Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Goddess, The God And The Divine

Good afternoon readers,

Just recently I got asked "How does the Goddess and the God fit into the Divine".

So I decided to do an article on it here at my blog, to explain it as best I can in regards to how I see it. It is my hope that this simple way that I explain it, makes some sense in a way that is clearly understood.

Another name for the Divine Godhead to me is "Limitless Light", it is the beginning of all things, the Alpha and Omega, the Eternal Flame, the Source Of All, and there is apart of this in all of us and in everything.

Picture : Divine Light

This Limitless Light we call the Divine is nether Male or Female and yet both. Just like myself as a Male, I have both Male and Female traits within, so does a Female human being have also Male traits within. After all "God" as in the Divine Limitless Light manifested us out of it`s image. In other words everything you see around you in this physical world which includes the whole universe, is a manifestation of the Divine. The spirit or true higher self that is in all of us humans and all things. Is a part of the Divine that keeps the living physical alive, for without that, all would die. The Divine made manifest which is the physical dimension is made up of four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Our Zodiac signs fall under one of these four elements, two of these elements are female traits and two are Male traits. Everything we see that is living in this physical realm is divided into both Male and Female.

Only when the pure Divine Limitless Light is itself un-manifest, is both Male and Female in one. When a Male and Female human being come together in sexual union, at the point of climax is said to be the nearest experience to the closeness of the Divine, also through this creation may come about.

There are a few dogmatic religions that say that "God" is an all Male God, they are in error. The same can be said, if a religion believes God is all female, they also are in error. We can not call the Divine Limitless Light in it`s purest form all Male or all Female, for the Divine is in perfect balance.

While we humans are here in this physical manifestation, realm, dimension or whatever you choose to call it. We should strive towards balancing out the elemental forces within us all.

When someone decides to walk the way of the Left Hand Path or the other extreme, the Right Hand Path, ether way, these humans are unbalanced. There needs to be a balance between to two, and in the Tree Of Life this is called the Middle Path or Pillar.

For many years the world has been under Male dominance and a Male God, however in recent times there has been a shift toward feminism. This is all good and well, however there is a strong worry that it might go all one way again. Then through time this could go back and forwards like a winging pendulum, humanity as a whole needs to learn equality and balance. As the Female aspect is just as much part of the Divine as is the Male. There is still a long way to go for humanity as most Churches of the Christian Religion will not except females in leadership roles.

After saying this, it brings me to my next part of this article.

A lot of these dogmatic religions will say that all other religions follow or even worship many different Gods and Goddesses, unlike them who follow the one true God. This is due to there lack of deep knowledge, understanding and ignorance. When someone may try to explain it to them they become very closed minded.

As it is hard for us human beings here in the physical realm to comprehend the Limitless Light we call the Divine Godhead. We see it in it`s both Male and Female aspects, just like this physical realm, the manifestation of the Divine called "Creation". Also in order for us to relate to the pure Divine we use objects to help us to focus on this universal force of Limitless Light. All the different Goddesses and Gods are different traits of the one Divine Godhead. Some may say that all the different Goddesses and Gods are different personalities of the one Divine Godhead. However, I do not like that description as it makes me think that the Divine Limitless Light has a personality disorder. Another way of putting it, is that all the Goddesses and Gods are different ways of seeing the one pure Divine Light, or different expressions of the one.

Picture : God, Osiris

As human beings we all see things from a different or another perspective. Not only this but different cultures used different names to explain the very same Divine Light. Earthly Christianity was no different, in regards to this, they used many names to describe the one Divine source. Some examples would be, Adoni, Shaddi El Chai, Yehova, Elohim, El and so on.

In order for us human beings to have a personal connection with the Divine Godhead, we name it, which really is a label we put on it. Then we have divided the Divine powers into Male and Female images. Then we are able to honor the Divine Limitless Light in it`s Male and Female aspect. Really it is honoring the Divine in is Male and Female manifested state as a Goddess and a God. Just like everything else is in it`s manifested state in this physical realm as Male/God and Female/Goddess.

Picture : Goddess, Isis

Say I wished to have a certain quality in my life, I would call on a certain God name or Goddess name that specialized in this quality. In reality I am calling on that aspect of the Divine as a whole to work in my life.

So it is my hope that you now can understand it a little bit more. If you have any questions and wish to ask me, please feel free to leave me a comment on Google + under the post of this article as this is where I will see your comments more easily. I will be only to happy to answer your questions on this article if I can.

Limitless Light to all.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Magickal Experiences - I T C - High Magick

Greetings Readers,

Studying and above all practicing Magick in which I am still doing and most likely will do for the rest of my life, here in this physical realm. Why? Due to the art of Magick and the studies of spiritual matters being an ongoing thing that  should take a life time. As much as I may seem to know, there is always much, much more.

Some people may think that the best time to start practicing their craft is when they have learn`t enough, if this is the case they may never get started.

