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Christ, The Elements And Inner Transformation.

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The physical human body can at times continually be a burden that will weigh our spirit down. Therefore it can block the communication we have with our spirit and in turn the higher divine powers, bringing separation. As our spirit is our True Higher Self which is part of the Divine and our body is not, but in fact belongs to the earth in which it will return once more in death.

There is a verse in the Bible were "The Christ" says : "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" Matthew 26 : 41. In this verse he is clearly talking about the inner transformation of a person on the spiritual path to illumination and the struggle it, at times can be.

We must strive to bring our bodies in order, so that they are like a temple for the higher self. In the Bible once again it says : "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" 1 Corinthians 6 : 19. What is being said is that your bodies are not just vessels for the True Higher Self, but are in fact also temples for it. In the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn it is talked about reaching a point of having "Knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. They are talking about that connection we must have with our higher self. Whether it is called "The Holy Guardian Angel", "The Holy Spirit", "The Higher Self", "The True Self", our "Spirit" or "Soul", it is all one and the same thing. The reason the word "Holy" is used, our Higher Self is a part of and connected to the Divine source.

So you see, when you come to know your Higher True Self, you will also start to connect with the Higher Divine powers as your Higher True Self is part of it.

Picture : The Golden Dawn of a New Day.....a New Beginning !!

You maybe asking what this has to do with the elements.

In Enochian Magick as also in the Western Hermetic Tradition, there is a tablet called the "Tablet Of Union" I am going to save a main talk on this for another article. However, in this article I wish to say that the "Tablet Of Union" is what brings the external elemental forces together and balanced. It is like for example the hub on a wheel and the four external elements are the spokes, which when altogether make up the wheel to set it in motion. This "Tablet Of Union" can also relate to the Rose that is sometimes represented as "The Christ". It can also relate to the Heart, as the heart is the center of all things, it is the heart that controls the mind.

You may often see ancient religious paintings of "The Christ" with a large heart and a "Crown Of Thorns" around it. You may see Esoteric pictures of the "Crucifix" with a heart in the center or a rose in the center.

Let me explain some of the symbolism here, the "Crucifix" as a symbol go`s back a long way before the religion of Christianity. One of the symbolic meanings of the "Crucifix" is it`s relation to the four elements. The Crucifix go`s out in four different directions and these four different directions are what relates to the four cardinal directions of the four elements. The rose, heart or even in fact "The Christ" in the middle of the Crucifix is a representation of the balancing of the four elements. That`s right, the symbolism of "The Christ" himself in pictures represents the perfectly balanced human that has reached illumination and enlightenment. 

Let me explain it some more, on my altar I have four elemental tools, the Wand for Fire, the Dagger for Air, the Pentacle for Earth and the Cup for Water, in the middle of this is the "Tablet Of Union".

All these tools on my altar, in fact my whole altar is symbolic for my inner self.

The balancing of the elements and bringing them in harmony is all about what is going on inside me, its all about self transformation as I travel the magical path.

When we choose to work with the elemental forces, we are asking them to aid in helping with our self transformation. We are setting the forces in motion to work on our inner self, so then our bodies can be in harmony and balance like the symbolic representation of "The Christ". We can not allow our earthly bodies to have control over our minds and therefore not take notice of our spirit within, which is our True Higher Self. We must have control over our physical body with our mind, how we do this is through balancing the elemental forces within. Only then will we be able to hear what our True Higher Self is really telling us which in turn comes from the Divine, as our True Higher Selves are a reflection of the Divine.

Picture : My hand painted Alchemical Symbols of the Elements in the tradition of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. Where the colour opposites are brought together, for example Red for Fire up against the Green, Blue for Water up against Orange, Yellow for Air up against Red and Black for Earth up against White as seen in these pictures. These alchemical symbols are also good to meditate with in order to open a doorway into their elemental realm through astral travel, they are a key.

That`s right, our True Higher Self is a reflection of the Divine, "As Above So Below", "God made us in their image" as it said in Genesis, the Bible. They are talking about the True Higher Self here and not the physical body as many think.

When I talk about balancing the elements within, for example : Fire, maybe I need to not act so quickly before deciding to do something. Maybe I have an anger problem I need to deal with. Maybe I need to bring my passions under control. Water, maybe I need to look at controlling my emotions more. Air : maybe I have a very unstable mind or are unable to make my mind up often. A strong and stable mind is a must when it comes to the path of the Magus. Also maybe I might need to control my thoughts. Earth : Maybe I need to not love material things as much, maybe I need to work on giving more to others. Maybe I have a problem with eating to much or over weight.This is what transformation also is all about on the path to illumination and enlightenment.

This is what "The Christ" represents, the balanced and illuminated spiritual being that we all should seek to become in order to connect and communicate with the higher Divine intelligence`s on other dimensions.

If we are not balanced, then this is how our physical bodies become sick or ill. If we are more healthy and balanced, then we will be more open to receive messages from the higher powers that be, rather than remaining blocked to their information they wish to share. Not only this but our aura`s will radiate and glow, then the beings from other dimensions will notice and be drawn to you. We will feel more alive and vibrate on a much more higher level than you ever imagined.

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Limitless Light ~ © Orion Silverstar 2016.


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