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The Consecration Of The Lotus Wand Ceremony

Good morning readers,

Most people that read about or practice the esoteric arts will know that all new ritual tools need to be consecrated before use. When a ritual tool is consecrated, I am bringing them before the higher Divine powers that be as a sign of respect, for their approval and blessing. Not only this, but having the ritual tool consecrated charges and activates the tool so that it is ready for esoteric practice. When I consecrate a ritual tool, I am calling on certain forces of intelligence`s from other realms to help with is process.

As I make my own ritual tools, which I encourage everyone to do if it is possible. I am putting my personal energy into the ritual tool, through not just the making of it, but also the thoughts of what it is going to be used for while doing this. I visualize myself in ritual with this tool in action. All this helps to personally charge the ritual tool in itself, however more is also needed as explained above.

So here in this article I am going to explain the ritual I used to consecrate my Lotus Wand/Rainbow Wand. This ritual is for someone more experienced and trained in this tradition of Ceremonial/High Magick.

My Consecrated Lotus Wand :

Firstly, a lot of the main rituals that are used in nearly all of  my ceremonies, for example, "The Lesser Banishing/Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram, The Banishing/Invoking Ritual Of The Hexagram, The Middle Pillar Meditation, The Kabbalistic Cross Meditation, The Supreme Invoking/Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram, The Opening By Watchtower Ritual and more, I have written in one of my magickal work books for quick reference. However, after a few months of performing these opening and closing rituals, it is important to commit them to your memory as I myself have. This way you are then able to more closely focus on your visualization skills and vibration of certain "Words Of Power" more clearly.

What is a "Word Of Power" you may ask? A "Word Of Power" is often a Divine God/dess name, Angelic name, Deity name, Entity name, E.T name, Jinn name, Daemon name and more. However, these names are vibrated through sound and voice on a very precise frequency. Combined with the use of different ancient languages like, Hebrew, Latin, Seminarian, Aborigine and more. When these "Words Of Power" are vibrated right then they will draw to you the attention of the very beings in which you are vibrating as well as other intelligence's from other realms.

The Lotus Wand has 12 colours, each of these colours represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac. There is other correspondences in relation to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. To mention some examples are, the 12 Months of the Year, the 12 Disciples of The Christ, the 12 Spokes in Ezekiel`s Wheels, Robyn Hood`s 12 Merry Men, 12 Tribes Of Israel and more.

In this Consecration Of The Lotus Wand ritual, the Angels, Gods and the Elemental and Zodiac forces will be invoked and acknowledged for all 12 signs, one at a time. Also included in each Zodiac dedication will be their Elemental Invocation Pentagram, as each Zodiac sign falls under an Elemental force.

For Banishing you draw away from the elemental point in one continuous line, forming a Pentagram. For Invoking you draw towards the elemental point in one continuous line forming a Pentagram.

Banishing and Invoking elemental Pentagrams, Spirit Active and Passive Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams. 

The Consecration Of The Lotus Wand is a one time ritual. Also given the fact that, through the ritual I would be going through each Zodiac Invocation and dedication one at a time and one after the other. I knew that is main part of the ritual did not have to be committed to memory, and so I decided to write all 12 Invocations down on a piece of cardboard separated from the the rest of the ritual which was written in one of my Books Of Shadows. This made things a lot easier for me to go through each card in order, one at a time, it worked well.

As I mentioned above the importance of Visualization, Focus and word Vibrations. Even though this part of the ritual does not need to be memorized and is read from 12 cards. Some preparation is needed, it is important to go through the whole ritual and what is written on the cards before hand, like say, one week before the ritual, reading through it every day. Practice Vibrating the Words Of Power, read through what is on the cards slowly and with feeling and meaning. Practice tracing the Invoking Elemental Pentagrams and Visualizing their colours. The Angels that are mentioned for each Zodiac, look them up on the net and learn all about them prior to doing the ritual. The Hebrew words of power, learn all there is to know about them and the Hebrew letters which are Magick symbols in themselves, that make up the word.

One thing also that is good to commit to memory, if you wish to practice this tradition of Magick, is the Hebrew Alphabet.

Something else you really need to commit to memory is all the Pentagrams, Invoking and Banishing, Elemental, Spirit and Planetary, this also go`s for the Hexagrams as well.

Rather than using the Planetary Hexagrams, I use the unicursal Hexagrams, as it draws one continuous line. Just like the Pentagrams, start where the Planet symbol is and draw the line away from it for Banishing, and towards the Planet symbol for Invoking. So the Solar/Sun Banishing Hexagram will start in the middle and the drawn line will move away from the Solar Symbol.

When doing this Consecration Of The Lotus Wand Ceremony, you will be standing in the Magick Circle, at the position of where the Zodiac sign you are doing the Invocation is stationed.

Aries is at 12 O`Clock, Taurus is at 1 O`Clock, Gemini is at 2 O`Clock, Cancer is at 3 O` Clock, Leo is at 4 O` Clock, Virgo is at 5 O` Clock, Libra is at 6 O`Clock, Scorpio is at 7 O` Clock, Sagittarius is at 8 O` Clock, Capricorn is at 9 O` Clock, Aquarius is at 10 O` Clock and Pisces is at 11 O`Clock.

As I mentioned above, there will be 12 Invocations of the Zodiac to go through. These 12 Invocations feature Angels, Divine Names Of Power and Tribes of Israel that are directly related to the Zodiac sign they represent. These are the powerful forces at work with each Zodiac and Element connected to it. Here is the Angels, Tribes Of Israel and Divine Names, to be invoked under each Zodiac.

Aries - Divine Name : Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh, Hebrew Letter : Heh (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Gad, Angel : Melchidael.

Taurus - Divine Name : Yud-Heh-Heh-Vahv, Hebrew Letter : Vau (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Ephraim, Angel : Asmodel.

Gemini - Divine Name : Yud-Vahv-Heh-Heh, Hebrew Letter : Zayin (draw this letter in Hebrew, in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Manasseh, Angel : Ambriel.

Cancer - Divine Name : Heh-Vahv-Heh-Yud, Hebrew Letter : Cheth (draw this letter in Hebrew, in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Issachar, Angel : Muriel.

Leo - Divine Name : Heh-Vahv-Yud-Heh, Hebrew Letter : Teth (draw this letter in Hebrew, in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Judah, Angel : Verchiel.

Virgo - Divine Name : Heh-Heh-Vahv-Yod, Hebrew Letter : Yod (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Naphthail, Angel : Hamaliel.

Libra - Divine Name : Vahv-Heh-Yud-Heh, Hebrew Letter : Lahmed (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Asshur : Angel : Zuriel.

Scorpio - Divine Name : Vahv-Heh-Heh-Yud, Hebrew Letter : Nun (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe of Israel : Dan, Angel : Barchiel.

Capricorn - Divine Name : Heh-Yud-Heh-Vahv, Hebrew Letter : Eye-In (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Zepulun, Angel : Hanael.

Aquarius - Divine Name : Heh-Yud-Vahv-Heh, Hebrew Letter : Tzaddi (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Reuben, Angel : Cambriel.

Pisces - Divine Name : Heh-Heh-Yud-Vahv, Hebrew Letter : Koph (draw this letter in Hebrew in the air), Tribe Of Israel : Simeon, Angel : Amunitziel.

