Thursday, 28 February 2019

The Boveda In More Detail


The other day I originally did this in video form for YouTube. The video was about 25 mins long explaining all about the Boveda in more detail. However, on uploading it, the video was taking forever. So in the end I decided to delete it all and to make it as a blog, which is what you see here.

The name Boveda is a latin name which means "Tomb" or Vault. It is a very sacred space where our ancestors, loved ones and spirit guides are honoured. The Boveda creates a portal, gateway between the worlds. Our ancestors use this to come through into our home to communicate with us and us with them.

Some of the ways this takes place is through the use of Divination, Meditation, just talking to them daily, going to sleep near the Boveda in order to receive dreams from them and more.

The Boveda or shrine to our ancestors, as I sometimes call it. Is one of the most important shines you could ever have. Before any other shrine or altar in the house, before any type of Magick or inviting Entites/spirits into your house is performed for what ever reason. A Boveda should be operational first and foremost in your home. This is very crucial, as our loved ones that have crossed over should be looked after before anything else. If our loved ones that have crossed are happy and looked after, then things are sure to run a lot smoother in our home.

Some of the things my ancestors do for me is, as I say, make things run more smoother. For example, they will work along side my lady, Tonantzin Of Guadalupe in calming down frustrated Earthbound spirits that enter my house. They, along with my indigenous lady, will also help those who wish to cross over properly, do so. This takes a lot of the work of me and stops a lot of Earthbound souls from pestering me. Someone recently asked me if I help any of the Earthbounds on reciving their images through I.T.C? Well, yes I do however, my spirit guides, ancestors and Deities at the Boveda do a lot of the work in this area for me now. It does not stop there, when I need time out from the spirits or sleeping, they help me here as well. This was not always the case and in fact when I first started out doing I.T.C. Word got around in the spirit world that they could use I.T.C through me to reach many. At that time a lot of spirits would not leave me alone. It was effecting my private life, relationships with others, my sleep and more. So the Boveda is very much one of the answers to this past problem.

Often on Boveda's you will find white flowers, no other colour flowers should be used, only white. However, if you look at the picture of my Boveda at the bottom of the blog, you will see that I don't have any white flowers, instead a indoor plant. On talking with my ancestors. They are more than happy to have that plant there, many loved the garden.

You will so notice in the picture that there is three glasses of water down each side in a row. These small glasses ether represent different spirit guides or different loved ones who have passed. The larger glass in the middle represents the powers that be and the water within that glass is made holy. The water within that glass is pure spring water. Where as the water in the smaller glass is tap water. Within the glass in the middle sits a crucifix. Some people put a large crucifix in the water, where as I have one hanging from a rosary in the water.

Within this tradition that I practice, a lot of Catholic symbolism can be seen at face value. However, don't be so sure, a lot of the saints that can be seen represent old Gods and Deities. You will also find that a lot of the Saints are not even recognised by the Catholic Church. They are considered Folk Saints related to different traditions of Folk Magick. If you look at the picture here, most people without the knowledge would connect Our Lady Of Guadalupe with Mary, mother of Iesus. However, in my knowledge, Our Lady Of Guadalupe is in fact Tonantzin, the Aztec Goddess. This is also why I went out of my way to find a darker skinned statue. Within the symbolism of this very statue as you see it in the picture. Can be found, the cresent Moon at her feet, the Sun radiating around her, the Stars and Constellations on her clothing. Also the image of the Womb/Vagina of the Great Goddess in the shape, this is hidden. The rosary that is to be seen here is one that I got on my trip to the Philippines just recently. It does not serve the purpose of that which you would find a Catholic using it for. In fact I have consecrated it and then charged it as a very powerful talisman. Over time this will receive a lot of healing powers from my ancestors and my indigenous lady herself. The statue of the Great Lady has also been consecrated and charged with the essence of the spirit of Tonantzin through invocation, making her a living statue.

The main glass in the middle and the smaller glasses are changed once a week or when the water go's cloudly. The larger glass to the side I change every morning to give my ancestors freash drinking water. At the front of the Boveda is another glass with a white candle. This candle should always be white, and when lit, shines the way for my ancestors. There is also another white candle in a glass at the back for my Aztec Goddess. There is also found on my Boveda a cup of coffee in which I give each morning to wake up my ancestors, which is part of tradition. At the back is another Deity of Buddha in meditation, right hand raised meaning protection.

