Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Soul, The Spirit......The True Self.

Welcome Readers,

Today I wish to briefly talk about the True Self and what it is?

Firstly I need to explain a bit about how to get there, the daily commitment, dedication and discipline.

One of the things is that, it has a lot to do with transformation on all levels, both spiritual and mundane.

It changes to a large degree one`s view of the world around them and their environment. With me, I have come to see things through different eyes, as I continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom that can only come from a Divine source. This wisdom and knowledge helps me to walk down the path to ongoing illumination.

Sometimes I have had to take a walk through the Valley Of The Shadow.  As I am sometimes met with trails and tests along the way, that if overcome, only makes me all the more stronger. This is a normal part of life and we all continue to go through it no matter how advanced spiritually we may seem to be.

Instead of putting my abilities on my past failures, which is limiting one`s self. I now know I can change my environment around me through my will and intention. I have been given the keys that are available to everyone that is a true seeker, to unlock the doors to new possibilities.

When I come before the Divine powers in ritual through what is called Magick. It is so powerful that all that is outside the space within the circle begins to fade away. Every sound, every object is no longer present, as my deep state of attention is shifted to my focus, my Will, my intention, my actions, my vibration within the circle. Caught up in the moment like a meditation or a trance like state.

As the change takes place from the inside out, within my soul as it connects with the astral worlds and is in itself part of the Divine, a true reflection.

Surrounded by the guardians of the four cardinal directions as they tower above me in greatness and might. Within a cone of energy above and below, or the middle of a perfect diamond. Allowing the spoken Divine names of power to vibrate, around me, through me, and off the walls of the diamond. Drawing down the Divine energy into my body as it swirls. Then sending it out through my wand to who ever I feel needs it the most, sometimes it is myself and there is nothing wrong with this.

Learning to blend my vibration in with the vibrations of my environment, becoming one with it, sensitive to it, to manipulate it in accordance with my will, if there`s a need for change.

When we are in our physical temple doing the workings of Magick, it is also symbolic for the soul in the physical temple of the body. This is why we must look after our bodies as you would when entering a physical temple in the mundane world.

In this writing I am going to be calling the soul or spirit the True Self.

My True Self becomes awakened as I come to know it more, for as I come to know it, I also know of it`s connection with the Divine and how it is part of it. It is my soul or spirit that continues on after the physical realm, the real me that seeks illumination and is on the path to such.

The realization that those things I used to hold important, the worldly needs of this physical realm, no longer mean as much to me and start to fall away like the Tower card in the Tarot. For once I thought my physical body and this physical realm was my True Self, so therefore I wanted to satisfy it. I now know that my physical body is like a Temple that houses my True Self. Communication with the Higher Powers and the Divine is made through the True Self, but in order to achieve this properly the Temple also has to be in order, which is your physical body.

What you do with your body or put in your body has a big effect upon your Charkas and Aura.

Everything of the physical, your body, your mind, will one day fade away, however your True Self and your consciousness will go on. I would rather use the word, True Self than Soul or Spirit here as many in this physical realm see these things as secondary to what they think is the real them, which is the mind and body. By using the words True Self it makes it hit home all the more and makes it seem all the more important, which it is.

We are not living Gods, however we are part of or it could be said a reflection of the Divine, our True Self that is. Some people wish to become Immortal in this physical realm, these people are not coming to know their True Self, for if they did, then they would know they already are immortal.

When we astral travel, we are travelling from our physical temple with our True Self and Consciousness. We can also listen to what our True Selves are saying to us by our own dreams. If we wish to communicate with or feel the presence of the spirit world around us. Then we need to get in touch with our True Self, as the spirit world around us and the True Self within us are part of the same. It is only through our True Selves in the physical are we able to communicate with other True Selves in the physical and non-physical.

To achieve this form of communication, it may come in many ways, an example would be our dreams and another example would be through telepathy. As one True Self is able to communicate with another true self on a telepathic level, or it maybe through astral travel, meditation, yoga, these are just some of the ways. Say for example I wished to communicate with someone in this physical realms True Self, no matter how far away they may be, I may astral travel to meet their True Self and then this person may receive the message via their dreams.

It is my hope that this brief write up has explained a few things in regards to the True Self, this write up in no way covers everything to do with the True Self. Maybe you may wish to share your own thoughts to this subject or wish to add to it at the comments below? If this is the case, please feel free to do so thanks, as I enjoy hearing what you have to say ~ (C) Orion Silverstar 2016.



  1. This blog really hit home to me Orion. I have been struggling with getting my physical body in order for many years but due to poor health I just can't seem to get the extra weight off. I do know though who my "True Self" is within. I do consider myself a witch although I haven't found a coven and the like. I would really love to do that though! I love Gaia so much and really love connecting with her. I also love communicating with Spirit through my photos that you have seen. It's amazing to me the many different dimensions in our beautiful Universe! I would love to chat with you further. Maybe you can give me some pointers! Blessings to you Orion :) Namaste~