Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Power Of Prayer

Greetings readers,

I have found that it does not really matter what religion you belong with or what your belief system. When it comes down to praying, you have to first believe that it works without a shadow of doubt in your mind. After you have said a prayer you then have to believe that it has already taken place and that the wheels are set in motion so to speak.

Visualization has a lot to do with prayer, seeing in your minds eye the outcome coming about and starting to work even before it has done so. This is why some people use candles, rituals and more, as there is really no power in these things in themselves, but rather a way to help someone to focus on their mystical workings and prayers.

Spells work in the same way when someone uses chants or affirmations, it helps them to focus and puts them in the right frame of mind to bring about the desired results.

When it really comes down to it, you do not need things like candles, rituals, chants, drumming, church buildings and more. Just positive thinking, concentration, focus and good visualization skills, however all these skills require a lot of practice in themselves. 

You have to believe in what you asked for, that it has already been heard, put in motion and has already taken place, then hold onto this thought. If you are going to practice something spiritual, then you have to first believe in it. It is pointless practicing something that you do not really believe in, if you believe in something then you must believe it will work. It`s like someone chanting a lot of magickal words they do not understand and don`t know the meanings to them. Doing things this way is a sure sign of failure, as much research needs to be done into the meanings of the words used. 

After practicing your prayer you may have to keep going through it each day, if this is the case try to keep it to the same time of the day each day if possible. Also don`t sit back and wait for it to happen, as more often than not it will not work for you this way. You must go out and place yourself in a position where what you have asked, will most likely become manifest. 

As to what results you get also depend largely on what it is that you have asked for. Also the motives behind what you have asked for in your prayer play a big role in your results as well. 

Prayer. spells or what ever method works best for you should always be based on what you need for your life and not so much what you want. As the powers that be mostly give you what you need in your life not what you want. It also helps to be spot on in regards to what you ask for as it may not come in the way you expected it to do so. An example would be if you where asking for some money to come your way to help with finances. This would be a need rather than a want, but then two weeks later a family member dies suddenly and unexpectedly and you are left with some money they had in their will for you. This person may not have had to pass on if you had been a bit more clear in your request.

So when praying for something and things like this it is very important to be careful as it could fall under the title of black Magick even if it was not intended to be such. 

So before going onto powerful prayer with great results, practicing and mastering meditation, visualization, focusing, concentration, bringing your thoughts under control, strengthening your mind should all be learnt first through different methods and exercises. Here within my articles I talk a little bit about the Magick Mirror, this is a good way to focus and hold that focus, looking into the flame of a candle for a certain time is another good method. 

Positive thinking is another thing that must be worked on, don`t look down on yourself if sometimes you are not always positive as we are human and life has it`s stresses. Sometimes our very own thoughts will work against us and can be the very reason for some of the not so good things happening in our lives. 

Sometimes in prayer or meditation it is so easy to loose focus, then let our thoughts of other things start to take a hold. These very things can be a real distraction, also can stop your prayers from giving you the results you wish for. When doing this prayer work it is important to write down how you where feeling at the time, if there was any distractions, the nature of the prayer...example : what you asked in the prayer, the date, time, phase of the moon and more. The reason for this is so you can look back and try and work out what happened if the spiritual work did not show results, or if it did show results. This way you should be able to see a pattern of what works and what does not, this all helps you to be able to fine tune and master this practice.

I would also like to add that when doing prayer or spell workings, a lot of emotions need to be put into it, plus feelings. This will also help to raise up the energies and the vibrations around you at the time which makes it all the more powerful. 

I sometimes like to take a ritual bath to clear my aura from what ever it has picked up from day to day. I then find a place where there is no distraction, as location is also very important, sometimes I may fast and sometimes not as this also puts me in the right mind set. 

I do not know if any of you have read the book "The Secret" ? It  is a very good book and I found it most helpful with claiming my personal power. 

So take charge of yourself today and make Magick happen, as once you have mastered what I have mentioned above, it is the foundation for all esoteric workings to get great results.

Thanks for reading this article of mine, if you have any questions in regards to this please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom thanks - (C) Orion Silverstar 2016. 



Monday, 23 May 2016

Symmetry And Rapid Moving Water/Direct Sunlight Reflection I.T.C

Welcome readers,

Over the years now while working with the Rapid Moving Water & Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. I have received many images that have come through as half faces or distorted faces. I have my reasons as to why this is and also may have the solution to change this, however at this point in time I do not have the funding to achieve this.

