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Channeled Messages : Sophia Speaks


Over the years I have been able to channel many different beings in the worlds beyond.

One of these beings is called "Sophia" the word means "Wisdom". Sophia is the Earth Mother and the feminine side of the Great Divine, as the Divine God is nether just Male or Female, but equally both. It is only in this physical realm or level of consciousness, that the Divine made manifest is divided into Male and Female. These are also the Left and Right Pillars of the Kabbalah, in this physical realm we see examples of these two extremes. An example of this would be the Male dominance that has been in the world for a long time. The other side of the coin is Feminism which can very easily go two far the other way as well. The ideal way is nether to far, one or the other, instead it is a balance between the two, just like the perfect balance of the Divine being, it is the way of the Middle Pillar. So Sophia is the Feminine part of the Divine Trinity or could be represented by the symbol of the Dove or the Cup. There is a lot more to this than what I have put here and I will leave that to another blog.

I wish to introduce you to some messages given to me by Sophia, who worked as one of my guides on and off for sometime. A few years back now, Sophia even allowed me to record her voice stating that she is in fact Sophia for those that had doubted me words. I even received a photo from Sophia through the Rapid Moving Water And Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Image Of Sophia :

Message 1

Those That Are Enlightened And Those That Are Not

A Truly Enlightened Human.

A Human That Has Reached Illumination And Or Has Been Initiated Into Any Of The Paths Of Esoteric Wisdom And Knowledge.

Will Not Claim To Be An Expert, Will Not Keep The Knowledge And Wisdom They Hold Secret From Others Of Their Kind.

Will Not Use The Knowledge And Wisdom They Hold To His Or Her Advantage Over Others Of Their Kind Or Power Over Others Of Their Kind.

Will Not Be Controlled By His Or Her Own Ego. Will Not Use The Knowledge And Wisdom Just For His Or Her Own Material Gain And Wealth.

Will Share The Wisdom And Knowledge With Others Of Their Kind Who Seek To Know, Not Matter Who They Are. So They Also May Reach The Point Of Illumination.

Will Acknowledge Where Him Or Her First Received Their Knowledge And Wisdom.

For The Knowledge And Wisdom That The Enlightened And Or Initiated Human Has Received Is Not Of His Or Her Own. But Has Been Entrusted Unto Him Or Her By The Powers That Be, In The Worlds Beyond Your Physical Realm.

This Has Come About So That All People On Your Planet Have A Chance To Reach A State Of Great Awareness And Illumination.

This My Friends Is How You Can Tell The Difference Between Those That Are Enlightened And Those That Are Not.

© Orion Silverstar 2017

Message 2

Those That Judge Other Peoples Spiritual Gifts

Humans Tend To Judge That Which They Do Not Understand.

Instead Of Judging It. Why Not Ask For Help To Understand It?

If By Then You Still Do Not Understand It. Maybe You Are Not Ready To Understand It Yet?

Why Then Use Up Some Of The Time In Your Life, Judging Something You Do Not Understand And Have Not Experienced?

If You Had Experienced It? Then It Is Likely You Would Have Understood It.

Every Human Has The Opportunity To Receive Many Gifts From The Powers That Be.

But They Will Not Show You That Which You Do Not Understand.

Humans Should Not Stop Learning The Esoteric Truths. For This Is The Only Path In Which They May Evolve.

If Humans Do Not Keep An Open Mind And Listen To The Voice Of Spirit. But Instead Say To Themselves ; "I Know All There Is To Learn, In Regards To Spiritual Matters". Then They Are In Error, For It Does Not Matter Who They Are.

Use Your Time Wisely And Never Stop Learning New Things. Things In Which The Powers That Be Are Showing You, Sometimes Even Through Other Humans.

Remember, If You Do Not Understand Something Ask The Powers That Be To Help You To Understand It.

If Still You Do Not Understand. Ask The Powers That Be To Show You That Which You Are Ready To Understand.

The Worse Thing You Can Do, Is Judge And Criticize Other Fellow Human Beings Spiritual Gifts. Given To Them By The Powers That Be Themselves In Which They Have A Daily And Spiritual Commune With.

© Orion Silverstar 2017



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