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Why Do Spirits Communicate Through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication (I.T.C)

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Why do spirits communicate through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication?

In answer to this question, there are many different reasons why spirits choose to communicate in this way. I will only be giving a few of the examples that I have personally experienced here in this article. I am sure that there would be other researchers or communicators that have had other examples explained to them.

Firstly I should say that it is very rare that I try to communicate with the spirits in their realm. I do however strive to communicate with Angels, Entities and other beings, please see my other article on the difference between Spirits and Entities. Most of the time it is in fact those in the spirit world wishing to communicate with me through the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. As I have had some abilities that those in the spirit realm, mostly the astral, have used to communicate with me from a child. This is the first way they will often let me know that they wise to make contact. It is then after these first signs of communication I may decide to take it further into the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

Some of the early communication signs that I may experience are, a ringing in one ear sometimes swapping to the other ear and lasting for a very short time. Some skeptics may say that this is more like a problem with my ears. My hearing is very clear and good as I have not long had my ears tested. To give you an idea of what I mean by ringing in my ears, I can be watching television with the volume up and still the ringing in my ear will start and go over the top of the television volume. Another way I could explain this type of ringing in my ears is that it is a lot like the sound of electricity or static in my ears. If I decide to tune into it more, well then the louder it sometimes gets.

Another early communication sign is picking up different smells that others around me are unable to smell. There are times when for example, I will pick up the smell of tobacco, flowers like roses, perfume, sulfur, candles and more. Most of the time, just like the ringing in my ears it will come on suddenly with no warning. There are times when this can be very over powering to the point of nearly vomiting and headaches. Not only this but sometimes these strong smells have come with nose bleeds.

When the energy is this strong, as you can imagine it can be very problematic for me. There was a time some years back when I was disturbed at night while sleeping due to spirits breathing on my face or whispering near me in order to get my attention.

Other communication signs are a breeze going past me, warm or cold spots around my house and other sensations experienced. My animals are often another indication of spirit activity or attempted communication within my house. Animals are in fact very sensitive to the presence of spirits, there has been many times my pets have all at once looked towards a room in my house. At one time all my animals looked up at once, went and then ran under the couch and stayed there for a few hours.

So as I say, these are only a small example of early attempts of communication to me by the spirit world, as there is many more.

When doing a spirit communication using the Rapid Moving Water / Light Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, the spirits that show are around me at the time of the session.

If I was to continue the communication with the spirit or Entity using Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication, then there is many reasons why. If I wished to continue a communication session I myself really do not need to use Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication as a means of doing so.

In this article I am talking from the perspective of the Rapid Moving Water & Light Reflection Method. This method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication seems to be the most liked method to date with those willing to try it for the first time.

Some of the reasons those in the spirit world will choose this Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication Method is mainly to show their form. The worlds of the spirits find it more easier to show in this way than a full manifestation to physical form. Even with a full manifestation to physical form, most often the spirits or Entities need a substance to use. Also the room has to relate to the spirit or Entities requirements, environment through the use of different coloured lighting or darkness.

 It takes a spirit a lot of energy to do a full physical manifestation, just as it does to move physical objects around. Those in the spirit world have to change their vibration and also they are coming from their own environment, which is very different to our own.

The below picture is three examples of spirit images coming through using Rapid Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication :-

The reason that a spirit may wish to show their form through Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. If for example they are wanting to reach a loved one to tell them all is fine, they would need to be seen as how they where before they crossed over.

Another reason is to bring about awareness to the public about how real the spirit world is. This is in fact one of the main reasons why I decided to use Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication to allow those in spirit to show through. In this day and age, many in the public want to see evidence of the existence of an afterlife and spirit world. A lot of people are not happy with just, what is called a cold reading from a medium, for some people seeing is believing.

Even though I know from my own experience that if someone has a more opened mind and first believes, there is more of a chance the spirit world may show them many things on their path to illumination.

Some people are lucky to be born with certain spiritual gifts like myself, however some people have to start from scratch to develop these gifts. We all have the capabilities to develop mediumship abilities, however for some it is harder than others.

Don`t get me wrong, I am still learning many things on my path from the spirit world and others in this physical world, as we should never stop learning. Those that say they are an expert or know all there is to learn and will not except anything new in the way of ideas. Even those that refuse to share their methods/knowledge with other seekers or demand large amounts of money.  I myself choose not to involve myself with these people or pay much attention to there teachings.

Through the use of the methods of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. In the future it would be great for those that find Mediumship development a hard task. To be able to see their loved ones and hear them in real time in the afterlife much like a Skype communication session, this could be a very real possibility soon.

Another reason that I have found with my own experiences in Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. Is that sometimes the spirits will show me landscapes of the afterlife. This helps to give reassurance to those that have lost a loved one or have a fear of death. Also there have been many times I have seen accidents taking place and even crime scenes in the images given from the spirits. It is not uncommon for a spirit to want to show me how they died if they have been murdered. Sometimes they will show me the murder weapon involved in the crime committed.

Below is the image of a knife of some sort being shown to me from those in the worlds of the spirits. The method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication used here is the Rabid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection : -

In this picture it shows the spirit image of a lady with clearly a hole in her head. This spirit was communicating to me that they had in fact being murdered by a gunshot to the head. Again, the Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication method was the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection method :-

Other times I will get a lot of what is called "earthbound" spirits that are lost or troubled. These images are often sad and very clearly look distressing to look at. There have been times I have had these images come through and I have suddenly been over come by extreme emotion that is uncontrolled. This is when I realized what was taking place and that the spirit showing me the image was pushing their feelings onto me as a form of communication. This they wished was for me to understand how they themselves felt, thing is, I could see very clearly how they felt just by looking at their image the spirit had sent me.

The spirit image below is an example of an "earthbound" spirit in distress. The method that is used is the Rapid Moving Water and Direct Sunlight Reflection method :-

There is a few other reasons that those in the spirit world wish to use Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. However I think this article gives you a good idea at lest, some of the reasons. If I think of anything else that I find maybe of importance to this article here I will most surely add it.

Thanks for checking out this article and if you have any comments or questions in relation to this post, please leave them here at the bottom of the page. Also please checkout some of my other articles that you also may find interesting and share them with others thanks ~ LVX.

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