 Also at the back of my Boveda is the ashes of one of my Dogs that crossed over last year "Skye". If you have the ashes of your pets and/or loved ones, they should also go here, plus photo's, things that had value to them while in this physical realm.

You could also say that the Boveda is like a mini cemetery in honour of your loved ones. And if your loved ones cemetery is miles away or the otherside of town, then this might be ideal for you.

Another thing I do is give my ancestors gifts. If you look at the photo you will see some beads I made. There are four sets of nine beads. 9 is the number that represents death, the Saturnian energies, my date of birth and a few of my Patron Deities, example : La Santisima Meurte, Azazel, just to name some.

I also burn Rose incense a lot because a few of my ancestors loved working in the garden and roses. It's not the only incense I burn here, but it is a main one.

In regards to the small glasses in a row. There is a few different pattens that represents different things. They give a message to your ancestors what you also would like them to do for you in symbolic form. I do not know all the pattens, but I do know that the one I have the glasses in, here in this photo means protection. As this is how I mostly place them, protection is a big deal in my house. There is another patten for the glasses where they are in the shape of an arrow pointing out or inwards im not sure. Which represents defence in the case of spiritual attack.

I also use a little bowl on the Boveda for placing money in it from time to time. After a while when it builds up, I will go and get something for ether my ancestors or Tonantzin Of Guadalupe. As once the money go's on the Boveda, it is their money, not mine.

To the right of the Boveda, towards the back is a little black bottle of perfume. Each moring on waking and before I do anything else. I will tap three times near the Boveda to let my ancestors know I am there. I will light the candles and incense. I will make them the hot coffee, I will then ask them to remove any negative energies in my aura and to clean it. To do this I take the bottle of perfume and put some in my palms and rub my hands together. I then run my hands all over my body visualizing my aura getting clensed. I then flick my fingers towards the Boveda to release the removed energy over to my ancestors and the healing Goddess of Guadalupe. I then thank them for clearing my aura before I start the day, I do this same ritual at night before turning in. Then I take some rose oil and anoint the top of the head and clothing of the Great Goddess Of Guadalupe and also my forhead/third eye as a symbol of our connection with each other. I then say a prayer to the wonderful lady. I then say one of many ancestor prayers I have in my Book Of Shadows, some very Necromantic. After this I will make breakfast and sit down and have it near the Boveda. While talking to them as I would anyone else having a meal with me. One of the most important things is to include your ancestors in your daily life as you would any friend or family member in the physical. Lastly I will do a one card Tarot reading to see what they may wish to let me know, for the day. At night is when I will do a meditation before the Boveda and often get lots of information.

So I hope this has helped explain the Boveda in a bit more detail. Please also see my other blog on this same subject for more information, thank you.

Thanks for showing an interest in my work with the spirit world and it's practices.

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Amparo With Azazel


Originally this blog was posted in two parts a few weeks apart within a Magickal online community. I have decided to post both parts of this blog in one.

The word Amparo is a Portuguese and Spanish world which means refuge or shelter.

You may or may not be aware that one of the Deities I honour and devote my time and Magick to is La Santisima Meurte, in her Nina Negra aspect, which is Santisima Meurte's black aspect.

When working with Nina Negra and due to the fact that Santisima Meurte is death herself and has power and authority over the underworld and the dead. Her energies are very potent indeed and can take a toll on you after sometime. For those who practice Necromancy as I myself do, will know what i'm talking about.

I used to practice the Hermetic Golden Dawn for many years and often used the Lesser/Greater Ritual Of The Pentagram/Hexagram (Banishing) to remove energies that stayed around to long or built up over time. The building up of energies over time happen often in places where rituals or Magick are performed on a regular bases. However, in my practices of Necromancy I found these rituals unrelated to this type of occult workings.

I tried other methods of removing this energy build up and other rituals geared towards their removal, without being satisfied in any of them. I needed a formula for dealing with the left over energies of death itself and the residue left over from working with the dead and Nina Negra.

Not that Santisima Meurte is a bad spirit to have in your life, far from it. There just needs to be a balance of energies over time, that's all. And if you are not working that much with other aspects of Santisima Meurte, this balance is well needed.

