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The Symbolic And Esoteric Meaning Behind The Chalice

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This afternoon I am going to be talking briefly about the chalice, it`s symbolic and esoteric meaning in occult practice.

The chalice represents the goddess aspect of the divine powers that be. The open part of the chalice at the top is the womb/vagina and a symbol of reproduction. So therefore it represents, love, intuition, fertility, nurturing, compassion, security and healing.

The chalice is also a representation of the element water and is connected to the three star signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces and the meanings behind these three star signs. Some other things the chalice can be connected to is any Deities, both male and female related to water, for example Neptune, Poseidon, Leviathan, Aphrodite and Isis, Osiris and Ea and Sophia, just to name a few. However, remember that all Gods and Goddesses are different aspects of the one Divine force.

Other things related to the chalice are, psychic awareness, dreams, sleep, purification, the subconscious mind, emotions, wisdom, knowledge and more.

The cauldron also is a representation of the same, and can be used as a Divination tool for Scrying due to both the chalice and cauldrons relationship with the element of water. Another form of spiritual communication it may be used for is the Rapid Moving Water/Direct Sunlight Reflection Method of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication.

As the chalice represents female reproduction, the athame represents male reproduction. When the athame go`s into the chalice it is symbolic for the union of the opposite sexes. When the two opposites come together, this then brings about the Divine spark which results in creation. As the Higher Divine Powers are nether male or female and yet both, the same go`s for the Angelic Entities. It is only in this physical realm, the manifestation, that there is a separation of opposites between the two forces.

The Magick mirror, and in fact mirrors of any kind are also related to the element of water. As glass is in fact a very slow moving liquid and not a solid as some people may think, this is why runs can be seen in very old glass windows.

The Chalice is also a representation of the Luna influences and the Moon.

Some of the flowers connected to the chalice and the element of water are the Lilly, Lotus or any other plant that lives in water.

In Christianity the chalice is the symbol of the Eucharist and the last supper. It is filled with red wine, which is a symbol of the blood of Yeshua (the Christ) and bread is dipped in the chalice filled with wine to represent the body. The base of the Christian chalice is in the shape of a Hexagram which represents the 5 main planets, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, plus the Moon and Sun.

Without going to deep into the meanings of the Hexagram as that is not what this article is all about. The Hexagram also represents the two forces, active and passive, negative and positive, male and female, As Above So Below and so on. It is also used as the Talisman of Saturn and as the Seal of Solomon. The Hexagram also represents Anahata - The Heart Chakra.

Below are two photo`s of my chalice in the tradition of The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. The design featured on my chalice is the petals of the Lotus flower, as the Lotus flower relates to the element of water. Also featured on the design is the names of Angels and Deities relating to the cardinal direction of the element water written in Hebrew, plus relating Sigils of spiritual power. This chalice has been hand painted by myself in the colour blue for the water element. Rather than orange, as The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn suggest for the Sigils and Hebrew writing. I have used gold, as to me gold is more the colour of the sun in Egyptian Magick.

When getting your Magickal tools, it is important to make them yourself. As they will mean more to you given that you have put your own time and effort into making them. Not only this but as you make them, you should visualize yourself using them, as this along with consecrating them will also add your energies to them for empowerment of them.

I remember some years ago now I was wanting to make a Wand out of wood. I asked the spiritual powers that be what they thought I should do, and if they could help me with this task. As I knew that if I was to take a branch of a tree I would have to thank the tree and leave something at the base of the tree, as a gift in return. Then a week later the wind got very rough at my place, one of the small tree`s in my front yard broke off right at the base and could not be fixed. Due to this my little tree in my front yard was going to die, I remembered my wish to the higher powers and knew that this was them providing me with what I needed. So I thanked the higher powers for providing me with that which I needed and listening to my wishes. Most often when we ask for something or do something in Magick to bring about our desired needs. It may not come in a dramatic paranormal event, but in a more natural way as the Higher Powers are able to control the elements if they wish to do so.

Thanks for checking out this article of mine, if you have any questions that you wish to be answered in regards to this. Then please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of is article thank you ~ (C) 2016, Frater O.S (Orion Silverstar).

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