Sometime ago I was introduced to a software program that makes images and objects Symmetric and for those that do not know much about Symmetric`s, it is creating the mirror image of an object.

 So now for the first time I was able to take the many half faces I have and turn them into full faces creating the exact same half face on the otherside of the face.

There have been many others that have used the Symmetric Software before me to bring about mirror images with tree`s, plants, objects, you name it. Most of these creations have made for some wonderful works of art and that is what I believe they have achieved, works of art.

However I believe that I was the first to use Symmetric Software combined with the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, with some very interesting results.

Through the use of the Symmetric Software I came to realize that not all the half faces that came through in the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication could be transformed into full faces. Some of the images and half faces that had come through where on an angle or not looking directly straight ahead. If I was to use the Symmetric Software on these types of faces then the whole face would be out of proportion to how it was really meant to be. Then this would give an unrealistic image of how the communicators were trying to show through. I had to be very careful as to not allow this type of thing to take place and often if I was to publish a photo of this nature, I would post the original half face along with the Symmetric version.

They the communicators would often tell me that it was not a fault on their count, for the half faces and distorted faces that came through. But it was in fact a problem at our end and that they were projecting a perfect image each time. That it was not by chance or a random event, but a deliberate act of communication to us on their part.

The below photo`s are an example of the original half face that came through from the communicators and the Symmetric photo version. This image I was told is a Totem of one of the Solar Entities, if you look closely at the image you will see down the bottom on both sides what looks like symbolic rays from the sun which also confirm this.

The next photo`s I wish to show below are of an original photo that came through from the communicators and also the Symmetric photo. Once the image was put together through Symmetric Software again something very interesting can be seen here. 

If you look closely at the image you can see an image of a figure with their arms and legs out stretched. This reminds me of the "The Vitruvian Man" which is a famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci made in 1940 which I have also featured in the below photo`s. It maybe interesting to know that Leonardo`s drawing was reflecting the use of proportions and Symmetry of the human body as a symbol of perfection and harmony. Leonardo`s drawing of course means a lot more than just this and in order to learn more it would help to do more research into this subject which is not what this article is all about.  

Also if you study this Symmetric Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication image of mine you will see that instead of a human with his arms and legs stretched out, there is in fact another Entity or Alien type being in place of the human. Also the over all photo seems to show a man with a full long beard and his Third Eye/Pineal Gland is marked very clearly. Also can be seen is that this long bearded man is holding his hands up to his forehead as if focusing or visualizing on something. The symbolism here is not by chance as nothing ever is by chance and everything has a reason. The communicators are communicating a message to us here through symbolism and imagery in a hope that we may understand it`s meaning. We as the human race have to become connected or plugged in to the universal energy that is all around us, we must become part of it as much as it part of us. The Pineal Glad has sometimes been called "The Seat Of God" as it is at this point were Telepathic communication takes place between us and these higher powers that be.

The photo below is of Leonardo Da Vinci`s drawing "The Vitruvian Man" so you can see the similar symbolism here. Another study that you would find helpful in relation to this is the ancient meanings behind the Pentagram.

Since ancient times there have been many a Grimoire, Spell Book, Book Of Shadows and Light or what ever you wish to call it. They have been connected with Evocation and Invocation of the higher spiritual powers, Divine beings and Entities through different rituals and Magickal ceremonies. One such Grimoire is the ancient Goetia Grimiores of Solomon, King Solomon evoked many Entities to help him with different tasks. Some of these Entities wished something back in return and some did not. These where the very same beings and Entities that brought great knowledge to the ancient people. One of the Entities that is written in the Goetia Grimiores of Solomon is called "Beelzebub" which is also Baal. Beelzebub is a very powerful spiritual being with many other legions of Entities under this being. This being is often called "Lord Of The Flies" which really is meant to be "Lord Of All That Flies", the Great Prince Of The Air. When Beelzebub was honored in ancient times, this being had power over the weather and meteorology. Even though Beelzebub was visible to King Solomon, the only images we have through time are artists drawings and sketches. 

Now through the advancement of technology and Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, plus Symmetric Software, a few years back Beelzebub reviled images to me. As far as I know you will never see images like this anywhere else on the internet as all are drawings or sketches.

Below is the full photo of what I received through combining the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication with Symmetric Software.