Here is the 12 O`Clock Aries card example, it is important to note that all of the words of the 12 Zodiac invocations are the same. The only changes are the Divine names, the Angels, the Tribes Of Israel and the Hebrew letter.

Aries invocation Card Example

The heavens are above and the earth is beneath. Between the light and the dark do vibrate the colours of life. I supplicate the powers and forces governing the nature, place, and authority of the sign of Aries by the majesty of the Divine name Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh with which, in earth life and language. I ascribe the letter Heh to which is allotted the symbolic tribe of Gad. Over which is the Angel Melchidael to bestow this present day and hour and confirm their mystic and potent influence upon the Red band of this Lotus Wand which I hereby dedicate to purity and esoteric work. May my grasp upon it strengthen me in the work of the nature and attributes of Aries.

Another thing that will need to be placed on each card is the Elemental Invoking Pentagrams of each Zodiac signs, and the symbol of each Zodiac.

So the Invocation Pentagram for Aries would be the Fire Elemental Invocation Pentagram and so on.

Aries symbol to also be traced, I will leave you to work out all the other Elemental Invocation Pentagrams for each Zodiac Sign.

Another thing that is very important when doing all 12 invocation, dedications.
The right coloured band is held in relation to the Zodiac sign card you are using. To learn more about this, see another one of my blogs relating to the Lotus Wand. As each coloured band, in all 12, on the Lotus Wand represents different Zodiac signs.

Here are the 12 colours on the Lotus Wand which relate to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They will be in order in relation to how they are placed on the Lotus Wand from top to bottom.

The Zodiac sign colours should be memorized as the Lotus Wand is used for a lot of workings of Magick within this tradition.

Top - White/Positive

Aries - Red

Taurus - Red/Orange

Gemini - Orange

Cancer - Amber

Leo - Lemon/Yellow

Virgo - Yellow/Green

Libra - Green

Scorpio - Green/Blue

Sagittarius - Blue

Capricorn - Indigo

Aquarius - Violet

Pisces - Crimson

Bottom - Black/Negative

Another ritual that is used in this ceremony, is called "The Opening By Watchtower Ritual. As I have said, this ceremony is for those that are more advanced in Magick, in relation to this tradition. I have not written an article of yet about the The Opening By Watchtower Ritual, however I hope to do so in the not to distant future. The Opening By Watchtower Ritual is just as it says, it is a very powerful opening and invocation ritual for the ceremony been conducted.

Other than the regular ceremonial tools, that being the elemental tools, candles, incense, maybe the Cross and Triangle or the Tablet Of Union, Male and Female Deities on the altar. You will also need some salt on the altar, unless you have already made up some Holy Water, you can see how to do this at one of my other blogs. You will also need a Red Rose on the altar, plus a Red Lamp which can be a red candle upon the altar.

The Red Lamp, mine is a red candle in a red glass, a symbol of Spirit :

My altar prepared for the Consecration Of The Lotus Wand Ceremony :

The Ceremony :

Start behind your altar, facing East. Pick up the Lotus Wand, holding it by the Black band, move to the East Watchtower and perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram, going to all 4 Watchtowers ( you can find how to do this at one of my other blogs).

Once back behind your altar, take the Lotus Wand by the White band, then move to the East Watchtower to perform the Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram, going to all 4 Watchtowers.

Now once behind your altar again, place the Lotus Wand back on the altar so the top of the wand is facing towards the East.

Light your Incense with the Red Lamp, the incense I most often use for ceremonies like this, is Frankincense or Myrrh, sometimes White Sage or Sandalwood.

Now pick up the Lotus Wand by the White band, hold it high to say :

O Harpocrates, Lord Of Silence who art enthroned upon the Lotus Flower, O Lord Of Creation for the Lotus petals present your Mighty Divine name, in the name of YHVA = Yod-Heh-Vah-Heh (vibrate name).

Harpocrates, The Lord Of Silence :-

Now do the Opening By Watchtower Ritual. Through this ritual, when it calls for the use of the elemental tools, you will be holding the Lotus Wand in your Right Hand by the White band and the elemental tool in the Left hand.

Once the Opening By Watchtower ritual is done, then perform the Kabbalistic Cross exercise.

Now perform the Middle Pillar exercise.

Take up the Lotus Wand by the White band, holding it high say :

In that hour when the Son Of Man is invoked before the Lord Of Spirits and his name before the Ancient Of Days.

Then say :

The Heaven is above and the Earth is below. Between the Light and the Darkness the colours vibrate.

Now start the invocation/dedication/consecration ritual of the Lotus Wand, which was explained above. Going around the full circle, starting at 12 O`Clock in Aries, holding the Lotus Wand by the right colour, reading from each of the 12 cards as you go. Read it slowly and with meaning in your voice, and vibrating the Divine names, Angels and Tribe names. At the end of the reading of each card perform the Invoking Pentagram of the Zodiac sign of that card. Trace the Pentagram with a circle around it in a clockwise direction, then trace the symbol that represents the Zodiac sign in the middle of the traced Pentagram. Wait about a minute before moving onto the next position on the circle. Try to feel the energy of the powers you just called upon, if you did not feel anything, that does not mean it did not work. It might mean that you are not yet sensitive enough to feel their presence. While moving around the circle or using the Lotus Wand, be very careful not to let the top part of the wand, the Lotus Flower to point downwards ever.

Once all 12 invocations of the Zodiac have been completed, move back to behind the altar, facing East and return the Lotus Wand to the altar also.

Now say :

O Isis, Great Goddess of the forces of nature. Let thine influence descend and consecrate this lotus Wand which I dedicate to thee for the performance of the works of Magick of Light.

Isis, The Great Goddess :

Now take up the Salt and put some in the Cup of Water, with the cup, walk around the circle in a clockwise direction starting from East, sprinkling the Water as you go.

Replace the Cup on the altar, then take up the incense and move around the circle with the incense.

Once back at the altar facing East, go around the circle in a anti-clockwise direction, while holding the Lotus Wand by the White band. Visualize the energies empowering your Lotus Wand and also yourself. Hold the Lotus Wand up high as you go, move around the circle in this direction three times, then return to the altar facing East.

Now say :

In the name of Yeheshuah (The Christ) I now set the spirits free that may have been imprisoned by this ceremonial working.

Yeheshuah, The Christ :

Now perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram, using your Lotus Wand and holding it by the Black band.

Then perform the Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram with your Lotus Wand, while holding it by the White band.

Now say :

All spirits depart in peace to your abodes and habitations and go with the blessings of............

Yeh-Hah-Shu-Au (The Christ) and Yeh-Hoh-Vah-Sha (Jehovah).

Now Say :

I now declare the Temple/Circle closed.

Thanks for showing an interest in this blog of mine. If you have any questions in relation to this article, please feel free to leave me a message ether here or at my Google + page under the posting of this video. Limitless Light !!

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Goddess, The God And The Divine

Good afternoon readers,

Just recently I got asked "How does the Goddess and the God fit into the Divine".

So I decided to do an article on it here at my blog, to explain it as best I can in regards to how I see it. It is my hope that this simple way that I explain it, makes some sense in a way that is clearly understood.

