Sunday, 27 August 2017

An Entities Effect On The Body And Initiation

Being in the presence of very powerful Entities will always have an effect on the physical body in one way or another, it does not matter if it is Angel or Daimon. In this writing I wish to share with you some of my own experiences, when being in the presence of these mighty spiritual beings. Some people in the fields of the esoteric, magickal community will say that these Entities are part of the mind or subconscious. From my own personal experience, and I realize everyone`s experience is different, they are beings separate from us and independent. With sometimes their own agendas, however they can influence the mind in a big way if they so wish to do so.

I remember about three years ago, I found myself in the presence of two Angels that had manifested in a room in my house. They where very tall beings and a little intimidating, only due to their size and build, which was very solid. They had what looked like some kind of armor on and one of them had a sword in their hands. They both had very red fiery eyes, is the best I can describe it and nether of them had wings, which is common in many artists pictures of Angels. These Angels where very serious Angels with serious expressions on their faces, as most Angels are that I have come in contact with.

I remember starting to get a serious headache and also a blood nose while in their presence, they spoke to me through my mind using telepathy. They told me that they would not come any closer to me, due to the effect it would have on my body. The results of this was already taking an effect just being in the same room as them. After the Angels left, my headache started to subside, however my nose bleed continued on and off through out the rest of the day. These Angels where not intending to do me any harm, it was just my bodies reaction to their strong energies, having been directly in their presence.

There have been many other times in my life that these experiences and many other different ones have taken place. However, now I will jump to some more recent experiences in which my body has taken a toll due to the physical manifestation of the Entities.

The reason I share these experiences is because the spirits working with me have asked me to do it as others may also have gone through experiences like this or something very similar. Sometimes when I hear people in the "New Age" talk about working with Angels I have to wonder. Not that I am judging someone else`s experience, don`t get me wrong. But I wonder if what they are witnessing is a thought form they have created, of what they believe the Angel to look like in their mind. Thought forms can still be very powerful and in fact I often use created thought forms myself to do different tasks. The reason I say this is because every experience I have had with these spiritual beings have been very intense.

Even just a week ago, I was performing an initiation ceremony in my home to become initiated into the current and tradition of Masseen Wytchcrafte. This ceremony involved more than one invocation of different spiritual beings relating to that spiritual current, I had to call on them by name. Though the ceremony did not call for this, I decided to make sigils for each of these spiritual beings. As this ceremony was all about initiation, there was a part in which I was to be put under a test by these Entities in which I had hopefully invoked. The whole initiation ceremony was a success. When I reached the part of the ceremony where I was to be tested, suddenly a black figure moved through the wall in my room. It was one of the blackest figures I have ever seen before, only the outside shape of the figure could be seen as everything inside of this shape was just blackness. It moved so fast and seemed like it was wearing a hooded cape of some kind, much like my own hooded cape. Then one of my main red pillar candles went out and that seemed to be it, no knocks on walls, no scratching sounds, voices or changes in temperatures or smells, things like this. So after a little bit more time of completing the ceremony and meditation, I closed down the ritual in the usual way. I thought the test was over and that was all there was to the initiation, I was wrong. Over the next few days, I experienced a deep sense of dread and depression that was lifted not long after this. I know this was also part of the initiation as after this I was told by some spirits around me that this was the case. Not only this but I did a Tarot reading for myself which brought up the Tower card along with other cards also relating to this. Also, not only this but the Tower card has a connection with the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which is my own sign.

I have now learnt that if someone has things deep down inside their subconscious that they do not wish to deal with. Well it will come up to the surface, as these spiritual beings will show you these things so that you can deal with it. Sometimes it can be very nasty, but it is all part of the process of initiation. They are not trying to punish you, but to make you stronger when you end up getting through it, and this could take sometime. They will not put you through something you are unable to work through or find a way through, even though it may seem that there is no way through it. They may push you to the point or edge, but they are your best teachers, no matter how brutal it may seem at the time.

As part of this initiation ceremony, I had to go through it unprotected, trusting solely on the spiritual beings of the spiritual current I was getting initiated into.

