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The Boveda In More Detail


The other day I originally did this in video form for YouTube. The video was about 25 mins long explaining all about the Boveda in more detail. However, on uploading it, the video was taking forever. So in the end I decided to delete it all and to make it as a blog, which is what you see here.

The name Boveda is a latin name which means "Tomb" or Vault. It is a very sacred space where our ancestors, loved ones and spirit guides are honoured. The Boveda creates a portal, gateway between the worlds. Our ancestors use this to come through into our home to communicate with us and us with them.

Some of the ways this takes place is through the use of Divination, Meditation, just talking to them daily, going to sleep near the Boveda in order to receive dreams from them and more.

The Boveda or shrine to our ancestors, as I sometimes call it. Is one of the most important shines you could ever have. Before any other shrine or altar in the house, before any type of Magick or inviting Entites/spirits into your house is performed for what ever reason. A Boveda should be operational first and foremost in your home. This is very crucial, as our loved ones that have crossed over should be looked after before anything else. If our loved ones that have crossed are happy and looked after, then things are sure to run a lot smoother in our home.

Some of the things my ancestors do for me is, as I say, make things run more smoother. For example, they will work along side my lady, Tonantzin Of Guadalupe in calming down frustrated Earthbound spirits that enter my house. They, along with my indigenous lady, will also help those who wish to cross over properly, do so. This takes a lot of the work of me and stops a lot of Earthbound souls from pestering me. Someone recently asked me if I help any of the Earthbounds on reciving their images through I.T.C? Well, yes I do however, my spirit guides, ancestors and Deities at the Boveda do a lot of the work in this area for me now. It does not stop there, when I need time out from the spirits or sleeping, they help me here as well. This was not always the case and in fact when I first started out doing I.T.C. Word got around in the spirit world that they could use I.T.C through me to reach many. At that time a lot of spirits would not leave me alone. It was effecting my private life, relationships with others, my sleep and more. So the Boveda is very much one of the answers to this past problem.

Often on Boveda's you will find white flowers, no other colour flowers should be used, only white. However, if you look at the picture of my Boveda at the bottom of the blog, you will see that I don't have any white flowers, instead a indoor plant. On talking with my ancestors. They are more than happy to have that plant there, many loved the garden.

You will so notice in the picture that there is three glasses of water down each side in a row. These small glasses ether represent different spirit guides or different loved ones who have passed. The larger glass in the middle represents the powers that be and the water within that glass is made holy. The water within that glass is pure spring water. Where as the water in the smaller glass is tap water. Within the glass in the middle sits a crucifix. Some people put a large crucifix in the water, where as I have one hanging from a rosary in the water.

Within this tradition that I practice, a lot of Catholic symbolism can be seen at face value. However, don't be so sure, a lot of the saints that can be seen represent old Gods and Deities. You will also find that a lot of the Saints are not even recognised by the Catholic Church. They are considered Folk Saints related to different traditions of Folk Magick. If you look at the picture here, most people without the knowledge would connect Our Lady Of Guadalupe with Mary, mother of Iesus. However, in my knowledge, Our Lady Of Guadalupe is in fact Tonantzin, the Aztec Goddess. This is also why I went out of my way to find a darker skinned statue. Within the symbolism of this very statue as you see it in the picture. Can be found, the cresent Moon at her feet, the Sun radiating around her, the Stars and Constellations on her clothing. Also the image of the Womb/Vagina of the Great Goddess in the shape, this is hidden. The rosary that is to be seen here is one that I got on my trip to the Philippines just recently. It does not serve the purpose of that which you would find a Catholic using it for. In fact I have consecrated it and then charged it as a very powerful talisman. Over time this will receive a lot of healing powers from my ancestors and my indigenous lady herself. The statue of the Great Lady has also been consecrated and charged with the essence of the spirit of Tonantzin through invocation, making her a living statue.

The main glass in the middle and the smaller glasses are changed once a week or when the water go's cloudly. The larger glass to the side I change every morning to give my ancestors freash drinking water. At the front of the Boveda is another glass with a white candle. This candle should always be white, and when lit, shines the way for my ancestors. There is also another white candle in a glass at the back for my Aztec Goddess. There is also found on my Boveda a cup of coffee in which I give each morning to wake up my ancestors, which is part of tradition. At the back is another Deity of Buddha in meditation, right hand raised meaning protection.

 Also at the back of my Boveda is the ashes of one of my Dogs that crossed over last year "Skye". If you have the ashes of your pets and/or loved ones, they should also go here, plus photo's, things that had value to them while in this physical realm.

You could also say that the Boveda is like a mini cemetery in honour of your loved ones. And if your loved ones cemetery is miles away or the otherside of town, then this might be ideal for you.

Another thing I do is give my ancestors gifts. If you look at the photo you will see some beads I made. There are four sets of nine beads. 9 is the number that represents death, the Saturnian energies, my date of birth and a few of my Patron Deities, example : La Santisima Meurte, Azazel, just to name some.

I also burn Rose incense a lot because a few of my ancestors loved working in the garden and roses. It's not the only incense I burn here, but it is a main one.

In regards to the small glasses in a row. There is a few different pattens that represents different things. They give a message to your ancestors what you also would like them to do for you in symbolic form. I do not know all the pattens, but I do know that the one I have the glasses in, here in this photo means protection. As this is how I mostly place them, protection is a big deal in my house. There is another patten for the glasses where they are in the shape of an arrow pointing out or inwards im not sure. Which represents defence in the case of spiritual attack.

I also use a little bowl on the Boveda for placing money in it from time to time. After a while when it builds up, I will go and get something for ether my ancestors or Tonantzin Of Guadalupe. As once the money go's on the Boveda, it is their money, not mine.

To the right of the Boveda, towards the back is a little black bottle of perfume. Each moring on waking and before I do anything else. I will tap three times near the Boveda to let my ancestors know I am there. I will light the candles and incense. I will make them the hot coffee, I will then ask them to remove any negative energies in my aura and to clean it. To do this I take the bottle of perfume and put some in my palms and rub my hands together. I then run my hands all over my body visualizing my aura getting clensed. I then flick my fingers towards the Boveda to release the removed energy over to my ancestors and the healing Goddess of Guadalupe. I then thank them for clearing my aura before I start the day, I do this same ritual at night before turning in. Then I take some rose oil and anoint the top of the head and clothing of the Great Goddess Of Guadalupe and also my forhead/third eye as a symbol of our connection with each other. I then say a prayer to the wonderful lady. I then say one of many ancestor prayers I have in my Book Of Shadows, some very Necromantic. After this I will make breakfast and sit down and have it near the Boveda. While talking to them as I would anyone else having a meal with me. One of the most important things is to include your ancestors in your daily life as you would any friend or family member in the physical. Lastly I will do a one card Tarot reading to see what they may wish to let me know, for the day. At night is when I will do a meditation before the Boveda and often get lots of information.

So I hope this has helped explain the Boveda in a bit more detail. Please also see my other blog on this same subject for more information, thank you.

Thanks for showing an interest in my work with the spirit world and it's practices.

Copyright - Orion Silverstar 191 - 2019.

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