Another name for the Divine Godhead to me is "Limitless Light", it is the beginning of all things, the Alpha and Omega, the Eternal Flame, the Source Of All, and there is apart of this in all of us and in everything.

Picture : Divine Light

This Limitless Light we call the Divine is nether Male or Female and yet both. Just like myself as a Male, I have both Male and Female traits within, so does a Female human being have also Male traits within. After all "God" as in the Divine Limitless Light manifested us out of it`s image. In other words everything you see around you in this physical world which includes the whole universe, is a manifestation of the Divine. The spirit or true higher self that is in all of us humans and all things. Is a part of the Divine that keeps the living physical alive, for without that, all would die. The Divine made manifest which is the physical dimension is made up of four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Our Zodiac signs fall under one of these four elements, two of these elements are female traits and two are Male traits. Everything we see that is living in this physical realm is divided into both Male and Female.

Only when the pure Divine Limitless Light is itself un-manifest, is both Male and Female in one. When a Male and Female human being come together in sexual union, at the point of climax is said to be the nearest experience to the closeness of the Divine, also through this creation may come about.

There are a few dogmatic religions that say that "God" is an all Male God, they are in error. The same can be said, if a religion believes God is all female, they also are in error. We can not call the Divine Limitless Light in it`s purest form all Male or all Female, for the Divine is in perfect balance.

While we humans are here in this physical manifestation, realm, dimension or whatever you choose to call it. We should strive towards balancing out the elemental forces within us all.

When someone decides to walk the way of the Left Hand Path or the other extreme, the Right Hand Path, ether way, these humans are unbalanced. There needs to be a balance between to two, and in the Tree Of Life this is called the Middle Path or Pillar.

For many years the world has been under Male dominance and a Male God, however in recent times there has been a shift toward feminism. This is all good and well, however there is a strong worry that it might go all one way again. Then through time this could go back and forwards like a winging pendulum, humanity as a whole needs to learn equality and balance. As the Female aspect is just as much part of the Divine as is the Male. There is still a long way to go for humanity as most Churches of the Christian Religion will not except females in leadership roles.

After saying this, it brings me to my next part of this article.

A lot of these dogmatic religions will say that all other religions follow or even worship many different Gods and Goddesses, unlike them who follow the one true God. This is due to there lack of deep knowledge, understanding and ignorance. When someone may try to explain it to them they become very closed minded.

As it is hard for us human beings here in the physical realm to comprehend the Limitless Light we call the Divine Godhead. We see it in it`s both Male and Female aspects, just like this physical realm, the manifestation of the Divine called "Creation". Also in order for us to relate to the pure Divine we use objects to help us to focus on this universal force of Limitless Light. All the different Goddesses and Gods are different traits of the one Divine Godhead. Some may say that all the different Goddesses and Gods are different personalities of the one Divine Godhead. However, I do not like that description as it makes me think that the Divine Limitless Light has a personality disorder. Another way of putting it, is that all the Goddesses and Gods are different ways of seeing the one pure Divine Light, or different expressions of the one.

Picture : God, Osiris

As human beings we all see things from a different or another perspective. Not only this but different cultures used different names to explain the very same Divine Light. Earthly Christianity was no different, in regards to this, they used many names to describe the one Divine source. Some examples would be, Adoni, Shaddi El Chai, Yehova, Elohim, El and so on.

In order for us human beings to have a personal connection with the Divine Godhead, we name it, which really is a label we put on it. Then we have divided the Divine powers into Male and Female images. Then we are able to honor the Divine Limitless Light in it`s Male and Female aspect. Really it is honoring the Divine in is Male and Female manifested state as a Goddess and a God. Just like everything else is in it`s manifested state in this physical realm as Male/God and Female/Goddess.

Picture : Goddess, Isis

Say I wished to have a certain quality in my life, I would call on a certain God name or Goddess name that specialized in this quality. In reality I am calling on that aspect of the Divine as a whole to work in my life.

So it is my hope that you now can understand it a little bit more. If you have any questions and wish to ask me, please feel free to leave me a comment on Google + under the post of this article as this is where I will see your comments more easily. I will be only to happy to answer your questions on this article if I can.

Limitless Light to all.

© Orion Silverstar 2016.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Magickal Experiences - I T C - High Magick

Greetings Readers,

Studying and above all practicing Magick in which I am still doing and most likely will do for the rest of my life, here in this physical realm. Why? Due to the art of Magick and the studies of spiritual matters being an ongoing thing that  should take a life time. As much as I may seem to know, there is always much, much more.

Some people may think that the best time to start practicing their craft is when they have learn`t enough, if this is the case they may never get started.

 I myself have found that the best time to start it`s practice is while you are learning it. If you take what you are learning slowly and without rushing or expecting to get results right away and practicing it also, you are more likely to remember it much better.

 I find that while I read a book, if I also take notes of what sticks out the most for me, then I can read it over which helps a lot. Often what sticks out the most in books is more often than not what the spiritual beings around me wish me to know as they are showing me this. I think it is amazing how many times I have read something in a book and it connects with something else I have read before. Like it puts the pieces of the puzzle together or the penny drops, this is those spirit beings around me talking to me. I really find reading a spiritual book a great way to help spiritual beings to communicate with me.

There have been so many times where I have been reading a book, then a voice inside my head will give me more information in relation to what I am reading. Another way of knowing I am on the right path is when the book I am reading complements the last book I was reading, even if the subject is totally unrelated to it. I lot of people do a lot of reading and then think they have all the advice to give. However theory is useless if it is not also put into practice, but this takes a lot of time, discipline, effort, practice and more. With anything in life, if you put in the heard work and effort, well then you will end up getting a lot out of it.

There are people out there that think if they learn a few words from a Magickal book, great things will happen. Unfortunately for them, they have been watching to many Hollywood movies as it does not happen like that. Being a Magician is not something done by someone in a ritual every now and then, then the rest of the week it is forgotten. This type of person is a religious person and there is a lot of these types of people in this world from every religion. I myself are not a religious person but a spiritual person, which means it is a part of my life all day, every day.

To "Walk In The Spirit" means to be awake and aware of what your true higher self is saying to you all the time. This is what it means to be a Magician, it is a way of life and not just about bringing what you NEED into your life, but also inner transformation and more so. However this path is not for everyone as there are many spiritual paths but the principles are basically the same.

I will now talk about some of the experiences I have had on first deciding to take the path of the Magician.

All most right away I remember beginning to notice a big change in my environment around me. For example, my animals started to seem more relaxed where as before they would sometimes upset each other or fight. The air in my house seemed to be no where near as heavy as it was before hand. As some of my readers may know, I practice Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Well on doing an indoor session I was unable to get any results inside the house as I used to do. I believe this was due to doing a lot of Banishing rituals within the house and a good indication they where working, to well. The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is for clearing astral clutter in your environment, your aura and any negative forces around, plus unwanted walk in spirits and Earthbound spirits. Earthbound spirits are something I get a lot of due to my work with Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication and other spirit communication work I do. So due to this, the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is something I need to do on a regular basis within my home. However there is often another ritual that works well with this one and that is The Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram. This ritual clears away not only more of what the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram does, but also all spiritual forces around you including helpful Entities/spirits that maybe around from other spiritual workings done. I believe it is this later ritual that has had an effect on my indoor sessions of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, which I thought was interesting.