Not many people know about this when working with the bone lady for the first time. They rush right in to working with her darkside/nightside.

Other websites in relation to Santa Muerte and her nightside may talk about "The Amparo". As this is often known amongst Santisima Meurte devotee's.

However, you may have never heard of this at all. The Amparo they often talk about is a way of balancing out the energies of working with Nina Negra, as I have already mentioned. This is often done by incorporating elements of Catholicism into their workings. As is to be found in a lot of Afro-Hispanic Magickal religions, and the western tradition for that matter. Ancient Grimoires are one good example, Demonology another. The Amparo that is most likely  advised will be that of Saint Michael, on the altar with Santisima Meurte. I have read that Santisima Meurte excepts Saint Michael on the altar with her. Why Saint Michael is the choice as Amparo is due to his warrior qualities of protection.

 If you feel comfortable with incorporating Catholicism into your rituals with Santisima Meurte, by all means do so. In this blog i'm offering an alternative to this, one in which you will not find else where.

Maybe it is because after all,  Santisima Meurte does have the word "Saint" in her name. That at one point Santisima Meurte was considered as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. These days she is seen as a Folk Saint along with many others like, Saint Cyprian patron saint of Necromancy, just to name one.

I don't know about you, but I am uncomfortable with having Saint Michael on my altar in Necromantic, devotional and spell workings with Santisima Meurte. Other Folk Saints I will work with in ritual, however not those directly connected to the Christian religion.

I never could agree with the idea that Michael is a saint. In my opion Angels/Celestial beings that have been around from the beginning of time can not be labeled saints. They were never physical human beings now in spirit that done the Great Work on Earth. What gives the Church the right to label a spiritual being that does not even belong to any limitations of man made world religions.

What I have failed to see at a lot of very good Santisima Meurte websites and Magickal Orders. Is that they fail to mention that really any warrior Deity you feel comfortable with or have a direct connection to, maybe used. So if you don't feel comfortable with Azazel/Baphomet, find one you are comfortable with.

This is where Azazel comes into the picture for me.

Without going into to much detail here, I will save that for another blog. In the first book of Enoch it talks about Azazel coming to Earth to teach humans how to hunt and make weapons of protection. This to me then puts Azazel in the category of been a warrior God.

Recently I wrote a piece of writing about how Baphomet, another Deity I honour, told me of the connection the name Baphomet and Azazel have with each other. That they in fact are one and the same Deity. Baphomet showed me this in great detail, how the two names are related. Something not given to any other human on this Earth before, till now. To find out how Baphomet showed me this, please checkout my other blog about this thanks.

On top of all this, I recently was told by Santisima Meurte, Nina Negra herself that she was happy to have Baphomet placed on her altar with her. This came about after spending hours in prayer, meditation and fasting at her altar. I later found out, not long after this that Nina Negra has a deep connection with the Saturnian current as does Azazel/Zazel. This was a derect message from them, as the timing could not have been better.

So here is the Amparo with Azazel that I myself have written with their guidance :

To make an Amparo with Azazel, get two blank cards and draw the Sigil Of Azazel on each one in your own blood. Now once the blood dries put the two cards together with the Azazel sigils in blood facing inwards together. Tape the two cards together leaving an opening at the top, so that it becomes like a little pocket. Then go before your statue of Baphomet and say a prayer, Incantation and Invocation to Baphomet. I will leave it upto you as to what you may say, as your own words are often the best. However, make it related to the work you are doing. It does not have to be anything long or complicated, something simple will do. Ask Baphomet to clear away unwanted residue of the death current while working with Nina Negra.

I often chant "Salve Baphomet" over and over out loud first till I feel the presence of Baphomet come over me. While doing this, write your name on a small piece of brown paper and place it within the card pocket. Then place some of your hair, nail clippings within the card pocket. Then blow some cigarette smoke into the pocket and after swirling some rum around in your mouth, dripple a few drops into the pocket. Seal up the card pocket at the top, closing it off completely. Then splash a few drops of straight rum on the back and front of the pocket. Then put it between your hands and pray to Baphomet over it. Try to make the prayer different to the previous one.

Offer Baphomet some cigarette smoke by blowing on the Baphomet statue and spray rum from your mouth over the statue, plus leave some rum in a small glass at the statue. Place the rest of the the cigarette to burn down in front of the statue of Baphomet.

