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The Sigil Of Zuan Kong


Firstly, those who are in the Magickal community may have seen the Sigil Of Saturn. Then been told by misinformed "Occultist" that the same Sigil is the Sigil Of Azazel. This alone is enough to leave those new on the Magickal path confused. Also to make matters worse they will find many "Occult" websites claiming that the Entity Azazel and the spirit of Saturn Zazel are one and the same. You have to be careful because there is so much misinformation out there. To the point that I wonder if it is not intended at times, to trip up the would be Magi, just as some Grimoires do. So that only those in the know and have the true knowledge will have the results they are after. At other times, I read articles online by claimed "Occultists" and think to myself. They are recycling the very same misleading information, others before them have. This makes me wonder, because any true and serious Occultist, I hope would do very deep research into the subject they are talking or writing about.

Let me tell you that the planetary Sigil Of Saturn, is not the Sigil Of Azazel or Zazel. Which, just because these Spirits have similar names, they are completely different Spirits altogether. Azazel is not under the ruler Saturn. Zazel yes, but Azazel no.

These days you can even find jewelry relating to Azazel with the planetary Sigil Of Saturn on it. This is completely wrong and if you are wearing it, you are in error.

The planetary Sigil Of Saturn will sometimes have the words Agiel and Zazel around it. This is because Agiel is the intelligence of Saturn. What do the CIA do, they gather intelligence/information. Just as the CIA, Agiel works for the Governing power Saturn. Sending information back and forwards like any messenger (the word Angel means messenger). So Agiel is the Angel of Saturn. Do not get me wrong, this is not the only role this Angel has, there are many. Just as there are many Spirits and Entities that are under or connected to the Saturnian current/energies. The other spiritual being mentioned here is Zazel. Zazel is a Demigod/Daimon/Daemon (not Demon) under Saturn.

This information can be found in Cornelius Agrippa's "Three Books Of Occult Philosophy" in which I myself have a copy. Along with Frances Barrett's "The Magus".

The planetary Sigil Of Saturn, the Sigil Of Zazel and the Sigil Of Agiel are drawn using the Kamea (Magick Square). Each of the 7 main planets of the 7 days of the week, have a planetary Sigil and a Kamea. The Kamea of Saturn has 9 squares, 3 down and three across. The number of Saturn is 3. The number 3 squared is 9, my birth date and the number of squares on the Kamea. Add the numbers together from 1 to 9 and we have 45. Then divide 45 with Saturn's planetary number 3 which is 15. Each row of three numbers on the Kamea Of Saturn, up or down, equals 15. The number of days for the Moon to Wane or Wax is 15.

There is a lot more in regards to what Western Magick calls the Kamea Of Saturn. If you are interested in more information on the Kamea Of Saturn and of the other 7 main planets. I suggest that you do your own reseach into this. As it is not my intention to go through all that here in this blog.

As I work with the Entity Azazel, I was informed of the confusion that was caused in connecting "him" with Saturn. This happened a long time ago, this was due to Saturn been the ruling planet of  Zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorn is represented as a Goat. It also happens that Azazel is connected with the Goat symbolism in the Christian Bible in relation to an ancient Jewish ritual. However, as I say Azazel has nothing to do with Saturn or Zazel.

In all the articles from Magicians online that I have read over the years. I don't think I have found one, from a western perspective, that touches on what im about to mention next. This is in fact a key to the origin of the Sigil Of Saturn and Kamea Of Saturn.

In Chinese Feng Shui, this very same Kamea Of Saturn can be found under the name of The Luo Shu Square/Grid. It is not only used to draw up the very same planetary Sigil Of Saturn, under the name of the Zuan Kong Sigil. In this Chinese tradition the Kamea is also called The Symbol Of The 9 Chinese Gods and the Sigil, Flying Star. But it also is used to draw up many Sigils including the ancient Hindu symbol used by the Nazi's. One of its other uses is to map out where to place your furniture in your house for better energy flow. In fact you can even make your own personal Sigil out of the Zuan Kong Sigil.

However, I might add. The only difference between the planetary Sigil Of Saturn and the Zuan Kong Sigil, is that it is all connected by one continuous unbroken line. The spirits have informed me that this is its most original form. That the planetary Sigil Of Saturn version is a corruption. Now when ever I draw up the planetary Sigil Of Saturn, I do it with a continuous unbroken line.

I'm not going to go into all the uses of the Zuan Kong Sigil here in this blog, as it is a study in itself. But I suggest that if you want more information relating to the planetary Sigil Of Saturn. Studying, researching and incorporating this Chinese connection, will open up much more doorways into the workings of the Saturnian current of the Esoteric.

The symbol of The 9 Chinese Gods can also be used to form other Sigils and symbols, all of which are related to each other. For example : the Swastika, the Equal Armed Cross/Christian Crucifix  (symbol of the Sun, as is the Swastika and in which Saturn represents also the Sun, see my other blog), Ancient Egyptian Symbol Of Baptism, Star Of Ishtar, Chaos Magick Symbol and much more.

In the words of John Lennon in one of the Beatles songs : Number 9.....Number 9.......Number 9. 

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