one and the same. You have to be careful because there is so much misinformation out there. To the point that I wonder if it is not intended at times, to trip up the would be Magi, just as some Grimoires do. So that only those in the know and have the true knowledge will have the results they are after. At other times, I read articles online by claimed "Occultists" and think to myself. They are recycling the very same misleading information, others before them have. This makes me wonder, because any true and serious Occultist, I hope would do very deep research into the subject they are talking or writing about.

Let me tell you that the planetary Sigil Of Saturn, is not the Sigil Of Azazel or Zazel. Which, just because these Spirits have similar names, they are completely different Spirits altogether. Azazel is not under the ruler Saturn. Zazel yes, but Azazel no.

These days you can even find jewelry relating to Azazel with the planetary Sigil Of Saturn on it. This is completely wrong and if you are wearing it, you are in error.

The planetary Sigil Of Saturn will sometimes have the words Agiel and Zazel around it. This is because Agiel is the intelligence of Saturn. What do the CIA do, they gather intelligence/information. Just as the CIA, Agiel works for the Governing power Saturn. Sending information back and forwards like any messenger (the word Angel means messenger). So Agiel is the Angel of Saturn. Do not get me wrong, this is not the only role this Angel has, there are many. Just as there are many Spirits and Entities that are under or connected to the Saturnian current/energies. The other spiritual being mentioned here is Zazel. Zazel is a Demigod/Daimon/Daemon (not Demon) under Saturn.

This information can be found in Cornelius Agrippa's "Three Books Of Occult Philosophy" in which I myself have a copy. Along with Frances Barrett's "The Magus".

The planetary Sigil Of Saturn, the Sigil Of Zazel and the Sigil Of Agiel are drawn using the Kamea (Magick Square). Each of the 7 main planets of the 7 days of the week, have a planetary Sigil and a Kamea. The Kamea of Saturn has 9 squares, 3 down and three across. The number of Saturn is 3. The number 3 squared is 9, my birth date and the number of squares on the Kamea. Add the numbers together from 1 to 9 and we have 45. Then divide 45 with Saturn's planetary number 3 which is 15. Each row of three numbers on the Kamea Of Saturn, up or down, equals 15. The number of days for the Moon to Wane or Wax is 15.

There is a lot more in regards to what Western Magick calls the Kamea Of Saturn. If you are interested in more information on the Kamea Of Saturn and of the other 7 main planets. I suggest that you do your own reseach into this. As it is not my intention to go through all that here in this blog.

As I work with the Entity Azazel, I was informed of the confusion that was caused in connecting "him" with Saturn. This happened a long time ago, this was due to Saturn been the ruling planet of  Zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorn is represented as a Goat. It also happens that Azazel is connected with the Goat symbolism in the Christian Bible in relation to an ancient Jewish ritual. However, as I say Azazel has nothing to do with Saturn or Zazel.

In all the articles from Magicians online that I have read over the years. I don't think I have found one, from a western perspective, that touches on what im about to mention next. This is in fact a key to the origin of the Sigil Of Saturn and Kamea Of Saturn.

In Chinese Feng Shui, this very same Kamea Of Saturn can be found under the name of The Luo Shu Square/Grid. It is not only used to draw up the very same planetary Sigil Of Saturn, under the name of the Zuan Kong Sigil. In this Chinese tradition the Kamea is also called The Symbol Of The 9 Chinese Gods and the Sigil, Flying Star. But it also is used to draw up many Sigils including the ancient Hindu symbol used by the Nazi's. One of its other uses is to map out where to place your furniture in your house for better energy flow. In fact you can even make your own personal Sigil out of the Zuan Kong Sigil.

However, I might add. The only difference between the planetary Sigil Of Saturn and the Zuan Kong Sigil, is that it is all connected by one continuous unbroken line. The spirits have informed me that this is its most original form. That the planetary Sigil Of Saturn version is a corruption. Now when ever I draw up the planetary Sigil Of Saturn, I do it with a continuous unbroken line.

I'm not going to go into all the uses of the Zuan Kong Sigil here in this blog, as it is a study in itself. But I suggest that if you want more information relating to the planetary Sigil Of Saturn. Studying, researching and incorporating this Chinese connection, will open up much more doorways into the workings of the Saturnian current of the Esoteric.

The symbol of The 9 Chinese Gods can also be used to form other Sigils and symbols, all of which are related to each other. For example : the Swastika, the Equal Armed Cross/Christian Crucifix  (symbol of the Sun, as is the Swastika and in which Saturn represents also the Sun, see my other blog), Ancient Egyptian Symbol Of Baptism, Star Of Ishtar, Chaos Magick Symbol and much more.

In the words of John Lennon in one of the Beatles songs : Number 9.....Number 9.......Number 9. 

Thanks for showing an interest in this blog. If you found it interesting, please share thanks. 

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Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Key


I realise that this blog might be some what controversial and even considered blasphemous to some. As this is a very sensitive issue to some and would go against all they believe in. It does not matter if you are a White Light Magickal practitioner or a Black Magick practitioner, a Christian or a Spiritual Satanist. You may still be affended by this blog of mine and the research I present here on this subject. It is not my motive to upset anyone, only to help those who truely seek the truth. I encourage you the reader to have an open mind on reading this blog. My intention is to shed light on confusion.

This blog questions not only the teachings of the Christian religions, but also that of some on the Left Hand Path and Right. If you think you may be offended by this, do not have a go at me for writing this, you are not forced to read this at all, it is totally your choice to do so. I am not out to convert anyone or grab attention, just share what has been given to me from the Spiritual forces I work with in my daily life.

For awhile now I have been trying to decide how I was going to explain this. I have spent lots of hours day and night in isolation. Just me and my Spirits at their shrines in my Spiritual temple. Asking them how I was going to go about putting this information into words. This is because, I myself challenged my Spirits, not wanting to except what I was told. Then they told me clearly "You wanted answers and now you have some. Yet you find it so hard to except?". They then said to me "Sometimes enlightenment comes at a cost. Not everyone is ready for enlightenment. Humans say that they want it, however when they get it, it shatters everything Spiritual they have been conditioned to believe. This in turn can leave someone very deflated, shocked, hopeless, helpless, feeling defeated, betrayed and even cheated on or in denial. This can be the cost of enlightenment, then someones eyes are really opened in a big way. These feelings were exactly the very feelings I was feeling. Finding out this information i'm about to share with you. I just want you to know, I struggled with it for sometime and also did not want to believe what I was being told. I even wondered if the Spirits I was working with were honest ones, questioning everything even more for awhile.

Lets start :

In ancient times, there have been many claims that certain Christian sects were worshipping the "Devil". These claims have have been made about people high up in Catholicism, behind closed doors, The Gnostic's, Feemasons, and the Kights Templars, just to name a few. It has been claimed that behind closed doors secret rituals are performed of a heretical nature. That the masses of followers are told one way of Spiritual practice and those in power are told another way.

I can say that those in authority are not telling their followers the truth and this has been going on now for a few thousand years. The false teachings have been so ingrained into the practices of the religions. To change it now or tell the masses would be not only devastating to the followers and the outsiders, but to the world religions themselves and their control, dogma. So those in authority keep on doing it one way and the believers/followers another.

When you look at the teachings of Christianity itself, it is clear that some things do not make sense. For example in Job (Bible) it talks about "Satan" in heaven asking God if he can tempt Job.