The next photo is all of the images seen from within the main photo separated to make it more easier to see. In the ancient Grimiore of King Solomon it is said that sometimes Beelzebub would show as a fire breathing Dragon. In these photo`s one of the images Beelzebub sent was what seems to resemble the face of a Lion or you could say, Dragon ( it is interesting to note also that the Lion or star sign Leo represent the element of Fire/Solar energy). Also here in these photo`s is the sketch from the Goetia Grimiore of a fly, plus the image that was shown to me in the main Symmetric photo of a fly taken from the perspective of looking downwards on it. My photo also shows double wings on the fly just as the sketch in the Goetic Grimiore. As well as this I decided to include the Talisman of Beelzebub and also the Sigil of Beelzebub which I think just happens to look like a fly if you where to look down upon it.

Just out of interest I also wish to add here that all these images I have posted here are in some way connected to the element of Fire/Solar energy. The Totem image that I featured at the top of this article has symbolic rays coming out of the sides of it at the bottom. The man with the long beard image has all the elements relating to it and one of them is Fire as it is connected to the Pentagram. The images of Beelzebub, the Lion or Dragon is related to the element of Fire and in fact the Fly is said to be a Solar insect which would mean that the fly is symbolic for Solar Energy. Not only this but the word Solomon if broken down into two words as this is how we can find true meanings to some words, would be Sol-Omon. Sol is the name of a Solar God/Entity from ancient times and I believe Omon is really Amen or Amon - Ra another Solar God/Entity, so it would be Sol-Amon-Ra. It also just so happens that all of these Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication images I have received here where a result of Direct Sunlight Reflection on Moving Water.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this article and I hope that you found it interesting. If you have any questions relating to this article or just want to let me know what you thought about this article. Please let me know thanks by commenting here at the bottom (C) Orion Silverstar.  




Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Scrying Mirror Focusing Exercise

Hello readers, often I do focusing exercises with the use of different methods to get me there. The reason for this is due to the great importance focusing and visualization has when it comes down to doing any spiritual works, no matter how big or how small. In order to maintain this practice so that it has an ongoing effect, these exercises need to be kept up all the time. Take for example, if someone go`s to a gym often they will stay in shape, however if they stop or even miss a few sessions they may run the risk of becoming unfit or have less interest in it altogether. The same can be said about practicing matters of the spiritual which involve the mind. After sometime someone may find it hard to stay focused or concentrate, they may become easily distracted or give up altogether. Two major factors are at play here and that is discipline and motivation. Some of the very basic disciplines like Visualization, Focus, Concentration are very important and are part of the foundation for all successful magick/spiritual work. If these things are not mastered then you may have trouble bringing about what you wish to achieve. Once these practices are mastered, that is not the end as they need to be practiced regularly in order to stay at the same level.

So having said that, the method I was using tonight was through the use of a Scrying tool called "The Black Mirror" or "The Magick Mirror". When it comes down to Scrying, I have a Crystal Ball which I use often, however the Magick Mirror is a new tool for me that I hope to use a lot more in the future. But as I say that was not the reason for this session I did tonight, it was to help maintain focus on an object without drifting my eyes from it or getting distracted. There is many reasons why this is important in spiritual work and some of the reasons are, to name a few...Spell Working, Scrying and Meditation, Sigil Magick and all other forms of Magick plus other ritual workings like Evocations and Invocations.

The image above is my Magick Mirror which I created myself as I believe that if I can put as much of my own energy into it as possible then the more powerful the Magick tool will be. The Magick Mirror is very easy to make and all that was needed here was a photo frame and a tin of black spray paint. Firstly, I sprayed the frame black, then took the clear glass and sprayed one side of the glass black, let it dry and really that was all there is to this. The side of the glass that was not painted is the side that faces outwards to give the Magick Mirror a shiny surface, I also was using matt black paint. Around the four sides of the frame I plan to do some writing like for example, symbols relating to the four cardinal directions and maybe in Enochian writing (the Angelic language given to Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly by the celestial Entities themselves), Hebrew writing, Latin writing or maybe in Runes...I really have to give it more thought. There really is no set shape for the Magick Mirror, a large round Magick Mirror is good also, its going to be something you will be working with so it really is up to you.

