Monday, 27 June 2016

The Phone Application For I.T.C Research

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If we went back about ten years ago, the serious paranormal researcher would most likely laugh at the thought of phone applications for investigations. The phone application would not be considered a serious tool for research, but rather put in the category of a game or toy for amusements sake. About 7 years ago some phone applications with the title EMF Detector (Electromagnetic Frequency Detector) started coming on the market on Android, however these applications were considered not accurate and therefore rendered useless. Most of these applications would ether pick up signals from the phone itself or other devices within someones home.

Today, I have felt the need to write about the phone application for paranormal research or to be more direct, I.T.C (Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication. With a renewed interest from the public in I.T.C there has also been an interest from application developers to produce phone applications for I.T.C research.

As time has gone on the technology of electronic devices has increased, along with this so has the application for I.T.C research. I have seen a steady flow of applications geared towards the research of I.T.C. Not just applications for the Smartphone, but also software for the computer as well.

A few years ago now I mentioned how there was most likely a big future when it came to our communication devices and I.T.C research, I still believe this to be true.

I will admit that we still have a long way to go, but the applications are improving all the time. I myself have tested out some of these applications and found while some still are useless, there are others that show promise with interesting results.

There are now applications for Ouija Board, Ghost Box, Spirit Box, Radio Sweep, EVP, EMF, Movement Detectors and more. Some of these applications use sound banks for radio files and still others use live internet radio.

Due to software/application developers collaborating with I.T.C/Paranormal researchers. These applications have started to become more and more advanced as the developers are continually looking for new idea`s.

Here is how it works going by my point of view, due to what I know through my research and experiences with I.T.C. Over the many years now spirits, Entities and other intelligence's have been known to communication through all forms of electronic devices. Not one electronic device is out of the question when it comes to those in the worlds beyond our very own.

I myself have recorded evidence of spirits calling me on my phone and even leaving messages on my answering machine. If you wish to hear these recordings please feel free to send me a message at the bottom of this article thanks. One thing you can be sure of with my articles, all of what I claim can be backed up by evidence. Always remember when reading articles of people claiming this and that, they need to be able to back up those claims and if they can not, well I don`t think I need to say any more here.

As I have been researching I.T.C for many years now and also have the added bonus of being a medium from a very early age. I know for a fact that it is not impossible for those in the worlds beyond ours to use electronics for communication and get our attention. It does not matter if it is a haunting, Ufology, I.T.C and more. So knowing and understanding this, plus having seen the results myself with my own eyes. I can now understand how the phone application and also software for I.T.C can work and play their part.

The intelligence's will communicate through the Smartphone, however use the application as a tool or channel to get their message across in a way that we humans in this physical world are able to understand. The same principle can be applied for the computer or I.T.C software. So in a way the I.T.C applications help those in the worlds beyond our own, giving them something more they can use.

Also remember that there is no limits in the world of the spirits, it is only in this physical world are there limits, nothing is impossible to them.

I hope that you have found this article interesting, please feel free to ask a question in relation to this article or leave a comment below thank you ~ (C) Orion Silverstar 2016.

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