Job 1: 6-8 When the day came for the heavenly beings to appear before the Lord, Satan was there among them. The Lord asked him, "What have you being doing?". Satan answered, "I have been walking here and there, roaming around the Earth". "Did you notice my servant Job?" the Lord asks. "There is no one on Earth as faithful and good as he is. He worships me and is careful not to do anything evil". Satan replied, "Would Job worship you if he got nothing out of it?. You have always protected him and his family and everything he owns. You bless everything he does, and you have given him enough  cattle to fill the whole country. But now suppose you take away everything he has, he will curse you to your face !" "All right," the Lord said to Satan, "Everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself." So Satan left.

Yet in another verse in the New Testament, it talks about how Lucifer fell from heaven with many Angels and then became Satan. Cast out from heaven, never to enter heaven again and to walk the Earth for now and shut off from the Light of God, forever in darkness, as the Prince Of Darkness. Yet here in the Old Testament is Satan and so it is after the fall (or it would say Lucifer) in heaven with other heavenly beings talking to God.

You all know the story of the fall and so I will not go on about it here in this article. Also there are many more verses just like this one that seem not to add up. I could list many, many of them and i'm sure the readers of this blog could think of some themselves.

It was a verse like this that I wished to get answers from with my Spirits who are mostly of the Saturnian current, Solar Spirits and Deities. As I have been working with them for a long time. These Deities where the first to introduce me to using the Sun to get the best results for the Water/Light Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Which to this day, since starting over 10 years ago now, have given me amazing results.

Thank you my Spirits and Deities.

It is in fact with these very Deities and Spirits that the answer to my questions and what I have mentioned above can be found. Once my eyes were opened to it, things all started to make more sense and come together into ONE.

Isaiah 45 : 6-7 I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, through thou hast not known me. That they may know from the rising of the SUN, and from the West, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the Light, and create the Darkness: I make peace, and create evil : I the LORD do all these things.

You have to remember that each book of the Bible has been written most likely hundreds of years apart from each other and then put together as one book called the Bible. In those times when the book of Isaiah was written God was depicted has been the source of both the Light and Darkness. The concept of Darkness was not considered "Evil" or a personification of the "Devil". These ideas were something that came much later in history and was added in by the early Jewish scribes.

Also verse 6 from the above Bible reading "That they may know from the rising of the SUN and from the West (setting SUN) that there is no one besides me, I am the LORD and there is no one else.

Thats right.....the SUN. This is the KEY to it all. If we look at the movement of the SUN, it rises in the East and then sets in the West, taking the Light with it and bringing about Darkness. Only to return again in the morning to chase away the Darkness. If you have worked it out already, thats right, the Solar Sun is the representation of the outward expression of God. Both bringing about Light and Darkness. The SUN was resurrected in the morning, then died in the evening, went into the underworld, bringing darkness and resurrected Light once more the next morning. This is how God can be both Light and Darkness or at lest symbolic of Gods Light and Darkness through our Solar SUN.

Later on, as I have already mentioned the Light and Darkness of God symbolised as the SUN was divided as Good Spirits (Holy Angels/Light and bad Spirits (fallen Angels/Underworld/Darkness). The Darkness is in fact the Underworld and the fall is the SUN going down into the underworld. So to some who read the Bible from a Christian teaching perspective, it seems as if God has a bad side and a good side, two different personalities in one. However, only when you can hopefully see it in relation to our SUN does this make more sense.

So when the Sun was in the underworld and night time (Darkness) came. This was a time to work with the Spirits of the Dead, Cemeteries, Crossroads, Nocturnal Spirits (Spirits Of Darkness) and such. Then in the day time (Light), it was a time to work with, the Spirits Of Light, Holy Angels, Elevated Dead (The Saints) and such. Yet they are both under the one power source, symbolised by the rising and setting Sun. It was only after time that the Church Fathers made the Nightside as "Evil" under the "Devil" and the Lightside as Good under God. Underworld = Hell and yet the underworld is very cold, not hot. The world Hell actually comes from the word "Hel" or Helios, both names representing Solar Deities, the Upperworld = Heaven. The early Church Fathers promoted fear and superstition in people, making them fear the Darkness and the Spirits of such, in order to work their own agenda with their religious teachings.

Now that we can see things this way it should now make more sense how God can be both Light and Dark, Good and Evil, God and the sametime.

But there is more I wish to share in this blog.

The God Saturn, blessed be he, has been claimed to be represented by a planet a long way from the Sun with little light on it, therefore it is related to the darkness. This, I believe is one of the reasons why people connect the God Saturn with the Spirits of the Nightside only. It has also been claimed that the planet Saturn was once our Sun and moved away from the Earth, becoming a gas giant with rings around it. I myself do not subscribe to ether of these theories. To my knowledge, the name Saturn is in fact a Diety directly connected to our own Solar Sun, which we see in the sky today and no other. In fact all of the names given to the planets in our Solar system are names of Solar Deities.

Think about it, our Solar Sun is what we humans here on Earth measure Time with. The days, hours, months, years...all under the law of Time. Saturn is the "GOD Of Time". This been said, Saturn is a name for our Solar Sun. Saturn now becomes the God of Light and Darkness. This now means that Saturn now works in the Light and in the Darkness, with both hands so to speak. Much like Saint Cyprian Of Antioch, in fact I see a similar comparison between the two. Saturn rules over both Spirits of Light and Dark, Black and White, Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path. Saturn however, became over time "Satan" and the "Devil" thanks to the birth of the Abrahamic religions.

However, Saturn is only one of many names for the Sun. As there are many cultures, many names for the Sun came with it. To name a few would be  Amen - Ra ( Amen being at the end of Christian prayer, in honour to the Solar Deity), Apollo, Helios, Sol, Sin and many more the world over....both Gods and Goddesses. In fact all Deities, Male and Female that are related to crops, growth, plants, herbs, health, light, invocation, banishing, darkness, underworld, Crossroads, death.....birth/death/resurrection and much more are Deities of the Solar Sun. This includes Hecate, Ishtar, Isis, La Santisima Meurte, San La Meurte, Baron Samedi (Saturday = Saturn), Set, Seth, Legba, the list can go on and on.

This also puts Jesus in this category as well. Jesus was Crucified and went into the underworld for three days/nights and was resurrected. Just as many other Solar Deities from other cultures have this same story, long before the suposed time of Jesus and the forming of the Christian religions. Our Sun was Crucified in the evening, then go's into the underworld and rises agian, bringing light the next morning, a victory over darkness/death, a New Golden Dawn. Jesus is yet another Deity that is symbolically explained through our Solar Sun.

See, in ancient times it was also known that the word Sun and Son were interchangeable when written and not many people know this. A great man by the name of Jordan Maxwell (a Master Mason) explains this and his videos can be found on YouTube if you search the name.

So the "Son Of God" is also the same as the "Sun Of God" or Gods Sun. The implications for this means that Saturn, Lucifer and Jesus are all one and the same Deity in relation to our Solar Sun. This also means that all the Solar Deities we call Gods and Goddesses are really Sons and Daughters of God, rather than Gods themselves, as we have them called. Or you could say all different names, both Male and Female for the Spiritual Being expressed by our Sun. Now if they are not really the Gods themselves, then there is something bigger behind them that is beyond our comprehension and un - nameable to us humans.

In ancient times, philosophers decided that all outward manifestations/matter was the outward expression of Godhead. That what happens in this physical world was driven by an invisible force operating behind the veil. It is in everything and through everything, we and everything in matter are the face of the invisible force/Spiritual Power/Godhead. So you could say : The Trees Of God, Plants Of God, Moon Of God, Earth Of God and Sun (Son) Of God.

I have heard people claim that Lucifer is connected to Venus and Jesus as well. Both maybe connected to Venus, however, they are not Venus, but the Sun. This is why Lucifer is the "Bright And Morning Star" as is Jesus also.

