Wednesday, 27 April 2016

An Experiment With The SpiriTron Audio File

Good morning readers. Firstly let me explain what the SpiriTron is, it is a crafted set of tones that produce a voice like robotic sound. It is a single audio sound file that can be downloaded onto your computer in order to conduct your very own experiments. The SpiriTron audio file was created by another I.T.C researcher by the name of Ron Ruiz where the tones are very similar to I.T.C researcher Bill O`Neil`s Mark IV program for the Spiricom funded by I.T.C researcher George W Meek.

In order to download the SpiriTron audio file so you can use it yourself for your own experiments if you wish to do so through your home computer, it can be found at this page address

The idea of Ron Ruiz SpiriTron audio file is the same as Bill O`Neil`s Mark IV for the Spiricom. That the communicators from the worlds beyond our own can manipulate the tones into voice with words and sentences for a two way conversation between them and us. Bill O`Neil`s Mark IV used 13 tones all mixed together, the 13 tones are, 131, 141, 151, 241, 272, 282, 292, 302, 415, 433, 515, 653, 701 Hz. Bill O`Neil had some good results using these tones with a voice coming through by the name of Dr Mueller. All up there was 20 hours of dialog between Bill O`Neil and Dr Mueller who was in the spirit worlds. To read more about the communication and research of Bill O`Neil, George W Meek and their conversations with Dr Mueller using the Spiricom you can find it here along with some of the recorded results If you wish to record these tones above that Bill O`Neil did in order to communicate with Dr Mueller which I have done myself. Then you will be able to find an online Tone Generator at this address

On the website to which Ron Ruiz`s SpiriTron audio file can be found for download he has suggested playing it through I.T.C research software called the Infinity Box EXP which I myself have. The Infinity Box EXP is a great piece of software that allows multiple sound/audio files to be played through it on your computer all at the same time. The Infinity Box EXP will also sweep through each of the sound files at different rates depending on the setting adjustments you have made to it. The Infinity Box EXP also has Tempo, Rate, Pitch, Reverb, Echo, Reverse and can have up to 10 sound files running on it at one time. For these that are interested in downloading the Infinity Box EXP to conduct you own I.T.C research, it can be found at this address

Alternatively to this there also is another piece of  I.T.C research software to run on your computer that has been around a lot longer than the Infinity Box EXP. The software is called EVPMaker and works in much the same way as the Infinity Box EXP. Some of the differences between the two software is that the EVPMaker will play only one sound file through it at a time compared to the Infinity Box EXP. One of the other differences is that the EVPMaker will take the sound file and mix it all up so it plays like Mumble that is non understandable. In regards to the Infinity Box EXP and the EVPMaker computer software for I.T.C research I have found the EVPMaker to have more features on it to use. With both the Infinity Box EXP and the EVPMaker you can also record your own voice to use as an audio file. However if  you where to do this which I have done before, rather than recording yourself saying words for the sound file, record the alphabet and lets say the numbers 1 to 100 for an example. Then when EVPMaker plays the sound file all mixed up there is no room for chance and if audible words and sentences came through there should be no doubt that it comes from the worlds beyond our own and is in fact communication from another intelligence. Another thing I find useful with the EVPMaker computer software is the fact that the sound file can be stopped and then started again by the touch of one button. If you wish to try some I.T.C experimentation with the EVPMaker computer software you can find the download here at this link There is also a recorded Allophone audio file there at this website that can also be downloaded and used for I.T.C research using both the EVPMaker and the Infinity Box EXP computer software. You are able to learn more about  Allophone and what it is at this website address above or just Google the word "Allophone".

So this is what I did for this I.T.C experiment. I downloaded Ron Ruiz`s SpiriTron audio file and ran it through the EVPMaker computer software. I also played around with the speed the EVPMaker made Ron Ruiz`s audio file come through at, this in itself made his audio file sound a bit more like audible voice. When I got the settings I wished with EVPMaker software (and this is something you will have to play around with a bit yourself) I then played the audio file SpiriTron through EVPMaker software. While doing this I had another piece of software running in the background on record, recording the full session. The computer software I was using for this is called Wavepad Sound Editor, this software can be found at this address Alternatively you can also use Audacity computer software which can be found at this address but I would rather use Wavepad Sound Editor, they both work well and is just my personal choice. While running the SpiriTron audio file through EVPMaker in the session I pressed the stop button to ask a question for example "Is there anyone here in the room with me right now" then let it play again. I did this for 3 questions as I did not want the recorded session to be to long due to assessing it on the Wavepad Sound Editor at the end. So once I finished the session I then went through the recording using Wavepad Sound Editor and the only thing I played around with was the noise abstraction and the pitch. I found that once I put the pitch up just a little on Wavepad Sound Editor, out of the three questions there was one that sounded like an audible voice. The question I asked was "Can anyone here in the room with me, tell me their name please" the answer I got back was "Mark".

If anyone else decides to give this I.T.C experimentation a go, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Also please let me know if you found this first blog of mine help to you as I look forward to your feedback thanks - Orion Silverstar.