As seen in the above photo, when doing this exercise I decided to place the Magick Mirror within the Triangle Of Manifestation and as the Triangle Of Manifestation did not have any writings relating to protection around it the Magick Mirror also was placed inside a small version of a Magick Circle. As I was not Invoking or Evoking anything I really did not need to do this when working with the Magick Mirror. However like any form of spirit/Entity communication there can be risks involved, even with methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Also as I said above, this was not even really working with the Magick Mirror for Scrying but an exercise for focusing and concentration. Also underneath the Magick Mirror and within the smaller version of a Magick Circle is a Talisman of Saturn/Aquarius as I often like to work with the elemental powers. However mostly Scorpio and Leo due to often working with water and direct sunlight when doing the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

The above photo`s here are the examples of the setup for the focusing exercise I was doing. I have always found that dim lighting helps me to focus more and without any distractions. You don`t have to try this very method or setup as I have done here as it is all about what works best for you and a lot of experimentation. I`m really just sharing my own methods and spiritual journey with you all, putting your own creative ideas into these exercises is what makes it very powerful. You could have the most elaborate setup and symbols around and it may have no effect what so ever. Like wise you could have nothing setup, just you and get direct results and a very powerful experience. The main foundations are what is important and focus is one of them. 

While doing is exercise of focusing and deep concentration by staring into my Magick Mirror I focused on the reflection of my face in much the same way I would when Scrying or contacting my guides. I found a part of my face, for example my nose and fixed my eyes on that spot without letting my eyes drift from this point. I try not to blink but this at times can be impossible so do not worry if you do blink. I made note tonight that after about 15 mins into this exercise I did see very briefly the outline of another face move to the left of my own face them merge back into my face. The face was of a young man, I would say mid twenties, this can happen even when not trying to communicate with the spirits, they may still try can communicate with you. 
If you found that this article was helpful to you please let me know in the comments below this article thanks as your feedback and questions are important to me - Orion Silverstar (C) 2016.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Interesting Results With The Rapid Moving Water And Direct Sunlight Reflection Method

Good morning readers, firstly thank you for taking the time to read this article of mine. I am thrilled to share with you some new results using the Rapid Moving Water & Sunlight Reflection Method that I believe is a new step forward with the communicators. For some years now I have been getting all kinds of images coming through. Some examples are, images of crimes taking place, images of bones, human faces and beings that are not human looking, objects like knives, tree`s, buildings, houses, places that do not look like anything found here on earth and more. Some of the images I have received are the faces of those that where celebrities while here in this physical realm. Also those that have been following my work for sometime have even noticed images of relatives and loved one`s that have crossed over come through and it is always encouraging when this happens. Sometimes the images have been small and other times large faces have shown through.

However just a few weeks ago I starting receiving full landscapes that took up the whole photo and scenery that had many images within it. I have had this happen before using the Video Feedback Method, however not using the Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method. I was quickly lead to believe that all the images I could see within the full photo frame where related to each other. Also that those doing the communicating where telling me a story and they where telling it to me in the form of images within one more larger scene. As I have not been the first to try this method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, I have not to date seen anyone getting full scenes quite like this and nether had I been getting them in my years researching and practicing Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. I was very captivated and mystified at the same time in regards to these things the communicators where showing me and allowing me to share with the world and still are. I have now even wondered if different photo`s within the same session maybe related to one another? As there is a very big possibility and this is definitely something I will research into more in the future in regards to this method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Here is an example of one of these photo`s that I am talking about, the whole container that I was using, which was a black container, was filled with many images showing that there was a lot going on here. If you have heard of the saying "A Picture Tells A Thousand Words" well the communicators have been really making use of this here.

You may have to take a closer look at this photo to see all of what is going on and the amount of detail that can be seen. However I have taken out some of the images that to me felt important and made them into photos themselves for the benefit of my readers and viewers that have an interest in this spiritual work.

