Monday, 27 June 2016

The Phone Application For I.T.C Research

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If we went back about ten years ago, the serious paranormal researcher would most likely laugh at the thought of phone applications for investigations. The phone application would not be considered a serious tool for research, but rather put in the category of a game or toy for amusements sake. About 7 years ago some phone applications with the title EMF Detector (Electromagnetic Frequency Detector) started coming on the market on Android, however these applications were considered not accurate and therefore rendered useless. Most of these applications would ether pick up signals from the phone itself or other devices within someones home.

Today, I have felt the need to write about the phone application for paranormal research or to be more direct, I.T.C (Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. With a renewed interest from the public in I.T.C there has also been an interest from application developers to produce phone applications for I.T.C research.

As time has gone on the technology of electronic devices has increased, along with this so has the application for I.T.C research. I have seen a steady flow of applications geared towards the research of I.T.C. Not just applications for the Smartphone, but also software for the computer as well.

A few years ago now I mentioned how there was most likely a big future when it came to our communication devices and I.T.C research, I still believe this to be true.

I will admit that we still have a long way to go, but the applications are improving all the time. I myself have tested out some of these applications and found while some still are useless, there are others that show promise with interesting results.

There are now applications for Ouija Board, Ghost Box, Spirit Box, Radio Sweep, EVP, EMF, Movement Detectors and more. Some of these applications use sound banks for radio files and still others use live internet radio.

Due to software/application developers collaborating with I.T.C/Paranormal researchers. These applications have started to become more and more advanced as the developers are continually looking for new idea`s.

Here is how it works going by my point of view, due to what I know through my research and experiences with I.T.C. Over the many years now spirits, Entities and other intelligence's have been known to communication through all forms of electronic devices. Not one electronic device is out of the question when it comes to those in the worlds beyond our very own.

I myself have recorded evidence of spirits calling me on my phone and even leaving messages on my answering machine. If you wish to hear these recordings please feel free to send me a message at the bottom of this article thanks. One thing you can be sure of with my articles, all of what I claim can be backed up by evidence. Always remember when reading articles of people claiming this and that, they need to be able to back up those claims and if they can not, well I don`t think I need to say any more here.

As I have been researching I.T.C for many years now and also have the added bonus of being a medium from a very early age. I know for a fact that it is not impossible for those in the worlds beyond ours to use electronics for communication and get our attention. It does not matter if it is a haunting, Ufology, I.T.C and more. So knowing and understanding this, plus having seen the results myself with my own eyes. I can now understand how the phone application and also software for I.T.C can work and play their part.

The intelligence's will communicate through the Smartphone, however use the application as a tool or channel to get their message across in a way that we humans in this physical world are able to understand. The same principle can be applied for the computer or I.T.C software. So in a way the I.T.C applications help those in the worlds beyond our own, giving them something more they can use.

Also remember that there is no limits in the world of the spirits, it is only in this physical world are there limits, nothing is impossible to them.

I hope that you have found this article interesting, please feel free to ask a question in relation to this article or leave a comment below thank you ~ (C) Orion Silverstar 2016.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Immediate Results With The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram (LBRP)

Hello readers,

If you have had a read of my other blogs you would have noticed one of them is in relation to the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram or LBRP for short. There, I try to give a good description as to what the ritual is all about and why do the ritual in the first place in a way that is hopefully easy to understand.

All of these blogs are really about my spiritual journey and what I am doing of lately in relation to this for those that maybe interested in reading it.

I hope to not only write about the highs but also the lows, any advice about what I may choose to continue to use and why, plus also what I may decide not to continue to use and why.

After starting doing the LBRP I was very surprised to get some immediate results and things taking place around me. This may be due to the fact that I am no stranger to ritual work, having a past background in Witchcraft. In Witchcraft, the calling of the quarters and the elements, plus casting of the Magick circle is very similar to the LBRP.  In fact it is believed that pioneer witch Dr. Gardner who was originally a member of The Golden Dawn borrowed the ritual from there. For those that are not familiar with Dr. Gardner, he was the founder of the Gardnerian Witchcraft tradition. As I am someone that likes structure and formality when it comes the ritual work I am more drawn towards the LBRP.