I hope those who read this blog find it interesting and maybe able to relate to it themselves in some way. Please feel free to leave me any questions in relation to this writing and I will answer it the best I can.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

The True Nature Of Lucifer

It is said that when the Angel Lucifer fell to the Earth a Stone fell out of his Crown which was made of Emerald. This Stone was also called the Philosophers Stone, said to be the Elixir Of Life, the Key to Immortality and Rejuvenation, plus Enlightenment and Illumination...the Imperishable Stone. The word Lucifer basically means "Light Bearer" or Light Bringer" and is connected with the Goddess, Diana and Venus, as an example. It is noted that the Gemstone connected to the great Goddess Venus just happens to be the Emerald Gemstone, the Gemstone of great Power and Pure Unconditional Love, the most powerful emotion in this dimension, that can overcome all others. As we now know that the Emerald Stone of Lucifer's Crown is related to the Great Mother Goddess, it can also be said that it is the Feminine Energy, the Great Cup and the Holy Grail of Divine Wisdom, Sophia. The Emerald Stone also was believed to be the very source of Lucifer's Power over Alchemy, which really is symbolism for Inner Spiritual Transformation.

The Goddess Venus :

In Christian belief, it is said that Lucifer fell from the Heaven`s to the Earth and became Satanael. If Lucifer and the Emerald Stone are connected to the pure Energy of the Great Goddess and all she stands for, as I have explained above, then in this way of thinking, the fall makes perfect sense.

As the Fall is in fact the manifestation of the Earth itself and this Physical Realm, in other words, Creation. It has been said that Satanael fell from Heaven like Lightening. It is interesting to note that the Ten Spheres of Creation, as described in the teachings of the Kabbalah, follow a Path in the shape of Lightening. The Christians believe that Satanael stands for the Physical, Carnal World and that he is the "God Of This World-Earth" which is Evil. Looking at things in this light, then we should see that Satanael is Not Evil, but in fact the Great Mother Earth, the Goddess, the aspect of the Divine ONE made manifest. So we could say that Lucifer is everything the Goddess Qualities stand for and Satanael is everything the Mother Earth stands for. Lucifer is the Spiritual aspect and Satanael is the Physical aspect and yet they are One and the same, the Mighty Mother. The Mother aspect of the Divine ONE is expressed with this Material Physical realm, the Father aspect of the Divine ONE is expressed with the realms beyond and yet they are both the Divine ONE. All the Gods and Goddesses of the world from all religions and cultures are also the different expressions of the Divine ONE.

The Tree Of Life : Kabbalah and the Spheres Of Manifestation, on the Path of Lightening :

This also means that the Devas - Demigods -Daemons - Demons that work under Satanael are in fact the Raw Elemental Forces, that can not be tamed, working behind the Veil of all things Material and Physical.

The Demigod Orion :

The Holy Angels are the messengers between the Father Divine and the Mother Divine, the ONE or link between, as Angel means Messenger, and yet both Angel and Daemon have many other duties and ranks, however also part of the Divine ONE.

The Archangels of the Four Cardinal Directions, The Watchtowers :

The Church has always tried to suppress all things related to that of the Goddess aspect, of the Divine ONE, putting the God aspect in a higher position. We can see this clearly in, not just the Church, but our World gone by.

However things are slowly changing, but there needs to be balance between the two, so that there is just the ONE Divine Power in both aspects, Spirit and Manifest.

So the Holy Grail is not a physical thing, but in fact the Great Goddess aspect of Divinity.

Venus : the Bright Morning Star, being blown across the water on a shell by Lucifer and Diana :

As Human Beings, in order to move forward as Spiritual Beings, we need to forget some of what we have been tort from an early age by Religion, as nothing is as it seems.

Evil and Good are words made up by Human kind, the Opposing Forces, Yin and Yang and yet when it comes to the spiritual realms, everything blends in together and works together as part of a whole. The Opposing Forces, Good and Evil are only related to the Human Condition, that of Flesh and Spirit, we are in error to put the Divine Spiritual Realms into this Humanistic way of thinking.

Yin and Yang :

You may not agree with an article I post, you don`t have to agree with all that I say. I just ask you to have an open mind and know that this information was Channeled from the Spirits around me, it was my intention to shed some Light on the subject at hand at their advice.

You will notice that I have made some words with upper case first letters throughout the sentences, I do know how to write, I intended to do it this way in order to make some words stand out more than others.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Please feel free to contact me or ask me a question in regards to this article.

Limitless Light.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Channeled Messages : Sophia Speaks


Over the years I have been able to channel many different beings in the worlds beyond.