So all of the photo`s I am now about to show you below are from the one photo above and as I say are, I believe all related to one another. I should also mention that some of these images where found on rotating the main photo above around which I found was also very interesting. Due to this my advice would be when getting full photo`s like this, where you can clearly see lots of objects in it. Always rotate it around in all directions as it most likely will reveal much more, this is the way the communicators work when using this method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

In this photo below, can be seen a lady or man wearing some kind of robe over their head and even though the face of this person is not clear the features can be made out here :-

This next photo looks to be boots, even maybe ski boots? in any case it is clear that they are boots of some kind :-

The next photo below is what looks like a front bumper bar from a car and even one of the headlights seem to be on in the top left corner of the photo. Even the light can be seen reflecting off the bumbler bar giving it that shiny metallic look :-

In the photo below is a chimney with smoke coming out of it, behind it and to the side is a lady standing behind a table, she is wearing a low cut top staring directly towards the view, us :- 

This next photo below shows what looks like a car, cars and or a van with a very dented in roof. There is a figure of a person sitting in front of it on what looks like a deck chair :-

In this photo below is the figure of what looks like a male solider going by the long pants and boots he is wearing. He has his hands behind his back as if someone is behind him is holding them there :-

This photo below shows the figures of young people most likely sitting on rows of seats watching something like you do at a sports event. There is a large shape of a head closest to us the viewer but they are fully shaded in. Then just below them is another head and face, but this time not shaded in and very clear. Behind them are a few other figures at different levels, they are all looking in the same direction :-

These are all the images to come out of that one main photo above.  

Here is another photo below, that I wish to show you that also I received in this same session from the communicators. If you look closely enough you will see what looks like a black tunnel, I believe this to be an open fireplace and that this scene is set a long time ago, maybe in the Victorian time frame. To the right of the photo standing next to the fireplace is a lady looking towards the viewer which is us. She has long hair and is wearing a low cut long flowing dress, her hands are behind her back as it looks like she is posing for the camera. Right next to her is an oval shape which maybe a mirror as it looks as if this ladies reflection is seen within it. If you look up above the lady you will see the face of a man with a very serious look on his face. This man looks as if he has his arm around a tall pointed tree which I get the feeling is a pine tree, the mans hand can be seen just above her head. Given that this is a pine tree, tells me what time of year it is, around Christmas time and the open fireplace tells me that it is in winter time, most likely the Northern Hemisphere. The ladies long flowing dress tells me the time frame. Most houses during this time had open fireplaces in every room for heating. Also in the dark area of the photo seems to be another lady in a long dress and other figures there with her. In this photo all these images within relate to each other and the communicator is showing us a scene from a moment in the past in a hope that we may understand the message they are trying to bring to us. As I say, this photo below and the one at the top of this article, the communicators are speaking through the photo and the images within. So to me it is important to look at the photo in great detail as they the communicators with show more clues as to what it is they are trying to express to us. As I have said above, many photo`s from the communicators mean many different things and by observing the photo`s closely help to understand what they are all about. 


The photo below is a cropped and closer image of the lady in the long flowing dress standing next to the open fireplace with her hands behind her back as she poses for the photo. To me these new full scene photo`s are very fascinating and I hope they are to you also. 

I hope that you found this article interesting, any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below thanks. Please if you can, keep the comments in relation to this article I have published. If you just wish to show me some support and feedback I also welcome your comments below thanks.



Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What Is Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication

Good morning readers. Today I am going to be talking about Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication or I.T.C for short. What Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication is all about and some of the different methods of this very interesting form of communication with the worlds beyond our very own.

The term Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication was thought of by Dr. Ernst Sinkowsk in the 1970`s. Dr. Ernst Sinkowsk from Hamburg is a professor, he has a diploma and doctors degree in the scientific research of physics. Dr. Ernst Sinkowsk is also a recipient of the Nobel prize for his work with the afterlife and paranormal scientific investigations. He also is a lecturer and has run lectures all around the world, not only this but Dr. Ernest Sinkowsk is a well calibrated author in the field of the paranormal with books like "Instrumental Transcommunication". He is well known for his dedicated research into Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Sadly there is very few people that understand just what Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication is or have even heard of the term before and this even extends to those in the paranormal community. When some people of the public think of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication they automatically think of  Electronic Voice Phenomena or E.V.P for short. Still there are others of the public that do not even realize that Electronic Voice Phenomena is a method or part of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Thanks to early Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication research pioneers like George W Meek, Konstantin Rrudive, Friedrich Juergenson and Ernst Sinkowsk  just to name a few, out of that came some new researchers. These days there is a renewed interest from the public in regards to all things to do with spirit communication. Even though Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication has some way to go, thanks to a few modern researchers from around the world. There ongoing dedication and commitment into the research they are doing and their efforts in relation to bringing about awareness there has been a small revival of members of the public trying some of the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication for themselves with some interesting results. This renewed interest, awareness and experimentation has been brought on largely thanks to social media platforms. It is also due to social media that today`s Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication researchers from around the world are able to network with each other sharing ideas, information, experimentation and research with each other.