Place the pocket under your statue of Baphomet and as long as it is there, Baphomet will remove any remaining built up energies while working with Nina Negra.

Thank Baphomet for attending your ritual and other spirits that maybe present. Ask them to return to their humble abode in peace, then close the ceremony with "So Mote It Be" or "Amen".

(A lot of people think Amen is a Christian word because it is used in Christianity. However, it's origans are to be found in Egyptian prayers and the word is connected to Amun/Amen-Ra.

Keep this pocket charm so no one else can touch it. Bring it out every now and then and pray over it once more as before. This is so that it remains charged.

Ampro With Azazel - Part 2

The method here is done the same way as part 1, only this post is for those that do not have a statue of Baphomet. Another thing that is different about part 2, is that I include a prayer to Azazel. Also that you will be working with the Sigil Of Azazel, rather than the statue of Baphomet. If  you do have the statue of Baphomet, you most certainly can use this method with your statue by placing it in the center of the Sigil Of Azazel.

Now some people have questioned my motives for placing Baphomet and Azazel under one banner. The people that have done so only read this blog and not the blog where I explain how Baphomet directly showed me this and explained it to me. Some have questioned if I really have had a direct communication. I just wish to say that just because you may not have had the experiences I have and still do, does not mean what I say is not fact. Those that have followed my Facebook page over the years will know by the evidence I present. I in fact do have a very strong connection with spirits and that they have my full respect. As I am a deeply spiritual person and it impacts every part of my life.

Having said that, lets begin.

Instead of placing the pocket underneath the statue of Baphomet, it is placed upon the Sigil Of Azazel.

Instead of spraying alcohol from your mouth onto the statue, it is sprayed upon the Sigil  Of Azazel.

Instead of placing tge offerings to Azazel at the feet of the Bophomet statue, they are placed in the Azazel Sigil.

I think you now get the idea.

I would suggest that you use the Sigil Of Azazel rather than the Sigil Of Baphomet. Even though I have explained in another blog how Baphomet and Azazel are one and the same.

The reason I say this is because this ritual is called "The Amparo With Azazel" and the Sigil Of Azazel's connection with the Saturnian current and indeed La SeĊ„ora Negra.

I also will mention that both the rituals in Part 1 and Part 2 are best performed on a Saturday, in the first hour of Saturn, which will be somewhere after 12am Saturday  morning.

Ritual :

Dedicate 6 black candles to Azazel and anoint them with oil especially for Azazel.

Draw apon the ground the Sigil Of Azazel in dedicated chalk as you see in this picture in this blog. When I say dedicated chalk, I mean chalk that has been purified from all other energies and then prayed over to Azazel, plus chants to Azazel.

Everything you use has to be dedicated to the Deity/Spirit you are wishing to attract or working with. This is very important in any working, even the simplest things like a quill or a pen used to write Sigils should be set aside and only used for that Deity/Spirit invoked or evoked. Do this and you can't go wrong and the spirits will see that you are serious in your workings.

Place 6 black candles on the 6 circles of the Sigil Of Azazel. Also have one dedicated red candle placed in the middle of the Sigil Of Azazel. Light the black candles in an anticlockwise direction and then light the red candle in the middle.

This now represents your statue of Baphomet/Azazel.

The Prayer To Azazel :

Te Adoro Te Invoco Et Peto Azazel Magister Meus !!

It is you whom I adore, you whom I love, you whom I follow O Earth fallen star. Bright son of the deep. The eternal flame from the unseen fire. O Pentagrammaton. My master, my love. The inner most being of my soul !! I beseech you, O holy one, to lead me in my work and to keep me on the path that leads to your inseparable unity.

So Manseritis In Me Et Verba Mea In Vobis Mansertint Quodcumque Volueritis Petetis Et Fiet Vobis !!

And truly I want to purify myself and keep in your word.

Asparges Me Domine Hysopo Et Mundador Lavabis Me Et Super November Dealbabador Miserere Miserere Domine !!

The "Prayer To Azazel" is from the book called "Fosforos" by Johannes Nefastos. Weblink :

Except where mentioned, copyright Orion Silverstar 191 - 2019.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

My Unexplained Experience - Strange Bright Object


As those that read my blogs know. I like to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences on things esoteric and paranormal, here at my blog.

