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The Boveda & Necromancy

For some time now in my career as an occultist. I have been working with the dead and practicing Necromantic Sorcery among other traditions of the occult arts.

Over the years Necromancy along with many aspects of the occult, have received a lot of negative talk. This has mainly been due to the relentless propaganda of the Church over the centuries. Which in turn has lead to peoples fear of the unknown, due to lack of understanding.

At the very basic level Necromancy is a form of communication with the dead. The word Necro means Dead and Mancy means Divination. You will find that most forms of Divination of the esoteric arts have a word ending with Mancy.

So I write this blog for those that may be interested in Necromancy, the indoor ancestry altar called a "Boveda" in my tradition. Also what it takes to be someone like me when getting involved with the dead.

One of the things I have found in regards to been successful in Necromancy. Is that you need to live and breath death. What I mean by this is, you have to involve yourself in everything you can think of in ralation to death. Read books about death, learn about Deities that are related to death. Spend lots of time at a cemetery, even sleep there over night if you can. This is a great way to overcome a fear of the dead. Because if you have a fear of lonely places, the dead and the dark. Then working with the dead and also Necromancy most likely is not the right path for you. Read also books on rituals and occult practices to do with death and Necromancy. Get a job as a caretaker at a cemetery and work at a crematorium. Bye and surround yourself with things related to death and the dead in your personal space and home. Set up an altar, put aside for the dead, learn about ancestor altars of different religions and more.

I myself have an ancestor altar that is set up to a certain tradition. That is for my loved ones from family that have crossed over. I also have an outdoor shrine that is setup for all the dead that happen to be around my house at any given time. This brings harmony and balance to my home. This outside shrine is also for a friend who crossed over. I also have another shrine for my much loved pets that have crossed over. Plus I have my main altar in my ceremonial room, dedicated to La Santisima Meurte and Azazel/Baphomet. As both these Deities are happy to work together on the same altar. It is very important to ask them first as Santisima Meurte does not like sharing her altar with many other Deities, Gods and especially not Goddesses.

Just recently Baphomet (the Sabbatic God of the Witches) told me of the connection it has with the Saturnian current/energy. I have shared this on another blog you will find here called "The Baphomet & Azazel Name Connection". It is also interesting to note for you that Saturn is connected with the death current and was also called Kronos in ancient times, which means the destroyer. It is also well known to those devoted to Santisima Meurte, as I am, that she is also connected to the Saturnian current through her Nina Negra manifestation. With is worked with on a Saturday (Saturn Day) in the hours of Saturn. One of the things that you will find on a Santisima Meurte statue is an hour glass. While this is symbolic for a few things. It is more evidence of her relationship with the God Saturn and therefore Azazel/Baphomet. As Saturn is in fact called "The Father Of Time".

There was Father Time, Mother Nature and Baby New Year. That's the trinity right there.

So I'm guessing that this is another reason why Baphomet and Santisima Meurte are happy to be working together for me.

It is always important to look after your ancestors first. If they are happy then things will flow much better on working with other spirits and in my case, the dead.

Another reason why I started working with Santisima Meurte and also Ishtar for that matter. Is because both these Deities are what is called "Gatekeepers". They work between the worlds, at the crossroads and with the underworld (the realm of the dead).

Ishtar in her manifestation as Inanna went into the underworld for a time. Santisima Meurte is Death herself and so is most fitting to the role of working with the dead. As Santisima Meurte is believed to be the one that meets those ready to cross over, to take them to the afterlife.

These Deities called "Agents", through them it makes things easier to call forth the dead and communicate or work with them. However, in order to do this, you first need to develop a friendship and connection with these Deities and this takes some time. You also have to find the right Agent/Gatekeeper Deity for you.

There are many Deities that work as Gatekeepers and may agree to being an Agent for you. Some of these Deities are, and this is a very small amount I list here. Hekate, Anubis, Santa Meurte, Papa Legba, Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, Isis, Lilith and even Jesus. As he died an enlightened human, went into the underworld for three days (realm of the dead) and then was elevated as a Deity. Any Deity that go's through the birth, death and re-birth Cycle can work with you as an Agent if you have a connection with them.

If you already have a deep interest in books relating to subjects like. Tubal Qayin (the first blacksmith), Qayin/Cain (the first tiller of the land) and the Mark Of Qayin and bloodline. Afro-Hispanic Traditional Witchcraft, Sabbatic Traditional Witchcraft, The Black Arts, The Nightside Of The Craft, Saturnian current. Death Magick, Deities Of Death, Spirits Of The Dead and Necromancy.

Chances are, Necromantic Sorcery might be something you may wish to look into. To incorporate into your Craft or spirit communication sessions if you wish.

Part 2 - Boveda (Ancestor Altar).

If you look at the picture I have shared which is my Boveda. Someone may ask as to why it has rosaries on it? The tradition of Santeria, which is a tradition of folk Magick. Often includes a lot of folk Saints. However, these folk Saints are not acknowledged by the mainstream Catholic Church. Nealy all of the folk Saints relate to other Deities connected to, for example, VooDoo, HooDoo, Ita, Umbanda and many other Magickal traditions from the Congo, Caribbean, African, South American and so forth. The rosaries I have here are not similar to that of the Church, as I have charged them as very powerful Charms that heal. The statue seen here is that of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. I especially have a darker skinned statue as she has been empowered with the spirit of Tonantzin. Tonantzin is the indigenous Aztec Goddess of Mexico which is in fact Our Lady Of Guadalupe. This is the real reason that Our Lady Of Guadalupe is the Patron Saint of South America. Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Tonantzin is a very powerful Goddess of healing and working with my ancestors.

She has been anointed with my own blood to link the spirit of Tonantzin with me. Every morning I call to my ancestors and tell them what ever I need to talk ro them about, this is very personal. Through my ancestors I always cleanse my aura here. I say some prayers and invocations to Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Tonantzin and rub rose oil on her Star Constellation coat.

It is not realy an altar to leave offerings other than burning incense, candles, as that is what the outdoor altar of the collective dead is for (see my other blog on this). At this ancestor altar, I do channeling work, spirit communication, Divinatiom such as, Tarot, Shells, Bones, Spirit Board, Crystal Ball, Magick Mirror and more.

I may do another blog on the occult symbolism with the statue of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. Also on the Aztec Goddess Tonantzin and tge symbolism of the Boveda.

Basically, this indoor Boveda is a miniature cemetery and can have things on it that you would expect to find at a cemetery. Like photo's of loved ones who have crossed. Flowers, incense, candles, religions statues of any tradition. Some people have folk Saints side by side with other Deities/spirits. Even graveyard dirt from your relatives graves can be found here. However, on doing this, one can't just take from a grave or cemetery. It has to be done in a special way and with great respect. This I will also leave to another blog in the future.

I hope that you have found this blog interesting. If you have, please share with others and also leave your comments or questions for me thanks.

At the momment, my services are not available, however maybe in the furture.

Copyright- Orion Silverstar 191 - 2019

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