To me I would like to think of the term Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication as a type of umbrella. The reason for this is due to the fact that there are many methods that fall under the heading of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

In basic, Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication is a form of communication with an unknown source or intelligence outside of our own or intelligence`s from others worlds or dimensions through the use of our own modern technology and electronic devices.

Some of the devices that maybe used by these intelligence's to communicate with this physical realm are :

Computer, Printer, Smartphone, Answering Machine, Landline, Sound and Voice Bank Software, Sound and Voice Bank Applications, Digital Recorder, Digital Video Camera, Amplifier, Ouija Board Software, XBox 360 Kinect, Spectragram, Sound Editor Software, Television, Radio Sweep, Ghost Box, Spiricom, Sound and Voice Files, Luminator, Electromagnetic Field Detector, Webcam, Light Sensor, Movement Sensor, Energy Rod, Infrered Detector, Night Vision, Temperature Monitor, Air Humidifier,  just to name a few things that have been used with some interesting results.

I would also say that spirit photography can also fall under the umbrella of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Some names of methods used are :

Video Feedback Loop, Spectrogram, Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method, Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, Steam/Water Vapor, Smoke, Incense, Clouds, Flame, Mist, Fog, White Noise, Pink Noise, Radio Sweep, Ghost Box, Filming, Photography, Computer and phone Software, Morse Code.

As time moves forward and technology continues to advance in regards to software, hardware through computers and phones and the many spirit communication applications that are been made. I strongly believe that there is a really chance for more major breakthroughs and results like never before in the area of Instrumental Trans-Dimension Communication.

If another intelligence was to make contact with us or those that have crossed over. How would they go about doing it? What would be the best way for them to get our attention? The answer is through our own technology and contact has been made.

Thanks for reading this blog of mine and that it has helped someone have a little bit better understanding of what the term Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication or I.T.C for short means.

If you have any questions or would just like to give me some feedback in regards to this blog please leave me a comment below thank you.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Rapid Moving Water And Direct Sunlight Reflection Method Of I.T.C Research

Welcome readers,

Today I am going to be talking about a method of I.T.C (Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication) that I call the Rapid Moving Water & Direct Sunlight Reflection Method. What it is all about, how to try it for yourselves and more.

The Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method of I.T.C is most likely the only method of I.T.C that closely relates to Hydromancy or more commonly known as Water Scrying. Water Scrying is a method of divination that has been around for hundreds of years. Some of the early pioneers to practice Water Scrying where Dr John Dee, King Solomon, Nostradamus and more. In this form of divination the magus would gaze into still water in a darkly lit room with only a few candles burning much like a Crystal Ball reading or a Magick Mirror. They would then go into a trance or hypnotic state where images would show to them from what is believed other dimensions or the world of the spirits. While the magus had the images show, they would translate it`s meanings to a scribe who would write down the visions into a Grimoire. Sometimes the magus would use just a bowl of water and other times they may be found to use a cauldron or a still river. In any case the water had to be perfectly still in order to get the right results through Scrying.