One of the changes that I noticed right away on doing the LBRP was that my environment around me was different in a good way. I remember finishing the ritual and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders so to speak. The air around me seemed lighter and the energies seems more balanced. I was not expecting anything to happen that quickly, so it was a pleasant surprise.

As a medium I often have a lot of earthbound souls around on the astral level of spheres. Sometimes they will leave behind what I call clutter or negative energies remaining in the air. This also sometimes happens when I may be doing a channeling session.

In the past I have used other means to get rid of negative charged energies in the air or to bring some balance of the energies. However I have found the LBRP to be very helpful and also powerful and protective.

I know that other people may choose to decide to use other beings than the Guardian Angels of the four cardinal directions. I would rather use the Angels, someone told me recently that the Angels evoked are really just thought forms. In some peoples case this maybe, however I do not except this in my case. In my case the Angels showed up in real on doing the evocation part of the ritual. The other day I had not even started a ritual and was setting up my altar and the four Guardian Angels showed up ready for me to get under way, I was amazed and honoured at the same time.

Also two days ago I was in the magick circle behind my altar and there was this spiritual being standing with me. This being was a lot shorter than me, about the height of my shoulder and did not have any hair. I do not remember seeing them there at the start of the ritual and it was like this being just appeared beside me. The being stayed with me right the way through the ritual till the very end and the energies I was feeling from this being was nothing but positive. The guardian Angels of the four cardinal directions are very tall Entities and often tower over me standing up very straight.

For months now my pets had been in conflict with each other through fighting. I fact one of my cats that had always been a very nice cat attacked and bit me to the point of drawing blood. Now that I have been doing the LBRP all of these issues with my animals as completely stopped just like that, all is back to normal.

One of the effects I have found in regards to doing the LBRP is that I have been having room lights not working in the house and then the next day they will work again. Also sometimes the room lights will go dim and then go bright once more, just little things like this but nothing major.

I have also added something extra to the LBRP that really does not need to be used. It is a little something borrowed from witchcraft and I guess would help to enforce protection all the more. I go around the circle once with the incense, then once with the oil, then once with the salt, sprinkling the oil and salt as I go just before I do the evocation of the Guardian Angels.

I hope that you have found this new article of mine interesting, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the article and I will respond back to you as soon as I am able to do so thanks.

Rev. Orion Silverstar (C) 2016        


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

Welcome readers,

For about two months now I have been practicing The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram (LBRP). The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is said to have many benefits once someone performs it. This ritual is often used within Ceremonial Magick and other esoteric traditions like for example, The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn or The Brotherhood Of The Rose Cross. However this ritual can also be practiced on it`s own once or twice a day, morning and or night.

There is many examples of this ritual online if you Google it. However a large amount of sites just post the ritual and lack the meaning behind it. I don`t know about you, but with me I like to know some of the meanings behind a ritual before putting it into practice. As I really can not understand why someone would want to practice something they do not understand. To me this would call into question whether the ritual would in itself have any benefits to the person performing it.

I have decided in this article, rather than explaining what benefits the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram may have going by ancient writings. I will explain the benefits and experiences I have got out of this ritual.

Some of the things I have found that makes a ritual more powerful and more likely to work is when I add my own feel to it, incorporate my own ideas into the ritual itself. Other things are visualisation skills, focus, concentration, the vibration of the spoken words, time of day and more. I have found that if I keep to the basic structure of the ritual but add in my own ideas then the ritual itself becomes more your own.

Some of the benefits I got out of The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram came almost right away which surprised me. When you start to feel or see the results, that`s when you know the ritual is working. However, like any ritual or spiritual workings it takes practice and discipline to get there. I guess if I had not already been apart of other esoteric groups over the years which had some of these methods already added into them it would take a lot more time. However I remember being part of these esoteric groups and performing rituals without anyone explaining what some of them where all about. We were some how all expected to know and to learn very quickly.

