Friday, 3 August 2018

Spirit Fetish/Spirit Pot /House


Lately I have been having my whole house renovated. In the process there is a large tree, along with other plants that need to be cut down and pulled out, there is no way I can save it.

I have always had a great respect for plants and trees, as they are a living, intelligent thing. Not only this but also for the many spirits that the tree and garden home. That have a job to do in making sure all is working to plan. The Gnomes, Djinn tribes, Elementals and many other spirits of the land along with Ancestral Spirits, Satyrs and more.

Often I will pass by a tree and feel it's strong pull and energies, it's overall presence. Some of the really older trees are truly amazing. I always spent as much time around trees as I can. Sometimes I put my forhead to the tree and close my eyes. I then transfer my consciousness into the tree, to see things from the trees point of view. I find this to be a very successful practice for me and encourage the reader of this blog to try it, if you have not already done so already. It will most likely take a few times to get it right, but once mastered, it is an amazing experience.

It has been proven by science that plants react to different music in different ways and other sound vibrations. So seeing things in this light, talking to a tree or plant, chanting or word vibrations make perfect sense. I few weeks ago I told the tree that it was going to be removed. I do not mind saying that I had a tear in my eye while talking to it. I asked if I was able to have a branch, in which the tree allowed and then I gave the tree my offerings. I will talk more about this in a future blog, so watch out for that one also.

The next night after doing all this with the tree, I had a dream which involved the tree and a spirit being in which I was only able to hear and not see. The dream did not seem as positive as I would have liked it to be. This left me wondering if I had done all I could in regards to helping this tree.

So the next day I realised that the tree had very tiny seed pods and once opened showed very small and sticky seeds. I right away thought about these seeds. It came to me that the reason the seeds were sticky was so that if an insect was to land on them, they would carry the seed of the tree to another place. This would allow the seed of the tree to grow somewhere else, to form a new tree. I took a walk in my area and noticed that there was a few of these trees around, I was told by the spirits that they are all related to one another. So with that in mind I decided to take some of the seeds and plant them in some potting mix. Hopefully they will start to grow. I also decided to take some cuttings of the tree and dip the ends of the cutting in tree root hormones, to encourage root growth from the cutting which I also put in potting mix.

I still felt that there was more that I could do for this tree and this is what brings me to the Tree Fetish.

I was wondering if the spirit of the tree, as every tree has a main spirit attached to it, just like we all have a spirit guide or Holy Guardian Angel, as the Hermetic Order Of The Goldern Dawn and Crowley's Thelema call it. I can verify this as I have already gained Knowledge And Conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel, to the point where I call this Angel by the name it gave to me. I can tell you that despite what some other occultists tell you. Your Holy Guardian Angel is not part of your own self or subconscious mind, but a real outside and independent intelligence of it's own.

I was wondering if the spirit of the tree wanted to come and live inside a spirit fetish, I could make.

So I went down the street and bought a terracotta pot. Terracotta is made from the Earth and I wanted something really Earthy.

These types of spirit fetishes are very common in the Afro-American Palo religions.

Then I decided to do a Tarot reading to ask the spirit of the tree if it would like to come and live within this fetish I would make as a home for it. The answer to the reading was very positive and so I set out to make the spirits new home.

I walked around my garden, near to where the tree was, gathering different things for the spirit fetish. The first thing I collected was some of the soil from under the tree. Then on the ground, I found bark, leaves, vine, sticks from the tree itself. I also had trimmed a rose bush, as you do every year. So I took some of the stems and cut them into about 7 short sticks or what is called in Palo Mayombe, Palo Monte, simply "Palo's". The rose bush is right next to the large tree, the Palo's will be placed around the edge of the spirit fetish. Every branch, leaf, stick, soil or whatever other object collected has energies and vibrations. So on gathering all these things together to be part of the spirit fetish, it is bringing all these vibrations together in the one place. As this tree's spirit is connected with nature, most of the things collected have to be connected with nature and in the area of the tree in question. The fetish has to be a place that the spirit world want to come and live/haunt/reside in. Much like a smaller version of their original environment. 

If you have any respect for the spiritual world, you will also want to take your time making the spirit fetish. Even talk to it as you go, explain what you are doing and why? Maybe you have a poem made up for the spirit that you can recite over and over, as you go or simply chant the spirits name, if you know it's name. Make it feel welcome like you a dear friend. You need to feel that you have done the best possible that you can do. 

Some of the other things I had for this spirit fetish was a Horseshoe (Good Luck, Protection and Finance), a Stone and a Birds Nest.

In regards to the birds nest, I found it on the ground in my front yard about two weeks earlier. I believe the spirits around me provided this for me, as they knew in advance what I would use it for, even when I didn't. It just so happens that bird nests are also used in Quimdanda Witchcraft, another form of Afro-American/Congo practice and there is such a thing as "Birds Nest Magick". Birds gather a lot of things together to make their nests from around the area where you live. This was clearly to be seen in this nest. I also found some animal bones in my backyard in which I added to the Spirit Fetish (I have a Dog that likes bones). 

Once I had all these things together, I put them on the work table ready to begin making the Spirit Fetish (See Photo's).