This blog is no different as it relates to an experience I had back in November 2018, over my house in Melbourne, Australia, that has still left me without answers.

It was just another night where I had finished a dedication ritual to the dead at my outdoor shrine, with offerings, prayers and thanks. I happened to look over toward the west and saw nothing that unusual. The sky was mostly clear, all but a few clouds around and there was many bright stars to be seen. On looking, I noticed one star in particular that seemed to be extra bright in the western sky. My first thought was a planet, as there was a few around at this time in the night, which was 10:30pm. I went on with what I was doing, however something told me to look once more in that same direction.  This time what I thought was a bright star or Planet was not to be seen where I last saw it. I thought maybe it just went behind a cloud and waited for my eyes to adjust, but on doing so there was no clouds to be seen there. What ever the bright light was, it now had got my full attention. So I now walked out onto my lawn in the middle of my backyard to look for the bright light in the night sky. After a little while I found it once more, to my surprise it was moving slowly towards me, getting closer and closer all the time.

I went inside quickly and grappled the nearest camera to me that I could find, my smartphone.

On going back outside, into my backyard, I half expected the object to be long gone. But no, it was almost right over the top of me and shining very bright. To the point where I thought I would have to go and get some sunglasses to wear. There was no sound or flashing lights of red and white, that are stranded on all aircraft around the world. It also seemed to be changing colour from time to time, green and then to maybe blue, it was very hard to tell due to the brightness.

So I started filming this object through my smartphone and on zooming in close, could see that at times it was the shape of squares and other times it looked like it had a bright round centre. It also seemed to me to have a misty, cloudy substance around it, I really did not know what I was looking at. Another thing I noticed was that there were sudden small bursts of light a short distance from the object around it and higher up above it. However, this could not be seen in the still shots I look that you see here.

I had ruled out planes, as I explained why above. I had ruled out a lantern, as what I was looking at did not fit that description. I had ruled out a satellite, as I’ve always been a star gazer, with an interest in Astronomy and Astrology. No, this was to low to be a satellite and was not moving all that fast above me in the night sky.

I was no stranger to seeing, even filming what I would call U.F.Os of the disk shaped and triangle shaped kind. Those familiar with my other work will recall that I have even received images of disk shaped U.F.Os. Also what would be described as Alien “Grey’s” through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication (I.T.C). To learn more about I.T.C, please see some of my other blogs on this subject.

I will now let the still shot photo’s do the rest of the talking.

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Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Boveda & Necromancy

For some time now in my career as an occultist. I have been working with the dead and practicing Necromantic Sorcery among other traditions of the occult arts.

Over the years Necromancy along with many aspects of the occult, have received a lot of negative talk. This has mainly been due to the relentless propaganda of the Church over the centuries. Which in turn has lead to peoples fear of the unknown, due to lack of understanding.

At the very basic level Necromancy is a form of communication with the dead. The word Necro means Dead and Mancy means Divination. You will find that most forms of Divination of the esoteric arts have a word ending with Mancy.

So I write this blog for those that may be interested in Necromancy, the indoor ancestry altar called a "Boveda" in my tradition. Also what it takes to be someone like me when getting involved with the dead.

One of the things I have found in regards to been successful in Necromancy. Is that you need to live and breath death. What I mean by this is, you have to involve yourself in everything you can think of in ralation to death. Read books about death, learn about Deities that are related to death. Spend lots of time at a cemetery, even sleep there over night if you can. This is a great way to overcome a fear of the dead. Because if you have a fear of lonely places, the dead and the dark. Then working with the dead and also Necromancy most likely is not the right path for you. Read also books on rituals and occult practices to do with death and Necromancy. Get a job as a caretaker at a cemetery and work at a crematorium. Bye and surround yourself with things related to death and the dead in your personal space and home. Set up an altar, put aside for the dead, learn about ancestor altars of different religions and more.

I myself have an ancestor altar that is set up to a certain tradition. That is for my loved ones from family that have crossed over. I also have an outdoor shrine that is setup for all the dead that happen to be around my house at any given time. This brings harmony and balance to my home. This outside shrine is also for a friend who crossed over. I also have another shrine for my much loved pets that have crossed over. Plus I have my main altar in my ceremonial room, dedicated to La Santisima Meurte and Azazel/Baphomet. As both these Deities are happy to work together on the same altar. It is very important to ask them first as Santisima Meurte does not like sharing her altar with many other Deities, Gods and especially not Goddesses.

