Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Law Of Silence


For sometime now I have seen those that are new to the Craft Of The Wise and Esoteric practices in general. Often posting photo’s and a full explanations about the rituals and spells they are doing, while they are doing them.

This is not a very good idea and is a sure way to set yourself up to fail in the work you are doing. I realise that it is very tempting to wish to show everyone what it is that you are doing. However, once you show others....those that will see your posts will have their own thoughts on what you are doing, which is normal. But thoughts are very powerful, and the thoughts of others, no matter how good intentioned, most likely will interfere with your ritual workings. It does not matter if you know them or not or how far away they are.

So my advice is, if you are in the middle of a ritual working or you have just done a working. Don’t post how it was done, performed, till you first get the results. Once you have got the results and the ritual working  has worked in your favour. Then and only then, should you post all about the ritual working you have performed. If the ritual working did not work out for you, then do not post about the working at all.

I feel it is fine to post about the formula, structure, steps, outlines of the ritual at hand. As this can be not only helpful to others, but also give others some interesting ideas for their own ritual practices.

What I am talking about here that should be avoided, is the actual Magickal work or spell work within the framework of the ritual. That should not be talked about till it comes into manifestation.

Here is some words on this from author Robin Artisson, from his Tradition Witchcraft Grimoire called “The Horn Of Evenwood” in which I have a copy.

“Do not ever speak of your workings till they come to pass. After they have worked, do not speak to another soul, about what you have done, unless that person was directly involved and even then, it is good not to speak of it with them over-much, if at all. If what you have worked for does manifest, you may speak of your deeds. If it does not come to pass, you can never speak of it. Ether the witchy methods you used or the simple fact that you etempted to do anything at all, utilising Witchcraft. If you break The Law Of Silence, you risk the abilities to ever work witcheries again. If you keep this law, then your power will grow steadily” (Robin Artisson - The Horn Of Evenwood, Pendraig Publishing, 2007).

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