Monday, 9 May 2016

Rapid Moving Water And Direct Sunlight Reflection Method Of I.T.C Research

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Today I am going to be talking about a method of I.T.C (Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication) that I call the Rapid Moving Water & Direct Sunlight Reflection Method. What it is all about, how to try it for yourselves and more.

The Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method of I.T.C is most likely the only method of I.T.C that closely relates to Hydromancy or more commonly known as Water Scrying. Water Scrying is a method of divination that has been around for hundreds of years. Some of the early pioneers to practice Water Scrying where Dr John Dee, King Solomon, Nostradamus and more. In this form of divination the magus would gaze into still water in a darkly lit room with only a few candles burning much like a Crystal Ball reading or a Magick Mirror. They would then go into a trance or hypnotic state where images would show to them from what is believed other dimensions or the world of the spirits. While the magus had the images show, they would translate it`s meanings to a scribe who would write down the visions into a Grimoire. Sometimes the magus would use just a bowl of water and other times they may be found to use a cauldron or a still river. In any case the water had to be perfectly still in order to get the right results through Scrying.

However, the Rapid Moving Water & Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C is a little bit different than this and the only thing that is related is the fact that there is water in a bowl. With the moving forward with electronics and technology things now have changed and the communicators from the worlds beyond are moving with us. Different from the Scrying Methods of the early days, in the method used here the water has to be kept moving at a fast speed. Not only this but there is a combination in which water and light reflection or refraction work together as both play there part. I am not the only one that uses this method of communication with the worlds beyond as more and more people are discovering it and trying it than ever before with some amazing results. In fact there has been a new revival and interest in all things to do with spirit communication in general and the many methods of I.T.C are also playing a major part in this. Some who are experimenting with the Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method are using indoor lighting and still some are using Strobe Lighting, where as with me I would rather use direct sunlight or day light. Why? Those beings I work with in the worlds beyond have explained to me that I will get the best results this way and also if I work outdoors. Sometimes I do work inside but near a window where the sunlight will shine in onto the water I am using. When I am allowing the sunlight to pass through a window onto the water I prefer to call this Light Refraction and outdoors direct sunlight, Light Reflection. Another reason I use direct sunlight rather than indoor lighting is due to the fact that I like to work with the solar energies and Entities from time to time. With the Rapid Moving Water Light Reflection Method of I.T.C as I like to call it, not only does the water have to keep moving but the light reflection has to flicker or dance across the water for the best results. The water has to move very fast but without splashing, all the movement I do with the container is all in my wrist. Rather than seeing the images within the water as with Hydromancy the water is filmed with a video recorder and that is where technology comes into it and why this method falls under the umbrella of I.T.C. Then after doing a filming session the recorded file is viewed frame by frame for images that maybe found within using video editing software. It is believed that the communicators are not only using the water and light reflection, but are also using the video camera recorder to communicate with us. Before the video camera this form of communication was never possible and as time go`s on and technology moves on I am sure that more interesting ways will be reviled to us. The Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method of I.T.C seems to be one of the most popular methods for those that are new to I.T.C. I think the reason for this is the fact that it can be very easy to do or can be as complicated as you like and it is also very flexible when it comes down to experimentation of this method. One thing I have found on using this method is that it helps to have the camera filming the light reflection on the water from the side of the container and on the opposite side to wear the light source is coming from. I was not the first to try this method of I.T.C in regards to research but I do believe I have been instrumental in promoting it and bringing it out more to the public, plus reaching some new levels as far as communication go`s with those in the other worlds beyond our own.

Sometimes people have asked me, when getting some very clear images. Why they are so clear and their images are not? My answer to that question is that firstly I am a medium and have been for most of my life. Also that I have been involved in different esoteric circles where I have come to develop and practice my spiritual gifts and skills I guess you could say.

I never just do a session and hope for the best that I may get some interesting results, I always have to feel the spirits around me first or they have to firstly communicate with me in a number of ways before hand. I can appreciate how some people reading this blog may not understand this or that they have not experienced this. However I will say, still give this I.T.C method ago as the spirits and inter-dimensional beings will communicate with you through this method if they wish to do so anyway.

If I was to give you some advice. It would be to try and practice, then master your focusing, visualization and telepathic skills.

Here are some examples of containers I use for The Rapid Moving Water & Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C. As you can see by these pictures, size of the container does not matter as images will still show up if the communicators wish to communicate with you. One thing I will say is that there is a reason why I would use a black container sometimes and a stainless steel container another time. Using both containers have there advantages and dis-advantages. The black container is for if I want the images the communicators send to show on the surface of the water and due to the black background it helps to make the image stand out more. The down side to using the black container I have found is that the images that come through are more frequent, but less detailed. I then would use the stainless steel container if I wished for the images to reflect from the bottom of the container under the water which sometimes helps to magnify the image, which is good if it is a really small image. Not only this but sometimes the communicators have wanted me to use the natural colours from around outside, like for example the green from the tree`s or blue from the sky. These natural outdoor colours will show in a reflection on the stainless steel container and those that communicate from the worlds beyond have used these colours to their advantage. The down side I have found with the stainless steel container is that the images are less frequent but more detailed. So as you can see, it is your call what you choose, I use both at different times. Another thing I have found, I have better results with the stainless steel container through the day. Where as the black container is better used just before or just after sunset with me. It is important also to monitor the times of the day you do your session, what day you do it on, the phase of the moon, the date and more...keep a record and you may see a pattern of when works best that you can then share with others.

 Another thing I would like to mention is that some people who do this method of I.T.C like to move the water with their fingers or using a spoon, wand, it is really upto you. However even though I do this from time to time myself, I would rather move the container so that the light flickers on the water very fast. As this way from my experiences, the communicators can show a more fuller and larger photo image through or on the water.

 Best practice if you are going to use an object to move the water would be to use something natural like a tree branch. However ask the tree for it first and always leave something at the base of the tree in thanks. I remember when I was wanting a wand for drawing down the energies of the moon and sun, plus for sending out energies. I asked those I work with in the worlds beyond to help me to find the right wood for my new wand. Two days later there was a very strong wind at my place and it ripped a branch off one of my tree`s in the front yard. Right away I knew what was taking place and I spent sometime thanking the powers that be and the tree for providing me a tree branch to make my new wand from. As there is more energies in something you craft yourself.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog of mine, please feel free to comment below, also share your own experiences if you have given this method of I.T.C ago. Maybe you have a question relating to this method of I.T.C you wish to have answered, please also leave that in the comments below thanks. I will only be answering comments that are in relation to what this blog is about and that go`s for all my blogs - Orion Silverstar.