Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Gift Of Clairescence

Greetings readers.

I have been lucky to have been given different gifts of a spiritual nature over the years. Today I will share one of those abilities with you all, some may say that this ability is not that exciting. The thing is it`s my real experience and it has not been over sensationalized in any way.

I am sure many people can relate to this experience, when there has been different smells around in their house. This type of thing happens to me often, which is very normal when working with the spirit world, it is expected to happen.

Spirits work in different ways and it`s not always the same when it comes to methods in which they communicate with us here in the physical realm. This is why I always recommend, if you are trying to communicate with those in the spirit world, don`t always use the same method. If one method does not work, that does not mean they do not wish to communicate, try another method and more than likely, spirit willing, you will have some luck.

When someone smells a strange smell and they can not find the source, it just maybe a spirit around them. Just because a spirit allows the person to pick up it`s smell does not mean that it is a negative spirit all the time. This can be one of the many ways the spirit tries to get someones attention. Just like if things move around in the house, does not mean that it is a disruptive spirit. Most of the time they just want to let the person know that they are there and wish to get their attention, they do not mean to frighten anyone.

Some of the smells I have experienced with spirits and Entities, and when I talk about Entities I am talking about beings that are not human souls, never were and never will be. They are independent spiritual beings with an intelligence and agenda of their own, an Angel is one example.

The smell of roses is a regular smell I often get from those in spirit, other common smells I experience is perfume, coffee, smoke, tobacco, incense, the smell of candles after they have just been put out. This is just some of the more common ones in my list as there is many more I could tell you.

Now for the not so pleasant smells that can come with Entities, mainly the not so friendly ones. Some of the smells I have experienced is the smell of open sewerage or burning sulphur. Other smells that maybe experienced are rotting flesh, rotting fish and many unpleasant odors like this. I have had the smell of sulphur around on many occasion, however never inside my house. I`m not talking about a smell that is brought on by an over active imagination, which can happen. I am talking about the type of smell that was so over powering that it give me a headache, dizziness and vomiting. For anyone that has truly been in the presence of one of these Entities, that is very much how it is experienced, it`s extreme.

Also, more often than not, the smell will disappear just as quickly as it came, like it was not even there to begin with. If the person is with someone else at the time, most of the time the other person will not smell what they smell as it is only them that the spirit being is trying to effect. However when experiencing something like this, it is a good idea to rule out anything natural that maybe causing the bad smell first. But when the person is with someone else and the smell is so intense that there is no way the other person could not smell it and yet they can`t smell it. This is a good indicator that what they are in fact smelling is something spiritual.

These days I do not have smells like that on my whole property due to the kind of  Angelic protection I have with me, which is important with some of the work I do with the spirit world.

Before I decide to do an Instrumental Trans-Dimensional session, what I have mentioned above is just one of the ways those in the spirit world may indicate that they wish to communicate more through the Instrumental Trans-Communication method available. This then gives me a some assurance that I am going to get some results on doing a session. I never do a session of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication just randomly, hoping to see what I get.

This concludes this writing and it is my wish that you found it interesting. If anyone has any questions or even wants to see me do a blog on a curtain subject, please let me know thanks. Rather than leaving a comment here under this blog, if you leave it under the post of this blog at Google + or if you follow me on Facebook, leave a message there, I am more likely to see it.

Limitless Light.

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