Lucifer :

How you are fallen from heaven, O morning star, Son (Sun) Of The Dawn. How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low (Isa. 14:12).

The "Bright And Morning Star (Eastern Star/Sun) becomes the setting (Western Star/Sun) fallen from the Heavens (Sky). Laying the nations low is to do with the havest and crops.

Jesus :

I, Jesus, have sent my Angel to testify to you about these things for the Churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the "Bright And Morning Star" Rev. 22:16

Because both Jesus and Lucifer are two Solar Deities of the Sun.

I will also explain to you that when ever you see the letter O in front of a sentence in the Bible like for example : O morning star and O lord, just to name some. It means that they are talking about the Sun. Just as in the Bible God is used with one letter upper case. Where as the word Lord in the Bible sometimes is written with one letter upper case and sometimes with all the letters upper case. When all the letters are upper case "LORD" they are talking about the Sun  and one letter upper case "Lord" God himself. An example would be "The LORD God said" = "The Sun God said".

It is also interesting to note that about two years ago I was studying Gematria in my research and I found out that in Samerian language, three words all come to the same number which is 444. These three words are Jesus, Lucifer and Messiah (Anointed One). If you yourself have studied sacred Gematria, will know that words that share the same numbers are related to each other. And most likely are describing the samething, as in this case.

In ancient times, many ancient texts such as the Grimoires, in which I have a few, were written in such a way that only those that were ment to understand it would. This is the same when it comes to the books of the Bible. It was written with Occult meanings, code, blinds, symbolism, numerology and more. It was not ment for everyone to undertand, only the elite, initiated and those with true Spiritual guidance.

Please share if you found this article interesting. As I say, if you do not like this article. I told you that you did not have to read it. So if you leave me a comment that is not a nice one, I will not answer you and remove it right away. Thank you.

Picture : Lucifer as "The Light Bearer".

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Thursday, 16 January 2020

The 24 Elders Of The Golden Throne


Revelations (Bible) 4:4 : And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white reiment ; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

The four and twenty elders are the 24 hours in a full day in which each of those hours are controlled by a different energy (Angel), both light (Lux) and dark (Nox).

The names of these Angels can be found here :

Revelations 4:5: And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

The seven lamps burning and the seven Spirits of God are the seven planetary powers of the days of the week, the seven energies (Angels) that rule over them.

Revelations 4:6 : And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.

Revelations 4:7: And the first beast was like a Lion, and the second beast like a Calf, and the third beast had a face as a Man, and the forth beast was like a flying Eagle.

The sea of glass, like crystal - The sea always seems blue due to the blue sky. The reason for the sky to seem blue is due to the oxygen in the atmosphere. As the sky is clear (glass/clear crystal) and appeared blue, it is described as a "sea (blue) of clear glass like crystal". The four beasts full of eyes, before and behind. Are the four living creatures or Guardians Of The Watchtowers, the four winds of the Earth. It is also the four Cardinal directions with the Crossroads in the middle.

These four Living Creatures are the Sun signs of Scorpio (Eagle), Leo (Lion), Taurus (Ox/Bull, Aquarius (Man).

Notice on the Sun wheel picture given on this article, the four Living Creatures mentioned above are directly opposite each other. This is where you draw the Crucifix in its four directions, in which the Sun (Son) sits on. In ancient times, the word Sun and Son were interchangeable when getting written. This equal armed cross actually forms the letter X, which became + and then the Crucifix as we see it today. It is known in the occult mysteries, that OX sometimes is written as code for the Skull and Cross Bones (Golgotha/Place Of The Skull, where the "Son" was Crucified.

Ezekiel 1:5 : And out of the midst of it there was the likeness of four living creatures.

Ezekiel 1:10 : And as for the likeness of their faces, the four of them had a mans face, with a lions face to the right, and the four of them had a bulls face on the left ; the four of them also had an eagles face.

Revelations 4:8 : And the four beasts had each of them six wings about them; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day or night, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.

The six wings of the four Living Creatures are the six directions they can move in. As Above, So Below, North, South, East and West, they can also see in all directions. The "Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty, which was and is, and is to come" is the sound, frequency and vibration/radiation from the Sun. Tbe solar Sun is the physical image of the Throne Of God. Notice how the word LORD is all in upper case letters. Where as the word God, only one letter is upper case. This can be found often in the English translations of the Bible and it is intentional. This is because the word LORD in upper case is referring to the Sun. If you are still not convinced, the word Lord and Baal mean the same thing, and the word Baal is related to the Sun, as a Solar Deity. So then you could write the verse like this "Holy,Holy,Holy is the Sun God Almighty".

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The Ritual For Making St. Cyprian Your Patron


Just recently I decided to make St. Cyprian Of Entioch one of my Patrons.

As I am a practioner of Necromancy and St. Cyprian Of Antioch just happens to be the Patron Saint of Necromancers, among other Occult arts. I thought his great wealth of knowledge on these subjects would be very beneficial to me.

So in this blog I am going to go through the full procedure of the ritual working I did in order to bring the Spirit of Cyprian Of Antioch into my house and life as my Patron.

This ritual procedure involves a nine day dedication for "Installation" of the Spirit of Cyprian. How this works is that by end end of these ritual practices. The essence/part of the Spirit/energy of Cyprian himself should be "Seated" with a object or statue that represents St. Cyprian Of Antioch.

This practice of "Seating" spirits and Deities in objects go's a long way back to many tribes of the African cultures and is still practiced today.

This is something that those of the religion of Christianity to not understand or try to understand for that matter due to their ignorance. This is mainly those of the Protestant denominations. They claim that people who have statues representing different Gods and Goddess and other spirits are worshipping idols. That there is only one true God, which just happens to be theirs of course. These Christian denominations just see a statue made of clay and thats all.

On that same note, there are many people today who go out and buy a statue of a religious figure. Then place it in their home expecting it to protect them from all misfortune, some even pray to these statues. In this case, they can be called idols, because all they are doing is praying to a piece of clay in the shape of a Deity, it is nothing more. Also, worse case scenario, if the statue has not been ritually  purified right it may in fact be bringing other peoples thought forms, energies and other unwanted spiritual attachments into your home. Even still if you are buying the stutue online from someone who practices the Magickal arts as I myself do. How do you know 100% that they have not prayed over the stature without your best intentions in mind? How do you really know that they have not added a spiritual attachment to your statue? You dont. If you don't know the practioner, how can you fully trust them? You can't.

Before I even start to work with a new statue in my house a full purification ritual is performed on it first. This way all energies or spirits that maybe attached or conected to the statue are fully removed. I'm not going to go into how I perform this ritual here and will save this for another blog. However, I can not stress enough, this has to be done first before this ritual practice i'm about to share here with you can be performed.

In fact, I will add that any new object I put on my altar or gift I give to the spirits and Deities I have a relationship with. I perform a purification/consecration ritual on it first. Unless it is an object that comes from the Earth itself or Animal bones and things like this. As it is the energies of these objects I wish to draw on in my spiritual practice.

If you do not perform a consecration/purification ritual on the objects/statues like I have metioned above first. It more than likely will interfere with the spiritual working you maybe doing.

So as you can now see, this first step is a big part of the process involved and a very important one.

Another thing that is importat when doing this spiritual working I'm going to share. Is to have all you need for the ritual prepared before hand. This also takes sometime to get together, do not rush it.

You will need things like St. Cyprian oil. I made my own St. Cyprian Oil on the instructions of the spirits I have a relationship with. I will go into more detail on this in a future blog on St. Cyprian Oil.

