Friday, 29 July 2016

The Difference Between A Spirit, Ghost And Entity?


Firstly, for some reason my spiritual guides wish for me to talk about the ego, so here go`s.

If someone ever claims to be an expert in the field of the paranormal, I can tell you now that they could not be further from the truth. There is no experts in the field of the paranormal and it does not matter how much studies someone has had, lectures someone has given or experience they have or have not had. The paranormal covers a very vast range of area that it would be simply impossible for this to be the case.

In order to be an expert the person in question would have to cross over and stay in the afterlife for sometime then come back into the physical realm. Even if someone is very in tune with the spirit world or are receiving direct communication from the spirits, they do not tell us everything.

Even in one field of research within the paranormal community, there can be no experts. However someone can be a specialist within a field of research, in this case the paranormal community.

Sadly there is a lot of self proclaimed experts due to people not having their ego`s in check.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that not all that are in the paranormal community are led and directed by the higher spiritual powers for the higher good of others.

People may come into the paranormal field for all different reasons, motives and agenda`s.

 In my spirituality which is that of the mystic, I believe it is always good to have an ego but in a healthy way and positive way. Someone that has a ego in a negative way has often got something deep down they need to deal with.

When someone learns to know their self, the higher self, the part of them that is related to the Divine, then negative traits will fall away. This is the path to Illumination, and rather than thinking of themselves they will be only to willing to help or teach others, and not for personal gain only.

Don`t get me wrong, as we are all human and have our weaknesses.

However if we strive towards Illumination, a little bit each day, then when the higher powers bring our weakness to the surface so that we know what they are, we need to acknowledge them in order to work on them, myself included. If we are truly a spiritual person, and guided by the powers that be daily, we should be able spot these people, as once our eyes are opened they are not hard to see.

Now onto really what this blog was to be all about.

What is the difference between a spirit, ghost and Entity?

Often when we hear about these three words, we hear them interchangeably to mean one and the same thing. However this is not true and often leads to a lot of confusion.

 So in this blog I have decided to explain how I see the meanings of these three words. Some of you, your ideas and opinions may be a little different and that is alright as long as you hopefully can see that there is in fact a difference between each three words.

The first word I wish to look at is spirit, another word for spirit is soul and even in ancient times breath and wind represented spirit. Take for example, in the first book of Moses it was said that God/s breathed life into Adam. In other words, the soul which is part of the Divine and comes from the Divine went into the physical temple, the human body. So the spirit is inside the living body, it is the real you and your consciousness that go`s on after the death of the physical body. It is what really keeps our physical bodies alive as once the spirit leaves our physical bodies, then our physical bodies die. The mind and consciousness are two different things, the mind belongs to the physical and consciousness to the spirit. From the moment our physical bodies came into this physical realm they started to die. However we as a spirit do not age or change as we are eternal, meaning immortal. We as a spirit never are born young or old but the same and somewhere in between, it is only the physical body that is like this. Once the we leave the physical body, we as a spirit go back to the source, to be with the Divine in what we have come to call the afterlife. We were before this physical existence and we will be after it also.

Some people may tell you that our loved ones are always with us once they cross over. This is not really the case and is more something someone will say to reassure a person who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Once a spirit crosses over they most often move on to be with other spirits that are members of their family that have crossed over and also be in the presence of the Divine. Our loved ones that have crossed over will however, visit us from time to time like for example, Birthdays, milestones in life, parties, family get together s and so on.

This does not mean that they are not told about how we are going as this is one of the jobs of the Angelic Entities, being that the word "Angel" in itself means messenger.  

However there are some spirits that cross over after leaving the physical body and with that the physical realm, they then try hold on to this physical realm. This happens for a number of reasons, one reason that I can think of is that they may wish to put an ending to their murder. Sometimes through my own experience in working with spirits that have crossed, they do not even realize that they have in fact left the physical realm. These type of of spirits are called "Earthbound`s" and can be found wondering the astral astral realm. As this realm is the closest vibration to that of our own physical realm, these spirits or souls energies or presence can be felt in our physical realm to the spiritually gifted or trained in this area.

Once when working in the rehab ward in a Hospital there was a man who had his leg amputated the day before. He kept telling me how he could still feel his leg there, he said that it was even at times sore. This is a very common thing with a patient who has just lost his leg, it`s called "Phantom Limb Syndrome". Why I am telling you this story is due to the fact that it can be just the same for a spirit that has just crossed over. So this is one of the reasons that some spirits do not at first realize they are no longer in the physical realm. If someone has crossed over into the afterlife very suddenly, then what I have just mentioned is a very strong possibility.

A ghost is also a spirit that may very well be in the state that I have mentioned above, as the earthbound. Sometimes these earthbound souls go through the moments leading to their crossing, over and over again at exactly the same time each day or night, this would be called a haunting. A lot of earthbound spirits are very troubled, confused, angry, frustrated in my own experience on working with them. It is often these types of spirits that may move things around physically to try and get someones attention, which may also be called a ghost haunting. Most of the time when they do this it is not always to scare someone, even though it may have that effect, but more to get their attention.

Now this brings me to the Entity, an Entity is an inter-dimensional being that to some might be alien. It is a being that never was in a physical body like us humans and never will be. The Entities, they have been around from before the beginning of our universe. They are nothing like us as a spirit or physical being. However they can inhabit someones physical body if they wish to do so and also move objects in a physical way. Entities have special abilities and roles to play and even agendas. They have been given the authority to be able to harm or help those in this physical realm. Most of these beings have different ranks and chains of command and mostly will serve us humans. One type of Entity would be the Divine beings and the Angelic beings. They do not fit in with any one religious school of thought and it is almost impossible for us in this physical realm to comprehend exactly how they operate or work in all their detail. We only have our own personal experiences to go by and still that is very limited. I have come to realize myself that these beings can`t be put into categories, like for example, good or evil as we see it. If we look to the past and the written works in relation to what some may call evil Entities. Well, in a deeper study we will find that most of these beings have both negative and positive attributes at their disposal if called upon. That it is the intention or will of the person or persons calling on them, as to how they respond or serve.

I hope that once again, as my other articles, you find this interesting. Please feel free to leave a comment underneath or if you wish to share your views and experiences thank you ~ Frater O.S (C) 2016 (Orion Silverstar).          



  1. Extremely informative, thank you very much

    1. Thank you very much Patricia, glad that you found it interesting.

  2. I have just recently come to understand how our physical existence is a reflection of definitions in the etheric realm. It is correct to call the physical experience an illusion, since it is continually created by consciousness. Your discussion could be tweaked to be consistent with this. 😊

    1. Hi William, thanks for your comment here and for showing an interest in this blog. Yes I have heard that idea before, it`s an interesting one in deed.

  3. Thanks, very interesting and well explained

    1. Thank you inge, great hear that you found it of interest to you :)