Now sometimes when I do a session of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, mainly the Rapid Moving Water And Direct Light Reflection Method as I call it. I do another ritual called The Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram, invoking the elemental forces of Water with the Invoking Water Pentagram. Amazingly I have had an increase of results in the Rapid Moving Water And Direct Light Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

This has been an experiment I have been working with for sometime now, incorporating High Magick into Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Most likely I am the very first to do or try this which I wish to share with you all for the first time. I also plan down the track to take it one step more in which I am exited about, however for now I will just share this.

I would like to add that if anyone decides to try what I have practiced here, it is very wise to understand all about these banishing and invoking rituals. I myself never ever practice a ritual I do not understand what it is about. I study every aspect of the ritual first, what the words within it mean, what the ritual should do, who are the deities names used and more. It is very important to do this and not just to go ahead with the ritual, also the symbols used, like for example the Pentagram Invoking/Banishing Water, know all about them. It also helps to know these rituals to heart as I do, then you can focus more on the visualizations and word vibrations which are very important to get results.

Other things I started to notice is that there is a large acceleration in my knowledge. After just a few months I was surprised at how much I had committed to memory, something I would not have been able to do on my own in the past. I also notice that things are flowing more smoother in my life and I notice and feel things I have not before. An example would be that I feel sometimes on a high without drugs, this is the only way to explain it. Like I am fully charged with lots of energy, not physical energy but an energy coming from within my spirit or true higher self, like it is alive, reminds me of "Been Filled With The Spirit".

While doing the Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram the Divine energy is called down into me. I guess you could say that it is like the descending of the "Dove" or "Holy Spirit", once this energy is inside me. Sometimes it is so great that it feels like it is almost about to overflow, this is when I release some of it through my hands into thing like, plants, sending it to people in need, giving it back to the earth itself, my animals and more. This energy can also be used in the healing of others, hands on or sending it to someone you know who needs it. I would just like to say that if you do send this Divine energy to someone you know in need, it is good to get their permission first and that is very important.

Anyway, I am going to leave this article there for now. If anyone has any questions in regards to this article, please let me know thanks. You can leave me a comment under this post at my Google + page, as this is where I will see it more easily.

It is my hope that you found this article interesting ~ Limitless Light.

© Orion Silverstar 2016.   


Monday, 31 October 2016

Christ, The Elements And Inner Transformation.

Welcome readers,

The physical human body can at times continually be a burden that will weigh our spirit down. Therefore it can block the communication we have with our spirit and in turn the higher divine powers, bringing separation. As our spirit is our True Higher Self which is part of the Divine and our body is not, but in fact belongs to the earth in which it will return once more in death.

There is a verse in the Bible were "The Christ" says : "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" Matthew 26 : 41. In this verse he is clearly talking about the inner transformation of a person on the spiritual path to illumination and the struggle it, at times can be.

We must strive to bring our bodies in order, so that they are like a temple for the higher self. In the Bible once again it says : "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" 1 Corinthians 6 : 19. What is being said is that your bodies are not just vessels for the True Higher Self, but are in fact also temples for it. In the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn it is talked about reaching a point of having "Knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. They are talking about that connection we must have with our higher self. Whether it is called "The Holy Guardian Angel", "The Holy Spirit", "The Higher Self", "The True Self", our "Spirit" or "Soul", it is all one and the same thing. The reason the word "Holy" is used, our Higher Self is a part of and connected to the Divine source.

So you see, when you come to know your Higher True Self, you will also start to connect with the Higher Divine powers as your Higher True Self is part of it.

Picture : The Golden Dawn of a New Day.....a New Beginning !!

You maybe asking what this has to do with the elements.

In Enochian Magick as also in the Western Hermetic Tradition, there is a tablet called the "Tablet Of Union" I am going to save a main talk on this for another article. However, in this article I wish to say that the "Tablet Of Union" is what brings the external elemental forces together and balanced. It is like for example the hub on a wheel and the four external elements are the spokes, which when altogether make up the wheel to set it in motion. This "Tablet Of Union" can also relate to the Rose that is sometimes represented as "The Christ". It can also relate to the Heart, as the heart is the center of all things, it is the heart that controls the mind.

You may often see ancient religious paintings of "The Christ" with a large heart and a "Crown Of Thorns" around it. You may see Esoteric pictures of the "Crucifix" with a heart in the center or a rose in the center.

Let me explain some of the symbolism here, the "Crucifix" as a symbol go`s back a long way before the religion of Christianity. One of the symbolic meanings of the "Crucifix" is it`s relation to the four elements. The Crucifix go`s out in four different directions and these four different directions are what relates to the four cardinal directions of the four elements. The rose, heart or even in fact "The Christ" in the middle of the Crucifix is a representation of the balancing of the four elements. That`s right, the symbolism of "The Christ" himself in pictures represents the perfectly balanced human that has reached illumination and enlightenment. 

Let me explain it some more, on my altar I have four elemental tools, the Wand for Fire, the Dagger for Air, the Pentacle for Earth and the Cup for Water, in the middle of this is the "Tablet Of Union".

All these tools on my altar, in fact my whole altar is symbolic for my inner self.

The balancing of the elements and bringing them in harmony is all about what is going on inside me, its all about self transformation as I travel the magical path.

When we choose to work with the elemental forces, we are asking them to aid in helping with our self transformation. We are setting the forces in motion to work on our inner self, so then our bodies can be in harmony and balance like the symbolic representation of "The Christ". We can not allow our earthly bodies to have control over our minds and therefore not take notice of our spirit within, which is our True Higher Self. We must have control over our physical body with our mind, how we do this is through balancing the elemental forces within. Only then will we be able to hear what our True Higher Self is really telling us which in turn comes from the Divine, as our True Higher Selves are a reflection of the Divine.

Picture : My hand painted Alchemical Symbols of the Elements in the tradition of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. Where the colour opposites are brought together, for example Red for Fire up against the Green, Blue for Water up against Orange, Yellow for Air up against Red and Black for Earth up against White as seen in these pictures. These alchemical symbols are also good to meditate with in order to open a doorway into their elemental realm through astral travel, they are a key.

That`s right, our True Higher Self is a reflection of the Divine, "As Above So Below", "God made us in their image" as it said in Genesis, the Bible. They are talking about the True Higher Self here and not the physical body as many think.

When I talk about balancing the elements within, for example : Fire, maybe I need to not act so quickly before deciding to do something. Maybe I have an anger problem I need to deal with. Maybe I need to bring my passions under control. Water, maybe I need to look at controlling my emotions more. Air : maybe I have a very unstable mind or are unable to make my mind up often. A strong and stable mind is a must when it comes to the path of the Magus. Also maybe I might need to control my thoughts. Earth : Maybe I need to not love material things as much, maybe I need to work on giving more to others. Maybe I have a problem with eating to much or over weight.This is what transformation also is all about on the path to illumination and enlightenment.

This is what "The Christ" represents, the balanced and illuminated spiritual being that we all should seek to become in order to connect and communicate with the higher Divine intelligence`s on other dimensions.