Other things you will need for this ritual work are :

Graveyard Dirt (This must be bought from the Dead at a grave in a special and respectful way. Do not attempt this without first finding out how to buy it the right way. There are different ways for different traditions. The way that sits right with you out of these traditions, you should use. To NOT under any circumstances just walk into a cemetery and take dirt and then walk out again. Unless you want all manner of trouble, bad luck and illness in your life. I will do a blog in the future on buying graveyard dirt).

Seven Gold Coins

Seven Acorns

Seven Nails

A Dagger/Knife

Purple Candle

Seven Gold or White Candles

Red & Black Beads (9×9 Red Beads plus 9×9 Red Beads) The beads should be made and purified/consecrated before hand in a separate ritual ready to go for this working. If you are unable to make the beads of yet. Buy a reel of Black and a reel of Red Ribbon or Cord.

A Ceramic Pot or Cauldron (I myself prefer the ceramic pot due to its connection with the Earth and its energies. Not only this but the Dead are also connected with the earth. This is why in my tradition of practice, most shrines and spirit fetishes to do with the Dead or in honour of the Dead are at ground level. Because it is closer to the Earth, this is where the phrase "Raising The Dead" comes from. When certain Spirits of the Dead are Invoked or called upon, they rise up from inside the Earth.

Statue or Picture of St. Cyprian/St. Justina

Bay Leaves

Prayers to St. Cyprian (written out before hand)

Ritual Working and structure (written out before hand)

Glass Of Water


Black Beans

Red Wine

Incense Of Frankincense

Incense Of Myrrh

Ponto Riscado Of St. Cyprian (Quimbanda tradition)

Other things that can be given as gifts to St. Cyprian, is purple cloth, jewelry, herbs, rosaries.

This list of items is not complete and a lot of things are left out as it relates to the making of St. Cyprian Oil. Which is needed for this working to go ahead.

The procedure involves a nine day dedication for instilling the spirit of Cyprian Of Antioch in your effigy.

The working must be done at midnight (12am) every day for nine days in a row. Starting on a Saturday morning at the Waxing Moon. Making sure that the Full Moon is overseeing the completion of the work, the ninth day. So in other words, the ritual starts 9 mornings before the Full Moon on a Saturday morning.

Invocation To St. Cyprian:

White Lord of the Black Cross, I conjure you ! Come forth here and now and manifest yourself here in this sacred place that I have prepared for you.

By the sacred words of SATOR - ROTAS. By the rule of Tartarus (underworld). I charge and direct you to manifest your brilliance within this sacred place.

I have prepared for you offerings and libations ! Eat, drink deeply, for the Dead can be ravenous.

By the sacred rites of the Ghoul ! By the ancient covenants of the Dead ! You have now been called and conjured on this night and hour of Saturn !

Please move and appear Martyr Of Antioch !

Please move and appear St. Cyprian!

Please do not linger, magnificent mystery, make your Divine presence known to me, here and now thank you.

Prayer To St. Cyprian:

In the name of Cipriano and his Seven Candles !

On behalf of his Black Dog and his Seven Cold Coins !

In the name of Cipriano and his Silver Dagger !

In the name of Cipriano and his Holy Mountain!

In the name of the Tree Of The Zephyrs and the Great Oak !

I ask and may it be answered by the 7 Churches of Rome ! The 7 Lamps of Jerusalem! The 7 Golden Candles of Egypt!

So Mote It Be !

If there is anything within these words above you do not know what they are talking about? It will help a lot more if you do some of your own research on them and learn what they mean.

Now while reciting the next prayer anoint one foot lenghth of Red and one foot lenghth of Black ribbon with St. Cyprian Oil and tie them around the effigy of St. Cyprian with three knots in each. On the 9th morning there should be 9 Red Ribbons and 9 Black Ribbons anointed with St. Cyprian Oil around the effigy, each with 3 knots in them.

The St. Cyprian Prayer (to be used for the anointing of the ribbons) :

Salvé most Holy St. Cyprian!

I beseech you as my Patron

May you work upon me and keep me steady

May you lend me your powers

As I take you as my teacher, tutor and Tatá

As you close up the minds and mouth of my enemies

Make my inner eye double in vision

As my adversaries will be doubly blind

Great one ! Blessed one !

Most Holy St. Cyprian !

I beseech you as my Patron

I ask and pray that you please heed my call thanks

So mote it be !

On the 9th night make sure that the effigy or picture of St. Cyprian Of Antioch has the rays of the Full Moon shining on it. With prayers baptize the effigy in St. Cyprian Oil and Red Wine all over. Then place leaves of Bay Laurel and Acacia between the ribbons rapped around the St. Cyprian effigy/picture.

Watch over the coming weeks for animal parts that may come your way. Go for walks which may allow this to take place. If this happens they should be placed in a Black Cloth and tied to your St. Cyprian effigy with Black Cord. This is a type of Mojo Bag offering to St. Cyprian, anoint the bag with St. Cyprian Oil. These things, along with other gifts and offerings as inspired can be added to your St. Cyprian altar/sacred space and effigy/picture over time. As your relationship with the spirit of St. Cyprian develops some more.

All the liberations should be topped up and the food offerings changed with fresh food every Saturday morning around 12am. If the food is going off or smelly change it sooner.

While doing the 9 Saturday (Saturn Day) mornings of the St. Cyprian installment. If you happen to miss one morning for what ever reason. You will have to start the 9 day morning rituals all over again, 9 mornings before the next Full Moon.

The Graveyard dirt, 7 Gold Coins, 7 Acorns, 7 Nails, Dagger/Knife go in the ceramic pot with your St. Cyprian effigy.

You will need enough bought graveyard dirt to fill almost half of the ceramic pot.

The Golden Candles can be lit in the ceramic pot or around it. The Purple Candle is lit in the sacred place set aside for St. Cyprian. All these candles I anoint first with St. Cyprian Oil.

The Ponto Riscado Of St. Cyprian can be painted on the side of the ceramic pot or placed underneath it. You can also make a Taliman of the Ponto Riscado to use when reciting the invocation of St. Cyprian. However, the Talisman will have to be dedicated, cleansed, charged and activated in the proper way before hand.

Also featured on my ceramic pot, which can't be seen in the photos. Is a Skull and Crossbones and a Cross Of Galgotha in the Russian Orthodox tradition painted on it.

As I say, there is more to this ritual working that I will share in another blog relating to St. Cyprian Oil.

Thanks for reading and showing an interest in this blog. Any questions please feel free to ask me thanks.

Refrences :

The 9 Day Prayer & some of the information relating to the 9 Day Ritual & ingredients. Is taken from the book : Exu & The Quimbada Of Night & Fire by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, Scarlet Imprint 2012.

Link :

The Invocation To St. Cyprian is taken from a book I have called The Gospel Of The Gouls by Baron & Baronessa Araignee.


My photos of St. Cyprian Of Antioch Effigy at different stages of the 9 Days ritual. Like any Deity you wish to have as your Patron, there is always a vigil held for so many days. By the end of the vigil the person should know if that Deity wishes to be your Patron or not. St. Cyprian gave me a very clear indication on this.

Picture of the Exu - San Cipriano, Ponto Riscado :

Pictures of my St. Cyprian effigy now :  

Copyright 2019 Orion Silverstar 191 (except where mentioned).

Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Pact With Our Lady Of The Shadows


(Please read through this whole blog and ritual carefully before performing it. Make sure you have everything you need before starting the ritual).

Firstly, a pact is not something to be taken lightly. The ritual is very powerful and should be taken in all seriousness.

A ritual of this kind is not for the occult dabbler.

You need to think very hard before considering to perform this ritual and make a pact with La Dama Poderosa.