I picked up the stone, this is going to be the heart of the Spirit Fetish. This means that the spirit is going to be invoked into the stone, attached or attracted to the stone. However, before this could happen I then did another Tarot reading to see if this spirit was happy to do this? The reading was very positive. Sometimes in the Quimbanda Witchcraft Tradition, a black Rooster or two are sacrificed and the blood to run over the heart of the Spirit Fetish, in my case the stone. This is not only an offering to the spirit, but it also draws the spirit to the Fetish. I decided to use my own blood in what is called "Blood Letting". As it is not only illegal to harm an animal in my country, I also love animals and so this is out of the question and the spirits understand this. There is other things that can be used instead of fresh animal blood. Some examples are, Cooked Pumpkin, Raw Egg White, a good quality Red Wine and Body Fluids, just to name a few. I have come to learn just how powerful blood is, as it is the life force. The spirits of the dead are drawn to it as well as other Entities. A lot of Earthbound souls wish to remember what it was like to be alive and the feeding of the life force in blood helps them to do that. But be very careful on using blood, as it also attracts negative spirits and Entities as well. If you have not already got a connection with powerful spirits that will protect you, like for example your Holy Guardian Angel, you could end up in trouble. You do not want spirits coming into your life that make your life hell and worse, give you a dose of very serious health issues. You may not detect these spirits around you, but you will forsure see their effects. This is not the type of effects you want spirits to bring into your life. 

So I covered the stone in my blood, this will connect the spirit to me, so the spirit will be able to follow me around if it so wishes to do so. When inviting a spirit to live in a Spirit Fetish, you will be able to ask the spirit to perform certain tasks and it will do it for you, as it does aready for me. This is a very personal thing between you and the spirit, however be careful what you ask for. Not only this but you need to reward the spirit when the outcome comes about and the spirit of a Fetish needs to be fed regularly, regardless as to wether it performed a task for you or not. If something can be achieved by you without the need of the spirit, this option should come first. As spirits do not like lazyness, nor do they like been used as a servant for everything. Doing this will most likely make the spirit dislike you and even maybe turn on you. Even nature spirits can turn on you and bring you a lot of problems and mischief, if you do not respent them. Also if you say that you are going to give the spirit something, like a gift then keep to your word. A sacrifice to a spirit can be anything that you have gone to some trouble it making or getting for them. Making something for the spirit is good, writing a poem for the spirit is good, bying very expensive alcohol for the spirit is good. They will know if you bye the cheap stuff, the same go's for incense. Giving them gold coins is another good idea. When it comes to the spirit world, respect!! Respect!!Respect!! It is a must. 

So as you can see in the pictures I provided. I placed a leaf down in the pot first. If you know the name of the spirit that has agreed to come and stay in/around the Spirit Fetish? Then you can write the spirits name down on what ever you are using for a base. You could also put the spirits Seal at the base if you know it or you could make a Sigil out of the spirits name if you wish. You can also write it on the bottom of the pot and even the side of the pot. 

I have put the alchemical Sigil for Earth on the side of the Spirit Fetish with purified chalk. Other meanings of this symbol just by looking at it in more detail are, the Equal Armed Cross, the 4 Elemetary Directions, The Crossroads. The circle represents infinity, as there is no starting or finishing points. 

I then put soil in the pot, followed by the Palo's and other sticks from off the tree. Then I dug a hollow in the middle and placed in this the Birds Nest with the bloodied stone inside it. I placed bits of bark around the outside of the Palo's and also threaded vine through and around the Palo's. I then placed within, the Horseshoe upside down (symbolic for goodluck, protection, prosperity raining downwards from the Gods/Deities). I then placed inside the Spirit Fetish, the animal bones.

I also placed within the Spirit Fetish a forked stick (symbolic of the Horned God - Pan/Azazel/Baphomet.

I lit some incense inside the Spirit Fetish and let it burn right down and the ash inside as an offering. I also took a mouthful of straight alcohol, swurled it around in my mouth to mix it with saliva, then sprayed it out over the Spirit Fetish and also added some crushed coffee as an offering to the spirit. The incense used was Frankincense.

The Spirit Fetish now sits inside my house in the corner of the wall (symbolic for the Crossroads and T Roads).

Remember not to fill the Spirit Fetish to full as things will be hopefully added that you may find from time to time given from the spirits, say on a walk for example, maybe you get Aports from the spirits? Also only collect things that are related to the spirit. 

Say for example you wished for an ancestry spirit to take up residency within the Spirit Fetish. You would go to a cemetery and collect graveyard soil and other things for Necromantic working. If doing this remember to leave coins at the entance to the cemetary and at the grave of the spirit you wish to connect with. I would even dig a hole at the base of the head stone and leave some of my blood there. As spirits of the deceased are able to smell our blood and follow the scent back to your house. Therefore you have created a link between you and the spirit in question. In Afro -American traditions of the craft they often use human bones and skulls of relatives. This might prove a little hard to get your hands on. I have another bot with the ashes of one of my Dog that crossed over just recently, my Dogs spirit is often here. She is connected to her Spirit Fetish and comes and gos as she wishes, she is not bound to the Fetish, nor is the spirit of the Fetish I present here. Its not like King Solomons Brass Vessel which the Entity is bound to your service, which can also be done with say, the Goetia Entities/Djinn. 

I used the Tarot to do the reading for the answer from the spirit in question. However, in Afro-Amercian traditions, coconut or small shells are used for Divination. 

This concludes the blog, thanks for taking the times to read this. If there is any questions please let me know thanks. 

Notice : Even though I mention Afro-American and Congo traditions. This Spirit Fetish is in no way the same as a Congo Spirit Nganga, which needs a special ceremony and preparation.

C - OrionSilverstar191 - 2018.