If we are not balanced, then this is how our physical bodies become sick or ill. If we are more healthy and balanced, then we will be more open to receive messages from the higher powers that be, rather than remaining blocked to their information they wish to share. Not only this but our aura`s will radiate and glow, then the beings from other dimensions will notice and be drawn to you. We will feel more alive and vibrate on a much more higher level than you ever imagined.

If you have found this article of mine interesting or helpful please let me know at the bottom or on my Google + page thanks.

Limitless Light ~ © Orion Silverstar 2016.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Why Do Spirits Communicate Through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication (I.T.C)

Welcome readers,

Why do spirits communicate through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication?

In answer to this question, there are many different reasons why spirits choose to communicate in this way. I will only be giving a few of the examples that I have personally experienced here in this article. I am sure that there would be other researchers or communicators that have had other examples explained to them.

Firstly I should say that it is very rare that I try to communicate with the spirits in their realm. I do however strive to communicate with Angels, Entities and other beings, please see my other article on the difference between Spirits and Entities. Most of the time it is in fact those in the spirit world wishing to communicate with me through the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. As I have had some abilities that those in the spirit realm, mostly the astral, have used to communicate with me from a child. This is the first way they will often let me know that they wise to make contact. It is then after these first signs of communication I may decide to take it further into the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Some of the early communication signs that I may experience are, a ringing in one ear sometimes swapping to the other ear and lasting for a very short time. Some skeptics may say that this is more like a problem with my ears. My hearing is very clear and good as I have not long had my ears tested. To give you an idea of what I mean by ringing in my ears, I can be watching television with the volume up and still the ringing in my ear will start and go over the top of the television volume. Another way I could explain this type of ringing in my ears is that it is a lot like the sound of electricity or static in my ears. If I decide to tune into it more, well then the louder it sometimes gets.

Another early communication sign is picking up different smells that others around me are unable to smell. There are times when for example, I will pick up the smell of tobacco, flowers like roses, perfume, sulfur, candles and more. Most of the time, just like the ringing in my ears it will come on suddenly with no warning. There are times when this can be very over powering to the point of nearly vomiting and headaches. Not only this but sometimes these strong smells have come with nose bleeds.

When the energy is this strong, as you can imagine it can be very problematic for me. There was a time some years back when I was disturbed at night while sleeping due to spirits breathing on my face or whispering near me in order to get my attention.

Other communication signs are a breeze going past me, warm or cold spots around my house and other sensations experienced. My animals are often another indication of spirit activity or attempted communication within my house. Animals are in fact very sensitive to the presence of spirits, there has been many times my pets have all at once looked towards a room in my house. At one time all my animals looked up at once, went and then ran under the couch and stayed there for a few hours.

So as I say, these are only a small example of early attempts of communication to me by the spirit world, as there is many more.

When doing a spirit communication using the Rapid Moving Water / Light Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, the spirits that show are around me at the time of the session.

If I was to continue the communication with the spirit or Entity using Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, then there is many reasons why. If I wished to continue a communication session I myself really do not need to use Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication as a means of doing so.

In this article I am talking from the perspective of the Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method. This method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication seems to be the most liked method to date with those willing to try it for the first time.

Some of the reasons those in the spirit world will choose this Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication Method is mainly to show their form. The worlds of the spirits find it more easier to show in this way than a full manifestation to physical form. Even with a full manifestation to physical form, most often the spirits or Entities need a substance to use. Also the room has to relate to the spirit or Entities requirements, environment through the use of different coloured lighting or darkness.

 It takes a spirit a lot of energy to do a full physical manifestation, just as it does to move physical objects around. Those in the spirit world have to change their vibration and also they are coming from their own environment, which is very different to our own.

The below picture is three examples of spirit images coming through using Rapid Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication :-

The reason that a spirit may wish to show their form through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. If for example they are wanting to reach a loved one to tell them all is fine, they would need to be seen as how they where before they crossed over.

Another reason is to bring about awareness to the public about how real the spirit world is. This is in fact one of the main reasons why I decided to use Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication to allow those in spirit to show through. In this day and age, many in the public want to see evidence of the existence of an afterlife and spirit world. A lot of people are not happy with just, what is called a cold reading from a medium, for some people seeing is believing.

Even though I know from my own experience that if someone has a more opened mind and first believes, there is more of a chance the spirit world may show them many things on their path to illumination.

Some people are lucky to be born with certain spiritual gifts like myself, however some people have to start from scratch to develop these gifts. We all have the capabilities to develop mediumship abilities, however for some it is harder than others.

Don`t get me wrong, I am still learning many things on my path from the spirit world and others in this physical world, as we should never stop learning. Those that say they are an expert or know all there is to learn and will not except anything new in the way of ideas. Even those that refuse to share their methods/knowledge with other seekers or demand large amounts of money.  I myself choose not to involve myself with these people or pay much attention to there teachings.

Through the use of the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. In the future it would be great for those that find Mediumship development a hard task. To be able to see their loved ones and hear them in real time in the afterlife much like a Skype communication session, this could be a very real possibility soon.

Another reason that I have found with my own experiences in Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Is that sometimes the spirits will show me landscapes of the afterlife. This helps to give reassurance to those that have lost a loved one or have a fear of death. Also there have been many times I have seen accidents taking place and even crime scenes in the images given from the spirits. It is not uncommon for a spirit to want to show me how they died if they have been murdered. Sometimes they will show me the murder weapon involved in the crime committed.

Below is the image of a knife of some sort being shown to me from those in the worlds of the spirits. The method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication used here is the Rabid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection : -

In this picture it shows the spirit image of a lady with clearly a hole in her head. This spirit was communicating to me that they had in fact being murdered by a gunshot to the head. Again, the Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication method was the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection method :-

Other times I will get a lot of what is called "earthbound" spirits that are lost or troubled. These images are often sad and very clearly look distressing to look at. There have been times I have had these images come through and I have suddenly been over come by extreme emotion that is uncontrolled. This is when I realized what was taking place and that the spirit showing me the image was pushing their feelings onto me as a form of communication. This they wished was for me to understand how they themselves felt, thing is, I could see very clearly how they felt just by looking at their image the spirit had sent me.

The spirit image below is an example of an "earthbound" spirit in distress. The method that is used is the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection method :-

There is a few other reasons that those in the spirit world wish to use Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. However I think this article gives you a good idea at lest, some of the reasons. If I think of anything else that I find maybe of importance to this article here I will most surely add it.

Thanks for checking out this article and if you have any comments or questions in relation to this post, please leave them here at the bottom of the page. Also please checkout some of my other articles that you also may find interesting and share them with others thanks ~ LVX.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Lotus Wand

Greetings Readers,

Today I am going to be talking about the Lotus Wand in the Tradition of The Golden Dawn. The Lotus Wand is one of the main tools of the Magician in this system of Magick.

All wands used in Magick symbolize the Will of the Magician who is using them and the Lotus Wand is no exception.

Another type of wand that is very similar to the Lotus Wand is the Rainbow Wand, also used in the tradition of The Golden Dawn.