This pact is a type of contract between you and La Dama Poderosa. It is the next step from that of a commitment or dedication ritual.

It is wise to wait until La Dama Poderosa picks you. All I can say on this matter is that you will know if that has taken place.

If La Dama Poderosa has picked you as her own, then first you need to do a dedication ritual unto the all powerful lady. You should then wait quite sometime before going on with this pact. How long? Once again you will know, as she will tell you.

If you are in some doubt as to if you should go ahead with this ritual. Then this maybe a clear indication that you shouldn't.

If you have not heard of the term "Godslave" in occult circles? Well this is a strong possibility. It means that once you have made tbis pact with La Dama Poderosa. She rightfully owns you and this means that she can do with your life, body, mind what she sees fit to do.

Make no mistake, although La Santisima Meurte is called a Saint. A Saint is a human that performed miracles here on Earth and after death was allevated to a Divinity by the Roman Catholic church.

La Dama Poderosa was never a human being here on this Earth. She has always been and always will be the spirit of death itself.

La Dama Poderosa is a very, very powerful ancient Goddess. Because of her Divinity, La Dama Poderosa knows best, over you. If she so wishes to, what may seem to you like turning your life upside down...well she will. She may take everything away from you, tbat you hold dear and close to your heart. As she may feel that you are on the wrong path. The path that she has planned for you, may not be the path you think you want. You know, like the Tower in the Tarot.

La Dama Poderosa may wish to "Ride" you. Meaning that she may wish to possess you partly or full possession at random or talk through you? Then when you come back to consciousness. You may have no knowledge of what happened, leaving other people to tell you, if with others? This may cause you to do things that you may not normally do if you were in your own mind. For example, if you are a Male and La Dama Poderosa comes down into you. You most certainly will take on her personality. Which will be that of a lady in a mans body. You may even start to wear makeup and ladies clothing. Such is her influence on you and around you.

I tell you these things in this much detail because I dont think websites on La Santisima Meurte explain all this when posting rituals such as this. Sure, they may give a warning to some description, but not go into much details as to why?

Someone that becomes possessed by Deities is called a "Horse" in my tradition. When the Gods are called into a "Horse" to "Ride" it's called "Horsing". This used to be common practice in ancient times with Witches and Shamans alike. It was considered a very possitive thing and honoured thing, to have the Gods use your body to communicate with others in this way. However, these days with modern "Wicca" and Neo-Paganism. Sadly it does not take place, Wicca being more a religion than anything else.

Do not perform this ritual in a house where small children are present all the time. You must do this ritual completely alone, just you and The Lady Of Shadows.

You need to be fully devoted to La Santisima Meurte to perform this ritual. If not it most likely will have a bad outcome on you. Something to remember is that La Santisima Meurte can be very jealous of that which she owns at times and that will mean you also.

Here is the things you will meed for the pact ritual to La Dama Poderosa :

One cloth, dedicated to the aspect of La Dama Poderosa you wish to make the pact with. In my case it is La Señora Negra, so my cloth will be black. The cloth should be large enough to fit all the offerings to La Dama Poderosa, the incense holder and ash tray within a triangle.

Three pillar candles, one White (Bone), one Black and one Red.

Torilla Ashes

Incense of Myrrh, Dragons Blood and I also use what is called Black Magick incense. This is due to the La Señora Nina Negra aspect of La Dama Poderosa who is one of my Patron Deities. Some people use Sandalwood, Frankincense or Copal. (Later on in walking this crooked path La Dama Poderosa, Nina Negra, will tell you what she likes from you.

A Cigar

A glass of Tequila or Rum (full strength)

A dozen Red roses

A bottle of Santisima Meurte Oil, to anoint the candles with before hand.

Robes or clothes in the colour of the aspect of Santa Meurte you wish to make your Patron Deity. For me it is the Black Hooded Robe.

The ritual :

The ritial should only be done on the 9th day of each month, every month for one year. It is even more powerful if you start the ritual in September, the 9th month of the year.

The ritual should take place at 9:00pm at night and run right through till 3am in the morning.

On this day you should not eat red meat, take alcohol or have any sexual activity.

Take a ritual bath before hand and all the while pray unto La Dama Poderosa from the heart.

On your altar dedicated to La Dama Poderosa, only place the cloth after anointing it in each corner with Santisima Meurte Oil.

In the middle of the cloth put the incense burner dedicated to La Dama Poderosa only, with incense. First tell La Dama Poderosa that you are offering the incense to her and that you hope that she excepts it and finds it pleasing.

Light the incense.

Then take the black candle and place it at the top left of the cloth. Then the white candle at the top right of the cloth and finally, the red candle velow them on the cloth. This forms an inverted triangle, that also represents the element of Fire.

You may also like to make a Sigil for La Dama Poderosa. Drawn in your own blood, this links you with the spirit of La Dama Poderosa.

I will leave Sigil making, how to charge, consecrate and dedicate them the way I do for another blog.

I will say that a good way to do this is by using the Magick Square of Saturn. The numbers of the Magick Square of Saturn go upto the number 9, La Dama Poderosa's sacred number. Saturn is also associated with Necromancy and the dead, as is La Santisima Meurte.

In another blog i'm yet to do called "Who Is Azazel pt. 2" I will talk a bit more on the Magick Square of Saturn. It's true origin that is rarely mentioned by Western occultists and other things relating to this. Azazel is still helping me with part 2 at this point in time. If you have not read my last blog in the Azazel series, part 1, please do thanks.

This is also why one of La Dama Poderosa's sacred days is Saturday (Saturn Day). This is why a lot of my Magickal practice is connected to the Saturnian current and Saturnian Magick.

Once your La Dama Poderosa Sigil is consecrated, charged and dedicated in that order. It is then ready to be placed on the cloth under the dedicated incense holder within the middle of the cloth.

Now pray the prayer to La Santisima Meurte as you light each candle starting with the black candle on the left and moving in an anticlockwise direction, finishing with tbe white candle. Wait 9 minutes between lighting each candle. During the 9 minutes, this should be taken up with prayer and contemplation of the working at hand.

Then move the black candle slightly aside and white your name, with your left index finger on the cloth in Tortilla Ashes. Then place the burning black candle back on top of your name you have just written. Then wait another 9 minutes and do the same with tbe Red candle and the same again with the white candle. Each time praying the same prayer over each candle. You can also engrave symbols that relate to you on the candles before hand if you wish? Example : Zodiac Sign, Planetary Ruler and more.

Then lift the left side of the cloth and write your name under it in the same way and while saying the prayer. Then cover it back over making sure what was written is not visible.

In completion leave La Dama Poderosa some offerings and gifts of Rum or Tequila in a small glass. Also place some of the alcohol in your mouth and swirl it around, then spray it from your mouth into the careful not to spit.

Some books say that if you do not drink or smoke, you should not offer La Dama Poderosa alcohol or Cigars. Because would you encourage a friend to drink or smoke, if they do not? In my own opinion it does not matter if you do not drink or smoke. It is all about what La Santisima Meurte likes, not you. By doing this you would only be putting your own moral judgements into it, which is not right.

Next light the Cigar and smoke some of it, blowing the smoke into the triangle 9 times. Then replace the remaining Cigar in the triangle with the rest of the offerings to burn down. If you can't have Cigar smoke buring in the house, do the ritual outside.

This is why your cloth needs to be large enough to hold the Sigil, incense and offerings within it.

Then place the dozen Red roses within the triangle.

You may also wish to leave some food, fruit and candies for La Santisima Meurte? Which is a good idea.

