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The Ritual For Making St. Cyprian Your Patron


Just recently I decided to make St. Cyprian Of Entioch one of my Patrons.

As I am a practioner of Necromancy and St. Cyprian Of Antioch just happens to be the Patron Saint of Necromancers, among other Occult arts. I thought his great wealth of knowledge on these subjects would be very beneficial to me.

So in this blog I am going to go through the full procedure of the ritual working I did in order to bring the Spirit of Cyprian Of Antioch into my house and life as my Patron.

This ritual procedure involves a nine day dedication for "Installation" of the Spirit of Cyprian. How this works is that by end end of these ritual practices. The essence/part of the Spirit/energy of Cyprian himself should be "Seated" with a object or statue that represents St. Cyprian Of Antioch.

This practice of "Seating" spirits and Deities in objects go's a long way back to many tribes of the African cultures and is still practiced today.

This is something that those of the religion of Christianity to not understand or try to understand for that matter due to their ignorance. This is mainly those of the Protestant denominations. They claim that people who have statues representing different Gods and Goddess and other spirits are worshipping idols. That there is only one true God, which just happens to be theirs of course. These Christian denominations just see a statue made of clay and thats all.

On that same note, there are many people today who go out and buy a statue of a religious figure. Then place it in their home expecting it to protect them from all misfortune, some even pray to these statues. In this case, they can be called idols, because all they are doing is praying to a piece of clay in the shape of a Deity, it is nothing more. Also, worse case scenario, if the statue has not been ritually  purified right it may in fact be bringing other peoples thought forms, energies and other unwanted spiritual attachments into your home. Even still if you are buying the stutue online from someone who practices the Magickal arts as I myself do. How do you know 100% that they have not prayed over the stature without your best intentions in mind? How do you really know that they have not added a spiritual attachment to your statue? You dont. If you don't know the practioner, how can you fully trust them? You can't.

Before I even start to work with a new statue in my house a full purification ritual is performed on it first. This way all energies or spirits that maybe attached or conected to the statue are fully removed. I'm not going to go into how I perform this ritual here and will save this for another blog. However, I can not stress enough, this has to be done first before this ritual practice i'm about to share here with you can be performed.

In fact, I will add that any new object I put on my altar or gift I give to the spirits and Deities I have a relationship with. I perform a purification/consecration ritual on it first. Unless it is an object that comes from the Earth itself or Animal bones and things like this. As it is the energies of these objects I wish to draw on in my spiritual practice.

If you do not perform a consecration/purification ritual on the objects/statues like I have metioned above first. It more than likely will interfere with the spiritual working you maybe doing.

So as you can now see, this first step is a big part of the process involved and a very important one.

Another thing that is importat when doing this spiritual working I'm going to share. Is to have all you need for the ritual prepared before hand. This also takes sometime to get together, do not rush it.

You will need things like St. Cyprian oil. I made my own St. Cyprian Oil on the instructions of the spirits I have a relationship with. I will go into more detail on this in a future blog on St. Cyprian Oil.

Other things you will need for this ritual work are :

Graveyard Dirt (This must be bought from the Dead at a grave in a special and respectful way. Do not attempt this without first finding out how to buy it the right way. There are different ways for different traditions. The way that sits right with you out of these traditions, you should use. To NOT under any circumstances just walk into a cemetery and take dirt and then walk out again. Unless you want all manner of trouble, bad luck and illness in your life. I will do a blog in the future on buying graveyard dirt).

Seven Gold Coins

Seven Acorns

Seven Nails

A Dagger/Knife

Purple Candle

Seven Gold or White Candles

Red & Black Beads (9×9 Red Beads plus 9×9 Red Beads) The beads should be made and purified/consecrated before hand in a separate ritual ready to go for this working. If you are unable to make the beads of yet. Buy a reel of Black and a reel of Red Ribbon or Cord.

A Ceramic Pot or Cauldron (I myself prefer the ceramic pot due to its connection with the Earth and its energies. Not only this but the Dead are also connected with the earth. This is why in my tradition of practice, most shrines and spirit fetishes to do with the Dead or in honour of the Dead are at ground level. Because it is closer to the Earth, this is where the phrase "Raising The Dead" comes from. When certain Spirits of the Dead are Invoked or called upon, they rise up from inside the Earth.

Statue or Picture of St. Cyprian/St. Justina

Bay Leaves

Prayers to St. Cyprian (written out before hand)

Ritual Working and structure (written out before hand)

Glass Of Water


Black Beans

Red Wine

Incense Of Frankincense

Incense Of Myrrh

Ponto Riscado Of St. Cyprian (Quimbanda tradition)

Other things that can be given as gifts to St. Cyprian, is purple cloth, jewelry, herbs, rosaries.

This list of items is not complete and a lot of things are left out as it relates to the making of St. Cyprian Oil. Which is needed for this working to go ahead.

The procedure involves a nine day dedication for instilling the spirit of Cyprian Of Antioch in your effigy.

The working must be done at midnight (12am) every day for nine days in a row. Starting on a Saturday morning at the Waxing Moon. Making sure that the Full Moon is overseeing the completion of the work, the ninth day. So in other words, the ritual starts 9 mornings before the Full Moon on a Saturday morning.