The Lotus Wand has the colour white at one end, which is the top and the colour black at the other end which is the bottom. The colour white is symbolic for pure spirit from the Divine source, Kether going by the Kabbalah. The colour black is symbolic for the earth, Malkhut going by the Kabbalah. These two ends of the wand can also be seen as Light and Darkness and so forth, the two poles or pillars going by the Kabbalah. So as you can see these two ends of the wand have different meanings. As you may know, Kether and Malkhut are not represented on the two outer pillars of the Kabbalah in which the two ends of the wand also represent, but are represented on the middle pillar. The two outer pillars of the Kabbalah also stand for the Left and Right Hand Path or Negative and Positive, as does each end of the Lotus Wand.

In between the black and white coloured ends of the Lotus Wand are twelve different colours. These twelve different colours represent the twelve Signs of the Zodiac and also the Planets, as Planets are always in different houses of the Zodiac.

Depending on what spiritual work, I as a Magician are doing, is to where I hold the Lotus Wand. If say I am working with the Planetary Forces, example a Entity connected to a Planet, as different Entities govern different Planets. I would hold the Lotus Wand at the colour that represents the Zodiac in which the Planet was in at the time of the spiritual work been done.

On top of the Lotus Wand is the Lotus Flower, the flower is white as again it is symbolic for Spirit. In the middle of the White Lotus flower the colour is Amber which is symbolic for the Sun as the Golden Dawn is a Solar tradition of Magick. Also in the middle of the White Lotus flower is four Orange Petals which are symbolic for the Suns rays upon the Earth which gives Light and Life to all. With the Lotus Wand there are Ten Petals that represent the Ten Sephiroth, Spheres on the Tree Of Life, Kabbalah. Then there are Eight Petals on the next layer which represent the natural and spiritual forces of the Elements of Air and Fire. Then there is another Eight Petals on the next layer which represent the natural and spiritual forces of the Elements Earth and Water.

The White Lotus Flower is also a symbol of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. The Lotus Flower opens up at The New Dawn which is symbolic for Renewal and New Beginnings or Magical workings. The Lotus Flower creates Air, giving off Oxygen that all life here on Earth needs to breathe. So also it can be seen that the Lotus Flower has a connection with the Element of Air for this very reason. There are many Egyptian paintings which show Egyptian Goddesses and Isis holding the Sacred Lotus Wand in their hand. Not only in the ancient Egyptian religion does the Lotus Flower have great symbolic meaning, but also in Buddhism and the Hindu religion and more. As an example the Chakra System in our Astral bodies looks like the petals of a Lotus flower. I will leave it for the reader of this article to go into a more deeper study of the spiritual symbolism behind the Lotus flower and it`s individual petals.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis, holding a Lotus Wand :

The Lotus flower in the religion of Buddhism :

The Lotus flower in the Hindu religion : 

As I have said before in other articles of mine, it is so much better to make your own Magical tools. Some of the reasons are, when you are making the tools your energy and concentration is going into it. If you are new to esoteric principles, this can be good practice as concentration and focus is crucial in order to get the results you wish. Not only this but while you are making you spiritual tool you are to some degree charging it and empowering it. Your Magical tool will be all the more special to you and feel like a part of you, which it should if you make it yourself. I recommend also that after you have made what ever Magical tool you are making, that you should sleep with it for a few nights. Then you should rap it in a white cloth where no one can touch it, as that is important. The only person that should touch any of your Magical tools is you. Other people are free to look at them, however they may not touch them. The length  of the Lotus Wand should be around twenty five to forty inches, I prefer to have my Lotus Wand to the shorter length in order to fit it on my Magical Altar.

Below is my hand made and painted Lotus Wand :

Also while you are doing a spiritual working, you should not touch the Lotus flower at all. The Lotus Wand should remain up right at all times, meaning that the Lotus Flower should be at the top when holding it or facing to the East on your Altar. Never under any conditions turn your Lotus Wand upside down.

If you are using your Lotus Wand for Banishing then you may hold the Lotus Wand by the Black colour. If the you are using your Lotus Wand for Invoking/Evoking then you may hold the Lotus Wand by the White colour or even use the White colour for Banishing as well. When dealing with Material things use the Black colour, when dealing with Spiritual things, use the White colour. Hold your Lotus Wand with two fingers underneath and your thumb on top. Your thumb is on the colour you are using and so is your two fingers underneath. This is why when making your Lotus Wand, have the coloured sections wide as to fit your fingers and thumb in it. I also have hand painted silver rings separating each colour.

Before using your Lotus Wand it must be consecrated first to activate it.

Starting at the top of the Lotus Wand :

Spirit ~ White

Aries ~ Red

Taurus ~ Red-orange

Gemini ~ Orange

Cancer ~ Amber

Leo ~ Yellow

Virgo ~ Yellow-green

Libra ~ Emerald

Scorpio ~ Green-blue

Sagittarius ~ Blue

Capricorn ~ Indigo

Aquarius ~ Violet

Pisces ~ Crimson

Earth ~ Black

Thanks for taking the time to read through this article of mine and I hope that it has been helpful to you. If you have any questions in regards to this article, please feel free to leave a comment below, also please share with others thanks.

© Orion Silverstar 2016.

Monday, 10 October 2016

I.T.C Research Part 1 (The Rapid Moving Water And Light Reflection Method)

Good afternoon readers,

Over the 9 years of research and practice in Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication (I.T.C), 5 years with spirit image work and 4 years with Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P). When it comes to the spirit image methods, mainly the Rapid Moving Water And Light Reflection. I have seen a steady increase in members of the public practicing and experimenting with it for themselves. Not only this but also many groups on different social media platforms in relation to this subject have formed. In where people are able to post images of their very own experimentation's. It would be safe for me to say that there has been a small revival of interest in all forms of I.T.C.

The upside to this is that it introduces others that may not have ever heard of I.T.C to these very interesting forms of spirit communication, it brings about more awareness. In regards to those in the worlds beyond our very own, this is one of the very motivations behind these forms of spirit communication. Many people today wish to see good solid evidence of the spirit world and are not happy just to settle with a mediums message on the subject. Along with this, there are many people who are terminally ill or have lost a loved one. Human or pet, they need some reassurance that physical death of the body is not the end but is in fact a transition. One of the things these forms of spirit communication through I.T.C will give someone, is hope and reassurance.

Although from an early age I have had the abilities of a medium, when I first found out about these methods of I.T.C it added a whole new perspective on working with the spirit worlds. Now I was able to show people what is around me on a daily bases and is a big part of my life, through the methods of I.T.C.

The downside to this new found interest from members of the public in these methods of I.T.C. Is that many who are now practicing this and sharing their photo`s on social media platforms are not taking notes as part of the research into I.T.C. I feel that at times it has come to the point where people post images and say "wow look what image I captured" and that is as far as it go`s, till their next photo.

In reality, even though as I say there has been a revival in I.T.C experimentation. There is only a hand full of us around the world doing the actual deep research into all methods of I.T.C and we often keep in close communication with each other when we can do so.

This then leads me to the next part of which I wish to talk about. In regards to my very own research and experimentation in these methods of I.T.C. As I am a practitioner of the esoteric path, I learn`t in my training many years ago that it is very important to keep a journal and a dream dairy of all the works I do. This involves, moon phases, planetary positions, feelings experienced, time, date and more. Although this maybe new to some people that do not practice anything related to esoteric traditions. It is, for the sake of research important to make notes on a few things while doing a session I feel. 

There have been some interesting findings that I have come across in regards to the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C. 

