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The Qilphoth - New Correspondences


Firstly, I wish to start this writing by explaining a little bit about what most authors claim the Qilphoth is. I say the word “claim” as most writings on the Qilphoth come from a Left Hand Path point of view. Also, the fact of the matter is, the Qilphoth has only recently started to be explored and most of it is still unknown territory.

Briefly, from a Left Hand Path point of view. It is my understanding that the Qilphoth is the opposite to that of the Kabbalah. For those that are interested in exporting the Qilphoth, I suggest that you first start learning and studying the Kabbalah, if you do not have any knowledge of this. As the Kabbalah in itself can be a lifetime of study, the basic understanding of it should be enough for you to move on to the Qilphoth. I would say, about 2 years of solid study of the Kabbalah should help you to grasp it a bit better.

The Qilphoth is ment to be a place of Demonic Entities under the Draconian System and called “Shells”. These are said to be the remains of what was left during the creation explained through the Kabbalah. The Qilphoth has spheres much like the Kabbalah in which are 10 all up. However, there are 11 heads/ruling powers within the spheres of the Qilphoth, instead of the 10 within the spheres of the Kabbalah. These 11 heads are often called “The 11 Heads Of The Dragon” that being the Dragon Goddess Tiamat. These 11 heads have a hierarchy just as in the Kabbalah, in fact the whole structure is organised in much the same way. So I will not go into this now, as it would take a lot of time to do so. Those within the Left Hand Path tradition of Magick claim that the Qilphoth and its many spiritual beings residing there are motivated to destroying physical matter and returning all that was created back to the beginning of time, where all was first formed. Where everything was in a state of chaos, darkness, empties and the abyss. Then we will be free from the limitations of the flesh/matter that binds our true self, spirit. So through all the annihilation of all that exist in the physical realm, we then can be truly free. These “Demons” through travelling the tunnels of the Qilphoth can be hostile and a challenge to human beings. If they get a foothold in someone’s life, then they may destroy everything around them. Some people see this as a form of initiation, where all these things have to be destroyed in order for the new to begin. Much like the meaning of the Tower in the Tarot or the Phoenix rising out of the ashes or the death of the Sun, going into the underworld and then rising again. So due to the destructive forces within the Qilphoth, a lot of followers of the Left Hand Path and “Black Magickians” are attracted to this system. It is said that the way to enter the Qilphoth is through Da’ath in the Kabbalah.

I am going to leave it here in regards to this viewpoint on the Qilphoth, I hope you get the idea. I am now going to talk about a different way of seeing the Qilphoth.

In my own viewpoint the Qilphoth is the womb of the Great Mother, the Goddess currents of the Divine. This is where it all began, before the birth of creation. In a way, those on the Left Hand Path or the Anti-cosmic Satanism denomination are symbolically calling for a return to the womb. The abyss and darkness of the Qilphoth is symbolically speaking, the womb. Before what we call the universe was formed, was the Qilphoth.

In the Bible, Genesis chapter 1. it talks about there being no form or void, only chaos. This is the Qilphoth, raw energy, uncontrolled, unstructured and for those with some knowledge of the Kabbalah , the “No Thing”. I believe that the Qilphoth should be placed above the Kabbalah. In my view the Kabbalah is the continuation of the Qilphoth. That is the Kabbalah is the outward face or expression of the Qilphoth in manifesting form. In continuing with Genesis, it then go’s on to say that the Divine said “Let There Be Light” this is the Kabbalah. First there was the Qilphoth and then through the vibration or frequency of sound was manifest the Kabbalah.

Now let me go into what I believe could be the correspondence of the Qilphoth. Rather than the Demonic approach of many, the Left Hand Path movements. First we have to remember that a lot of the old Deities and other spirits were turned into “Demons” by the early Church Fathers. One example of this can be seen in the Goddess Ishtar/Astarte, who became the “Demon” Astaroth, this is just one example and there are many others. I leave this for you the reader to do your own research on. A good book to get is “Names Of The Damned - The Dictionary Of Demons” by Michelle Belanger, a book I myself have..rather than studying Christian based Demonology.

Now having said this I will bring you a correspondence that I have found in another spiritual tradition that may relate or fit in with the Qilphoth. These names and natures of the beings may reside in the complex and complicated system of the Qilphoth. They may further add to the qualities of the spiritual beings already mentioned by other authors, giving even more depth. Also it may bring a link between the traditional I’m about to mention and the Qilphoth itself, further combining the two systems. This research is worthy of more studies and I will leave this up to the reader to do so for now. At a later date in the future I may in fact add to this information I have here.

In the African based occult tradition of South America, Palo Mayombe, there are 11 main Deities that are honoured (Palo means stick and Mayombe is a place in Africa). Remember that there is 11 heads within the spheres on the paths of the Qilphoth. Rather than the names of the well known “Demons” of the Left Hand Path traditions placed on the spheres of the Qilphoth, these Deities I talk about maybe placed there instead. Maybe these names could be used as the actual names of the spheres of the Qilphoth?

