Sunday, 24 June 2018

Cthulhu Might Be Real, Say’s Science


Firstly I will explain what Cthulhu is for those that may not know. Cthulhu is an Entity created by writer H.P Lovecraft. Cthulhu was first mentioned in Lovecraft’s short story called “The Call Of Cthulhu” published in an American magazine “Weird Tales” in 1928. Considered as one of the Great Old Ones of Lovecraft’s Entities. He deplicts Cthulhu as a gigantic Entity worshipped by many occultist. 

H.P Lovecraft’s description of Cthulhu is a creature of anthropoid outline. With an octopus type head with giant tentacles for a face and mouth. With a scaly, rubbery type body, large long claws on hind and forefeet, also featured with narrow wings on his back. Cthulhu’s appearance clearly is that of part octopus, part dragon and part human. Cthulhu stands hundreds of  metres tall and has web like arms and legs. So Cthulhu is an Entity that seems to have cross-breed qualities, with that of an octopus, draconian and human connections. 

Also in the writings of H.P Lovecraft is the mention of the ancient Grimoire called the Necronomicon , in which I have a copy. 

In an article a few weeks back, scientists are claiming that octopuses might have originated from out of space. At least 33 scientists from around the world have contributed to a scientific journal, that proposes that the eight limbed octopus arrived here on earth, from a fertilised egg, from a comet. Another theory the scientists put forward, was that the octopus evolved from squids after the introduction of Alien D.N.A. The scientists said that due to the remarkable intelligence and evolution that became the octopus some 270 million years ago, it defies what we know, that evolution was a slow and gradually process. Scientists say that the genes that are responsible for these rapid changes do not have appeared to have come from their ancestors. The common genes that are found in cuttlefish, the squid and the octopus, are not easy to be found in any pre-existing life form on earth. 

This means that scientists are saying that these most fascinating creatures came from out of space, just like Cthulhu.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Law Of Silence


For sometime now I have seen those that are new to the Craft Of The Wise and Esoteric practices in general. Often posting photo’s and a full explanations about the rituals and spells they are doing, while they are doing them.

This is not a very good idea and is a sure way to set yourself up to fail in the work you are doing. I realise that it is very tempting to wish to show everyone what it is that you are doing. However, once you show others....those that will see your posts will have their own thoughts on what you are doing, which is normal. But thoughts are very powerful, and the thoughts of others, no matter how good intentioned, most likely will interfere with your ritual workings. It does not matter if you know them or not or how far away they are.

So my advice is, if you are in the middle of a ritual working or you have just done a working. Don’t post how it was done, performed, till you first get the results. Once you have got the results and the ritual working  has worked in your favour. Then and only then, should you post all about the ritual working you have performed. If the ritual working did not work out for you, then do not post about the working at all.

I feel it is fine to post about the formula, structure, steps, outlines of the ritual at hand. As this can be not only helpful to others, but also give others some interesting ideas for their own ritual practices.

What I am talking about here that should be avoided, is the actual Magickal work or spell work within the framework of the ritual. That should not be talked about till it comes into manifestation.

Here is some words on this from author Robin Artisson, from his Tradition Witchcraft Grimoire called “The Horn Of Evenwood” in which I have a copy.

“Do not ever speak of your workings till they come to pass. After they have worked, do not speak to another soul, about what you have done, unless that person was directly involved and even then, it is good not to speak of it with them over-much, if at all. If what you have worked for does manifest, you may speak of your deeds. If it does not come to pass, you can never speak of it. Ether the witchy methods you used or the simple fact that you etempted to do anything at all, utilising Witchcraft. If you break The Law Of Silence, you risk the abilities to ever work witcheries again. If you keep this law, then your power will grow steadily” (Robin Artisson - The Horn Of Evenwood, Pendraig Publishing, 2007).

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Flying Dreams - Learn More About Yourself Through Dreams


I decided to write this blog because I am sure that I am not the only one that has experienced this. That many can also relate to what I have to say here on dream states.

For some months now I have been having recurring dream. All of these dreams involve me flying through the air and each time it is a slightly different event taking place. I have had flying dreams before, however these ones are different in that they are recurring, as I have already said. I have been told that whenever we have recurring dreams, we should take notice.

When I first started having these ongoing dreams, I would be just flying through the air. All the dreams are very detailed in every way. I would see many houses and buildings below and also people and trees in all their colours.