On talking with other researchers into the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C. We have all found that there is times when lots and lots of images will come through in the water. We have also found that their will be times when not one single image will come through in the water, this I call a "Dry Patch". For awhile I could not understand why this happened, however just recently due to taking notes I have connected the "Dry Patches" to some other phenomena. 

I have found that the "Dry Patches" have a lot to do with the phases of the moon. This is hardly surprising to me, given the fact that the moon has an influence on water. One example of this can be found in the tides of the sea or river, another example would be the behavior in human beings. As we humans are mostly water anyway, it is hardly that surprising. 

Another thing I found was that this method of I.T.C was subject to the positions of the planets and time as well. This reminds me of working with different Angelic beings, how different Angelic beings will only show at different times. Also how some Angelic beings are assigned to different days of the week. How the elements and some planetary positions are more favorable than others depending on the spiritual work been done at the time. 

Other things I have also found is that the best times to do a Rapid Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method session was just before sunset and just before sunrise. I have also spoken to other I.T.C researchers who do this method as well and they have found the very same thing. It is also interesting to note that Akasha, the all-pervading field in the Ether in which a record of past events is imprinted is strongest just before sunrise. Down further in this article I talk about how it has been proven that water has or holds memory.

I have also come to realize that when I am doing an I.T.C session of this nature, if my cats are around at the time I am very much likely to get images of cats come through in the water. If my dogs are around at the time, then I am very much likely to get dogs coming through in the water. If nether my cats or dogs are around at the time, then I will often get many other animal spirits coming through except dogs and cats. 

I firmly believe that there is a deep connection between the energies of my pets and what is happening in the I.T.C session while they are around. This reminds me of times I have taken photo`s of my pets and noticed different coloured balls of light near or around them. This I believe to be that of spirits around my animals, and more than likely animal spirits also, going by my research mentioned above.

The two animal spirit photo`s above came through using the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of I.T.C as did all the photo`s in this article. However, these two images came through as half a face, then using the help of Symmetric software, I was able to reconstruct the other half of their face to the photo`s you see here above. 

Some people have suggested to me that I maybe projecting the images of my mind into the water, which is a paranormal event in itself. This most certainly is very possible due to humans being able to change the structure, vibration and frequencies of water through thought and even sound. 

It has also been noted by a certain scientist of recent years that water has memory and that it is a living Entity in itself.

The thing is, when I am doing an I.T.C session of the method mentioned, I am very much in what I would call a small trance like state. As I watch the movement of the water and the flashing of light upon the water, it has a mild hypnotic effect on me. 

I have also over the years managed to master the ability of being able to clear all thoughts from my mind so that I am thinking of nothing at all. Then hold it like this for sometime without letting any other thought enter my mind. Anyone should be able to learn how to do this with a lot of training, discipline, practice, concentration and meditation. 

I am also very good at projecting images from my mind into things, for example talismans, charms and more. I also can send these images to far away places, even on the other side of the world. An example of this would be for me to construct an image of someone in front of me using my third eye after looking at their photo for a little while. Then send energy into that persons constructed image, visualizing that image going to the physical person and into the person. This is a type of thought form creation and can be very helpful to someone for healing. However it is always important to get the persons permission first before attempting something like this. So I am very familiar in regards to these matters and know without a doubt that this is not what is happening when I do a session using the above mentioned method of I.T.C.

Before I ever start a session I first have to feel the spirits around me, as they will first communicate with me by other different ways. Then if they decide to show their formations by manifesting their images in the water. It is really depending on them and of course that which I have mentioned above in this article. 

If you have any questions in regards to this article above, please feel free to ask me by leaving a comment below, I am more than happy to help you if I can ~ © Orion Silverstar 2016.



Thursday, 22 September 2016

For Protection & The Removal Of Unwanted Energies - The Ritual Of The Rose Cross

Good morning readers,

Do you feel like your house has unwanted energies? Do you feel run down, out of energy, agitated, depressed, moody, having intense nightmares and many other things within your house? Do others around you that also live in your house seem very negative and moody? Are your pets more agitated than normal? Some of these very things I myself have experienced first hand and they are not fun.

Do not worry, I have a solution,

If you wish for help in dealing with or removal of these issues as I have, then this following method may just be what you are looking for? From the first time I took part in this method, I felt changes in my home environment right away and also a sense of more energy within my self.

However, I just wish to add that in no way is this ritual a replacement for medical advice and medications relating to the above subjects mentioned.

I wish to also add that everything I post here at my blog, I myself work with on an ongoing bases and have found very beneficial. To the point where I have to share with you. so that you also may get these same results.

Another thing this following method offers ; and that is protection, it has the ability of closing your aura from not so good outside energies around you.

 I have always liked the way author Israel Regardie has put it, on explaining our aura. He said that the aura of the human body was much like that of the atmosphere of our earth.

I agree, both our physical bodies and the earth are living things that need some looking after or else they will get sick over time, Take for example the earth`s atmosphere, if we do not look after it, then the ozone layer weakens bringing about more damage that is sometimes permanent.

With our physical bodies, if we do not look after it in which there are many ways to do this, that I will save for another blog. Then our aura will become a lot weaker, allowing things to penetrate the aura and effect us on many different levels. This is why those that are doing regular spiritual workings should put protection to the fore front of importance.

This method below is a simple one once committed to memory.

I have also found that in order to clean out the whole house you will have to go from room to room, repeating the same method from the start to finish for each room.

Method : The Ritual Of The Rose Cross

The things you will need for this ritual are : One incense stick, matches, magick diary, as you may need to write down some of the words used till you are able to commit it all to memory. The incense used can be white sage, however I prefer to use Frankincense or Myrrh as it drives away negative Entities in a big way though my very own experiences.

Some of the words here in this ritual are very powerful, has they are the names of Divine beings spoken in Hebrew.


Firstly, go to the South-East corner of your room, after lighting your incense. Then make a large cross and circle as seen here in this diagram below with the burning incense stick.

While drawing the circle, vibrate the name Yeh-hah-shu-ah

Then point the incense stick to the center of the visualized cross and circle as it becomes charged.

Now move to the South-West of the room drawing a line with the incense stick. Repeat the same process as done in the South-East corner, drawing the cross and circle with the incense.

While drawing the circle vibrate the name Yeh-hah-shu-ah

Repeat this process, but this time in the North-West corner for your room

Repeat this process once more, but this time in the North-East corner of your room

Move once more to the South-East corner of your room, however this time visualize the cross and circle you made before while pointing the burning incense into the crosses center.

Now while in the South-East corner of your room, face diagonally towards the North-West corner of your room. With your burning incense stick in the air move to the center of the room, draw a cross and circle above your head with the burning incense stick.

Vibrate the name Yeh-hah-shu-ah

Continue a line from where you are in the center of your room as you move on to the North-West corner of your room. Once in the North-West corner of your room visualize the cross and circle you put there before while pointing the incense to it`s center.

Now turn and face the South-East corner of your room, this time holding the incense stick down towards the floor draw a line as you more to the center of the room once more. Draw a cross and circle down near the floor with the incense stick.

Vibrate the name Yeh-hah-shu-ah

Continue a line from where you are in the center of the room near the floor while moving to the South-East corner of your room. Visualize the cross and circle you made there once more while pointing the incense stick to it`s center.