 I myself have found that the best time to start it`s practice is while you are learning it. If you take what you are learning slowly and without rushing or expecting to get results right away and practicing it also, you are more likely to remember it much better.

 I find that while I read a book, if I also take notes of what sticks out the most for me, then I can read it over which helps a lot. Often what sticks out the most in books is more often than not what the spiritual beings around me wish me to know as they are showing me this. I think it is amazing how many times I have read something in a book and it connects with something else I have read before. Like it puts the pieces of the puzzle together or the penny drops, this is those spirit beings around me talking to me. I really find reading a spiritual book a great way to help spiritual beings to communicate with me.

There have been so many times where I have been reading a book, then a voice inside my head will give me more information in relation to what I am reading. Another way of knowing I am on the right path is when the book I am reading complements the last book I was reading, even if the subject is totally unrelated to it. I lot of people do a lot of reading and then think they have all the advice to give. However theory is useless if it is not also put into practice, but this takes a lot of time, discipline, effort, practice and more. With anything in life, if you put in the heard work and effort, well then you will end up getting a lot out of it.

There are people out there that think if they learn a few words from a Magickal book, great things will happen. Unfortunately for them, they have been watching to many Hollywood movies as it does not happen like that. Being a Magician is not something done by someone in a ritual every now and then, then the rest of the week it is forgotten. This type of person is a religious person and there is a lot of these types of people in this world from every religion. I myself are not a religious person but a spiritual person, which means it is a part of my life all day, every day.

To "Walk In The Spirit" means to be awake and aware of what your true higher self is saying to you all the time. This is what it means to be a Magician, it is a way of life and not just about bringing what you NEED into your life, but also inner transformation and more so. However this path is not for everyone as there are many spiritual paths but the principles are basically the same.

I will now talk about some of the experiences I have had on first deciding to take the path of the Magician.

All most right away I remember beginning to notice a big change in my environment around me. For example, my animals started to seem more relaxed where as before they would sometimes upset each other or fight. The air in my house seemed to be no where near as heavy as it was before hand. As some of my readers may know, I practice Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Well on doing an indoor session I was unable to get any results inside the house as I used to do. I believe this was due to doing a lot of Banishing rituals within the house and a good indication they where working, to well. The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is for clearing astral clutter in your environment, your aura and any negative forces around, plus unwanted walk in spirits and Earthbound spirits. Earthbound spirits are something I get a lot of due to my work with Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication and other spirit communication work I do. So due to this, the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is something I need to do on a regular basis within my home. However there is often another ritual that works well with this one and that is The Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram. This ritual clears away not only more of what the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram does, but also all spiritual forces around you including helpful Entities/spirits that maybe around from other spiritual workings done. I believe it is this later ritual that has had an effect on my indoor sessions of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, which I thought was interesting.

Now sometimes when I do a session of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, mainly the Rapid Moving Water And Direct Light Reflection Method as I call it. I do another ritual called The Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram, invoking the elemental forces of Water with the Invoking Water Pentagram. Amazingly I have had an increase of results in the Rapid Moving Water And Direct Light Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

This has been an experiment I have been working with for sometime now, incorporating High Magick into Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Most likely I am the very first to do or try this which I wish to share with you all for the first time. I also plan down the track to take it one step more in which I am exited about, however for now I will just share this.

I would like to add that if anyone decides to try what I have practiced here, it is very wise to understand all about these banishing and invoking rituals. I myself never ever practice a ritual I do not understand what it is about. I study every aspect of the ritual first, what the words within it mean, what the ritual should do, who are the deities names used and more. It is very important to do this and not just to go ahead with the ritual, also the symbols used, like for example the Pentagram Invoking/Banishing Water, know all about them. It also helps to know these rituals to heart as I do, then you can focus more on the visualizations and word vibrations which are very important to get results.

Other things I started to notice is that there is a large acceleration in my knowledge. After just a few months I was surprised at how much I had committed to memory, something I would not have been able to do on my own in the past. I also notice that things are flowing more smoother in my life and I notice and feel things I have not before. An example would be that I feel sometimes on a high without drugs, this is the only way to explain it. Like I am fully charged with lots of energy, not physical energy but an energy coming from within my spirit or true higher self, like it is alive, awake....it reminds me of "Been Filled With The Spirit".

While doing the Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram the Divine energy is called down into me. I guess you could say that it is like the descending of the "Dove" or "Holy Spirit", once this energy is inside me. Sometimes it is so great that it feels like it is almost about to overflow, this is when I release some of it through my hands into thing like, plants, sending it to people in need, giving it back to the earth itself, my animals and more. This energy can also be used in the healing of others, hands on or sending it to someone you know who needs it. I would just like to say that if you do send this Divine energy to someone you know in need, it is good to get their permission first and that is very important.

Anyway, I am going to leave this article there for now. If anyone has any questions in regards to this article, please let me know thanks. You can leave me a comment under this post at my Google + page, as this is where I will see it more easily.

It is my hope that you found this article interesting ~ Limitless Light.

© Orion Silverstar 2016.