Invocation To St. Cyprian:

White Lord of the Black Cross, I conjure you ! Come forth here and now and manifest yourself here in this sacred place that I have prepared for you.

By the sacred words of SATOR - ROTAS. By the rule of Tartarus (underworld). I charge and direct you to manifest your brilliance within this sacred place.

I have prepared for you offerings and libations ! Eat, drink deeply, for the Dead can be ravenous.

By the sacred rites of the Ghoul ! By the ancient covenants of the Dead ! You have now been called and conjured on this night and hour of Saturn !

Please move and appear Martyr Of Antioch !

Please move and appear St. Cyprian!

Please do not linger, magnificent mystery, make your Divine presence known to me, here and now thank you.

Prayer To St. Cyprian:

In the name of Cipriano and his Seven Candles !

On behalf of his Black Dog and his Seven Cold Coins !

In the name of Cipriano and his Silver Dagger !

In the name of Cipriano and his Holy Mountain!

In the name of the Tree Of The Zephyrs and the Great Oak !

I ask and may it be answered by the 7 Churches of Rome ! The 7 Lamps of Jerusalem! The 7 Golden Candles of Egypt!

So Mote It Be !

If there is anything within these words above you do not know what they are talking about? It will help a lot more if you do some of your own research on them and learn what they mean.

Now while reciting the next prayer anoint one foot lenghth of Red and one foot lenghth of Black ribbon with St. Cyprian Oil and tie them around the effigy of St. Cyprian with three knots in each. On the 9th morning there should be 9 Red Ribbons and 9 Black Ribbons anointed with St. Cyprian Oil around the effigy, each with 3 knots in them.

The St. Cyprian Prayer (to be used for the anointing of the ribbons) :

Salvé most Holy St. Cyprian!

I beseech you as my Patron

May you work upon me and keep me steady

May you lend me your powers

As I take you as my teacher, tutor and Tatá

As you close up the minds and mouth of my enemies

Make my inner eye double in vision

As my adversaries will be doubly blind

Great one ! Blessed one !

Most Holy St. Cyprian !

I beseech you as my Patron

I ask and pray that you please heed my call thanks

So mote it be !

On the 9th night make sure that the effigy or picture of St. Cyprian Of Antioch has the rays of the Full Moon shining on it. With prayers baptize the effigy in St. Cyprian Oil and Red Wine all over. Then place leaves of Bay Laurel and Acacia between the ribbons rapped around the St. Cyprian effigy/picture.

Watch over the coming weeks for animal parts that may come your way. Go for walks which may allow this to take place. If this happens they should be placed in a Black Cloth and tied to your St. Cyprian effigy with Black Cord. This is a type of Mojo Bag offering to St. Cyprian, anoint the bag with St. Cyprian Oil. These things, along with other gifts and offerings as inspired can be added to your St. Cyprian altar/sacred space and effigy/picture over time. As your relationship with the spirit of St. Cyprian develops some more.

All the liberations should be topped up and the food offerings changed with fresh food every Saturday morning around 12am. If the food is going off or smelly change it sooner.

While doing the 9 Saturday (Saturn Day) mornings of the St. Cyprian installment. If you happen to miss one morning for what ever reason. You will have to start the 9 day morning rituals all over again, 9 mornings before the next Full Moon.

The Graveyard dirt, 7 Gold Coins, 7 Acorns, 7 Nails, Dagger/Knife go in the ceramic pot with your St. Cyprian effigy.

You will need enough bought graveyard dirt to fill almost half of the ceramic pot.

The Golden Candles can be lit in the ceramic pot or around it. The Purple Candle is lit in the sacred place set aside for St. Cyprian. All these candles I anoint first with St. Cyprian Oil.

The Ponto Riscado Of St. Cyprian can be painted on the side of the ceramic pot or placed underneath it. You can also make a Taliman of the Ponto Riscado to use when reciting the invocation of St. Cyprian. However, the Talisman will have to be dedicated, cleansed, charged and activated in the proper way before hand.

Also featured on my ceramic pot, which can't be seen in the photos. Is a Skull and Crossbones and a Cross Of Galgotha in the Russian Orthodox tradition painted on it.

As I say, there is more to this ritual working that I will share in another blog relating to St. Cyprian Oil.

Thanks for reading and showing an interest in this blog. Any questions please feel free to ask me thanks.

Refrences :

The 9 Day Prayer & some of the information relating to the 9 Day Ritual & ingredients. Is taken from the book : Exu & The Quimbada Of Night & Fire by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, Scarlet Imprint 2012.

Link :

The Invocation To St. Cyprian is taken from a book I have called The Gospel Of The Gouls by Baron & Baronessa Araignee.


My photos of St. Cyprian Of Antioch Effigy at different stages of the 9 Days ritual. Like any Deity you wish to have as your Patron, there is always a vigil held for so many days. By the end of the vigil the person should know if that Deity wishes to be your Patron or not. St. Cyprian gave me a very clear indication on this.

Picture of the Exu - San Cipriano, Ponto Riscado :

Pictures of my St. Cyprian effigy now :  

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