Then move to the South-West corner of your room and visualize the cross and circle you formed there also, while pointing the incense stick at it`s center.

After this, face towards the North-East and move towards the center of the room holding the incense stick high in the air drawing a line. Once at the center of your room draw a cross and circle above your head.

Vibrate the name Yeh-hah-shu-ah

After this draw a line high in the air with the burning incense stick as you move to the North-East corner of your room. Once more visualize the cross and circle you made there while pointing the incense stick to it`s center.

Now face the South-West corner of your room and move to the center of your room while drawing a line with the burning incense stick down near the floor.

Once at the center of the room, draw a cross and circle down near the floor

Vibrate the word Yeh-hah-shu-ah

Continue on towards the South-West corner of your room drawing a line with the burning incense stick near the floor.

Now do a complete circle around the room starting from where you are at the South-West corner of you room, holding the burning incense stick high, going in a clockwise direction. Stopping at each corner of the room to visualize the circled crosses you made and vibrating the word


Finish up back at the South-West corner of your room. This time draw a much larger cross and circle there.

When drawing the circle, start at the bottom and vibrate : Yeh-hah-shu-ah, then when drawing the top part of the circle vibrate : Yeh-hoh-vah-shah.

Now go to the center of your room once more facing East, put the incense aside near you, visualize all the network of crosses around you and near you in the center of the room, see them all linked up via an unbroken line formed from the burning incense you used.

Now while remaining in the center of your room, extend your arms out beside your in the form of a cross (The Sign Of Osiris Slain) and say :

Yod Nun Resh Yod

Now keeping your left arm extended and your right arm vertically upwards and bowing head towards left arm (The Sign Of The Mourning Of Isis) say :

Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother

Then raise both your arms straight up in the shape of a (V) above your head (The Sign Of Apophis and Typhon) and say :

Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer

Cross your arms, the right arm over the left (The Sign Of Osiris Risen) and say :

Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen

Gradually raise your arms upwards and say :

Isis, Apophis, Osiris

When your hands are fully raised upwards, above your head, look upwards towards the sun and say :

I.A.O / pronounced : EeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaayOoooooooo

Repeat the L, V, X signs with your arms as before while saying :

L-V-X-LUX-Light !!

Now fold your hands on breast, with head bowed and say :

The Light Of The Cross

Visualize a white light forming above your head, glowing and growing stronger and stronger. Feel it over flowing into your body, right down to your toes, till your whole body feels full of energy once more.

When you have reached this stage, then say :

Let The Divine Light Descend !

Continue with this visualization for two to three minutes or till when you feel filled with the light and charged with energy once more.

Notes : If you do not feel comfortable with the names, Osiris, Isis, Apophis and so on which is Egyptian. You can change it for example Virgo, Miryam (Mary), Mighty Mother - Yeshua (Jesus), Slain and Risen - Scorpio, Set or Satan, The Destroyer or which ever substitute name you feel comfortable in concordance with your own personal religious believe system.

One thing I wish you to remember which they do not often say in books, is that the names used are not set in concrete and can be changed to fit in with your religion. However I would advise that the names picked are the equivalent to the ones in which I have mentioned in the ritual above. The only names I advise you not to change regardless of religion are the Hebrew God names of power. Hebrew is a very ancient language just like Latin and Enochian and therefore is very powerful and one of the languages that they the Angelic Entities themselves use. The God names are Divine God names belonging to the Divine beings, on choosing something else, the ritual may not have an as powerful effect or worse may be in error and increase your problems rather than fix them.

So I hope you find this ritual as helpful as I myself have found it to be. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it or if you have any questions in regards to this ritual above and I will try and help you if I can.

Monday, 19 September 2016

The Making Of Holy Water Ritual

Welcome readers,

Before I go into how to make Holy Water I would like to talk a little bit about why it is important to have Holy Water as part of your ceremonial supplies. Some of the benefits of Holy Water are, Healing, Protection, Consecration (this means all your ritual/Magick tools should be consecrated before use). Exorcism, Cleansing, Calming Spirits, Blessings, Baptism (a ritual which originated in Egypt in relation to crossing into the afterlife), Circle Casting and more. These are just some examples of the uses of Holy Water and why those on the path of ceremonial ritual should have it in their supplies.

Also as I have mentioned before and can not stress enough the importance of making all of your ritual tools and supplies if that is possible to do so.

There are different formulas of how to make Holy Water on the internet, however this is the method I use which will work just as good. This formula comes from Eliphas Levi in his book "Doctrine And Ritual Of Transcendental Magic" Except where mentioned, is my own ideas told to me from the spiritual beings I work with.

Things needed for the ritual : On the altar place (A) A goblet half full of water (B) Two saucers, one with Salt and one with Ash from (which is my own method : Frankincense and/or Myrrh incense, I use as it is the gifts given to the baby Christ by the Three Wise Men/Magi. It also has a connection with the Constellation Of Orion, Sirius and the Sun. All negative Entities/beings can not stand to be around Frankincense or/and Myrrh incense through my own experiences). (C) A container to put the blessed Holy Water in that is labeled for later use.  

Ritual To Preform On Making Of The Holy Water :

Do The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram (see my other blog on how to do this).

Do The Qabalistic Cross Technique

Do The Supreme Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram (this is optional depending on your level of advancement, however I like to do this ritual as it empowers the ceremony all the more. I will point out that this ritual is very powerful and involves Enochian language from the Enochian Angels themselves.

Do the Middle Pillar Technique

Do the Circulation Of Light Technique

*As with all these rituals and techniques it pays to know all about them, how they work, why use them? The Angels involved, the meanings of the words used, plus good visualization skills before even trying to use them. These rituals and techniques above need to be mastered and committed to memory first before proceeding any further, except the optional rituals/techniques.

Face towards the North, standing to the South of your altar, extend your Right hand with palm downwards over the Salt and say the following words :

May wisdom abide in the salt and may it preserve my mind and body from all corruption. May all phantoms depart from it so that it may become a heavenly salt, salt of the earth and earth of salt. May it feed the threshing ox and strengthen my hope with the horns of the winged bull ! So Mote It Be !

While saying these words visualize a bright white light passing out of your hand and into the salt, feel the energy leave your hand.

Now extend your right hand over the ash, with your palm downwards as before and say :

May this ash return unto the fountain of living water, may it become fertile earth; may it bring forth the Tree Of Life.

Moving now to the east side of your altar, but facing inwards towards the west add the salt and the ash to the water in your goblet and say :

In the salt of eternal wisdom, in the water of preparation, in the ash whence the new earth springs forth, be all things accomplished unto the age of the ages. So Mote It Be!

The preparation of the Holy Water is now complete, now put the Holy Water in   a glass container and label it.

Thank the Divine beings for their presence, thank the Archangels of the Watchtowers for their protection, then say :

If there is any spirits or Entities trapped within this my circle you will now be free to go in peace.

Do the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

And or

Do the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram (if the Supreme Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram was performed this ritual is a must).

The ritual is now complete.

Notes : The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram - The Earth pentagram is used without a circle drawn around it. The Supreme Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram - The appropriate invoking Elemental and Active Spirit Pentagrams are used with a circle drawn around them, along with the appropriate Zodiac signs.