One of these beings is called "Sophia" the word means "Wisdom". Sophia is the Earth Mother and the feminine side of the Great Divine, as the Divine God is nether just Male or Female, but equally both. It is only in this physical realm or level of consciousness, that the Divine made manifest is divided into Male and Female. These are also the Left and Right Pillars of the Kabbalah, in this physical realm we see examples of these two extremes. An example of this would be the Male dominance that has been in the world for a long time. The other side of the coin is Feminism which can very easily go two far the other way as well. The ideal way is nether to far, one or the other, instead it is a balance between the two, just like the perfect balance of the Divine being, it is the way of the Middle Pillar. So Sophia is the Feminine part of the Divine Trinity or could be represented by the symbol of the Dove or the Cup. There is a lot more to this than what I have put here and I will leave that to another blog.

I wish to introduce you to some messages given to me by Sophia, who worked as one of my guides on and off for sometime. A few years back now, Sophia even allowed me to record her voice stating that she is in fact Sophia for those that had doubted me words. I even received a photo from Sophia through the Rapid Moving Water And Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Image Of Sophia :

Message 1

Those That Are Enlightened And Those That Are Not

A Truly Enlightened Human.

A Human That Has Reached Illumination And Or Has Been Initiated Into Any Of The Paths Of Esoteric Wisdom And Knowledge.

Will Not Claim To Be An Expert, Will Not Keep The Knowledge And Wisdom They Hold Secret From Others Of Their Kind.

Will Not Use The Knowledge And Wisdom They Hold To His Or Her Advantage Over Others Of Their Kind Or Power Over Others Of Their Kind.

Will Not Be Controlled By His Or Her Own Ego. Will Not Use The Knowledge And Wisdom Just For His Or Her Own Material Gain And Wealth.

Will Share The Wisdom And Knowledge With Others Of Their Kind Who Seek To Know, Not Matter Who They Are. So They Also May Reach The Point Of Illumination.

Will Acknowledge Where Him Or Her First Received Their Knowledge And Wisdom.

For The Knowledge And Wisdom That The Enlightened And Or Initiated Human Has Received Is Not Of His Or Her Own. But Has Been Entrusted Unto Him Or Her By The Powers That Be, In The Worlds Beyond Your Physical Realm.

This Has Come About So That All People On Your Planet Have A Chance To Reach A State Of Great Awareness And Illumination.

This My Friends Is How You Can Tell The Difference Between Those That Are Enlightened And Those That Are Not.

© Orion Silverstar 2017

Message 2

Those That Judge Other Peoples Spiritual Gifts

Humans Tend To Judge That Which They Do Not Understand.

Instead Of Judging It. Why Not Ask For Help To Understand It?

If By Then You Still Do Not Understand It. Maybe You Are Not Ready To Understand It Yet?

Why Then Use Up Some Of The Time In Your Life, Judging Something You Do Not Understand And Have Not Experienced?

If You Had Experienced It? Then It Is Likely You Would Have Understood It.

Every Human Has The Opportunity To Receive Many Gifts From The Powers That Be.

But They Will Not Show You That Which You Do Not Understand.

Humans Should Not Stop Learning The Esoteric Truths. For This Is The Only Path In Which They May Evolve.

If Humans Do Not Keep An Open Mind And Listen To The Voice Of Spirit. But Instead Say To Themselves ; "I Know All There Is To Learn, In Regards To Spiritual Matters". Then They Are In Error, For It Does Not Matter Who They Are.

Use Your Time Wisely And Never Stop Learning New Things. Things In Which The Powers That Be Are Showing You, Sometimes Even Through Other Humans.

Remember, If You Do Not Understand Something Ask The Powers That Be To Help You To Understand It.

If Still You Do Not Understand. Ask The Powers That Be To Show You That Which You Are Ready To Understand.

The Worse Thing You Can Do, Is Judge And Criticize Other Fellow Human Beings Spiritual Gifts. Given To Them By The Powers That Be Themselves In Which They Have A Daily And Spiritual Commune With.

© Orion Silverstar 2017



Saturday, 15 April 2017

My Spiritual Experiences

Happy Easter to all,

I have decided to do this blog because I wish to share some of my many wonderful experiences with you all. The reason being, that some of you may have had similar experiences and can relate to this. Also there maybe something that I mention here that may help others on their own spiritual journey on the path to enlightenment. To write about all my experiences, I would need to write a book which some have suggested I should do.