Remember, you will be doing this ritual on the 9th of every month for a full year. So it is wise to make sure that you always have the things you need for her offerings on hand ready, that they do not run short. Once you start giving something to La Dama Poderosa as an offering in this ritual. It is very wise to keep giving her the same offerings for the full year. Also, if you miss a month, then you will have to start again from the beginning., as if it was the first month. If you miss the 9th day of the month? Do the ritual on the following 18th day. You may get away with doing this a few times however, do not do this often. It is important to try and stick to the 9th of each month.

Once all this is done, thank La Santisima Meurte for her help and what ever you would like to say to her in your own words. Once this ritual has been completed, you can be sure that she will walk with you and protect you with her legions of the dead and other spirits, when you call upon her. La Dama Poderosa will then be your Patron Deity.

The Prayer To La Señora, Nina Negra (Qalmana) :

I .......................come before thee La Señora Negra. Our Lady Of The Shadows and make a pact with you. I kneel at thy feet as thy servant unto you Great and Mighty Lady. I .........................give of myself unto thee and put no other before thee. La Dama Poderosa, please make your strength and power known to me. May I also feel thy presence around me, as you walk with me. Come to my aid Great Spirit Mother my Lady, my Goddess in times of need. Open doors that have closed on me and show me the right path to take. La Santisima Meurte, you stand at the crossroads between the living and the dead. If I so wish to call upon the dead for their service, they may come in numbers through your name. La Niña Negra, I stand at your door and knock, that you may open it and grant me entry into your kingdom. That you may make me feel most welcome. As I come to you with a true heart and full dedication in all seriousness. La Señora Negra, may your wonderful  blessings and miracles come down upon me in many ways. La Señora Negra, you are the Gatekeeper of the underworld. Ruler of the cemeteries. Protect me under your black cloak of steel from harms way and that it may return to where it was sent. La Niña Negra, there is nothing you cannot do, as everything is within your power, even the Mighty Dead, and the Shades, respond to your name. I have nothing that is not yours, I invite you into my home and my life.

I open up my Heart to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

I open up my Soul to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

I open up my Body to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

I open up my Mind to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

La Señora Negra, this pact with thee. From this day on you are my Patron Lady Of The Shadows. I promise to honour my part in the pact and never break it, lest I be struck down with bad luck on doing so.

La Señora Negra, I........................promise to be faithful and devoted to three always. From now on until you come and claim my Soul and take me to the afterlife.

So it is written, so it shall be done!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

To thee, I give of my full self and await your response and kindness.

Salve, Salve Qalmana !!!!!

So mote it be !!!

After doing this ritual you should clearly feel La Señora Negra's presence come upon you, if done right?

When I feel the presence of La Dama Poderosa, she comes from my left side as ice cold air. Even if the room is at a different temperature, you will feel the change. If you do not feel anything after this working, then ether something has gone wrong or you are not aware of her energies yet? They should start to grow stronger around you each time you do this working. Ask La Señora Negra to make you more sensitive to her presence and energies.

You can also do a Divination with Shells, Tarot, Bones or other means if you feel something's not right.

I constructed this pact to be incorporated into Necromancy and for the La Señora Negra vibration of La Santisima Meurte. In order to use this pact for a different aspect of La Santisima Meurte you will have to make some modifications. One example would be, if you are doing  the pact for Niña Blanca. You may wish to light the candles starting with the white one and going in a clockwise direction?

"Negra" is not a racist word in this context as La Señora Negra has no skin. This aspect of La Dama Poderosa is in relation to her cloak which is symbolic for her energies.

Any questions please feel free to ask me.

In my practice it is important to make a legitimate pact with a Deity/God/dess, before they will agree to be your Patron Deity.

(I hold no responsibility for anyrhing that happens to anyone who performs this ritual working. Do it at your own risk).

Copyright - Orion Silverstar 191 - 2019.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Who Is Azazel? This Will Change Everything - Pt. 1


Some months ago I wrote a blog in regards to new knowledge Azazel gave me about the connection of his name and the name Baphomet.

For the last few months Azazel and other Entities under his authority, when he could not be present have shared with me information about who Azazel is, his origin and other teachings. They have also helped me to do some deep research on this very subject.

I know, some people may think that I’m just going to touch on the same recycled information that many have written about, even those that claim to have direct contact with Azazel himself. This information I talk about, can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible and the “Book Of Enoch”. This is not what I will be sharing with you here.

This is also one of the ways I know if someone who says they are communicating with Azazel, really are doing so. If it shows in their writings that they are just drawing their information from these sources mentioned above, yet say that Azazel shared the information with them. A lot of  these writers mostly aim their writings at an audience that are very new to the Occult. However, those that have been practicing or researching the Occult for sometime, should at least know of the sources of this information. To know that it’s not coming as fresh information from Azazel to the person claiming it is.

Anyway, enough of that. I just thought I would add it here. As it was related to Azazel and in fact Azazel wanted me to mention it. Azazel does not want these people claiming to be in a relationship with him, along with the rest of us.

In my workings and communication with Azazel, he does not always come due to other commitments. Instead Azazel will sent to me one or two of the Entities under him.

This is another thing, I have seen YouTube videos by occultists, Magickans who claim they are always calling and working with Azazel. As if he has got nothing else to do in the whole wide world or universe for that matter. I find this very hard to believe, from my own experiences in working with Azazel.

One of the Entities Azazel has sent me instead gos by the name of Kézel. After Kézel came to me for the first time, I must admit, I was going through all the Angel names and Demon names of Demonology and Angelology I could read. I was even going through the names of the Watchers mentioned in the Book Of Enoch. I found a name of an Angel called kesil and this was the closest I was going to find. On doing a little more research online, I then found out that the God Orion in Hebrew was called Kesil.

By this time I was getting excited, could it be that I had quite by accident stumbled on the fact that the Angel Kesil and the God Orion were one and the same being. I then told myself "You know there is no such thing as accidents and everything happens for a reason".

Many years ago now I was given the name Orion as my Magickal name in a dream by some spiritual Entities. I was told to use the name Orion Silverstar in all my esoteric practices and I would have great power and abilities. I was told that this was the names they had chosen for me. I was also told many other things in relation to this name and who I was as a person, which I might save for another blog. However, one of the things the Entities in the dream made clear to me. Was that more meanings to this name would be come clear to me in the future.

Is this what the Entities in the dream were talking about? I wondered?

 I was now looking forward to talking with Kézel again about this matter.

The next time Kézel came to see me on invoking Azazel, I wasted no time in expressing my thoughts to him. To my shock and amazment Kézel told me that Kesil was in fact another pronounciation of the word Kézel. That Kézel/Kesil were both this Entities name. I then said to the Entity that their name as Kesil was the Hebrew name for Orion. I then asked Kézel if he in fact was the great God Orion, to which name I was told to take as my Magickal name in a dream some years ago?

If this was so, then this would be more evidence that ancient Gods and Goddesses were turned into Angels and Demons by the early Church Fathers. Or could it also be that what we think are Angels and Demons, are really Gods and Goddesses? My mind was going into overdrive with all this information, knowedge being revealed to me and the many thoughts it created. Not to mention the implications this would have. If Kézel/Kesil was in fact the ancient God Orion, why was he serving under Azazel? An Angel, a Watcher?

Where was this heading? I had to ask Kézel/Kesil more. I needed to know, I was hungry for more answers to my many questions.

On asking Kézel/Kesil if he was the mighty God Orion, his answer was a This did not make sense to me, why would Kesil be the Hebrew name for Orion then? I asked. Kézel/Kesil then told me that it was in error. That he Kézel worked under mighty Orion. That his name Kézel could be separated into to names to give the meaning of his name and the role/job he has.

