Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Power Of Prayer

Greetings readers,

I have found that it does not really matter what religion you belong with or what your belief system. When it comes down to praying, you have to first believe that it works without a shadow of doubt in your mind. After you have said a prayer you then have to believe that it has already taken place and that the wheels are set in motion so to speak.

Visualization has a lot to do with prayer, seeing in your minds eye the outcome coming about and starting to work even before it has done so. This is why some people use candles, rituals and more, as there is really no power in these things in themselves, but rather a way to help someone to focus on their mystical workings and prayers.

Spells work in the same way when someone uses chants or affirmations, it helps them to focus and puts them in the right frame of mind to bring about the desired results.

When it really comes down to it, you do not need things like candles, rituals, chants, drumming, church buildings and more. Just positive thinking, concentration, focus and good visualization skills, however all these skills require a lot of practice in themselves. 

You have to believe in what you asked for, that it has already been heard, put in motion and has already taken place, then hold onto this thought. If you are going to practice something spiritual, then you have to first believe in it. It is pointless practicing something that you do not really believe in, if you believe in something then you must believe it will work. It`s like someone chanting a lot of magickal words they do not understand and don`t know the meanings to them. Doing things this way is a sure sign of failure, as much research needs to be done into the meanings of the words used. 

After practicing your prayer you may have to keep going through it each day, if this is the case try to keep it to the same time of the day each day if possible. Also don`t sit back and wait for it to happen, as more often than not it will not work for you this way. You must go out and place yourself in a position where what you have asked, will most likely become manifest. 

As to what results you get also depend largely on what it is that you have asked for. Also the motives behind what you have asked for in your prayer play a big role in your results as well. 

Prayer. spells or what ever method works best for you should always be based on what you need for your life and not so much what you want. As the powers that be mostly give you what you need in your life not what you want. It also helps to be spot on in regards to what you ask for as it may not come in the way you expected it to do so. An example would be if you where asking for some money to come your way to help with finances. This would be a need rather than a want, but then two weeks later a family member dies suddenly and unexpectedly and you are left with some money they had in their will for you. This person may not have had to pass on if you had been a bit more clear in your request.

So when praying for something and things like this it is very important to be careful as it could fall under the title of black Magick even if it was not intended to be such. 

So before going onto powerful prayer with great results, practicing and mastering meditation, visualization, focusing, concentration, bringing your thoughts under control, strengthening your mind should all be learnt first through different methods and exercises. Here within my articles I talk a little bit about the Magick Mirror, this is a good way to focus and hold that focus, looking into the flame of a candle for a certain time is another good method. 

Positive thinking is another thing that must be worked on, don`t look down on yourself if sometimes you are not always positive as we are human and life has it`s stresses. Sometimes our very own thoughts will work against us and can be the very reason for some of the not so good things happening in our lives. 

Sometimes in prayer or meditation it is so easy to loose focus, then let our thoughts of other things start to take a hold. These very things can be a real distraction, also can stop your prayers from giving you the results you wish for. When doing this prayer work it is important to write down how you where feeling at the time, if there was any distractions, the nature of the prayer...example : what you asked in the prayer, the date, time, phase of the moon and more. The reason for this is so you can look back and try and work out what happened if the spiritual work did not show results, or if it did show results. This way you should be able to see a pattern of what works and what does not, this all helps you to be able to fine tune and master this practice.

I would also like to add that when doing prayer or spell workings, a lot of emotions need to be put into it, plus feelings. This will also help to raise up the energies and the vibrations around you at the time which makes it all the more powerful. 

I sometimes like to take a ritual bath to clear my aura from what ever it has picked up from day to day. I then find a place where there is no distraction, as location is also very important, sometimes I may fast and sometimes not as this also puts me in the right mind set. 

I do not know if any of you have read the book "The Secret" ? It  is a very good book and I found it most helpful with claiming my personal power. 

So take charge of yourself today and make Magick happen, as once you have mastered what I have mentioned above, it is the foundation for all esoteric workings to get great results.

Thanks for reading this article of mine, if you have any questions in regards to this please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom thanks - (C) Orion Silverstar 2016. 




  1. This is a wonderfull powerful informative way to pray and get results! Thank you for the info on how to stay focused which is very hard for me at times its hard to slow my brain down. Thanks! Peace

    1. Hi MaryAnn

      Thank you for your comment here and I am glad that you found this article to be helpful for you. If you have any questions in relation to anything I post here at this blog, please let me know thanks. I often reply within 1 to 4 days of receiving a comment. Have a wonderful week.

  2. This is a wonderfull powerful informative way to pray and get results! Thank you for the info on how to stay focused which is very hard for me at times its hard to slow my brain down. Thanks! Peace

    1. You are very welcome my friend :) How is your Magick mirror going? Have you started work on it yet?