One of the rituals that I do daily is the Ritual Of The Pentagram (Banishing) I find this ritual very important as it helps clear away all the negative energies in the air that may have build up from both the astral and the elemental realms. I have seen a lot of people using this ritual for the first time expecting it to work just like that. If this is your expectation, then it is not going to work for you. Like anything new, it takes lots of practicing to get there. Not only this but you should first know all about the Archangels mentioned within this ritual, the elemental forces of nature. What the Words Of Power that should be vibrated right, mean in the ritual and things like this, and this go`s for all the exercises I talk about here.

Another exercise I do daily is a exercise that balances out the energies within myself. This exercise is called The Middle Pillar Exercise. Another thing it does is change the frequencies around me in the room due to the Words Of Power I use for each of the points of The Middle Pillar Exercise. When this takes place it attracts certain spiritual beings to come around me as I go through the day because of the vibrations.

I also like to spend a lot of time in prayer and every now and then, fasting, depending on what spiritual work I may be doing at the time. 

Another ritual I do daily is the Kabbalistic Cross Ritual which clears my Aura or Sphere Of Sensation as I call it. It also helps strengthen the Sphere Of Sensation, but at the same time helps to make it more sensitive to the energy vibrations around me.

 I have tried many methods and esoteric techniques in my time and will continue to do so, as we should never stop learning. If you ever get to a point where you feel that there is nothing more to learn or you just do not wish to learn anything more spiritually. Or maybe you feel that there is nothing someone else could teach you, then you are making a big mistake and it does not matter how many years you have been studying and or practicing the spiritual disciplines.

 The methods I share with you here work or at least they work for me and very well, this is why I choose to share them with you. The spiritual things I talk about are not what I have just read out of a book, but what I practice on a regular bases. I notice some authors in which I will not mention any names, have sentences like for example, "It is written" or "It Is Believed" when talking about spiritual techniques, yet they claim to be an authority on it. This makes me wonder if they have even practiced the method and if they have, if they have ever experienced anything from it.

 These basic rituals that I practice daily help my day run a lot smoother, claimer and the results can clearly be seen.

 Another thing I love doing is meditating every day and for me the shortest meditation is around one hour. The different levels of consciousness and realities that can be reached through meditation can only be seen by me as amazing to say the least. The benefits of doing this on a daily bases are very rewarding in deed. There have been times where I have not wished to come back out of the meditation. Sometimes I go a little to deep than I should do on my own, as it is a good idea to have someone with you that knows how to bring you back if needs be. I remember when I did my first meditation and I thought to myself "I don`t feel anything at all". Then after continued go`s at doing it and trying different meditations, things started to change, firstly from within myself. I was starting to feel more claim, the negative thoughts and worries where fading away. I was feeling way more relaxed and I felt like I had, had a good sleep and was energized once more.

These days along with what I have just talked about, I am able to leave my body and look back at where I am sitting on the chair, watching it as an observer. I am also able to walk around the house and fly through the air and travel places. Sometimes while I am under meditation, I am able to think of a place and I am there, just like that. To me, I would imagine this is what it would be like for those that have just crossed over. In a way it is a lot like what these spirits would be experiencing as I myself are traveling in the astral realm.

Another ability I have learn`t through meditation, is to see around the house with my eyes shut. Now I do not even have to meditate, I just can close my eyes and see clearly, much like a photographic memory I guess. I am able to see the spiritual beings and other inter-dimensional beings with me in the house through this ability. This ability is called being able to "See In The Spirit".

About a week ago, to share with you an experience. I was in meditation and I saw two Angels around me. They where standing over me, with there hands on my head, doing something to my body. I could see them clearly and felt them with my Sphere Of Sensation. When the meditation finish, I felt like I was on top of the world and I was full of energy, recharged once more to go on with my day. It is very hard to explain this, it was like I had a heightened sense of great joy coming from within me. This same sensation has happened to me many times when doing a ceremony and I have called down the Divine energy and light into my body.

I am also able to look into a symbol, for example the alchemical symbol for Water, which is the Blue triangle pointing down. One of the triangles of the Hexagram, the other being the alchemical symbol for Fire, the Red triangle pointing up.

It is interesting, as the main Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication method I use is Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight (Fire) Reflection, Fire and Water, the two triangles that make up the Hexagram. There is another thing that I can add to this also, in Genesis of The Bible chapter one. Well, it talks about the spirit of God moving upon the Face of the water, think about that. It means that God`s spirit could be seen as a reflection on the surface of the waters. There it is right there in the first chapter of the Bible and if God`s spirit could be seen as a reflection on the surface of the water, then so could the spirits of others. I know I am getting a little off track here, but that is just a little revelation that came to me very recently from those in spirit that I wished to share with you all.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about once more, if I focus deeply on the symbol I am able to go within the element of water, using the symbol as a gateway to pass into it. Once I pass through into it, I am met with many different spiritual beings and beings from other dimensions. However, all the beings I meet have some connection with the element i`m working with. I am then able to communicate with them if it is there wish to do so.