However, the Rapid Moving Water & Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C is a little bit different than this and the only thing that is related is the fact that there is water in a bowl. With the moving forward with electronics and technology things now have changed and the communicators from the worlds beyond are moving with us. Different from the Scrying Methods of the early days, in the method used here the water has to be kept moving at a fast speed. Not only this but there is a combination in which water and light reflection or refraction work together as both play there part. I am not the only one that uses this method of communication with the worlds beyond as more and more people are discovering it and trying it than ever before with some amazing results. In fact there has been a new revival and interest in all things to do with spirit communication in general and the many methods of I.T.C are also playing a major part in this. Some who are experimenting with the Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method are using indoor lighting and still some are using Strobe Lighting, where as with me I would rather use direct sunlight or day light. Why? Those beings I work with in the worlds beyond have explained to me that I will get the best results this way and also if I work outdoors. Sometimes I do work inside but near a window where the sunlight will shine in onto the water I am using. When I am allowing the sunlight to pass through a window onto the water I prefer to call this Light Refraction and outdoors direct sunlight, Light Reflection. Another reason I use direct sunlight rather than indoor lighting is due to the fact that I like to work with the solar energies and Entities from time to time. With the Rapid Moving Water Light Reflection Method of I.T.C as I like to call it, not only does the water have to keep moving but the light reflection has to flicker or dance across the water for the best results. The water has to move very fast but without splashing, all the movement I do with the container is all in my wrist. Rather than seeing the images within the water as with Hydromancy the water is filmed with a video recorder and that is where technology comes into it and why this method falls under the umbrella of I.T.C. Then after doing a filming session the recorded file is viewed frame by frame for images that maybe found within using video editing software. It is believed that the communicators are not only using the water and light reflection, but are also using the video camera recorder to communicate with us. Before the video camera this form of communication was never possible and as time go`s on and technology moves on I am sure that more interesting ways will be reviled to us. The Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method of I.T.C seems to be one of the most popular methods for those that are new to I.T.C. I think the reason for this is the fact that it can be very easy to do or can be as complicated as you like and it is also very flexible when it comes down to experimentation of this method. One thing I have found on using this method is that it helps to have the camera filming the light reflection on the water from the side of the container and on the opposite side to wear the light source is coming from. I was not the first to try this method of I.T.C in regards to research but I do believe I have been instrumental in promoting it and bringing it out more to the public, plus reaching some new levels as far as communication go`s with those in the other worlds beyond our own.

Sometimes people have asked me, when getting some very clear images. Why they are so clear and their images are not? My answer to that question is that firstly I am a medium and have been for most of my life. Also that I have been involved in different esoteric circles where I have come to develop and practice my spiritual gifts and skills I guess you could say.

I never just do a session and hope for the best that I may get some interesting results, I always have to feel the spirits around me first or they have to firstly communicate with me in a number of ways before hand. I can appreciate how some people reading this blog may not understand this or that they have not experienced this. However I will say, still give this I.T.C method ago as the spirits and inter-dimensional beings will communicate with you through this method if they wish to do so anyway.

If I was to give you some advice. It would be to try and practice, then master your focusing, visualization and telepathic skills.

Here are some examples of containers I use for The Rapid Moving Water & Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C. As you can see by these pictures, size of the container does not matter as images will still show up if the communicators wish to communicate with you. One thing I will say is that there is a reason why I would use a black container sometimes and a stainless steel container another time. Using both containers have there advantages and dis-advantages. The black container is for if I want the images the communicators send to show on the surface of the water and due to the black background it helps to make the image stand out more. The down side to using the black container I have found is that the images that come through are more frequent, but less detailed. I then would use the stainless steel container if I wished for the images to reflect from the bottom of the container under the water which sometimes helps to magnify the image, which is good if it is a really small image. Not only this but sometimes the communicators have wanted me to use the natural colours from around outside, like for example the green from the tree`s or blue from the sky. These natural outdoor colours will show in a reflection on the stainless steel container and those that communicate from the worlds beyond have used these colours to their advantage. The down side I have found with the stainless steel container is that the images are less frequent but more detailed. So as you can see, it is your call what you choose, I use both at different times. Another thing I have found, I have better results with the stainless steel container through the day. Where as the black container is better used just before or just after sunset with me. It is important also to monitor the times of the day you do your session, what day you do it on, the phase of the moon, the date and more...keep a record and you may see a pattern of when works best that you can then share with others.

 Another thing I would like to mention is that some people who do this method of I.T.C like to move the water with their fingers or using a spoon, wand, it is really upto you. However even though I do this from time to time myself, I would rather move the container so that the light flickers on the water very fast. As this way from my experiences, the communicators can show a more fuller and larger photo image through or on the water.

 Best practice if you are going to use an object to move the water would be to use something natural like a tree branch. However ask the tree for it first and always leave something at the base of the tree in thanks. I remember when I was wanting a wand for drawing down the energies of the moon and sun, plus for sending out energies. I asked those I work with in the worlds beyond to help me to find the right wood for my new wand. Two days later there was a very strong wind at my place and it ripped a branch off one of my tree`s in the front yard. Right away I knew what was taking place and I spent sometime thanking the powers that be and the tree for providing me a tree branch to make my new wand from. As there is more energies in something you craft yourself.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog of mine, please feel free to comment below, also share your own experiences if you have given this method of I.T.C ago. Maybe you have a question relating to this method of I.T.C you wish to have answered, please also leave that in the comments below thanks. I will only be answering comments that are in relation to what this blog is about and that go`s for all my blogs - Orion Silverstar.