In the next dream I realised that I was aware. In that I could take control of my dream and fly where I wished to go. So I decided to fly up past the clouds, as far and as high as I could go. I soon realised that there was in fact no limit as to where I could fly and all I had to do was think about it and I was there.

This is how things work in the world of dreams, the astral and the spiritual world, just think about a place and you are there. When it comes down to Angelic beings and other Entities, they just have to think of a place and it will take them there. Thoughts is the way they communicate also, telepathically.

Then I had another dream where I could see a lot of sick people, in pain and crying out for help. So I flew over the houses and buildings to these people and just touched them, one after another and they where healed from their illness.

I remember all these dreams in great detail, without the need to write them down in my dream journal, in which I have. I encourage everyone to have a dream journal by their bed if they do not yet have one.

There was this little boy, who it seemed was possessed with a spirit that was tormenting him. So I few down into his house and just simply touched him on the head and he was free of this spirit and totally healed. The look on this little boys face after I had done this is still very clear in my mind, he was so happy and relieved.

I was enjoying these dreams and to me, I saw them as being very positive.

Then the next dream I had in relation to all this became a little darker. There I was standing on the ground, the sky had changed to very dark clouds. I had a feeling of some spiritual beings coming towards me, they were way more powerful and supreme to me. I felt, as they drew nearer and nearer, they were not happy with me at all. I also felt right away, that the reason for this was due to all the healing that I had done. It seemed that I was not meant to have done this, why? I do not know. So just by thinking of flying, I was in the air once more, doing just that...flying. However, this time I was looking for a place to hide I knew that if they captured me, things would not be good for me at all. So I flew up into one of the tallest trees, and waited there, hidden within the leaves on the tree. I could see these very tall beings with giant wings, walking around below, looking for me. Some few past the tree I was in, however they could not see me at all.

The next dream I had, I was standing on the ground. No matter how much I tried to lift off the ground to fly, I just could not do it. This went on for a while and I was getting very frustrated at this point,  with very passing minute. Then finally in what seemed like a few hours, I did it, I lifted off the ground. A little at first and then I got better and better, it was like starting all over again in learning how to do this. I had to use a lot of thought and concentration to do so.

In the next dream experience, I was flying very fast through the air. I was joined by other flying beings and yet I could not really see what they looked like, I could just sense that they were there with me. They were not after me, but in combat on my side. We were flying after these other spiritual beings through the air to capture them. I saw one of them and flew down on top of it. This being looked human and yet had very large wings. It was like we where at against them. I only hope that I was on the good side, this was not made aware to me. Also, it never came into my mind, to take the time and see what myself looked like.

These are the only dreams that I have had recently, that have ran one after another, over a time frame of a few weeks. Sometimes while in the dreams, it seemed like I was there for a very short time and yet on waking, I had been dreaming most likely for one hour or so. Still other times it seemed like I was there for a long time, yet on waking it was not much time at all.

 This right away reminded me of the UFO cases of missing time, told by those who claim to have been abducted. I also have had UFO experiences, in fact I have a case file with MUFON, but this I will save for another blog.

It also reminded me of NDE cases, where the person claims to be gone for hours and yet, it was under a minute that they stopped breathing.

I really wanted to know what these dreams meant and why I was given so many of them in a row and for a short period of time. So I asked to speak to the spirits that are around me and those that I work with, what it was all about for me? They told me that while our physical minds forget things, our subconscious minds remember everything in great detail. That it is through our subconscious minds, our dreams come from.

Also on an interesting note, it is said that water is connected to the subconscious mind. Dr. Emoto did intensive research into water. That it reacts differently, to different thoughts of people. He also made note that water acts differently to sounds. Also that water is the biggest natural computer on Earth, in that it records everything from the beginning of time, that it comes in contact with. I will go more deeply into this in another blog. So in a way, Water and the subconscious are truly connected. The subconscious is likened to a sea of information, just waiting to be accessed or tapped into. The Element of Water has always been related to the subconscious. Our physical bodies are made up of mostly water.

So if you wish to work with your dreams. Work with the Element of Water and the spiritual beings connected to this, on a Monday and in the hour of the Moon.