Just recently Baphomet (the Sabbatic God of the Witches) told me of the connection it has with the Saturnian current/energy. I have shared this on another blog you will find here called "The Baphomet & Azazel Name Connection". It is also interesting to note for you that Saturn is connected with the death current and was also called Kronos in ancient times, which means the destroyer. It is also well known to those devoted to Santisima Meurte, as I am, that she is also connected to the Saturnian current through her Nina Negra manifestation. With is worked with on a Saturday (Saturn Day) in the hours of Saturn. One of the things that you will find on a Santisima Meurte statue is an hour glass. While this is symbolic for a few things. It is more evidence of her relationship with the God Saturn and therefore Azazel/Baphomet. As Saturn is in fact called "The Father Of Time".

There was Father Time, Mother Nature and Baby New Year. That's the trinity right there.

So I'm guessing that this is another reason why Baphomet and Santisima Meurte are happy to be working together for me.

It is always important to look after your ancestors first. If they are happy then things will flow much better on working with other spirits and in my case, the dead.

Another reason why I started working with Santisima Meurte and also Ishtar for that matter. Is because both these Deities are what is called "Gatekeepers". They work between the worlds, at the crossroads and with the underworld (the realm of the dead).

Ishtar in her manifestation as Inanna went into the underworld for a time. Santisima Meurte is Death herself and so is most fitting to the role of working with the dead. As Santisima Meurte is believed to be the one that meets those ready to cross over, to take them to the afterlife.

These Deities called "Agents", through them it makes things easier to call forth the dead and communicate or work with them. However, in order to do this, you first need to develop a friendship and connection with these Deities and this takes some time. You also have to find the right Agent/Gatekeeper Deity for you.

There are many Deities that work as Gatekeepers and may agree to being an Agent for you. Some of these Deities are, and this is a very small amount I list here. Hekate, Anubis, Santa Meurte, Papa Legba, Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, Isis, Lilith and even Jesus. As he died an enlightened human, went into the underworld for three days (realm of the dead) and then was elevated as a Deity. Any Deity that go's through the birth, death and re-birth Cycle can work with you as an Agent if you have a connection with them.

If you already have a deep interest in books relating to subjects like. Tubal Qayin (the first blacksmith), Qayin/Cain (the first tiller of the land) and the Mark Of Qayin and bloodline. Afro-Hispanic Traditional Witchcraft, Sabbatic Traditional Witchcraft, The Black Arts, The Nightside Of The Craft, Saturnian current. Death Magick, Deities Of Death, Spirits Of The Dead and Necromancy.

Chances are, Necromantic Sorcery might be something you may wish to look into. To incorporate into your Craft or spirit communication sessions if you wish.

Part 2 - Boveda (Ancestor Altar).

If you look at the picture I have shared which is my Boveda. Someone may ask as to why it has rosaries on it? The tradition of Santeria, which is a tradition of folk Magick. Often includes a lot of folk Saints. However, these folk Saints are not acknowledged by the mainstream Catholic Church. Nealy all of the folk Saints relate to other Deities connected to, for example, VooDoo, HooDoo, Ita, Umbanda and many other Magickal traditions from the Congo, Caribbean, African, South American and so forth. The rosaries I have here are not similar to that of the Church, as I have charged them as very powerful Charms that heal. The statue seen here is that of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. I especially have a darker skinned statue as she has been empowered with the spirit of Tonantzin. Tonantzin is the indigenous Aztec Goddess of Mexico which is in fact Our Lady Of Guadalupe. This is the real reason that Our Lady Of Guadalupe is the Patron Saint of South America. Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Tonantzin is a very powerful Goddess of healing and working with my ancestors.

She has been anointed with my own blood to link the spirit of Tonantzin with me. Every morning I call to my ancestors and tell them what ever I need to talk ro them about, this is very personal. Through my ancestors I always cleanse my aura here. I say some prayers and invocations to Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Tonantzin and rub rose oil on her Star Constellation coat.