 I thought to myself, just as the names of other Angels/Demons have a meaning and the meaning of their names is the roles they play. I learnt this knowedge years ago, that if I needed something done. To find out which Angel specialized in what? The meanings of their names reveal this.

So Kézel told me that the first part of his name Kéz means Hand and the second part of his name El means God. Then putting this together I have "Hand Of God". Kézel told me that he was the "Hand Of God"or rather, the "Hand Of Orion". Kézel/Kesil served under the God Orion.

 Yet here he was coming to me on behalf of Azazel? Kézel himself told me he served under Azazel. Can he serve under two higher spiritual beings? I asked Kézel this very question, as things were getting very interesting for me. This was new knowledge being revealed to me, which I was chosen to recieve.

Now here is what really left me in amazment and suprise at the sametime. Something that changes everything. Something that I would not have seen coming at the start of my communications with Kézel.

Azazel is Orion. Azazel's real name is Orion.

 He is not a "Demon" nor an Angel. But a Daemon (Divine being) the great and mighty God Orion. The constellation the Giza Pyramids of Egypt line up with. The constellation that Samyaza, one of the Watchers that was a leader with Azazel was said to hang upside down, in Jewish mythology/Astrology.

This was it, the conections were coming together now for me. This was some amazing revelations. I share them here with you the reader. The best was yet to come.

Then the next time I called on Azazel, it was Azazel that came. I explained all these things Kézel had been telling me and Azazel confirmed them with me to be true. Azazel said to me, are you ready for this knowedge i'm about to share with you? I said yes with great egerness to hear what he had to say.

Azazel told me, his true name, Orion means "Nephlia" in Aramaic and the Nephilim are his descendants. His name as Azazel, though sometimes means "The Goat God" also translates to "The Strength Of God" "The Strong God" "God Of Victory".

Now that I have shared these amazing revelations with you the reader. I will from now on be calling Azazel under the name of a God that he is "Orion".

All those years ago, this is why these Entities came to me in a dream and gave me the Magickal name "Orion Silverstar" and said they will give me great knowledge in the I would never have guessed.

I said to Orion, but are you not a hunter? He said that "there is a misunderstanding in the passing down of knowedge by word of mouth. I was the great teacher in those days, teaching humans how to hunt with weapons among other things".

"We are the "Apkallus" but the humans called us "Watchers" the meaning "One Who Watches" or "Those Who Watch" is not a good translation. I am not a guardian, but a God. We are not caretakers of your world, but teachers. The translation "Those Who Do Not Sleep" or better still "Those Who Are Awake" fits our description. It could be said that we are "The Illuminated Ones" or Enlightened Ones" "The Shinning Ones". Another name we have been called is "Grigori".

However, I was told that the word "Grigori" was an insult by the early Jewish scribes who demonized Orion (The Gaint God) and others that came to our world with him. I have also been told by Orion that the Old Testerment and even the Book Of Enoch accounts about these beings are not to be trusted. As they have both been written by ancient Jewish scripes set on Demonizing them.

I further learn't through my own reaserch that the only true Book Of Enoch was dictated to John Dee and Edward Kelly by the "Enochian Angels". So far only a small part of it has been translated. The Enochian Angels told John Dee, that once it is transated and activated. It will be so powerful as to bring about the apocalypse.

Some of the things Orion and other "Nephlia" instructed humans in was : Exorcism, Possession By Sprits Of The Dead And Deities,  Cutting Of Roots and Herbs, Healing Abilities Of Plants and Trees, Medicine, Omen and Dream Interpretation, Rituals, Invocation, Evocation, Magick, Astrology, Astronomy, Chanting/Vibrating Words Of Power, Dancing, Drumming, Carpendry, Stone Cutting, Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Spells, Sorcery, Signs Of The Stars - Clouds - Lightening - Sun - Moon - Seasons - The Elements In General, Art and Craft, Making Weapons - Swords - Knives - Shields - Armor, Taught Women About Jewelry, Dyeing Hair, Taught Men And Woman To Paint Their Face And Bodies. Body Peacing, Hunting, Building, The Earth Energies - Powers, The Spirit World, Divinations, Communication With Birds - Animals, The Constellations, Philosophy, Knowedge, How To Get Metals - Stones From The Earth.

You will notice in this list, that a few things are different than what comes from the early Jewish Scribe versions. For example, Woman did not enchant Men through makeup. This in fact was an attack on Women from other cultures and customs by the deeply religious Jewish Scribes. Even today, in places of the Middle East. If a Man sexually assaultes a Women, it's the Womens fault for enchanting him. As for the makeup itself, it was not like the cosmetics we have today. It was more to do with different tribes and Gods/Goddesses honoured.

Also as a side note of my own reaserch. The Entity Barbatos is considered a Hunter with a Bow and Arrow in the forest. In the Book Of St Cyprian, Barbatos is described as a Goat. In the Book Of St Cyprian, Lucifer calls him "The Goat Of The Art" and "Infernal Goat".

This concludes part 1 of "Who is Azazel? This will change everything".

If you found this writing interesting, please share this work with others and leave a comment thanks.

Look closely at my Magick Mirror in the "Triangle Of Manifestation" sitting on a Spirits Seal. Can you see the spirits face in my Magick Mirror?

Ref. The researched information on Barbatos was taken from a book I own called "The Testament Of Cyprian The Mage" by Jake Stratton-Kent. Scarlet Imprint Publications.

Copyright 2019 - Orion Silverstar 191. (except where mentioned).

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Sacred Tobacco


Most who work in the arts Magick will know how important and sacred plants and hearbs are. Also how these aspects of living nature should always be respected with the utter most respect.

I myself have always had a very deep connection with trees, plants and nature in general. I enjoy going for walks in a forest and nearly always feel the presence of spirits there. Not only this but I enjoy the peace and quietness that can be found there, to do meditative work.

Just recently the spirits I have been working with have inspired me to take a bigger interest in my garden and in gardening as well. Now I have a few plants that are coming along really nicely. Some of these plants I have a special bond with and talk to them often. I will be found often transfering my energies and thoughts into them to help them grow.

This is something that ancient indigenous cultures used to do and in some cases still do.

On doing this myself, I have found that it has really helped lift the spirits of the plant. I had a few plants that were starting to die, after going overseas. I came back to find them in this state. I spoke to the plants and told them how much I loved them. I then closed my eyes and focused and visualized my energies going from my heart Chakra, through my hands, into the plants. The first week nothing, so I said to the plants with so much emotion, as I would a friend that was passing away. Please just show me some sign of life and I will be happy. The next week I was so happy to see new growth on the plants. They still have a long way to go, but my time with these plants has definitely helped. I then took some offerings to draw nature spirits to the plants and set them in action to work with the plants some more.

One of the offerings I gave was strong alcohol, Rum. The reason this type of alcohol was given, is not because these spirits like alcohol to drink. But because of the heat from the alcohol. The reason we give offerings to spirits in the first place is due to the energies they feed off from it. When giving alcohol as an offering to spirits, it is called in my practice "Heating Up The Spirits". They take this heat from the alcohol and turn it into energy. This helps them go to work much more faster. In other words, it fires them up. If you want a spirit to take action a lot faster than normal, giving strong undiluted alcohol is a great way of doing this. This is just one of the secrets of Magickal practice.

As I say, all plants need to be respected and the spirits that are attached to them. Because every plant and tree has one or more spirits that belong to it. Like I said, I have the utter most respect for all plants. But I have a very special respect for native trees and plants in my country. This is not only because the plant itself is a living thing. But also because these plants and trees have native spirits connected to them. Also more often than not these native trees have indigenous spirits that owned the land I now walk on.