Here are the names of those 11 Deities from the Palo Mayombe tradition. I am only going to give a brief description of each and leave it up to the reader to do more studies into this if they so wish, at this point in time. I seriously believe that there maybe a connection here that go’s a long way back in history, history that may have been destroyed. This subject is well worth more research done into it.

The Deities are a follows :

1. Zarabana - Divine messages of the underworld

2. El Christo Negro - Lord & King of the underworld

3. Los Uspiritus Intranquilos (The Seven Tranquil Spirits) - Maybe each of these spirits relate to the seven days of the week and the seven main planets? Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Moon.

4. Santa Muerte - Goddess of the cemeteries & death

5. San Simon - The keeper of Law & Divine justice

6. El Christo Rey - The lord of this world

7. Madre De La Luna - Great Mother of the Moon

8. Madre De Agua - Goddess of secrets, Love, Money

9. La Santa Piedra Iman - Money & Wealth

10. Fransisco De Los Siete Rayos (Of The Seven Rays) - God of Weather

11. Mama Chola - Goddess of Love & Fertility

I hope that you found this blog of mine interesting. I invite you to do more research into this if you
wish. I also give a word of warning to those that have not worked with these spirits/Deities. It can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I take no responsibility for anyone’s actions after
they have read this blog. Please feel free to leave me a comment and to also click like, also if you have found anymore research/information that might be of interest to me in relation to this above subject. If the information is from present day books on the Left Hand Path, then this information is not needed, I have all the information on such. However, if it is information not found in modern books or Grimoires on the subject, I am interested thanks.

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Friday, 6 July 2018

Pendant Charm


Here is a pendant charm that I thought I would share with you all.

When it comes down to making Talismans, Charms, Wands and things like this, it is much better if you make your own. As you will be putting your own energies into it, while you are making it.

It is even a good idea to recite an incantation or even an invocation of the God/dess energies you wish to work with on making the charm. Another thing that is good, is to recite over and over, while making your charm, what it is intended for. A good way to do this is by writing it in the form of a poem to say. All the while you are visualising your attentions for the charm in your minds eye.

I myself did all these things mentioned above in the making of this charm. The charm was also made in ritual, so it is important to have all the parts of the charm together with you on starting the ritual. Each object I was using to make the charm was concentrated/purified with blessed salt, blessed water and passed through the Fire individually. While calling on and asking the spiritual powers I was working with to perform this task for me. So as you can see, it is also important to have the salt/water purified before hand. I myself, have a bottle of blessed salt and blessed water already made up, ready for all the rituals that that I may perform.

The wood used for this charm was taken from a tree in my yard, in which I first asked the tree for permission to take it.

A tree is a living thing, just like we are and has a life force of energies in and around it. The tree can feel and experience different things and has an intelligence. Not only this but the tree/plant you are wishing to take the wood from, has many nature spirits, Elemental spirits and Djinn tribes living living there. These spiritual creatures you do not want to upset. Don’t just ask and then take, sit near the tree and meditate for awhile, waiting for your answer. It may not come right away and you may have to go to this tree for a few days, waiting for your answer to come. After I got my answer from the tree, I poured some red wine at the base of the tree, some milk and some drops of my blood. As a gift of thank you to the tree and the spiritual creatures in and around the tree.

The charm itself that I made represents the God, being the long part and the Goddess, being the forked part. So basically the long part is symbolic for the penis and the forked part symbolic for the open legs. This is the same symbolism that can be found with the knife and cup of the craft, the knife being the male sex organ and the cup being the womb. It also represents the ancient Horned God, Pan/Azazel (the Sabbatic Goat) and therefore to me, Baphomet. I will be going into great detail of what Baphomet, to me, really is in some later blogs and most likely it is not what you have been told or lead to believe.

The charm also represents the forked tongue of the Serpent (wisdom). Also in most every ancient culture the Serpent was seen as something holy and sacred, symbolic for a God. It was only in the teachings of the modern Christian religion, that saw the Serpent as something “Evil”. In actual fact, it was the Serpent God that opened up the eyes of the first humans, so that we could see and evolve as a species on this planet. So in all reality, the ancient Serpent of wisdom is really the Goddess Sophia (wisdom), it was the Christian religion that turned the Goddess into something Evil and tried to do away with Goddess worship all together, not to mention their attacks on feminism in which the world is still paying the price. I have had Sophia speak to me more than once, you can find these channeled messages in some of my other blogs. It also happens that the Serpent is my Totem Animal and so it has special meaning to me.

The items I used in the making of the charm are string, native wood and skulls made out of stone. As I say, all these items have been purified before the making of the charm started, all done in the one ritual.

This charm is for my own personal use, to wear during all my ceremonies and rituals. It is to connect me to the tree’s energies and the spirits of nature around where I live. Also it is forever connected to myself  due to the energies put into charging it while making it. I also rubbed my own blood all over it, to help attract these spiritual beings to the charm, in which was successful. I then poured the hot wax from the red candle I was using, the red candle that is always on my altar represents the Light/Fire, Knowledge, the Eternal Flame, brought down to humans by Azazel and other beings with him, from the Divine.

Thanks for reading this blog, any questions, please leave a comment, please share this blog thank you.

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