Mind you, this is not the only way I communicate with the spirit world, as there is many.

I also do other meditations as well, for example, Chakra/Kundilini/Third Eye work.

One thing I wish to tell you about an open Third Eye which I have achieved at my Crown Chakra/Pinel Gland. The experiences I receive from an opened Third Eye are like images and pictures flashing before me within my mind, a vision. They are always out of the blue and are not related to what I may have been thinking about. They are always very clear and are of great detail, I see them much like dreams. The images and pictures are messages in symbolic form and so I analysis them much like I do with my dreams. I then write the message down in my dairy as I do with all my spiritual work and also the experiences that came through doing it.

 One thing I wish to tell you, is that you will find many video`s and lectures from those that think they know and connect the Middle Pillar Exercise points in with the Chakra points. These points are not the same and can not be put together, they are completely different systems altogether. The main Charkra points go from the base of the spine up and work with the physical bodies energy. The Middle Pillar Exercise points start from just above the head, the Divine Light (Kether), and work their way downwards to the last one near the feet (Earth/Malkuth), they work with the Astral Body.

Any questions in regards to this blog, please let me know at the bottom of this writing thank you.

Limitless Light,

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Gift Of Clairescence

Greetings readers.

I have been lucky to have been given different gifts of a spiritual nature over the years. Today I will share one of those abilities with you all, some may say that this ability is not that exciting. The thing is it`s my real experience and it has not been over sensationalized in any way.

I am sure many people can relate to this experience, when there has been different smells around in their house. This type of thing happens to me often, which is very normal when working with the spirit world, it is expected to happen.

Spirits work in different ways and it`s not always the same when it comes to methods in which they communicate with us here in the physical realm. This is why I always recommend, if you are trying to communicate with those in the spirit world, don`t always use the same method. If one method does not work, that does not mean they do not wish to communicate, try another method and more than likely, spirit willing, you will have some luck.

When someone smells a strange smell and they can not find the source, it just maybe a spirit around them. Just because a spirit allows the person to pick up it`s smell does not mean that it is a negative spirit all the time. This can be one of the many ways the spirit tries to get someones attention. Just like if things move around in the house, does not mean that it is a disruptive spirit. Most of the time they just want to let the person know that they are there and wish to get their attention, they do not mean to frighten anyone.

Some of the smells I have experienced with spirits and Entities, and when I talk about Entities I am talking about beings that are not human souls, never were and never will be. They are independent spiritual beings with an intelligence and agenda of their own, an Angel is one example.

The smell of roses is a regular smell I often get from those in spirit, other common smells I experience is perfume, coffee, smoke, tobacco, incense, the smell of candles after they have just been put out. This is just some of the more common ones in my list as there is many more I could tell you.

Now for the not so pleasant smells that can come with Entities, mainly the not so friendly ones. Some of the smells I have experienced is the smell of open sewerage or burning sulphur. Other smells that maybe experienced are rotting flesh, rotting fish and many unpleasant odors like this. I have had the smell of sulphur around on many occasion, however never inside my house. I`m not talking about a smell that is brought on by an over active imagination, which can happen. I am talking about the type of smell that was so over powering that it give me a headache, dizziness and vomiting. For anyone that has truly been in the presence of one of these Entities, that is very much how it is experienced, it`s extreme.

Also, more often than not, the smell will disappear just as quickly as it came, like it was not even there to begin with. If the person is with someone else at the time, most of the time the other person will not smell what they smell as it is only them that the spirit being is trying to effect. However when experiencing something like this, it is a good idea to rule out anything natural that maybe causing the bad smell first. But when the person is with someone else and the smell is so intense that there is no way the other person could not smell it and yet they can`t smell it. This is a good indicator that what they are in fact smelling is something spiritual.

These days I do not have smells like that on my whole property due to the kind of  Angelic protection I have with me, which is important with some of the work I do with the spirit world.

