Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Scrying Mirror Focusing Exercise

Hello readers, often I do focusing exercises with the use of different methods to get me there. The reason for this is due to the great importance focusing and visualization has when it comes down to doing any spiritual works, no matter how big or how small. In order to maintain this practice so that it has an ongoing effect, these exercises need to be kept up all the time. Take for example, if someone go`s to a gym often they will stay in shape, however if they stop or even miss a few sessions they may run the risk of becoming unfit or have less interest in it altogether. The same can be said about practicing matters of the spiritual which involve the mind. After sometime someone may find it hard to stay focused or concentrate, they may become easily distracted or give up altogether. Two major factors are at play here and that is discipline and motivation. Some of the very basic disciplines like Visualization, Focus, Concentration are very important and are part of the foundation for all successful magick/spiritual work. If these things are not mastered then you may have trouble bringing about what you wish to achieve. Once these practices are mastered, that is not the end as they need to be practiced regularly in order to stay at the same level.

So having said that, the method I was using tonight was through the use of a Scrying tool called "The Black Mirror" or "The Magick Mirror". When it comes down to Scrying, I have a Crystal Ball which I use often, however the Magick Mirror is a new tool for me that I hope to use a lot more in the future. But as I say that was not the reason for this session I did tonight, it was to help maintain focus on an object without drifting my eyes from it or getting distracted. There is many reasons why this is important in spiritual work and some of the reasons are, to name a few...Spell Working, Scrying and Meditation, Sigil Magick and all other forms of Magick plus other ritual workings like Evocations and Invocations.

The image above is my Magick Mirror which I created myself as I believe that if I can put as much of my own energy into it as possible then the more powerful the Magick tool will be. The Magick Mirror is very easy to make and all that was needed here was a photo frame and a tin of black spray paint. Firstly, I sprayed the frame black, then took the clear glass and sprayed one side of the glass black, let it dry and really that was all there is to this. The side of the glass that was not painted is the side that faces outwards to give the Magick Mirror a shiny surface, I also was using matt black paint. Around the four sides of the frame I plan to do some writing like for example, symbols relating to the four cardinal directions and maybe in Enochian writing (the Angelic language given to Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly by the celestial Entities themselves), Hebrew writing, Latin writing or maybe in Runes...I really have to give it more thought. There really is no set shape for the Magick Mirror, a large round Magick Mirror is good also, its going to be something you will be working with so it really is up to you.

As seen in the above photo, when doing this exercise I decided to place the Magick Mirror within the Triangle Of Manifestation and as the Triangle Of Manifestation did not have any writings relating to protection around it the Magick Mirror also was placed inside a small version of a Magick Circle. As I was not Invoking or Evoking anything I really did not need to do this when working with the Magick Mirror. However like any form of spirit/Entity communication there can be risks involved, even with methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Also as I said above, this was not even really working with the Magick Mirror for Scrying but an exercise for focusing and concentration. Also underneath the Magick Mirror and within the smaller version of a Magick Circle is a Talisman of Saturn/Aquarius as I often like to work with the elemental powers. However mostly Scorpio and Leo due to often working with water and direct sunlight when doing the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

The above photo`s here are the examples of the setup for the focusing exercise I was doing. I have always found that dim lighting helps me to focus more and without any distractions. You don`t have to try this very method or setup as I have done here as it is all about what works best for you and a lot of experimentation. I`m really just sharing my own methods and spiritual journey with you all, putting your own creative ideas into these exercises is what makes it very powerful. You could have the most elaborate setup and symbols around and it may have no effect what so ever. Like wise you could have nothing setup, just you and get direct results and a very powerful experience. The main foundations are what is important and focus is one of them. 

While doing is exercise of focusing and deep concentration by staring into my Magick Mirror I focused on the reflection of my face in much the same way I would when Scrying or contacting my guides. I found a part of my face, for example my nose and fixed my eyes on that spot without letting my eyes drift from this point. I try not to blink but this at times can be impossible so do not worry if you do blink. I made note tonight that after about 15 mins into this exercise I did see very briefly the outline of another face move to the left of my own face them merge back into my face. The face was of a young man, I would say mid twenties, this can happen even when not trying to communicate with the spirits, they may still try can communicate with you. 
If you found that this article was helpful to you please let me know in the comments below this article thanks as your feedback and questions are important to me - Orion Silverstar (C) 2016.

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