It is not realy an altar to leave offerings other than burning incense, candles, as that is what the outdoor altar of the collective dead is for (see my other blog on this). At this ancestor altar, I do channeling work, spirit communication, Divinatiom such as, Tarot, Shells, Bones, Spirit Board, Crystal Ball, Magick Mirror and more.

I may do another blog on the occult symbolism with the statue of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. Also on the Aztec Goddess Tonantzin and tge symbolism of the Boveda.

Basically, this indoor Boveda is a miniature cemetery and can have things on it that you would expect to find at a cemetery. Like photo's of loved ones who have crossed. Flowers, incense, candles, religions statues of any tradition. Some people have folk Saints side by side with other Deities/spirits. Even graveyard dirt from your relatives graves can be found here. However, on doing this, one can't just take from a grave or cemetery. It has to be done in a special way and with great respect. This I will also leave to another blog in the future.

I hope that you have found this blog interesting. If you have, please share with others and also leave your comments or questions for me thanks.

At the momment, my services are not available, however maybe in the furture.

Copyright- Orion Silverstar 191 - 2019

Friday, 1 February 2019

The Baphomet & Azazel Name Connection


I wish to share with you something new in regards to Baphomet and Azazel. 

There is a lot that can be found on the internet that theorises these two spiritual beings are connected to each other. Most of these ideas go back to authors of the past and ancient history. Some of the connections link to Pan, Satyrs, The Horned God, Old Horny, The Sabbatic Goat, Satanel and so forth. The common denominator with all these spiritual beings is they all have horns. 

This is not going to be another write up on the history of Baphomet and Azazel in relation to each other. As there is many articles already written online by others on this subject. 

What I will say firstly on these two spiritual powers, is that nether of them are Satan, in the Christian understanding of these beings. As this is in fact false information from an ignorant source. 

What no one to my knowledge has done, is made a further connection to the names themselves. 

This is what I am about to do, for what I believe is the first time. This will then give more solid evidence, that leaves me no doubt. Both Azazel and Baphomet are one and the same being. 

How do I know this? Because working with Baphomet through invocation, Baphomet showed me. 

I was told, and I quote from Baphomet "Azazel And I Are One". I then did not just except this and questioned Baphomet some more, asking for a clear explanation. I said to Baphomet "Can You Show To Me That You Are One And The Same Being?". 

Baphomet told me to make up a table that had the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Then under these numbers, have the letters A,B,C,D,E,F,H,I. Then start the next line of letters under the first, and then a third line under the second. So that there is three rows of letters under the one row of numbers. 

Baphomet said that the letters of that name are 8 in total. Useing the table just metioned, I was told to take the letters of the name and to note what number fell under them. The numbers were 2,1,7,8,6,4,5,2 then add them altogether, which is 35, then add that together which comes to 8. The same number as the amount of letters in the name Baphomet. I was told that this was the number of the name. I was then told to do the same for the name Azazel, just as I did for the name Baphomet. The numbers are 1,8,1,8,5,3 which is 26, which is 8. 

I was told that this was the number for both the names. That the number 8 is what linksxthe to together, for those that want solid evidence. I was told to share this knowledge with anyone who will be the importance of this work. 

After I got this knowledge from Baphomet. I was reading an online article from someone who said that they had 35 years experience as an occultist. They were talking about the history of Baphomet and Azazel and some of the other names I mentioned above. What was very interesting to me was that tbey started their article of with tge words "While Tbere Is No Evidence To Link The Name Baphomet With The Name Azazel". 

Well now there is.

I have Baphomet for this knowledge shared with me and now the reader. 

Some of the importance this knowledge brings is to much to share in this one blog. However, I will share a little with you all. Most of us who have worked pkanetary Magick will know that Azazel is not just one of the Watchers from the "Book Of Enoch", but also a spirit of Saturn. So having this knowledge, this now places Baphomet in connection with the Saturnian current. This also places Baphomet in Binah. This now opens a whoke new doorway where Baphomet can be worked within Magick. 

I will finish up with one more thing, as the Saturnian current/energy is also connected to death and the underworld. This also now places Baphomet/Azazel in the position of a "Gatekeeper" Entity. Just like Papa Legba, Ishtar, Hecate and many others that work with the dead. 

I hope that you have found this blog interesting. Please feel free to comment and share this work thanks. 

Picture : One of my many altars. 

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