Before I decide to do an Instrumental Trans-Dimensional session, what I have mentioned above is just one of the ways those in the spirit world may indicate that they wish to communicate more through the Instrumental Trans-Communication method available. This then gives me a some assurance that I am going to get some results on doing a session. I never do a session of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication just randomly, hoping to see what I get.

This concludes this writing and it is my wish that you found it interesting. If anyone has any questions or even wants to see me do a blog on a curtain subject, please let me know thanks. Rather than leaving a comment here under this blog, if you leave it under the post of this blog at Google + or if you follow me on Facebook, leave a message there, I am more likely to see it.

Limitless Light.

© 2017, Orion Silverstar.


Sunday, 19 February 2017

CONTACT Beings From Other Dimensions

Good morning readers,

As my first writing for this year 2017, I wish to talk about beings from other dimensions and the contact I have and still have with them.

Through out history there has been many times where those from the worlds beyond have tried to make contact with us human beings. Nicola Tesla is one such example of this, as he was convinced that he was receiving messages from outer space. This was through a device he had made called the "Tesla Spirit Radio" which received many voices come through on a frequency that was not heard with the normal hearing range of humans.

Another example would be through the many different meditation techniques that are available, to meet with these beings on and astral level.

Also for hundreds of years now people from all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures and been witness to strange lights in the skies all over the world, all of these experiences can not be faked. Even the U.S explorer, Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. was witness to these craft while exploring Antarctica, on the "Operation High Jump" mission.

I believe it is a subject that should be looked into more, in the way of research and even have the backing of government funding. There is groups like S.E.T.I and M.U.F.O.N that have been setup to do a certain amount of research, however more could be done. The group S.E.T.I have been searching for signals and signs of the communication from another intelligence for as long as I can remember, with all their technology. However, other intelligence's have been and still are making contact through some different methods. Yet S.E.T.I for example does not except or in some cases, does not even know of these different, very real methods of communication.

In this writing I wish to show you one of the ways these highly advanced non-human beings have and are still making contact with me. I will also show you some of the many photo`s I have as proof, to support my claim.

In this writing, I will be talking about the direct and intelligent response from these higher beings from last weeks experience.

Last week I was inside and was doing my regular Middle Pillar Exercise, which for those that do not know what this is, in brief it is a kabbalistic meditation. Once the meditation was finished I decided to go outside and on looking up at the sky I witnessed all these different lights or orbs show. These bright dots where very high up, some moved slow and others fast, even some in formations like triangles or straight line patterns. I was amazed and went inside to get my movie camera, so I could film them and also zoom it in closer. On doing this I was again amazed, some of these objects looked like metallic craft with the sunlight shining off them very brightly. There was also other ones that looked like bright lights and also long rod shaped lights. It is often common to see lights in the sky at night, however this was in the middle of the day, 12:30pm, to be exact.

Once I had finished filming I uploaded the film file onto my computer and then went through it again getting some still shots, which is what you will see here at this blog. However, while I was doing this I noticed something that to me can only be described as strange. I thought I saw what looked like a very sudden change in the sky texture or movement, so I then went through the spot that I thought I saw this frame by Frame. Then I saw it, It was only in one frame, which means that the image was well under one second in showing and that I could have easily missed it. I looking at what I saw in front of me, the best way I can describe it was that it looked like the blue sky had opened up showing a deeper blue sky from within. There was not a cloud or chem-trail in the sky, just full blue sky. This photo I will also be showing you in this blog, even though the photo show`s that it looks white at the straight lines, really it was all pale blue.

The most interest thing about all this, was the fact that the image of the blue sky opening like a glass dome was just before the show up in the sky of these flying metallic craft, and I believe that there is a connection to do with both.

When someone makes any effort to reach higher levels of consciousness, go`s through inner transformation that is life changing, shows unconditional love outwardly, to not just friends but strangers, not just has knowledge and wisdom, but also understanding to be able to put it into practice in their life in a humble way. Then those in the worlds beyond, from other dimensions and also the worlds of the spirits, Angels and the Gods with show you many things, the veil will be opened unto you.

Here are the still shots of the objects I captured last week, in which I am talking about.

Here is the picture that I can only describe as the blue sky opening up.

Here is some photo`s I have taken of other experiences.



Sorry about the blurriness of the objects in the photo`s, these craft where moving at a fast speed, so due to the motion, the objects are blurred. 

Here is some flying craft images that I have been shown by the communicators through the use of the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Solar Light Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.




Thank you for stopping by and checking out this blog, please feel free to leave me a comment if you found it interesting.

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