One of the things that I noticed right away after preforming The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram was the sense of a heaviness in the air being lifted. Due to being a medium and working with Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication (I.T.C). A lot of earthbound spirits in the astral realm gather around me each day. Some of these energies are not so positive or friendly as it takes all kinds. I have felt that this ritual clears a lot of these energies, if still in my house or left behind. A lot of people use sage as a method to clear away unwanted energies that are around. I would say if you are looking for something a little stronger then The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram should work well. Another thing I noticed right away is that my partner often came home from work a little on edge, now I perform this ritual things have been different. For a number of months one of my animals that had always been very affectionate had a complete change in personality. She became very aggressive towards my other animals and even biting me at times for no apparent reason that I could see. After starting The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram my beloved animal has become less stressed and aggressive. The change in my home environment has been very different and noticeable in almost all area`s for the better.

So after performing this ritual I have found it to be a very powerful and positive ritual. Some of the other benefits I have found is that it helps you learn to focus, visualise and vibrate the sound of the spoken word or words of power at the right level/frequency.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is divided into four sections as follows :

Part 1. The Qabalistic Cross

Part 2. The Construction Of The Circle

Part 3. The Invocation Of The Archangels

Part 4. The Affirmation Of The Circle

With this ritual, if you already practice the esoteric arts then please feel free to use your altar and it`s tools and also a physical circle if you have the space to set one up. If not, that is fine also and means that you will be using more visualization. I myself have an altar setup and the rest I visualize, the tools and props are really there to help you to focus, put you in the right frame of mind and set aside a place away from your daily space to do spiritual workings. As this ritual, when practiced really helps with visualization and focus, the more you can visualize the better. I sometimes use an altar knife or wand and sometimes just my pointer finger. If you are using an altar, you should have something that represents each element on the altar, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Another thing you may like to have is any deity that you feel connected with on your altar. You can have a bell on your altar, I use a bell to ring on starting a new part of the ritual. Also some good quality incense is good, sometimes I use white sage incense and other times I use Frankincense incense on the altar. Frankincense is very powerful when it comes to driving away unwanted energies and was the incense that was given to the Christ by the Three Wise Magus.

Part 1. The Qabalistic Cross

The Qabalistic Cross part of the ritual draws on part of the Lords Prayer and also of course, the Kabbalah. However the Kabbalah is not needed to be learned to achieve good results with this ritual. In any case, to learn all of the teachings of the Kabbalah would take you a lifetime of studies in itself. In the Kabbalah, however is different Hebrew words that represent divine beings. These words if pronounced right and vibrated as sound at the right level are very powerful. One of the reasons these words are so powerful is not just due to the fact they are Divine names, but also that Hebrew is a very ancient language, another powerful language is Latin. Also anyone that has studied the esoteric path should know that sound vibration can be very powerful in deed.

In this part of the ritual, what will be spoken is this :-

Thou art, the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, Forever...Amen.

Here in this ritual you will be speaking it in Hebrew, how it is pronounced within the Kabbalah. Try to find a place away from being heard if you are worried about others hearing you as it is best if you say the words out loud. If you say them in a slightly higher pitch than your normal voice, feel the words vibrate as you say them, allow the sound of your voice to travel evenly and smoothly much like if you where chanting UUUUMMMMM.

Stand facing the East, close your eyes and visualize a ball of bright light just above your head, feel it growing stronger and brighter. When you feel you are ready, see this light moving down to your third eye, touch your forehead (third eye) with your knife in your Right hand or your right pointer finger and say : Ateh

(breath in and vibrate the word on breathing out).

If you have to open your eyes to see the word to remember it, this is fine. However after practicing this ritual for awhile you should be able to remember these words. I found that the visualization came very quickly and the words took a bit more time to learn, but i was still getting good results. What was important was the way the words where vibrated and the visualization, focus.

Still facing East, as you will remain facing East through part 1. of this ritual, touch your breast area and say : Malkuth.

Feel the bright light travel down to this area of your body and then right down in a straight line into the floor. You should now be able to visualize a bright light going from the top of your head right down and through the floor near your feet.

Now touch your right shoulder and say : Ve - Geburah

Visualize a bright light at your right shoulder, just as you did before.