I myself have done some research into dreams enough to know that, a lot of what we get coming through is to be taken in symbolic form. Like for example: If we see water in our dreams, that it might mean that we have a lot of emotional things going on at the time that needs to be worked on. Also those in the spirit world often use our dreams to communicate with us, as they find it easier to do so. It can be a familiar spirit, Guardian Angel, loved ones that have crossed over, even dark spiritual forces if we are under attack. It is my understanding that when we remember our dreams in great detail, to the point were we think we are awake, this is connected to Lucid Dreaming and a part of this experience. However, it is not fully Lucid Dreaming in itself, as Lucid Dreaming covers many different experiences.

Our subconscious minds often interpret things in symbolic form, as this is the language of the subconscious mind. This is why Sigils and Talismans work on the subconscious mind. Also this is why advertising uses symbols, because they wish to influence your subconscious mind, with their products as a form of  brain washing, and manipulation of the human behaviour.

Anyway back to what we wh22ere talking dreams.

Through deep meditation the spirits I work with told me other things in relation to my dreams I had.

They told me that not only does our subconscious minds remember everything. But this also includes before coming into this physical world. This is why, through hypnosis it is our subconscious minds that are tapped into and brought to the surface. They told me that this information is available to every human being here on Earth and that we have just forgotten. That we can gain access to this  information, even if we just have a little piece of it. How this is done is by remembering that small piece of information through our waking consciousness. Continuing to being it into our minds through the day, in our meditations and just before we go to sleep.Then we will be given more information and it is down to us to put the pieces together. This can only be done through deep meditations and consultations with those spirits we generally work with in our daily lives. Remember, if a dream is very strong and vivid and is ongoing from where the other left off, it is certainly something to take notice. A lot of people these days dismiss their dreams as nothing. However, every experience we have is for a reason and the dream world is another level of consciousness and is just as real as the waking state of consciousness.

In ending this blog, I have been told by the spiritual forces  I work with. That I did not have a fleshly body before coming to this realm. That I was a spirit, we all are spirits in a physical clay body while in this realm. But what they are saying is that I was an Angelic being and that I have just forgotten why I came here to this physical realm to have this experience. They told me that I was one of the “Watchers” and that I chose this through the choices I made.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Volcanic Rock Pendant


I went for a walk the other day to my favourite spot, which is the wetlands, three kilometres from my home.

This place is so peaceful and not many people go there during the day, and at midnight nobody.

I live in suburbia, so it is great to have a place like this so close.

It is the home of lots of different types of water birds, frogs, snakes, crows, lizards and many other animals. The wetlands used to be a sacred place for indigenous people. Till the time of the early settlers from Europe came and used the land for grazing cattle and as a sheep station. The early settlers found that it was an ideal place for their live stock, due to its water and rich plant life along the wetlands to feed them. So as you can imagine, this is a very special place to me, mainly because of its indigenous cultures, rather than the European settlement. To me, the indigenous people of the land are the real hero’s, which sadly not much history can be found on them in this area, other than it was once their tribal land. As well as wetlands, ponds, lakes, there is lots of very old tall Gun tree’s, river Gum. To me, on finding a place like this, it is always good to learn what I can about the history, this helps me to connect with the land a little bit better.

I often go to the wetlands, to meditate, contemplate, talk with the spirits of the land, ancestral spirits and other spiritual creatures. I also recharge my energy by absorbing the energies of the trees into my body and Sphere Of Sensation. In return I give an offering of milk and bread as a thank you. As I have come to learn over the years, that if you take something from the environment, you should give something back in return.

Anyway, before I set off on my walk on this accusation. I asked the spirits that are around me, if they could find me something of the land, that I could use that was very powerful.

I had only walked about one kilometre and saw a black coloured stone on the ground, it seemed to glitter in the sun. I knew right away that this was the spirits gift to me. I picked it up and took a closer look at it. I noticed that it had very small crystals within it, that sparkled as I moved it in my hands. With that, right away the spirits told me that what I was in fact holding, was a peice of Volcanic rock from maybe thousands of years ago, from this place. I was over the moon so to speak and very thankful.

I decided to make it into a pendant. I put wire around the rock and attached string to it. I am however, thinking of changing it to copper wire around it. As copper is a good conductor of energies. Sometimes wands made in the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn tradition have wire through them for this some reason. I am also thinking of replacing the string for leather strap. However this will do for now.

Here is a picture of my Volcanic rock pendant.

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