Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What Is Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication

Good morning readers. Today I am going to be talking about Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication or I.T.C for short. What Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication is all about and some of the different methods of this very interesting form of communication with the worlds beyond our very own.

The term Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication was thought of by Dr. Ernst Sinkowsk in the 1970`s. Dr. Ernst Sinkowsk from Hamburg is a professor, he has a diploma and doctors degree in the scientific research of physics. Dr. Ernst Sinkowsk is also a recipient of the Nobel prize for his work with the afterlife and paranormal scientific investigations. He also is a lecturer and has run lectures all around the world, not only this but Dr. Ernest Sinkowsk is a well calibrated author in the field of the paranormal with books like "Instrumental Transcommunication". He is well known for his dedicated research into Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Sadly there is very few people that understand just what Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication is or have even heard of the term before and this even extends to those in the paranormal community. When some people of the public think of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication they automatically think of  Electronic Voice Phenomena or E.V.P for short. Still there are others of the public that do not even realize that Electronic Voice Phenomena is a method or part of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Thanks to early Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication research pioneers like George W Meek, Konstantin Rrudive, Friedrich Juergenson and Ernst Sinkowsk  just to name a few, out of that came some new researchers. These days there is a renewed interest from the public in regards to all things to do with spirit communication. Even though Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication has some way to go, thanks to a few modern researchers from around the world. There ongoing dedication and commitment into the research they are doing and their efforts in relation to bringing about awareness there has been a small revival of members of the public trying some of the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication for themselves with some interesting results. This renewed interest, awareness and experimentation has been brought on largely thanks to social media platforms. It is also due to social media that today`s Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication researchers from around the world are able to network with each other sharing ideas, information, experimentation and research with each other.

To me I would like to think of the term Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication as a type of umbrella. The reason for this is due to the fact that there are many methods that fall under the heading of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

In basic, Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication is a form of communication with an unknown source or intelligence outside of our own or intelligence`s from others worlds or dimensions through the use of our own modern technology and electronic devices.

Some of the devices that maybe used by these intelligence's to communicate with this physical realm are :

Computer, Printer, Smartphone, Answering Machine, Landline, Sound and Voice Bank Software, Sound and Voice Bank Applications, Digital Recorder, Digital Video Camera, Amplifier, Ouija Board Software, XBox 360 Kinect, Spectragram, Sound Editor Software, Television, Radio Sweep, Ghost Box, Spiricom, Sound and Voice Files, Luminator, Electromagnetic Field Detector, Webcam, Light Sensor, Movement Sensor, Energy Rod, Infrered Detector, Night Vision, Temperature Monitor, Air Humidifier,  just to name a few things that have been used with some interesting results.

I would also say that spirit photography can also fall under the umbrella of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Some names of methods used are :

Video Feedback Loop, Spectrogram, Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method, Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, Steam/Water Vapor, Smoke, Incense, Clouds, Flame, Mist, Fog, White Noise, Pink Noise, Radio Sweep, Ghost Box, Filming, Photography, Computer and phone Software, Morse Code.

As time moves forward and technology continues to advance in regards to software, hardware through computers and phones and the many spirit communication applications that are been made. I strongly believe that there is a really chance for more major breakthroughs and results like never before in the area of Instrumental Trans-Dimension Communication.

If another intelligence was to make contact with us or those that have crossed over. How would they go about doing it? What would be the best way for them to get our attention? The answer is through our own technology and contact has been made.

Thanks for reading this blog of mine and that it has helped someone have a little bit better understanding of what the term Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication or I.T.C for short means.

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