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The Pact With Our Lady Of The Shadows


(Please read through this whole blog and ritual carefully before performing it. Make sure you have everything you need before starting the ritual).

Firstly, a pact is not something to be taken lightly. The ritual is very powerful and should be taken in all seriousness.

A ritual of this kind is not for the occult dabbler.

You need to think very hard before considering to perform this ritual and make a pact with La Dama Poderosa.

This pact is a type of contract between you and La Dama Poderosa. It is the next step from that of a commitment or dedication ritual.

It is wise to wait until La Dama Poderosa picks you. All I can say on this matter is that you will know if that has taken place.

If La Dama Poderosa has picked you as her own, then first you need to do a dedication ritual unto the all powerful lady. You should then wait quite sometime before going on with this pact. How long? Once again you will know, as she will tell you.

If you are in some doubt as to if you should go ahead with this ritual. Then this maybe a clear indication that you shouldn't.

If you have not heard of the term "Godslave" in occult circles? Well this is a strong possibility. It means that once you have made tbis pact with La Dama Poderosa. She rightfully owns you and this means that she can do with your life, body, mind what she sees fit to do.

Make no mistake, although La Santisima Meurte is called a Saint. A Saint is a human that performed miracles here on Earth and after death was allevated to a Divinity by the Roman Catholic church.

La Dama Poderosa was never a human being here on this Earth. She has always been and always will be the spirit of death itself.

La Dama Poderosa is a very, very powerful ancient Goddess. Because of her Divinity, La Dama Poderosa knows best, over you. If she so wishes to, what may seem to you like turning your life upside down...well she will. She may take everything away from you, tbat you hold dear and close to your heart. As she may feel that you are on the wrong path. The path that she has planned for you, may not be the path you think you want. You know, like the Tower in the Tarot.

La Dama Poderosa may wish to "Ride" you. Meaning that she may wish to possess you partly or full possession at random or talk through you? Then when you come back to consciousness. You may have no knowledge of what happened, leaving other people to tell you, if with others? This may cause you to do things that you may not normally do if you were in your own mind. For example, if you are a Male and La Dama Poderosa comes down into you. You most certainly will take on her personality. Which will be that of a lady in a mans body. You may even start to wear makeup and ladies clothing. Such is her influence on you and around you.

I tell you these things in this much detail because I dont think websites on La Santisima Meurte explain all this when posting rituals such as this. Sure, they may give a warning to some description, but not go into much details as to why?

Someone that becomes possessed by Deities is called a "Horse" in my tradition. When the Gods are called into a "Horse" to "Ride" it's called "Horsing". This used to be common practice in ancient times with Witches and Shamans alike. It was considered a very possitive thing and honoured thing, to have the Gods use your body to communicate with others in this way. However, these days with modern "Wicca" and Neo-Paganism. Sadly it does not take place, Wicca being more a religion than anything else.

Do not perform this ritual in a house where small children are present all the time. You must do this ritual completely alone, just you and The Lady Of Shadows.

You need to be fully devoted to La Santisima Meurte to perform this ritual. If not it most likely will have a bad outcome on you. Something to remember is that La Santisima Meurte can be very jealous of that which she owns at times and that will mean you also.

Here is the things you will meed for the pact ritual to La Dama Poderosa :

One cloth, dedicated to the aspect of La Dama Poderosa you wish to make the pact with. In my case it is La Señora Negra, so my cloth will be black. The cloth should be large enough to fit all the offerings to La Dama Poderosa, the incense holder and ash tray within a triangle.

Three pillar candles, one White (Bone), one Black and one Red.

Torilla Ashes

Incense of Myrrh, Dragons Blood and I also use what is called Black Magick incense. This is due to the La Señora Nina Negra aspect of La Dama Poderosa who is one of my Patron Deities. Some people use Sandalwood, Frankincense or Copal. (Later on in walking this crooked path La Dama Poderosa, Nina Negra, will tell you what she likes from you.