Now touch your left shoulder and say : Ve - Gedulah

Visualize a bright light in a straight line going from your right shoulder to your left shoulder. You should now be able to visualize a bright light going in a straight line up above your head and also below your feet. You should also see a bright light going out past your right shoulder, across to your left shoulder and out passed the left shoulder forming a glowing cross through your body.

Now put your hands together in front of you and say : Le - Olam

Hands still together, point up or point the knife up and say : Amen.

Part 2. The Construction Of The Circle

In this part of the ritual you will be drawing in all four cardinal directions the Banishing Earth Pentagram. Starting where the arrow is and then finishing at the same place, this pentagram will be drawn in the air above you. Visualize them glowing bright red in each direction and as you move from direction to direction see a ring of bright light joining all of the glowing red Earth Pentagrams together.

If you have an altar you should finish up back in front of your altar at East
then keep moving to the right and back to behind your altar.

Another thing you will be doing in this part of the ritual is the Sign Of The Enterer and the Sign Of Silence. When doing the Sign Of The Enterer you step forward with your Left foot first and thrust both your arms forward as you blow your head at the same time. Your hands should be directly inside the middle of the Red Glowing Pentagram. You vibrate out loud the Word Of Power while thrusting your arms forward. After this, you come back to a standing position and bring your left hand upto your mouth with your pointer finger pointing up, pressed against your lips in the Sign Of Silence. After this is completed you then move on to the next cardinal direction. 

Go around the left side of your altar if you have one and stand facing the East. Draw in the air the Earth Banishing Pentagram, visualize it glowing bright red. Then thrust your body forward in the Sign Of The Enterer while vibrating out loud the word : Yod - He - Vau - He. Feel the vibration of the word going through the Glowing Banishing Earth Pentagram out into the universe. Then return to a standing position and make the Sign Of Silence.

Now go to the South cardinal direction and repeat the drawing of the Earth Banishing Pentagram, The Sign Of The Enterer and vibrate out loud the word : Adonai, then the Sign Of Silence.

Now go to the West cardinal direction and repeat the drawing of the brightly glowing red Earth Banishing Pentagram, The Sign Of The Enterer, vibrate out loud the word : Eheieh, the The Sign Of Silence.

Now go to the North cardinal direction and repeat drawing in the air in front of you, the brightly glowing red Earth Banishing Pentagram, The Sign Of The Enterer and vibrate out loud the word : Agla, then do The Sign Of Silence.

Now return to the East in front of your altar, finishing the circle, all the glowing red pentagrams should be all joined up by a circle of bright light. If you are having trouble visualizing all this, it will come with time and start to become stronger and stronger. While standing there in the East you could close your eyes and try the visualize the joined circle and pentagrams in each direction. After this return to your altar via the right side, you should always leave your altar via the Left side and return via the Right side. 

Part 3. The Invocation Of The Achangels

Standing behind your altar or if you do not have one, just facing East. Stretch out your arms so that your body is in the shape of a cross, then say : 

Before me Ra-pha-el (the Raphael needs to be spoken as in a vibration).  

Behind me Ga-bra-el 

At my Right hand Mi-cha-el

At my Left hand Ur-i-el

Try to visualize these Angelic Inter-Dimensional Beings arriving at each cardinal direction as if through teleportation, see them standing there in the circle. If you see them like I do, they are very tall. I have got to the point where I can feel everything, the glowing banishing earth pentagrams, the Angelic Entities. The other day, before I even started the ritual the four Angelic Entities where there waiting for me and I had not even done the Sign Of The Enterer or Invoked them. Do not worry if you can not achieve this yet as it will come with time, I can invite beings/Entities into my house through telepathy these days.

Part 4. The Affirmation Of The Circle  

Say : Before me flames the Pentagram, within me shines the Six -Rayed Star. Say this with your eyes closed and visualize the glowing pentagrams, the Angelic beings and the six-Rayed Star shining within you.

As you get a little more experienced at The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram. Rather than using all Earth Banishing Pentagrams for each cardinal direction you can use the right Banishing Pentagram for each direction.

The Six Rayed Star which is a major study within itself :- 

I hope you have found this article helpful as I have found this ritual to be very helpful as I have explained above. Please feel free to comment below if you have a question in relation to this article thanks - (C) Orion Silverstar 2016.