Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Immediate Results With The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram (LBRP)

Hello readers,

If you have had a read of my other blogs you would have noticed one of them is in relation to the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram or LBRP for short. There, I try to give a good description as to what the ritual is all about and why do the ritual in the first place in a way that is hopefully easy to understand.

All of these blogs are really about my spiritual journey and what I am doing of lately in relation to this for those that maybe interested in reading it.

I hope to not only write about the highs but also the lows, any advice about what I may choose to continue to use and why, plus also what I may decide not to continue to use and why.

After starting doing the LBRP I was very surprised to get some immediate results and things taking place around me. This may be due to the fact that I am no stranger to ritual work, having a past background in Witchcraft. In Witchcraft, the calling of the quarters and the elements, plus casting of the Magick circle is very similar to the LBRP.  In fact it is believed that pioneer witch Dr. Gardner who was originally a member of The Golden Dawn borrowed the ritual from there. For those that are not familiar with Dr. Gardner, he was the founder of the Gardnerian Witchcraft tradition. As I am someone that likes structure and formality when it comes the ritual work I am more drawn towards the LBRP.

One of the changes that I noticed right away on doing the LBRP was that my environment around me was different in a good way. I remember finishing the ritual and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders so to speak. The air around me seemed lighter and the energies seems more balanced. I was not expecting anything to happen that quickly, so it was a pleasant surprise.

As a medium I often have a lot of earthbound souls around on the astral level of spheres. Sometimes they will leave behind what I call clutter or negative energies remaining in the air. This also sometimes happens when I may be doing a channeling session.

In the past I have used other means to get rid of negative charged energies in the air or to bring some balance of the energies. However I have found the LBRP to be very helpful and also powerful and protective.

I know that other people may choose to decide to use other beings than the Guardian Angels of the four cardinal directions. I would rather use the Angels, someone told me recently that the Angels evoked are really just thought forms. In some peoples case this maybe, however I do not except this in my case. In my case the Angels showed up in real on doing the evocation part of the ritual. The other day I had not even started a ritual and was setting up my altar and the four Guardian Angels showed up ready for me to get under way, I was amazed and honoured at the same time.

Also two days ago I was in the magick circle behind my altar and there was this spiritual being standing with me. This being was a lot shorter than me, about the height of my shoulder and did not have any hair. I do not remember seeing them there at the start of the ritual and it was like this being just appeared beside me. The being stayed with me right the way through the ritual till the very end and the energies I was feeling from this being was nothing but positive. The guardian Angels of the four cardinal directions are very tall Entities and often tower over me standing up very straight.

For months now my pets had been in conflict with each other through fighting. I fact one of my cats that had always been a very nice cat attacked and bit me to the point of drawing blood. Now that I have been doing the LBRP all of these issues with my animals as completely stopped just like that, all is back to normal.

One of the effects I have found in regards to doing the LBRP is that I have been having room lights not working in the house and then the next day they will work again. Also sometimes the room lights will go dim and then go bright once more, just little things like this but nothing major.

I have also added something extra to the LBRP that really does not need to be used. It is a little something borrowed from witchcraft and I guess would help to enforce protection all the more. I go around the circle once with the incense, then once with the oil, then once with the salt, sprinkling the oil and salt as I go just before I do the evocation of the Guardian Angels.

I hope that you have found this new article of mine interesting, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the article and I will respond back to you as soon as I am able to do so thanks.

Rev. Orion Silverstar (C) 2016        



  1. Thank you. I find this very interesting, and I am eager to try it! Thanks for taking the time to your blog, I enjoy reading your writings.
    Shari-Lyn from fb......Or Lynx.....

  2. Hi Shari-Lyn, i`m glad that you find this article of interest to you and thanks for leaving a comment under it......Magick happens :)