A Cigar

A glass of Tequila or Rum (full strength)

A dozen Red roses

A bottle of Santisima Meurte Oil, to anoint the candles with before hand.

Robes or clothes in the colour of the aspect of Santa Meurte you wish to make your Patron Deity. For me it is the Black Hooded Robe.

The ritual :

The ritial should only be done on the 9th day of each month, every month for one year. It is even more powerful if you start the ritual in September, the 9th month of the year.

The ritual should take place at 9:00pm at night and run right through till 3am in the morning.

On this day you should not eat red meat, take alcohol or have any sexual activity.

Take a ritual bath before hand and all the while pray unto La Dama Poderosa from the heart.

On your altar dedicated to La Dama Poderosa, only place the cloth after anointing it in each corner with Santisima Meurte Oil.

In the middle of the cloth put the incense burner dedicated to La Dama Poderosa only, with incense. First tell La Dama Poderosa that you are offering the incense to her and that you hope that she excepts it and finds it pleasing.

Light the incense.

Then take the black candle and place it at the top left of the cloth. Then the white candle at the top right of the cloth and finally, the red candle velow them on the cloth. This forms an inverted triangle, that also represents the element of Fire.

You may also like to make a Sigil for La Dama Poderosa. Drawn in your own blood, this links you with the spirit of La Dama Poderosa.

I will leave Sigil making, how to charge, consecrate and dedicate them the way I do for another blog.

I will say that a good way to do this is by using the Magick Square of Saturn. The numbers of the Magick Square of Saturn go upto the number 9, La Dama Poderosa's sacred number. Saturn is also associated with Necromancy and the dead, as is La Santisima Meurte.

In another blog i'm yet to do called "Who Is Azazel pt. 2" I will talk a bit more on the Magick Square of Saturn. It's true origin that is rarely mentioned by Western occultists and other things relating to this. Azazel is still helping me with part 2 at this point in time. If you have not read my last blog in the Azazel series, part 1, please do thanks.

This is also why one of La Dama Poderosa's sacred days is Saturday (Saturn Day). This is why a lot of my Magickal practice is connected to the Saturnian current and Saturnian Magick.

Once your La Dama Poderosa Sigil is consecrated, charged and dedicated in that order. It is then ready to be placed on the cloth under the dedicated incense holder within the middle of the cloth.

Now pray the prayer to La Santisima Meurte as you light each candle starting with the black candle on the left and moving in an anticlockwise direction, finishing with tbe white candle. Wait 9 minutes between lighting each candle. During the 9 minutes, this should be taken up with prayer and contemplation of the working at hand.

Then move the black candle slightly aside and white your name, with your left index finger on the cloth in Tortilla Ashes. Then place the burning black candle back on top of your name you have just written. Then wait another 9 minutes and do the same with tbe Red candle and the same again with the white candle. Each time praying the same prayer over each candle. You can also engrave symbols that relate to you on the candles before hand if you wish? Example : Zodiac Sign, Planetary Ruler and more.

Then lift the left side of the cloth and write your name under it in the same way and while saying the prayer. Then cover it back over making sure what was written is not visible.

In completion leave La Dama Poderosa some offerings and gifts of Rum or Tequila in a small glass. Also place some of the alcohol in your mouth and swirl it around, then spray it from your mouth into the careful not to spit.

Some books say that if you do not drink or smoke, you should not offer La Dama Poderosa alcohol or Cigars. Because would you encourage a friend to drink or smoke, if they do not? In my own opinion it does not matter if you do not drink or smoke. It is all about what La Santisima Meurte likes, not you. By doing this you would only be putting your own moral judgements into it, which is not right.

Next light the Cigar and smoke some of it, blowing the smoke into the triangle 9 times. Then replace the remaining Cigar in the triangle with the rest of the offerings to burn down. If you can't have Cigar smoke buring in the house, do the ritual outside.

This is why your cloth needs to be large enough to hold the Sigil, incense and offerings within it.

Then place the dozen Red roses within the triangle.