When it comes to sacred plants and especially herbs, the Tobacco plant is no different.

In many indigenous cultures Tobacco was held in the greatest regard and respect. These people were well aware of the Magickal properties and spirits connected with each of these plants. The customs of working with the Tobacco plant were often told by word of mouth from generation to generation. This was done in the the form of traditional rituals and ceremonies involving the Tobacco plant.

They also knew of the fate of those who abused the seacred Tobacco plant. Regardless of this, over time the teachings were ignored. Then corruption set in due to commercialization and addiction. This in turn brought about many diseases of the body. One of the main reasons for this corruption in the Americas was due to the Christian Church. Taking the next generation of young  indigenous children and putting them in strict Christian settings where native practices were forbidden. The Governments also brought in laws in connection with the Church to put a ban on their practices.

The Christian religions through the help of the Governments have done a lot of damage. Damage that in some cases can not be fixed. They have destroyed peoples ancient traditions, a lot being lost in the past, plus their culture, practices and heritage. This is largely to do ignorance in relation to the Churches teachings.

However, some tribes decided to continue with the teachings of plants and hearbs, and in this case Tobacco in secret. Sometimes they had to substitute normal cigarettes for traditional Tobacco for their ceremonies. Traditional Tobacco was pure and home grown Tobacco, without any cemicals added.

Some Tobacco used the indigenous peoples did not have any nicotine at all. Such plants as the dried leaves of the Bearberry tree were used. Along with the bark of the red and spotted Willow tree. These plants were not smoked at all in their ceremonies. When Tobacco was smoked it was not inhaled into the lungs.

Often tribes would place it on the ground or in a dish. Then burn it to send off their prayers to their Deities in the wind. Tribes would also place Tobacco on the ground to offer prayers to the spirit world for the dead. When traditional Tobacco was banned, tribes would start passing around Birch Bark to burn as a group on the ground to offer up prayers.

A lot of these practices, I also include in my own occult workings.

Dried Tobacco as a powder was also sprinkled on and around a car to make sure they were safe when travelling long distances. Presenting a gift of Tobacco was often practiced when a deal or contract was being made, to make the deal more binding.

Again this is something I also have done on making the pact with my now Patron Deities.

Often tribes would talk to the Tobacco plant and empower it with their thoughts and energies.

This is something that I metioned earlier in more detail, that I also practice.

Within my own occult practices, Tobacco is used in almost all rituals and ceremonies. I never use the manufactured cigarettes, when using Tobacco smoke blown from my mouth. However, I do use manufacured cigarettes, cigars and loose Tobacco as offerings.

I used to be a smoker, having smoked cigarettes for many years on and off. I still breath smoke of Tobacco into my mouth through a pipe, that I keep on my main Altar or on a string around my neck, plus some gigars. However, I do not let it pass down into my lungs.

After being a smoker before, is it possible to cross the line again? Yes.

But I have learnt to respect Tobacco as a sacret and spiritual plant and this helps me. I have great respect for the spirits that are around me and that I work with. I do not wish to suffer their diapproval, as I know the outcome of that. Also it comes down to having a strong will power that I have mastered through occult practice.

In my practice, Tobacco is very much connected to some of my Patron Deities. Two of which are San La Muerte / Qayin and La Santisima Meurte / Qalmana.

As I'm sure the name is different for each culture. One of the names for the Tobacco spirit in the Qayinite tradition of Witchcraft is called "Amiahzatan". The spirit of Tobacco can sometimes be seen showing his form within the smoke. Twisting and turning in the form of a serpent.

The spirit of Tobacco can be directed, focused, channeled, Evoked and Invoked through the smoke of Tobacco. Not only this but tinctures, infusions and oils connected to Tobacco can also bring about the above results.

The spirit of Tobacco has the authority over lesser spirits and also can aid in conjuring, calling, summoning the dead. In fact a pillar of Tobacco smoke can be used in order for the dead to rise up from beneath the ground into your presence.

This is something I use in conjunction with my outdoor shrine to the collective dead (see one of my other blogs in regards to this shrine) and the Gateway Of The Dead sigil and keys, with very good results.

In like fashion the spirits from the higher realms can come down the rising Tobacco smoke into your presence. Through working with the elemental spirits of Air and the Powers and Principalities of the Air. The spirit of Tobacco can allow other spirits that wish to show their forms, manifest.

I will testify to witnessing this taking place in my working many times. Though I have not called on the spirit of Tobacco to ask the spirits of the dead to show in this way for filming. I would have to say that it is highly possible and something I may experiment with in the not to distant future. However, you would have to get the permission of the spirit of Tobacco first to allow filming in this way.

I use Tobacco smoke as an offering to my Patron Deities. This may be done through lighting a cigarette or cigar and allowing it to burn down on their Altar. I sometimes may just leave a few full unlit cigarettes or cigars on their Altars. These practices I also do with those of the dead, including ancestors and relatives that have crossed over. There are times when i'm working with a Deity or the dead and they request it.

When you start to work with different spirits. You will start to realize that they have different requests, sometimes strange, when it comes to offerings.

With my Patron Deities, like for example San La Muerte and his bride. They also like a certian amount of Tobacco smoke blown over their effigies from my mouth. I do this through the use of a cigar or loose Tobacco in my pipe. I will blow the Tobacco smoke from my mouth ether 3, 7, 9 or 13 times. While saying the same amount of Salvés or Avés to them in between blows of Tobacco smoke.

Always at my outdoor collective dead shrine. I mention the indigenous Aboriginal spirits. As they are the ones that used to own the land I walk on. Which I have the greatest and highest respect for. If you are able to find out what tribe owned the land you are on helps. I did this so that I could use that name in their honour. Just to make the ceremony a little bit more personal and respectful to them. As it pays to be on good terms with the spirits that reside in and around your dwelling. So this is just another reason why Tobacco can be found on my outdoor shrine to the dead.

Another thing Tobacco smoke can be used for, is to cleanse you aura. However, I myself would rather use Eucalyptus incense or leaves from the Gumtree.

Tobacco smoke also helps with mediumship abilities and can be used in Séances.

Tobacco smoke, through the workings of San La Muerte. Can channel the fires of Mars to bring to action the shades of the dead. Also the coldness of Saturn to take life from the living.

I have used Tobacco smoke blown from my mouth to carry spells throught the wind in the direction of my intended target. Charging and empowering or putting my intent into Sigils or Talismans. Through sound vibration as the Tobacco smoke leaves my mouth to the object is also something I often use. As it helps very much with focus, to visualise the energy leaving my mouth through the Tobacco smoke into a Doll, Effigy,  Talisman,  Sigil and more.

Another thing Tobacco is used for, is dressing a candle. Also dressing cigars with moist Tobacco for Invocation and Evocation of the spirit of Tobacco.

Having said this, I thought I would finish up on a positive note.

The spirit Amiahzatan (the spirit of Tobacco) is an easly offended spirit. He mercilessly punishes those who desecrate his powers. Through the sacrilegious misuse of sacred Tobacco. He first and formost brings curses against the profane who disrespectfully abuse the leaves of Tobacco.

They are : weakness and lack of will power, addiction, often caused by cancer and other related lung and heart diseases.

Before you may not have been aware of this? However, now that the spirits have lead you to read this blog. You are now aware of this, which changes everything. So I ask you....what are you going to do about it if you are a smoker?


The Tobacco spirit "Amiahzatan" and related information. Comes from the book I own called "Liber Falxifer - The Book Of The Left Handed Reaper" by N.A.A 218.

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