You may also wish to leave some food, fruit and candies for La Santisima Meurte? Which is a good idea.

Remember, you will be doing this ritual on the 9th of every month for a full year. So it is wise to make sure that you always have the things you need for her offerings on hand ready, that they do not run short. Once you start giving something to La Dama Poderosa as an offering in this ritual. It is very wise to keep giving her the same offerings for the full year. Also, if you miss a month, then you will have to start again from the beginning., as if it was the first month. If you miss the 9th day of the month? Do the ritual on the following 18th day. You may get away with doing this a few times however, do not do this often. It is important to try and stick to the 9th of each month.

Once all this is done, thank La Santisima Meurte for her help and what ever you would like to say to her in your own words. Once this ritual has been completed, you can be sure that she will walk with you and protect you with her legions of the dead and other spirits, when you call upon her. La Dama Poderosa will then be your Patron Deity.

The Prayer To La Señora, Nina Negra (Qalmana) :

I .......................come before thee La Señora Negra. Our Lady Of The Shadows and make a pact with you. I kneel at thy feet as thy servant unto you Great and Mighty Lady. I .........................give of myself unto thee and put no other before thee. La Dama Poderosa, please make your strength and power known to me. May I also feel thy presence around me, as you walk with me. Come to my aid Great Spirit Mother my Lady, my Goddess in times of need. Open doors that have closed on me and show me the right path to take. La Santisima Meurte, you stand at the crossroads between the living and the dead. If I so wish to call upon the dead for their service, they may come in numbers through your name. La Niña Negra, I stand at your door and knock, that you may open it and grant me entry into your kingdom. That you may make me feel most welcome. As I come to you with a true heart and full dedication in all seriousness. La Señora Negra, may your wonderful  blessings and miracles come down upon me in many ways. La Señora Negra, you are the Gatekeeper of the underworld. Ruler of the cemeteries. Protect me under your black cloak of steel from harms way and that it may return to where it was sent. La Niña Negra, there is nothing you cannot do, as everything is within your power, even the Mighty Dead, and the Shades, respond to your name. I have nothing that is not yours, I invite you into my home and my life.

I open up my Heart to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

I open up my Soul to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

I open up my Body to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

I open up my Mind to La Señora De Las Sombras!!!

La Señora Negra, this pact with thee. From this day on you are my Patron Lady Of The Shadows. I promise to honour my part in the pact and never break it, lest I be struck down with bad luck on doing so.

La Señora Negra, I........................promise to be faithful and devoted to three always. From now on until you come and claim my Soul and take me to the afterlife.

So it is written, so it shall be done!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

Avè La Santisima Meurte!!!!

To thee, I give of my full self and await your response and kindness.

Salve, Salve Qalmana !!!!!

So mote it be !!!

After doing this ritual you should clearly feel La Señora Negra's presence come upon you, if done right?

When I feel the presence of La Dama Poderosa, she comes from my left side as ice cold air. Even if the room is at a different temperature, you will feel the change. If you do not feel anything after this working, then ether something has gone wrong or you are not aware of her energies yet? They should start to grow stronger around you each time you do this working. Ask La Señora Negra to make you more sensitive to her presence and energies.

You can also do a Divination with Shells, Tarot, Bones or other means if you feel something's not right.

I constructed this pact to be incorporated into Necromancy and for the La Señora Negra vibration of La Santisima Meurte. In order to use this pact for a different aspect of La Santisima Meurte you will have to make some modifications. One example would be, if you are doing  the pact for Niña Blanca. You may wish to light the candles starting with the white one and going in a clockwise direction?

"Negra" is not a racist word in this context as La Señora Negra has no skin. This aspect of La Dama Poderosa is in relation to her cloak which is symbolic for her energies.

Any questions please feel free to ask me.

In my practice it is important to make a legitimate pact with a Deity/God/dess, before they will agree to be your Patron Deity.

(I hold no responsibility for anyrhing that happens to anyone who performs this ritual working. Do it at your own risk).

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